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lol, Internet.

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    The Guild 
Codex: Why is there a pack of cheese on the table?
Vork: Thank you for asking, Codex. The price difference here between a cheeseburger and a hamburger is one dollar. Now if you divide twelve into $2.95, the cost of a pack of Kraft Deli Deluxe in mild cheddar cheese slices, the slice costs 24.5 cents. If you bring your own cheese that's a savings of 75.5 cents per burger. Anybody requiring cheese may pay me so accordingly. Go ahead and round it up.
Tinkerballa: ...what the fuck?
Vork: I want to grow my money, Tink, not waste it on CHEESE GOUGING!
  • The video applications to fill the vacant guild slot.

    Italian Spiderman 
Italian Spiderman: Io chiamo penguini! (I summon penguins!)

    Loading Ready Run 
  • Taking comedy seriously, a lot of their videos can be considered humorous. Here's the creamiest sampling of the crop.
    • Underpantaloons
      Morgan: It's gonna be tough. Ironside "Pantaloons" Montgomery has held the titles since the thirties. Do you think we can do it?
      Graham: Is that your last pair of clean undies?
      Morgan: ... No... These are just a little less dirty than the other ones.
      Graham: ... Right.
      Cue the most surreal Training Montage you've ever seen.
    • And OMG! Bears! View it or I'll sue you. With the help of an attorney from Bear, Bear, Bear & Grrr.
    • And Wyy.

    Lil' Miss Know-it-All 
  • In this video, a little girl who barely knows about Harry Potter guesses Harry Potter names. Highlights include:
    • She calls Umbridge Hello Kitty.
    • She calls Ron "Broken Stick" because the picture of him is with his broken wand.
    • She calls Quirrel "an Indian man" because of his turban and Sikhs wear turbans.
    • She calls Snape "Expecto Tratonum" ("Expecto patronum" is a spell and it's not even connected to Snape).
      • Similarly, she calls Draco Malfoy "Leviosa Amigos", when the closest thing to that in the books would be Wingadrium Leviosa, which is a spell.
    • She compares Fenrir Greyback to her dad.
    • She calls Hagrid, "Chunk Chunk".
    • She calls several characters by species or apparent species, like Aragog is "Tarantula" and Bane is "Horseman".
    • She calls the Basilisk "Slob".
    • She calls a dementor a "Misunderstood Creature" and Barty Crouch "Doctor Who".
    • When the dad points out that Voldemort's name isn't "No Nose", she gives his name as "Not No Nose".
    • She calls Nearly-Headless Nick, "Taking Off Head" and Mad-Eye Moody "Popping Out Eyeball".
    • She calls the Death Eaters "The Gamemaster's Team".
    • She describes McGonagall's hat as an "antenna hat".
    • Her name for Luna Makes Just as Much Sense in Context— "I Want to Get Him Back 'Cause He's Cheating on Me".
    • She calls one character, "Look Up" because that's what she's doing in the picture. Similarly, she calls Dudley, "Well That's Great" because he's doing a thumbs up and Vernon "I'm Telling You Off" because he's wagging his finger.
    • She calls Gellert Grindleward "Stupid Man".
    • She reads Lockhart's name as "Glittaleery Aha-a-kuta".
    • She calls Mrs. Weasley, "Princess Green" because of her green dress.
    • She calls Flitwick, "Percy Jackson".
    • Many of her guesses end in "-er" for some reason: She calls Sprout "Planter", Lupin "Teether", Murtlap "Banner", Filch "Winker", the Swooping Evil "Peaker", Graphorn "Squidder", the Kneazle "Wolfer", the Billywig "Flyer" and the Snitch "Baller".
    • She calls the mandrake "Weirdo".
    • She calls a merman "No Way" and Obscurus "Nothing".
    • Upon being told his name is a type of chocolate, she calls Fudge, "Malteser".
    • She calls the Niffler "Will You Marry Me?".
    • She describes a dragonlike creature as sexy.
    • She refers to Bill Weasley as Hermione's other sister.
      Father: "That's a man!"
    • She calls Death, "Spoon".
    • She calls Arthur, "Dumb Hat".
    • She refers to two characters as "Oh, She's Hot" and "Whoa, She's Sexy".
    • She calls the Runespoor "Adrian" because she has a snake called that.
  • From the video about guessing characters from The Simpsons:
    • A Running Gag is that Lily is tired because it's the middle of the night during the video, so she sounds very out-of-it.
    • She refers to both Rabbi Krustovski and God as "Santa".
    • Her name for Smithers is "Doctor Professor".
    • She calls Principal Skinner the Prime Minister.
    • She calls Kearney "Punchy" because of the way he's holding his name, while her dad remarks that his real name is stupid.
    • Herbert shares a name with her mother's man-shaped pillow.
    • Her name for Snowball II is "Terrified Cat".
    • She calls Poochie "Cool Dog", prompting the dad to mutter, "No, he isn't; he sucks".
  • In this video, Lily calls Simba Baby Tiger, and Scar "Big Scary Tige—lion".
  • From the video about guessing Futurama characters:
    • She calls Lurr, "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth", because he has no incisors.
    • She calls the God Entity "Twinkly" and Hedonism Bot "Grapey".
    • Professor Fansworth's nickname is Professor Potion.
    • Most of the characters have hashtags of quotes under them.
    • Sometimes, instead of guessing a name, Lily wonders why the robots are wearing clothes.
  • In the video on food, instead of guessing the name for the hamburger with sprinkles, Lily just gags and says, "Why are there sprinkles on the top?!".

    New Father Chronicles 
  • "Three-Year-Old Tries Standup Comedy" ends with LaGuardia doing a death metal-type song about the word "no".
  • In "She Lied to Me", Nayely lies to LaGuardia that Frozen characters broke into the house and broke an object.
  • From "Three-Year-Old Reads the Bible for Four Minutes":
    • According to Nayely, God once proposed to someone, promising that they'll "live frozen" if the person said yes.
    • She claims that God made Story Bots and her dad made God.
  • In the video anticipating Nayely's third birthday, she asks for a car. When LaGuardia promises a toy car, she says that, no, she wants a real one.
  • Nayely's song that goes, "I don't like your booty butt".
  • In this video, LaGuardia tries to be Santa Claus but Nayely keeps calling him "dada".
  • In this video, Nayely tries to sing the ABC song, but ends up saying things like:
    • "M-O-P", complete with a picture of a mop.
    • "U.S. TLC"
    • "W-X-water-tea."
    • "Nah nah know my ABC's, mail my motto: 'bye-bye, me!'"
    • "A-B-C-D-E-I-key."
    • "You're KKK".
    • "M-A-P", and a map is shown in the background.
    • "U-S-T-V", illustrated with an American flag and a television.
    • "Y'all KK? In my pee?"

  • Exalted "As for what they do with that power... well, one of the running themes of Exalted is, "Welcome to Creation, here's your shovel.""
  • Wookieepedia has articles written for the Energizer Bunny and Max written with an entirely in universe style. The first being a commercial (where Darth Vader's lightsaber ran out of power) and the 2nd being entirely about cameo appearance he has had.
  • The entirety of the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff wiki. It's all in the same characteristic style of the titular comic. Seriously, it's an art form unto itself.
  • GargWiki sometimes sneaks in humor into its articles. Particular favorites include trivia about "'angrier' hair" and this little bit in the non-canon segment of Demona's page:
    "It can safely be assumed that Demona was given all the dumplings and egg drop soup she could ask for. But I doubt her fortune cookies gave her any good news. "
  • The UnMario wiki has a page which contains all of its templates. Its not even a special page, its just a regular page.
  • On this wiki article, a sentence about a character hating semicolons has one in it.
    He doesn't like semicolons; they make him queasy.