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    The Guild 
Codex: Why is there a pack of cheese on the table?
Vork: Thank you for asking, Codex. The price difference here between a cheeseburger and a hamburger is one dollar. Now if you divide twelve into $2.95, the cost of a pack of Kraft Deli Deluxe in mild cheddar cheese slices, the slice costs 24.5 cents. If you bring your own cheese that's a savings of 75.5 cents per burger. Anybody requiring cheese may pay me so accordingly. Go ahead and round it up.
Tinkerballa: ...what the fuck?
Vork: I want to grow my money, Tink, not waste it on CHEESE GOUGING!
  • The video applications to fill the vacant guild slot.

    Italian Spiderman 
Italian Spiderman: Io chiamo penguini! (I summon penguins!)

    Loading Ready Run 
  • Taking comedy seriously, a lot of their videos can be considered humorous. Here's the creamiest sampling of the crop.
    • Underpantaloons
      Morgan: It's gonna be tough. Ironside "Pantaloons" Montgomery has held the titles since the thirties. Do you think we can do it?
      Graham: Is that your last pair of clean undies?
      Morgan: ... No... These are just a little less dirty than the other ones.
      Graham: ... Right.
      Cue the most surreal Training Montage you've ever seen.
    • And OMG! Bears! View it or I'll sue you. With the help of an attorney from Bear, Bear, Bear & Grrr.
    • And Wyy.

     Sims Big Brother 
  • Early in Sims Big Brother 2, the houseguests are having a pillow fight, and it sounds like someone says, "Stop, fuck you!" and another says "Fuck YOU!"
  • In Sims Big Brother 2, 6 houseguests are put into the Solitary Chamber (and are immune from the vote). They're told that they will be woken up at 5 AM. And they are...(1:24) by a VERY funny song. Not to mention, they don't all wake up at the same time!]]
  • In Sims Big Brother 6, there's the part with Allison's fake stupidity. She makes everyone think she' of the dumbest people in the world, asking questions like "What's Influenza?", "What's controversy mean?" and "How do you work the elevator", and then suddenly reciting a college-level-definition of a cell organelle. Everyone jawdropped at that.
  • Some of the things Keri wangsts about. (It's Played for Laughs there)
  • Also in Sims Big Brother 6, some of the challenges and tasks were not only cruel, but also funny....
    • When they had to dig for items in the backyard, Nadia didn't do a thing...and the dog helped more than she did. Then several people accidentally hit the sprinklers and started to flood the yard.
    • When they couldn't say anything with the letter "G" in it.
    "What's for dinner?"
    "Melted Cheese on bread."
    • The alarm clock challenge. Whenever it rang, they had to shut it off ASAP. The more the alarm clock rang, the more tokens they'd lose. Naturally everyone spends all day running back and forth out of the main room to shut the alarm clock off. Finally, it passes and then everyone gets in bed.
    Jen: "Ugh finally..."
    Alarm clock: * starts ringing*
    Jen: "Fuck my life!"

    Whateley Universe 
  • Tennyo gets one, involving delicious summoned spider rats. * slurp* in Jade 9.
    • Team Kimba as a whole gets a couple of classics early with the Great Cabbit Chase and their first ninja fight, but we also shouldn't forget Phase vs. Matterhorn in Boston Brawl II...or the one scene where Carmilla (daughter of Gothmog) 'summons' the Flying Spaghetti Monster in a simulator battle against the Goobers and calls it 'daddy!'.
    • Hey, don't discount say, oh, "Ayla and the Network", the whole thing. What started it? Someone tries to blackmail Ayla... using a recording of him talking about a Shakespeare play! Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
      • Especially the big fight outside Poe Cottage.
    • Then there's Ayla 7, chapter 6. The Devisor lab gets angry. (Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.)
    • Chou gets QUITE a few in "Summoning Sweeties." Just read the 'Teaser' on the forums.
    • Speaking of the forums, here's a quote from Diane Castle.
      • "I mean, that would be like the superhero backers deciding to let retired supervillain Doctor Heuristic be the headmaster! Oh wait. They did. He was one of the astonishingly quick failures of 1981. He lasted an astounding 23 days. In honor of him, they have Headmaster's Rule 14: "No, that 'interdimensional portal' is NOT some deviser's secret hideaway." And Headmaster's Rule 15: "If the door of the interdimensional portal opens from the inside, do NOT stick your head inside to see what's going on.""
    • Ayla 7: the curriculum for Winter Term, and all the bad advice they get from the upperclasswomen.
    Phase: Special Topics - Theory and Practice of the Escape.
    Shrike: Take that one! I learned how to pick handcuffs and get out of a locked jail cell, and that really came in handy last summer when... Uhh... Um, never mind, I never mentioned that out loud, did I?
    • The "Parents' Day Vignette", when Chaka faces off against the ninja leader she creamed the last time they met. And she does it in front of her whole family.
    • "Tales of the MCO", with the entire team MSTing an anti-mutant program on the television. Best. Commercials. Ever.
    • The 'shopping montage' in "No Beast So Fierce".
    • Everything about Jade: "I am SO level-headed! And anyone who says otherwise will have to face THE CABBIT OF DOOM!"
    • The short story "Bad Seeds". Read it twice in a row. It's way funnier the second time after you know the truth.
    • Anything Peeper and Greasy are up to, since it always involves completely inappropriate behavior.
    • Aquerna's combat final. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Chaka's date with Thunderbird in "Toni and the Tiger". How many people are trying to screw up this date?
    • "Buck Swift, Boy of Tomorrow Next Wednesday Afternoon, Weather Permitting."



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