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    The Guild 
Codex: Why is there a pack of cheese on the table?
Vork: Thank you for asking, Codex. The price difference here between a cheeseburger and a hamburger is one dollar. Now if you divide twelve into $2.95, the cost of a pack of Kraft Deli Deluxe in mild cheddar cheese slices, the slice costs 24.5 cents. If you bring your own cheese that's a savings of 75.5 cents per burger. Anybody requiring cheese may pay me so accordingly. Go ahead and round it up.
Tinkerballa: ...what the fuck?
Vork: I want to grow my money, Tink, not waste it on CHEESE GOUGING!
  • The video applications to fill the vacant guild slot.

    Italian Spiderman 
Italian Spiderman: Io chiamo penguini! (I summon penguins!)

    Loading Ready Run 
  • Taking comedy seriously, a lot of their videos can be considered humorous. Here's the creamiest sampling of the crop.
    • Underpantaloons
      Morgan: It's gonna be tough. Ironside "Pantaloons" Montgomery has held the titles since the thirties. Do you think we can do it?
      Graham: Is that your last pair of clean undies?
      Morgan: ... No... These are just a little less dirty than the other ones.
      Graham: ... Right.
      Cue the most surreal Training Montage you've ever seen.
    • And OMG! Bears! View it or I'll sue you. With the help of an attorney from Bear, Bear, Bear & Grrr.
    • And Wyy.

    Lil' Miss Know-it-All 
  • In this video, a little girl who barely knows about Harry Potter guesses Harry Potter names. Highlights include:
    • She calls Umbridge Hello Kitty.
    • She calls Ron "Broken Stick" because the picture of him is with his broken wand.
    • She calls Quirrel "an Indian man" because of his turban and Sikhs wear turbans.
    • She calls Snape "Expecto Tratonum" ("Expecto patronum" is a spell and it's not even connected to Snape).
      • Similarly, she calls Draco Malfoy "Leviosa Amigos", when the closest thing to that in the books would be Wingadrium Leviosa, which is a spell.
    • She compares Fenrir Greyback to her dad.
    • She calls Hagrid, "Chunk Chunk".
    • She calls several characters by species or apparent species, like Aragog is "Tarantula" and Bane is "Horseman".
    • She calls the Basilisk "Slob".
    • She calls a dementor a "Misunderstood Creature" and Barty Crouch "Doctor Who".
    • When the dad points out that Voldemort's name isn't "No Nose", she gives his name as "Not No Nose".
    • She calls Nearly-Headless Nick, "Taking Off Head" and Mad-Eye Moody "Popping Out Eyeball".
    • She calls the Death Eaters "The Gamemaster's Team".
    • She describes McGonagall's hat as an "antenna hat".
    • Her name for Luna Makes Just as Much Sense in Context— "I Want to Get Him Back 'Cause He's Cheating on Me".
    • She calls one character, "Look Up" because that's what she's doing in the picture. Similarly, she calls Dudley, "Well That's Great" because he's doing a thumbs up and Vernon "I'm Telling You Off" because he's wagging his finger.
    • She calls Gellert Grindleward "Stupid Man".
    • She reads Lockhart's name as "Glittaleery Aha-a-kuta".
    • She calls Mrs. Weasley, "Princess Green" because of her green dress.
    • She calls Flitwick, "Percy Jackson".
    • Many of her guesses end in "-er" for some reason: She calls Sprout "Planter", Lupin "Teether", Murtlap "Banner", Filch "Winker", the Swooping Evil "Peaker", Graphorn "Squidder", the Kneazle "Wolfer", the Billywig "Flyer" and the Snitch "Baller".
    • She calls the mandrake "Weirdo".
    • She calls a merman "No Way" and Obscurus "Nothing".
    • Upon being told his name is a type of chocolate, she calls Fudge, "Malteser".
    • She calls the Niffler "Will You Marry Me?".
    • She describes a dragonlike creature as sexy.
    • She refers to Bill Weasley as Hermione's other sister.
      Father: "That's a man!"
    • She calls Death, "Spoon".
    • She calls Arthur, "Dumb Hat".
    • She refers to two characters as "Oh, She's Hot" and "Whoa, She's Sexy".
    • She calls the Runespoor "Adrian" because she has a snake called that.
  • From the video about guessing characters from The Simpsons:
    • A Running Gag is that Lily is tired because it's the middle of the night during the video, so she sounds very out-of-it.
    • She refers to both Rabbi Krustovski and God as "Santa".
    • Her name for Smithers is "Doctor Professor".
    • She calls Principal Skinner the Prime Minister.
    • She calls Kearney "Punchy" because of the way he's holding his name, while her dad remarks that his real name is stupid.
    • Herbert shares a name with her mother's man-shaped pillow.
    • Her name for Snowball II is "Terrified Cat".
    • She calls Poochie "Cool Dog", prompting the dad to mutter, "No, he isn't; he sucks".
  • In this video, Lily calls Simba Baby Tiger, and Scar "Big Scary Tige—lion".
  • From the video about guessing Futurama characters:
    • She calls Lurr, "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth", because he has no incisors.
    • She calls the God Entity "Twinkly" and Hedonism Bot "Grapey".
    • Professor Fansworth's nickname is Professor Potion.
    • Most of the characters have hashtags of quotes under them.
    • Sometimes, instead of guessing a name, Lily wonders why the robots are wearing clothes.
  • In the video on food, instead of guessing the name for the hamburger with sprinkles, Lily just gags and says, "Why are there sprinkles on the top?!".
  • "Child Guesses Star Wars Characters (Again)":
    • She calls R2D2 "Beep" and C-3PO "Bleep".
    • She calls Amidala "Sieve", thinking her accessory resembles one.
    • She calls Ben Solo "Darth Vader Jr."
    • Instead of guessing Malakili, she notes that he "looks horrible but might be nice".
    • She calls one character a Klingon, and a stormtrooper "Borg".
      Father: "That's the wrong franchise."
    • She calls Jabba the Hutt "Goopy Man".
    • She calls various helmeted characters Robo Fett and Bobo Threat.
    • She calls a Tusken Raider a Turkey Raider.
    • She calls Lobot Male Leia.
    • She calls the Destroyer Robot "Dirt".
      Father: "Dirt?! Seriously?!"
    • She calls IG-II "Coffee Machine", and a man "Cappuchino Machine".
    • She calls one Darth "Darth Meanie", and another "Darth Nasty".

    New Father Chronicles 
  • "Three-Year-Old Tries Standup Comedy" ends with LaGuardia doing a death metal-type song about the word "no".
  • In "She Lied to Me", Nayely lies to LaGuardia that Frozen characters broke into the house and broke an object.
  • From "Three-Year-Old Reads the Bible for Four Minutes":
    • According to Nayely, God once proposed to someone, promising that they'll "live frozen" if the person said yes.
    • She claims that God made Story Bots and her dad made God.
  • In the video anticipating Nayely's third birthday, she asks for a car. When LaGuardia promises a toy car, she says that, no, she wants a real one.
  • Nayely's song that goes, "I don't like your booty butt".
  • In this video, LaGuardia tries to be Santa Claus but Nayely keeps calling him "dada".
  • In this video, Nayely tries to sing the ABC song, but ends up saying things like:
    • "M-O-P", complete with a picture of a mop.
    • "U.S. TLC"
    • "W-X-water-tea."
    • "Nah nah know my ABC's, mail my motto: 'bye-bye, me!'"
    • "A-B-C-D-E-I-key."
    • "You're KKK".
    • "M-A-P", and a map is shown in the background.
    • "U-S-T-V", illustrated with an American flag and a television.
    • "Y'all KK? In my pee?"
  • In this book, Nayely "reads" La Guardia a bedtime story, but she can't read (she was only two at the time), so she just makes stories up. The first story was about a unicorn killing others, so when La Guardia tells her that it's too scary, she starts talking about Jesus, at one point calling him a sinner.

  • Exalted: "As for what they do with that power... well, one of the running themes of Exalted is, "Welcome to Creation, here's your shovel.""
  • Wookieepedia has articles written for the Energizer Bunny and Max written with an entirely in universe style. The first being a commercial (where Darth Vader's lightsaber ran out of power) and the 2nd being entirely about cameo appearance he has had.
    Random YouTube comment: "I can't wait for Andor to whip out a Coca-Cola orb while on the run from the Empire."
  • The entirety of the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff wiki. It's all in the same characteristic style of the titular comic. Seriously, it's an art form unto itself.
  • GargWiki sometimes sneaks in humor into its articles. Particular favorites include trivia about "'angrier' hair" and this little bit in the non-canon segment of Demona's page:
    "It can safely be assumed that Demona was given all the dumplings and egg drop soup she could ask for. But I doubt her fortune cookies gave her any good news. "
  • The UnMario wiki has a page which contains all of its templates. Its not even a special page, its just a regular page.
  • On this wiki article, a sentence about a character hating semicolons has one in it.
    He doesn't like semicolons; they make him queasy.
  • The Wikipedia guideline page "Don't abbreviate "Wikipedia" as "Wiki"!" is written a lot less seriously compared to most actual pages on the wiki, including this gem:
    Userbox: This user feels physical pain when hearing others refer to Wikipedia as "Wiki".
  • On the Ghostbusters wiki, Slimer's occupation is listed as "disgusting green blob".

  • I Can't Believe it's not AVGN 's commentary on the Irate gamer's review of Aladdin: in reaction to Irate Gamer's unfunny joke "man, somebody call the cops, cause I was R.O.B.bed", it cuts to the bad guys' faces melting from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Pat the NES Punk's "Casino Calamity" episode has reviews of NES gambling games bridged by: moping in bed for weeks next to a gigantic Mario doll after having lost a grey Nintendo World Championship cartridge to the AVGN, then begging to go on vacation to Las Vegas regardless of a gambling problem, and then him returning to the hotel room after having lost more and more money each time, culminating in taking out a 2nd mortgage on his friend's house.
  • Harrison Callifrax's A Study In Fear. There's too much, so just some highlights...
    Louis: Fire!
    (firelighter is turned on)
    Atmos: You are seriously scaring me right now.
    (cue evil laugh)
  • 4PlayerPodcast:
    • From the 2011 Preview Show, Brad is going down a list of games he asked the fans to put together.
    Brad: Dino D-Day, Marooned, Star Prospecter ,Legend of Galacia, Spearfishing, Nuclear Dawn, Airline Tycoon, Starwolves 3!?
    Everyone laughs
    Brad: Lucha Fury!? Alpha Polaris!? Rulers of Nations, Path of Exile!? What the hell are these games!?!?
    • From Cocktail Time Episode 3:
    Carlos: Nolan, Nolan! You said he was a flaming horse?
    Nolan: Uh huh.
    Carlos: You know what he eats?
    Nolan: No.
    Carlos: Heeeeeeey!!!
    Everyone cracks up
    Carlos: I'll be here all week!
  • The youtube movie spoofs of Evil Iguana Production:
  • When For Better or for Worse was marrying off Liz to Anthony, and his pal Gordon told him, "I've known you both for a long time. I've seen you guys through a lot of crazy circumstances, and I gotta say... this feels like it's gonna work.", The Comics Curmudgeon delivered a hilarious elaboration:
    I've known you both for a long time. I've seen you guys through a lot of crazy circumstances. You know, like when you were transparently lusting after her even though you were married and passive-aggressively browbeating your wife into having a child she didn't want! And when you were still married and propositioned her right after she was nearly raped! And when she moved back to Millborough specifically because she heard you were getting divorced, but continued to string along her boyfriend! I gotta say, this feels like it's gonna work. I say that because I'm a terrible, terrible person.
  • Heavy Weapons Guy + gummy bear + potassium chlorate = AWWWWWWW, MADDAH
  • This satirical animation on catching the Koobface worm. Would you like to apply for a full frontal lobotomy, you fucking idiot?
  • There's a Monster In My Closet, by the creator of Tribe Twelve. Including what may be the only footage of Slenderman doing the Caramelldansen.
  • The Hunt for the Slenderman.
  • Several of the captions for the pictures on the Internet Movie Firearms Database. On a few pages, the captions let loose with all their sarcasm, which ends up hilarious. The most prominent example is the Far Cry 2 page, with examples such as, while showing how various shotguns jam: "The USAS-12 jams in much the same way as the SPAS, so a gigantic explosion has been added to this image to make up for any disappointment." While showing how a grenade launcher jams: "The MGL jams; "I'll get you next time, Gadget, next time!"" and the crossbow section which include such gems as "Yes, that was indeed a screenshot of a high-explosive crossbow bolt rebounding off a chicken."
    • Even better? According to the talk page for the sequel, Ubisoft actually read their FC2 page and took note of the more serious/silly errors that were pointed out so they wouldn't make them again.
    "Now if only Infinity Ward and Treyarch would follow that lead."
    ...Blood Dragon is an homage to 1980s cartoons and action movies, starring Michael Biehn as rebuilt soldier Rex Power Colt who must face down an army of evil cyborg soldiers in the toxic ashes of Vietnam War 2.

    For emphasis: this is a real game.
    • The page for Black is similarly hilarious - for example, these two captions about the Uzi with two charging handles: "Kellar reloads his NO KELLAR WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU'LL KILL US ALL ... Having somehow managed to pull the charging handle for another charging handle that can't move, without destroying the universe in the process, Kellar celebrates by setting his Uzi to the burst fire mode it doesn't have."
    • This gem from the Barrett M107 section for Battlefield 3:
    One: In the room before Dmitri Mayakovsky is supposed to get the M107, he acquires the M107 by approaching the door.
    Two: On opening the door he finds an enemy sniper kindly carrying the M107 he already has, with the barrel pretending to be a bipod and the magazine very badly wanting to be the pistol grip.
    Three: "Thank you, I had no idea why I was carrying that."
    Four: Dmitri Mayakovsky thanks the man by murdering him with his own SV-98 and proceeds onward, armed with the M107.
  • anboorgoor's works. As an example, BEHOLD THE POWER OF HUMAN INGENUITY!
  • All of this, especially the ending.
  • Pretty much everything from The Mystery Sphere.
  • From The Shitty Movie Night Podcast, the Batman & Robin episode probably had the most hilarious moments, being their longest episode. They spent a good half hour just talking about the first ten minutes of the film. They spent a good chunk doing great Arnold impressions and at the very end they rip the idea of Mr Freeze saving Alfred and that the tubes he gave Batman at the end had to be used like enemas. Alfred didn't want to be saved — "wait, Batman's calling. Yes, you have to shove them up his arse. Are they coming out of his nose? Not deep enough~!"
  • Planes, Trains, and Plantains, the single greatest/worst essay ever.
    Actual Quote from Essay: So basically he was fuckin his own mom which was fuckin nasty.
    Actual Quote from Essay: Laius's people simply attacked instead of explaining that he was the king of Thebes. They were dumb Greek dudes, what did you expect an atomic bomb? Some versions say that the rude Laius drove over Oedipus's sore foot, making him lose his temper. This is bull shit don't believe it or I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU, AND YES THIS IS A WRITTEN THREAT! And that's what Oedipus told his father.
    Actual Quote from Essay: Infact the only reason Dr. Dre produced, "The Chronic" because the Bible tells you to smoke lots of pot, and Oedipus used to blaze with the makers of Aqua Fresh tooth paste.
  • The Bugle is regularly hysterical, but I have to nominate John Oliver revealing the greatest news story ever - Vladimir Putin shot a whale with a crossbow in an inflatable raft.
  • This mash up, in which the author replaced Darth Vader's lines with Tommy Wiseau's is a Funny Moment from the beginning to the end.
  • M4DJ4K3's ''Have A Derp Christmas, where a guy dances wackily to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree".
  • Rolf is The Heavy
    Rolf (with Heavy's voice): "I am Heavy Weapons Guy... and this a giant zucchini is my weapon."
  • The Greatest Freakout Ever.
  • He-Man has a hidden talent.
  • In the first episode of the podcast Game On, Veronica Belmont was interviewing one of the main designs of the video game Twisted Metal via Skype, his two young daughters decided to see who daddy was talking too and put in their two cents.
  • The comments on this Rock Paper Shotgun article about Frozen Synapse DLC manage this, as there are a ton of them systematically picking apart one commenter complaining about having to pay for it.
    spcd: So will this DLC be free to thank all those who bought this? Or will it be paid DLC to suck even more money out of the customers :P
    Maktaka: "Or will it be paid DLC to fund further development by this innovative studio?" Yes, it probably will be. I'm glad you're able to look so positively at supporting a good developer. It's such a rare sight in this age of gimme gimme neediness.
    Kelron: Frozen Synapse's pricing model was practically extortion. They had the nerve to charge £15 and only gave you two copies of the game for it.
    Casimir Effect: Don't forget daring to make a Humble Bundle out of the game. Dastardly I tells you
    Unaco: The very worst though, which you all seem to be missing here, is that they even threw in a copy of the soundtrack. The Monsters!!!
    spcd: Man, you can make fun of my post all you want; but it does not change the fact that once the DLC is released, I have a uncomplete game because all the cool kids are playing with the DLC and I am shut out. I love this game, but now I have the choice: buy DLC or stop playing. Because playing the inferior incomplete version doesn't make sense.
    Dervish: I hear you spcd. When I have a thing, but someone else has a better thing, it just doesn't make sense to keep on using the thing I have. I end up throwing away a lot of food at restaurants, I tell you what. Wearing a blindfold helps, but sometimes you just know.
  • Dot Dot Dot, a flash of a reading of a review of a flash, manages to take a Take That!... and make it funny.
  • A normal Day at the Forums, An epic adaptation of A chatroom conversation that is...weird.
  • This Singing Sock e-card is funny.
  • Some of the American Anime Otaku's syncing of movie clips to anime are quite hilarious, particularly Kano being possessed by the demon from The Exorcist in his review for Air and the Wicked Witch Of The West's famous death being used on one of Jedite's minions in his Sailor Moon review.
  • A Danbooru comment thread for Touhou Tag Dream suddenly erupts into Bohemian Rhapsody for no apparent reason.
  • The MST series Fanfiction Failure has Numerous, but one line stands out.
  • True Facts as narrated by Morgan Freeman.
  • During Haphazard Stuff's review of Die Another Day, there's the scene with various characters from the Bond universe reacting to the wind surfing scene , all while the theme from Hawaii Five-O plays in the background. Haphazard then suggests that Bond might was well have grown wings and flew away or be rescued by penguins or hop on a humpback whale.
  • Youtube user 123pendejos makes very bizarre and hilarious videos. He's more well known for doing a series of videos called In A Shell Nut that features characters from Team Fortress 2. He later, introduced a new character named Mokey who would later appear very often in his later videos. But, the funniest ones he made is a series of videos featuring characters from the Mario series called Super WAA HOO Bros.
  • If the fact Robby The Robot is classified in IMDB as an actor isn't enough, someone asked if Robby was retired:
    AlbinoAl: Robby has barely worked since the late eighties; has he officially retired? I suppose he's at the age where you want to spend more time with the family.
  • Fred 'Slacktivist' Clark's parable about a fellow claiming that the Gospel of Matthew says Ohio doesn't exist. It is ridiculous, absurd, and glorious.
  • In a video by Daniel Sulzbach, AKA MrRepzion, Daniel pretends to have sex with a plush toy of Yoshi. And it is hilarious.
  • On the TASVideos forums, the submitter of an obviously suboptimal tool-assisted Speed Run of a Pinocchio Licensed Game commented: "i have optimised all levels at frame." This received an appropriate retort in the form of a JPEG of the Pinocchio Nose.
  • John Cena Prank Call, a video of a Morning Zoo radio show repeatedly spamming an unfortunate victim with calls advertising pay-per-view for the WWE Superslam. Even funnier when the caller lures the victim into a sense of safety and then hits her with it. One such example is when the caller asked if the victim supported the US military, to which she said yes. The caller said that there was someone in the Marine Corps that needed their help..."AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!" The prank was requested by a Henpecked Husband whose wife had such a distaste for pro wrestling that she banned him from ever watching it. No word on whether or not the poor bastard survived the aftermath.
  • Strange Little Games' review of Talk With Me Barbie has him guess on how the doll would have actually worked. It is glorious.
  • The normally dry and informative Today I Found Out's Youtube channel made a rather unexpected straight-faced Take That to Adolf Hitler in their video "Who Gets the Royalties for Hitler's Book?" when Simon Whistler joked that Hitler "Did the world a major favor and heroically and with no regard to his own personal safety, managed to infiltrate the fürer bunker then take out one of the most hated individuals of all time, himself, in 1945."
    • Extra points for calling the Bavarian government's refusal to honor Hitler's Will "The commendable "Screw Hitler" initiative."
  • There was a brilliant Alternate Character Interpretation of H. P. Lovecraft on Twitter: Drunk Lovecraft. Yes, you read that right—and it's amazing. "Bitter, divorced, re-animated author of weird fiction. Has developed a bit of a drinking problem since returning from the grave." Now defunct, but it contained gems like...
    • "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the ability of the human mind to obliterate all its contents with sweet, sweet gin."
    • "When confronted by the fungi from Yuggoth, try and lick one. They'll still take your brain, but you'll be high as a motherfucker."
    • "Today a cocker spaniel humped my leg, and I immediately thought of August Derleth."
    • "If you think God moves in mysterious ways, you've never seen Yog-Sothoth take the dance floor."
  • JelloApocalypse's "...10 Words of Less!" reviews:
  • Italian Youtuber Aldo Jones' Weird Trailers, which take trailers for highly-anticipated movies (typically from the MCU and the DCEU) and adds all manner of ridiculous nonsense. They simply have to be seen to be believed.
  • David Kalla is prone to this trope. Especially his rival with Ella, who calls him Grundler. He doesn't like it.
  • This reversed Angry German Kid video, complete with English subtitles. The pictures that appear on the screen makes it 100% even funnier.
    Leopold: “Help! I’m like melting ice! Hey!” (A bigger flame appears on his keyboard) “HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! OW! OW! IT’S GETTING FUCKIN’ HOT! VERY FUCKIN’ HOT!”
  • This video for the "Something is Not Right" song from Madeline, backwards:
    • The narrator points out that Dr. Cohn is walking upstairs in reverse, carrying Madeline.
    • When Dr. Cohn leaves, the narrator says, "Good riddance [to] that guy!" and Madeline's crying is interpreted as her missing him.
    • Miss Clavel complaining about all the stairs.
    • Miss Clavel notices some toys on the floor and exclaims, "Oh! My toys! I'll pick them up in the morning!".
    • Miss Clavel sings, "Ah la la la, I love to sing! it makes it very annoying!"
    • Upon getting to her room, Miss Clavel says, "Brr, it's cold out here! Who left the window open?". She follows that up with "I hope no one else gets appendicitis or else I'm never gonna get some sleep!".
  • Renegades React to... @JonTronShow - The Skateboard Kid has the guys' response to the skateboard talking:
  • In this story, a woman tells her kid about how not to be Too Smart for Strangers. It works well, but unfortunately leads to the girl shouting, "My bajingo is all mine!".
  • Big Bill Hell's, aka "FUCK YOU, BALTIMORE!"
    • "Bring your wife, we'll fuck her!"
    • "This deal ends the second you write us a check, and it better not bounce or you're a dead motherfucker!"
    • "The only dealer that tells you to fuck off!"
  • Fax us your email address now!
  • Broken Saints has a couple mixed in with all of the drama, especially in Chapter 9, Act 2.
    • Not to mention, "You are not leaving without me. You can't... because... you're still wearing my pants."
  • How could you not trust your storage issues to a company called "Jones' Big ASS Trunk Rental & Storage?" Or if you're hungry, treat yourself to "Jones' Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage."
  • "HEY! Do you wanna feel SO ENERGETIC?"
  • "What if everything you ever wanted CAME IN A ROCKET CAN?!"
    • If God gives you lemons, you FIND A NEW GOD.
    • New flavor—GODBERRY: King of the Juice!
    • Kamina loves POWERTHIRST!
    • And so does Luffy!
  • Naked Mohawk Baby Carrot Jockies.
  • Here Comes Dr. Tran!
    • "I'm not a doctor!"
      • "YES HE IS!"
    • "HOT! DICKINGS!"
    • Dr. Tran's Quiet Log Time. I'd also post the Roybertito's bit, were it not for the uncensored genitalia.
    • The seventh Dr. Tran fan letter episode. "The only thing Dr. Tran wears at all times is a nail gun hot glued to his left hand!"
      • "I don't have a...(notices the nail gun) OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!"
      • Dr. Tran firing the nail gun uncontrollably throughout the rest of the short and accidentally shooting Barbara. "NAIL TO THE GUT!"
  • A Day in the Life of a Turret
  • Star Wars meets Saul Bass. Genius? Hilarious? BOTH.
  • The Sims 2: Elections 2008. All of it, but especially, "Too OBAMA!"
    • "Get rid of the federal reserve! Replace it with magicians!"
  • "* spits tea* A BELMONT IN THE CASTLE??? AAAH SHI- GOD DAMN- FUCK! PISS! Oh my god- uhgk, ALREADY?? Oh my god- GOD DAMN- fu- D-Death! DEATH! Help me stuff this pot roast into these candles! I can't let BALL MONT get to them! Last time I had the pot roast, he stole 'em! Fuckin' BASTARD! Oh my god! Shi- God d- Help me stuff my money into my lanterns! BELMONT KEEPS STEALING ALL MY CASH!!"
    Death: Dracula! Belmont just took down werewolf!
    Dracula: Fucking useless-ass werewolf! I pay that bitch so much money to take down Belmont! Th- That's it! He just lost his boss status; he's now a normal-ass enemy! Just like all those axe armors!
    • "Don't worry Dracula, I'll take him d—oh, wait, nope, nope, Belmont's got me in a headlock, oh, nope, nope, he's using the holy weapon, and uhm, um, stuff sucks and oh—I'm dead."
      Dracula: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by HUMANS, who wished to pay ME tribute.- know what? Belmont... cut the crap; what are you doing here? Like, come on, I just woke up. Like, I was really looking forward to this day, and then here you are, trying to kill me, and I just woke up like not even five minutes ago.
      Dracula: What?!
      Belmont: ...AND MAKE THEM YOUR SLAVES!!
      Dracula: Belmont, I didn't even say the word "tribute". What the hell are you talking about?
      Dracula: I know, okay! I know exactly what you're gonna say! * sigh* You're not even listening to me, are you? Ohh, my god... F-f-fine fine, alright. Let me just get my wine glass real quick.
      * Time passes*
      Dracula: WHAT IS A MAN?? * glass shatters* A miserable little pile of secrets BUUULLLLLLL-SHIT! That's what it is! You fucking ass! Enough talk; have at you!
    • "What's wrong, Belmont? I thought you had my pattern memorized by now!"
    • "Damnit Belmont! Stop it! Stop it Belmont! No seriously, it's fucking annoying! Are you seriously going to spam that same move over and over?"
      Dracula: Belmont, would you fucking stop that? Oh my g- I'm gonna step on your dumb ass! HYAAAA-
      Belmont: Hydro—* squish* PWAAAAH!
      Dracula: Gotcha bitch!
      Maria: Richter, no!
      Dracula: Wha-? Who's this bitch?
      Maria: Lend him your strength! <revives Belmont>
      Dracula: What in the hell is this animal bullshit? Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? This is a load of BULL SHIT! I ca- I can't even touch you. I cannot touch you Belmont. This is like not even fair. Like, I'm shooting fireballs at you I mean... (spits a fireball to no effect) Yeah, yeah, it doesn't work. Yeah. You know what? I-I quit. I-I quit, I'm just gonna lay down, right here, go ahead and kill me.
      Belmont: ...
      Dracula: What's wrong? I said I quit, you can go ahead and kill me. Oh, oh, I get it, oh I get it, oh. Time paradox, so it has to look convincing 'cause it's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Whatever the fuck, I don't give a damn. * sigh* Let me just... alright, lemme pretend I'm actually trying.
      Dracula: Ah. This Cannot Be!. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fucking ass.
      (In the afterworld...)
      ...Here I am... in the darkness again.
      Werewolf: Hey there Dracula.
      Dracula: Shut the fuck up Werewolf, I don't wanna hear from you.
  • Kajet vs. Big Wes:
    Kajet: Gotcha bitch!
    Kajet: Kajet PAWNCH!
    Big Wes: OW MY FACE!
    Kajet: Can't do that shit to me!
    Kajet: TOO EASY!
    Kajet: Fuck, I don't need a jetpack to fly; I'm Kajet!
    Big Wes: OH WHAT'S GOING ON?
    Kajet: KAJET CANNON!
    Kajet: Fuck man I shot my beam down and it went up anyways!
    Big Wes: AW NO!
    Caption: THIS IS IT....
    Caption: Directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Last week, I saw a film; as I recall, it was a jizz film.
    Mega Man: "You and me. One on one. No pants."
    Proto Man: "You got it!" (pants vanish)
  • Gotcha Bitch!
  • What do you get when you take the famous oner fight scene from The Protector, Fist of the North Star, and Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium? One of Kajet's best videos ever..
  • Kajet's bug reports for Dungeon Fighter Online.
    "I've never had a fighter game where the movelist consisted of BRBKLRDHRBNBBRBBR + Z, or VHHRHHRKUDURRURRRRR + space bar, MHRHRHRRRRR while holding BHRRRHRHRRR."
    "Oh my god, SHUT UP! I'm trying to look at Youtube comments!"
  • "Do you not know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, BITCH!"
    • "Oh, its the Juggernaut, bitch! Got yo' dumb ass! What the fuck was that? He's shootin' me! I'm the Juggernaut, I'm gonna kill him and I'm gonna rape him and then I'm gonna eat his fuckin' costume!"
      • "What the hell is he doin'? What the fuck is this shit? You can't harm me! Are you a fuckin' ass? Do you not know who I am? He must not know who I am. I'm the Juggernaut, BITCH! I'm'a hit you wit' ya own pimp!"
    • "Comb yo' beard, I don't wanna hear that shit!"
    • "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...but I'm the Juggernaut, biiiitch..."
    • "Welcome to the world of muthafuckin midgets in ?????!"
  • You know those colourbars you get when your TV cannot receive programmes properly? How about a Sparta Remix of them?
  • On one of the top list, about annoying bosses, the commentator talks about a boss fight that took a long time:
    • With an accent: Do you know how long it took me(to kill it)? Four hours. *stops accent* FOUR, F*CKING, HOURS!
  • A communist Stalinist admirer of Adolf Hitler expresses her outrage at the mocking and depiction of homosexuality of her beloved Führer.
  • Find The Computer Room's alternate audio commentary of Sonic Underground - their Sarcasm Mode was turned on for the whole of the review. It constructs a completely insincere shrine to the show, and the best part is when they sing along to the song. Their hysterical, desperate praise of the show just wins, and the complaints are cleverly masked: "You don't need logic in this show!"
  • A collection of surreal and somewhat masterfully re-edited and spliced Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes coming in at just about a minute each, most with at least one Funny Moment. Picard inciting barroom brawls by singing, Data's questionable taste in art, and The Random Klingon are special highlights.
  • Audio issues and YouTube controversy aside, Evangelion: ReDeath has a few moments, including Gendou's theme music and an inexplicable AMV combining Pokemon and ACDC.
    Shinji: ...riiiiight.
    Gendou: Who's your daddy?
    Shinji: Uh...
    Gendou: Daaaaamn straight.
  • More Eva-related madness: Evangelion + Pete's Dragon (1977) = OH GOD MY CHILDHOOD. This oscillates between funny and Nightmare Fuel because on one hand how wrong it is, and on the other how disturbingly accurate it is.
  • Deadpool + Wolverine + Verbal Tic = madness.
  • The entire fight with Lollerskates in Episode 6-2 of Life in a Game. Especially when he tries to destroy the heroes....Using Dan's moves. He fails miserably
    "Damn it! I knew that Pink Gi was a bad sign!"
  • Through the magic of video editing, Happy Gilmore's most memorable scene is turned into a series of Overly Long Gags.
  • Kajet trying to turn on his PC so he could make a video promoting Banzai Arcade at Fanime 2009. But that's nothing compared to the actual panel itself; you had to be there:
    "This square is private property. I'm going to sue the shit out of you. Turtle favorite...Also, I'm Super Saiyan." * caption: SUPER SAIYAN SUPER SHREDDER - ATTORNEY AT LAW*
    "Dr. Robotnik with 12 ball and chains appeared!"
    "You gave Medium Question Big Wes MAN a copy of Wild ARMs 2 that he bought for thirty bucks at Fanime. But it's just the demo! Thirty bucks!"
    "And suddenly...Labyrinth Zone Water fills up. There are no air bubbles. 5...4...3...2...1...0 *DROWN*"
  • "Can I lick your dick, please, Potter?" said Malfoy, as Malfoy sank to his knees. "Oh yeah! I wanna CUM!" said Harry, hot all over at the thought of being given a very nasty wizard blowjob. Actually, let's just say everything in Dirty Potter and have done with it.
  • He got a no, nooooo, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scooooooooooooooooope!
  • IGN's 'translations' of some scenes from Final Fantasy XIII, here, and here.
    Man: * To Snow* Maybe if you spent less time unzipping all your shirts!
    Guard: Don't fuck up, don't fuck up, don't fuck up - OH SHIT!
  • Touhou M-1: Kekkai Shoujo:
    Yukari: From top: 90[cm]-59-90.
    Reimu: "Nice body! Hey, that's wrong! I'm not the one who eats fried tofu! Bust 90, waist 59..."
    Yukari: Ah! You're wrong, it's not from bust to hips...
    Reimu: h?
    Yukari: From head!
    Reimu: HUGE HEAD! 90?! HEAD?
    Yukari: Ah, you're wrong. It's not width...
    Reimu: Eh?
    Yukari: But the length...
    Reimu: That's a monster! That's a monster. THAT'S A MONSTER!
    Yukari: THAT'S A—
    Reimu: (grabbing Yukari by the collar) DON'T MIMIC ME!
    Yukari: "Kaji Ryouji!
    (Yukari uses her gap to look up Reimu's skirt)
    Yukari: You're so simple...
    Reimu: (grabbing Yukari by the collar) WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE LOOKING AT?!
    Yukari: Take it easy!
    • And pretty much all of Yakumo Chen:
      Ran: "I'm actually assigned to drive away some thunderous girl, some crow tengu, and some miko that shows her armpits."
      (shot of Reimu boasting, "Fufufu, I'll show you my new armpit.")
      Chen: "In your face?"
      • Ran: "Don't knock down the mic."
        Chen: "I'm sorry!"
        Ran: "Look, Nitori is glaring at you."
        Nitori: "Me? I'm not doing anything. o.o"
    • While we're at it: Patchu-Mirin.
      Patchy: Well, if you compare yourself to a long time ago, you've probably gained some weight.
      Meiling: I thought this shouldn't go on, so I brought this to fix the problem.
      Patchy: Ah, that's one of those springs people stretch-
      Meiling: It's an accordion!
      Patchy: That won't help!
      • The workout routine... just, the workout routine. "Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind!" "Marisa-Marisa-Marisa! Mario-Luigi-Luigi!" "Hey, you changed it!"
    • The SHAMEIMARU \SYAMEIMARU/ interview contains lots of funnies and references to others, such as...
    Aya: All right, let's do it together. Here goes...!
    Audience: Hakurei...
    Aya: Yes!
    Audience: Shrine's...
    Aya: Yes!
    Audience: ... POOR SHRINE MAIDEN!!
    Aya: YES, EXACTLY!!
    Audience: SHAMEIMARU!!!
  • Mystia.swf: Hax Sign -Burn Everything- Starts off with setting Mystia on fire (Yuyuko: "I didn't know I could do that. * burn* "), then Youmu, then Alice and Shanghai, various other denizens of Gensokyo, then another fan Flash of Tei and Reisen, a doujin page of Mannosuke, Reimu's own house, this joke, and culminating with the entire planet. After which Reimu goes back to sleep. Turns out it was all just Youmu's dream.
    • How the Parsee Stole Christmas!:
      Cirno: (with a Christmas hat and a :D face) "My name is Cirno."
      Aya: (in a cardboard box) "Y-yes, I've been saying that for the p-past hour..."
      Cirno: "It is my name."
      Aya: "..."
      Cirno: "I like ice cream."
      Aya: "C-Can you please...g-go somewhere else? Y-You're making it really c-c-cold..."
      Cirno: "HOORAY!"
      Aya: "Ayayayaya..." (slowly retreats into box)
      (At this point, Parsee comes into the screen, steals Cirno, who remains completely unfazed while being stolen. Ditto with Aya.)
      • Parsee not finding any Christmas decorations in Youmu's and Yuyuko's house (because Yuyuko ate them), and thus stealing the Christmas square sliding door instead.
      • Parsee telling Flandre to go to bed...only for Flandre to flatly tell her that she doesn't celebrate Christmas.
      • Alice's Christmas tree, decorated with Marisa dolls.
  • The Demented Cartoon Movie: From its considerable, memetastic length, a few moments stand out:
    • The onboard computer system. "Do you want to crash?" "No..." "Then maybe you should steer."
    • The Legendary Crash-Yourself-Into-A-Brick-Wall Race in its entirety.
  • From Brawl Taunts 3 : King Dedede doing Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. Also, most of the gay jokes by all rights shouldn't be funny, but the sheer amount of Refuge in Audacity and lulzy voice acting makes them a hoot.
    • Since we're talking about Brawl Taunts, let's add the moment in the second episode where Captain Falcon remakes the famous Falcon Punch scene from the anime... With the Pokemon Trainer taking the place of Black Bull.
    Captain Falcon : It's super effective !
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd, being inspired by James Rolfe himself, pokes fun of himself 'ripoffing' the Nerd himself in the Nightshade review
    HVGN: (talking about Nightshade) Wow, what a guy! I'd love to meet him in person...
    (Cue to Nightshade's entrance and his entry song)
    Nightshade: NIGHTshade
    HVGN: HOLY SHIT! NIGHTSHADE!! -approaches Nightshade in the same manner of James in Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout- Oh My God, I can't believe in my own house! It's Nightshade! NIGHT! FUCKIN'! SHADE!
    Nightshade: *punches HVGN in the face* Knock it off! Stop ripping of James, you fuckin' Nintendo sack of shit!
  • Cirno's Perfect Math Class: BAKA BAKA! BAKA BAKA! BAKA BAKA! By the time the chorus rolls around a second time (or third in the full verison), Cirno's been reduced to mocking the BAKA-BAKA chorus.
  • Spycrabs and You! Done in an old-timey style, it'll tell you all you need to know about Spycrabs.
  • The entirety of My Little Transformers 's rendition of What Is This Feeling from Wicked...done with She-Ra and Evil-Lyn. From the long, slow pan in as "Glinda" describes "Elphaba", to the "Hello Kitty" stationery "Glinda" uses for her letter, to the anime-style cut during the build-up to the last chorus, to how "Glinda" literally falls over when "Elphaba" shouts "Boo!", to the fact so many of the dolls' poses echo what the real actresses in the show did during that song, to even the name of the video file (inolikeyou). You will laugh until you cry. As seen here: "What Is This Feeling"
  • Wipe your friend's montior, wipe a picture, wipe your TV, wipe a Cathedral, wipe your creepy friend, and dry those tears!
  • Darth Vader is SUCH a jerk.
  • "Is the Admiralty Board prepared to render judgment?" "Shepard, please-!" "Oooh, you touch my tralala...."
  • There's a new official Powerthirst video. Commence listing half the video.
    • Red Bull may give you wings, but Powerthirst gives you BIRDS!
  • If you were to use Garry's Mod to combine Half-Life 2, Robot Chicken, and AMV Hell, the result would go
    • The parody of Episode Two's ending (second vid, around 6:26) is pure gold; enough so that it almost takes the edge off the original Player Punch:
    "Dad! No! Goddammit, you let go of him!"
    "Close your eyes honey!"
    "Oh my god!"
  • What happens when Team Fortress 2 meets The Lion King (1994)? Sheer, sheer awesomeness.
  • If SimCity had elections for Mayors.
    Ed Ward: My opponent Jim Franklin may claim that threatening to destroy you own city is 'insane', or 'high treason'. Insane? I'll tell you what's insane: voting for someone who doesn't know how to summon a giant lizard monster.
  • Joystiq got the guys from RiffTrax to riff on cutscenes from Mega Man, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), and Final Fantasy X. The results are hilarious.
  • I Am Not Infected had what I consider their Funny Moment, at least so far, in "Zombie on a Pole". Chris punching his zombie pet so he can retrieve the bag of marshmallows he was trying to feed to her to make s'mores over a zombie on fire, who happens to be Cameraman's former crush who he refused to kill? Pretty hilarious, maybe not so much on paper.
  • This gem from the Flash version of Ruby Quest:
    >Smash Sofa
    Tom's anti-inanimate-object bloodlust has subsided. Besides, the couch is so utilitarian nothing about smashing it would be any fun.
    >Pry open Z-HATCH?
    The Z-HATCH is so strong it severed that monster in half earlier. Tom's efforts would be wasted against its thick steel shutters.
    >Pry shit off the walls, starting with that painting
    You guys are really reaching! The painting won't come off. It's inset INTO the wall.
    >[insert many stupid ideas here]
    >Switch back to Ruby, go back to the set of buttons alongside the ladder near the lever.
    • For such a horrifying little RPG, Ruby Quest has a lot. For example:
      • Someone suggesting that Tom wear the "Do Not Open" sticker as an eyepatch. And he does.
      • "Ruby calls down to Tom, saying they need his condom. Tom gets an odd look on his face"
  • 800$ BOOM
  • Man of Action: A lot of it, but one line always gets me: "He is the bullshit fisherman."
  • There's this person named Jacob Rudduck who tried an AVGN-ripoff style review of Uninvited. Then he fell into the Schmuck Bait by poking the "Southern Belle". She reveals her Nightmare Fuel qualities, and Jacob's reaction is... priceless.
  • You will never take Lord Vader or Soviet Russia seriously again.
  • As befits as site devoted to Deadpan Snarkery, Television Without Pity has some pretty funny recaps, but the Funny of Funnies had to be when Keckler took time off from recapping Star Trek: Enterprise to utterly savage some of the other Trek series' ... lowlights. "Sub Rosa" also gets a mention.
    "I can see why Nana fell in love with him," Dr. Bev giggles and admits that she knows it all sounds strange. Strange? No. Sick? Twisted? Repulsive? Incestuous in a way the Dark Ages never imagined? Yes. Troi concedes that it's a bit unusual, but says she's happy for her and gets up to leave. But not before delivering a bit more ship's counselor's advice. She tells Dr. Bev that she and Bonin have both suffered a great loss so they shouldn't mistake sadness for sex. Or mourning for sex. Or a light in a lamp for sex. Or a light in a lamp giving you orgasms in front of your captain for sex. Dr. Bev thanks Troi for her advice and assures her that she's not necessarily in love, she's just intrigued. Troi raises her eyebrows and loudly terrycloths out.
  • "{Blabbers something uninteligible} so fuck you!" Runs to the wall, jumps and scores a perfect hit.
  • 100 Ways to Kill Yourself in Garry's Mod: Getting derailed, Falling off a baloon Meteor Shower, Being a Man of Science.
  • SupaGoGoMan's videos usually have an extreme degree in funny in them, best being the Night Terror one.
    This didn't happen in Disney Land!
  • Every Class is Different by the Spy.
    Some classes are polite. Some classes are efficient. The Sniper throws piss at people and lives in a van!
  • The new option on certain YouTube videos to have it try to interpret dialogue and make captions. It's so bad, it's hilarious to turn on.
  • "The Last Days Of Dr. Wily" has plenty of examples, including this one:
    Dr. Wily: You know how when Mega Man beats a boss, he gets that boss's weapon?
    Greg: Yeah...
    Dr. Wily: What if that didn't happen?
    Greg: So he gets the weapon before he fights the boss?
    Dr. Wily: No, he never gets any extra weapons, ever!
    Greg: I don't follow.
  • This video, but the most noteworthy part for me, when Sekai is talking about Makoto:
    Sekai: But he hasn't changed much since he moved, he still has this chick magnet ego with him, and he's getting on my nerves because he was just walking around to look for a girl to have sex with, (sigh), but at least the girls have their own boyfriends...
    (Francis notices Zoey and Makoto kissing)
    Francis: Hey! Dammit! I'm gonna kick your ass!
    (He throws Makoto out of the building)
  • It may be easier to find a UFO in your garden than a funny moment in an episode of The Irate Gamer, but the parodies of that show are full of hilarious So Unfunny, It's Funny moments. One such moment can be found in the beginning of this 'Save-State Gamer' episode.
  • When the creators of the convention of the convention Magfest sit down to plan Magfest 8, they get trolled by what turns out to be a voice actor they got as a's the voice of Duke Nukem.
    "I'm here to kick ass and go to Magfest...and I'm all outta ass!"
  • Weekly Tube Show's Dragonball dubs are all hilarious, if a bit vulgar and obsessed with dick jokes and toilet humor... but this rant of Vegeta's is absolutely brilliant and so funny it hurts.
  • Zach Anner's Audition.
    "No obstacle is too big, no mountain is too high, no volcano is too hot, and NO ATLANTIS IS TOO UNDERWATER OR FICTIONAL!"
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del: A Very Special Episode has 'Ethan's Happy Tape'.
  • Classic Game Room's truly epic Cluster F-Bomb for the intro of their Robotron 64 review.
  • This redub of the Portal 2 trailer.
  • Massive amounts of stupid-looking faces in one place equals epic hilarity.
  • A Week In The Life Of Ronald McDonald: Drew Pickles testifies as a character witness for the Penis Clown. This goes about as well as you'd expect:
    Oprah: Sir, please state your name for Judge Oprah.
    Drew: Hello. My name is Drew Pickles and I'm really really really really really really really gay.
    Oprah: Your sexual preferences are of no interest to Oprah. Oprah is an enlightened woman. Please tell us your relationship to the defendant.
    Drew: Oh wow. Well, we often get together for sweaty buttsex orgies. These often involve multiple partners and the consumption of poopy burgers, cum shakes, and splooge nuggets. After eating these, we like to put our penises in each other's mouths and go blublublublublublublublublublublublublublublu and then I put my 300 mile long cock inside Ronald's anus and it all sounds like hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha bag that was swell.
    Oprah: Oprah is disgusted. Perhaps Oprah is not so open minded after all. Mr. Pickles, can you comment on the defendant's character?
    Drew: Yes. The defendant is a swell poopy faggot. And that is my sworn testimony. Anyone for buttsex?
  • Emerald City Comicon 2012; It's the Star Wars Trilogy like you've never heard it before! NSFW due to strong language.
  • From part 2 of Don East's review of Sailor Moon Super S, when Usagi and Chibi-Usa have their ages switched.
    Chibi-Usa: "I have a grown-up body."
    Don: "I've become more talented!"
  • The Following post was based on the main Real Life page on :
  • A message board thread led someone to pose the question "what comes in sixes?" To which some wag replied "Gaius Baltar".
  • In a thread on fashions we don't get or like, someone mentioned very light lipstick with very dark lip liner. It made the girls who wore it look terrible. Like clowns. Evil clowns. Evil clowns with anus lips. Six posts down, someone repeated "Evil clowns with anus lips" and added "Doo dah. Doo dah."
  • Seen in a LiveJournal comment thread:
    "Go and shag like bunnies, you two!... or... um... What shags a lot and doesn't spawn?"
  • Omega Five PRO REVIEW:
    "So basically you're just tweakin' the controller's nipples for about 15-20 minutes, however long it takes to beat the game—all four stages, all four stages. ALL FOUR STAGES. OL' BIG TIME, TREKKIN' THE BIG TIME NOW. DON'T SPOIL ME NATSUME, FOUR STAGES!"
    "Now the second rule is if you've got a gigantic flamethrower and your first stage is made outta ice it's gonna melt that shit to the ground. Turn it to a big puddle, it's gonna turn it to a big puddle, real quick! Now I don't see that happenin', so that's a little bit bafflin' and mind confusin'. You got a 50-foot flamethrower and you can't melt through a series of ice blocks, well, sucker punch?"
    • Burly blue BigBots!
    • Cave TRIBUTE:
      "Dawn Patch. Sets up the formula for Da Dawn Patch."
      "GUWAAAAAAAAANGE. This came out in 1999, same year as Giga Wing. Notice the similarity there? Gu-wang? Giga Wang?"
      "Mah face turns beet red, I throw my controller against the ground and start swearin, 'Fucking game-long chains. Swear to never play a shooter game again."
      Progear no Arashi. Now playin' this game gives me rash; just kiddin', I just fuckin' hate it though."
      "Go play Mars Matrix."'
    • Under Defeat PRO REVIEW:
      "This is a shmup, not a pinball machine! Don't tilt the screen!"
      "Now it's no secret; I hate Naomi graphics. I hate these 3D plastic cone trees. So looks so artificial. When you shoot the trees they kinda shimmy back and forth like them bullets do. Shakin' they branches, if they actually had branches; they just cones. People think these graphics look nice? Just take a look at these cone trees!"
  • 1st Style, 1st Style, 1st Style, 1st Style, IIDX GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! 1st Style.
  • The entirety of Terry Yum Goong, the four-minute shot from The Protector set to sound effects and voices from Capcom vs. SNK 2, with Terry Bogard playing the role of the protagonist.
    "Terry": "Get serious! Powah dunk!" (throws "Dan") "Powah dunk!" (throws "Ken") "POWAAAAAH dunk!" (throw)
    "M. Bison": "Psycho crushaa!" (tackles "Terry")
    "Terry: "BAAAAAARN NAKU!" (punches "Bison" in the face)
  • From the World of Warcraft customer service forums, <GM>Batta's smackdown of someone who had it coming. For context, this guy was bitching about how he got banned for "talking about an in-game item".
    Q u o t e:
    The TOS is pretty much common sense, but the problem is. Why put an item in the game if we're not allowed to discuss it?
    I apologize if there was any confusion about the email sent to you and the nature of the violation, Grinnar. I wish you to feel comfortable in knowing that it is okay to bring up in-game items, such as the [Huge Brown Sack] while chatting with other players.
    There is still a distinction, however, between discussing the item as it pertains to the game, and commenting in the World Trade channel about said item in one's face while drunk at a frat party. I hope you can see the distinction there.
  • From a sadly-deleted review of Action 52: "Don't play this fucking game, because if you do, you are a fucking idiot. Does this mean I'm an idiot? Yes it does."
  • This flowchart starts with asking if something works:
    • If it does, then "don't fuck with it", if it doesn't, then it asks if you "fucked" with it.
    • If you did, then it calls you a "dumb shit" and asks if anyone knows. If they don't, then it suggests simply hiding the non-functional item.
    • If you didn't, it asks if you will "catch hell". If no, then it says to throw the thing away.
    • If people do know that you "fucked" with the item, or if you will "catch hell", then it leads to "You poor bastard. Can you blame someone else?".
    • All options eventually lead to "No problem".
  • The result of typing "find Chuck Norris" into a Google search engine and pressing "I'm Feeling Lucky".
  • This attempted rebuttal of a review of F.A.T.A.L.. The whole thing is hilarious. Unintentionally so. Perhaps the funniest moment? Page 3, in which Byron "Abominatus" Hall apparently doesn't understand that someone calling you a "motherfucker" does not mean it literally.
  • "What in the name of shit? So Satan puts on a pumpkin and runs around killing people with a chainsaw. Well, then. Okay, I guess. Maybe Jesus will dress up as a pirate or something, I dunno."
  • Just one of many funny moments from the Comic Book Rumbles forum: A civil, occasionally tongue-in-cheek who-would-win debate between Edward Cullen and Wolverine gets sidetracked by a surreal argument between Captain England and The Once And Forever over who is "prettier", Edward or Sentry.
    Nik Hasta: I think we've found the Anti-Life Equation in this thread.
  • This battle between Spider-Man and Deadpool.
  • There's a Journal Roleplay community called "dear_mun" where personae rant at the people controlling them. In one post, three Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Seto Kaibas meet each other for the first time.
    Kaiba 2: What... What is this feeling inside? I've never felt this way about another person who wasn't a dragon before. Tell me your name, you beautiful son of a bitch!
    Kaiba 3: ...It's either superiority, loathing, disdain, or hate. What other feelings are there?
    Kaiba 2: Superiority. I think. Might be lust. You're sure you're not a dragon? I never thought the day would come that I found someone as great, handsome, and rich as me, but there you go.
    Kaiba 1:I don't think there's ever been anything more beautiful than this right here.
  • Dan Hemmens of ferretbrain's highly critical chapter-by-chapter review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows gives us this from Chapter 11:
    Harry Potter, realising that in order to defeat Voldemort he must use the Dark Lord's own methods, however despicable they might be, spends this chapter sitting on his arse doing nothing. Not that Voldemort has anything to fear: he's had decades to practice his sitting-on-his-arse-doing-nothing, and Harry's arse-sitting seems amateurish by comparison.
  • An extended conversation in ferretbrain's Playpen in which the regulars gleefully abuse the spoiler tags. It starts like this (please note, spoiler tags retained so as to preserve the joke, the conversation itself does not contain spoilers):
    Dan: For what it's worth, I'm playing a new game in my head of assuming that spoiler tags are just censoring out things which are unfit for publication. Particularly Jamie informing us that social convention makes it quite unacceptable for something something something. I certainly hope nobody is something something something in public.
    Jamie: Well, if you're going to be like that then you can just join me and rule the galaxy, because frankly Soylent Green is people.
    Kyra: Oh my God, is Jamie Dan's father?
  • In Ferretbrain Presents the TeXt Factor: Episode 8, Arthur B, having recently finished and thoroughly disliked Dan Simmons' Drood, introduces himself thusly:
    Arthur: My name is Arthur, and since I only intend for this podcast to be published a hundred-and-twenty-five years after my death, I assume you do not know my name.
    • Arthur's continuing one-way feud with Dan Simmons soon turned into "no, Person X isn't real, Charles Dickens just hypnotized us into believing in them" into a Running Gag. It eventually led to this exchange, in which Arthur suggested Executive Meddling by Charles Dickens to explaining a disappointing element in the ending to The Woman in White:
      Dan: Arthur I've told you this a hundred times, there is *no such writer* as Dickens. I just hypnotized you into believing there was.
  • From Ferretbrain Presents the TeXt Factor Episode 9: Arthur B explains a plot point from The Woman in White:
    Arthur B: Basically, Percival Glyde is all like, "Oh God, it's all going wrong," and Fosco is saying, "well, you're gonna let me deal with things," and Glyde is like, "Oookay,: and then Fosco is like, "So, your wife, [beat] how alive do you need her?"
  • Microsoft Sam cannot sing "Marisa Stole The Precious Thing".
  • This picture. (NSFW!) No, not the picture, the comments. Just... Just read them.
  • This. An epic Take That! against both Twilight and the incredibly annoying African vuvuzela horns.
  • Sirius Onion Black.
  • Two chatters conclude that the universe is a Viking.
  • has quite a few funny stories, but the funniest things are the interactives, especially the ones that try to be serious when its clear that even the original author has no idea what the fuck is going on.
  • This photo, titled "Woody Stole the Precious Thing."
  • Don't watch an anime called Boku (warning: somewhat NSFW):
    "So I watched the first video and I was like 'yooooo, what the fuck?' Then I continued and I was like 'yoooooooooooooooo!', THEN THEY GOT IN THE MOTHERFUCKING CAR, AND THEN I SAID 'YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!'"
    "Then in video 2, there was like, two of them! Those niggas...yo...those niggas! Then that girl saw them and she...YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! And then the nigga took the dog toy and YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"
  •'s user reviews for Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story (It was printed in 1999, by the way!)
    "'Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story' will fit nicely in your bookshelf along such classics as 'Knifed: The O.J. Simpson Story,' 'Fondler: Confessions of a Pedophile,' and 'Avoiding Blue Dresses: Sexual Harassment for the Aspiring Politician.'"
    "'Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story' is a fantastic read and I cannot wait to see the upcoming motion picture adaptation by Roman Polański. A+ FIVE STARS!!!!"
  • Courtesy of Karen Gillan, Chillin With Gillan.
  • This parody video of psychopathic manchild troll MarioTehPlumber, by a YouTuber called Billywws2, as he "reviews" Jet Set Radio for the Sega Dreamcast. He delivers a great impression of MarioTehPlumber's style of constant swearing and how the character design is the most important aspect of any video game, and even manages to capture the troll's failure to do research by accusing Jet Set Radio of ripping off The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker with its cel-shaded art styleHow? .
  • This Death Metal cover of "I'm a Little Teapot". When an innocent children's song meets Harsh Vocals, Hilarity Ensues.
  • The since defunct website had this to say sbout Zoboomafoo.
    "I can't even say this damn title."
  • 50 Shades of Bean by BlamCo. It's too beautiful for words to describe!
  • From Jeremy's Star Trek Reviews:
    • This article has an attempted explanation of all the Early-Installment Weirdness regarding uniform insignia:
      Captain Kirk: "Mr. Spock, any word on our new uniform orders for the senior staff after the laundry disaster?"
      Mr. Spock: "Yes, Captain — we should have the new uniforms at the end of the month and, even better news: the laundry and dryer situation has been fixed."
      Captain Kirk: "Well, that is good. Having just got my command six months ago, it is pretty embarrassing to be walking around wearing a commander's stripes again."
      Mr. Spock: "Having spoken to Mr. Scott and Mr. Mitchell, I can confirm that all the senior staff feels just as ridiculous in lieutenant stripes."
      Captain Kirk: "Hard to imagine a more bizarre laundry disaster in Starfleet. It is certainly the first time something like this has happened."
      Mr. Spock: "It is not the first. The senior staff of the Enterprise under the command of your predecessor had a similar disaster where all senior officers, including the captain, were stuck with lieutenant stripes. At the time, I was a lieutenant, so I was unaffected."
      Captain Kirk: "Captain Pike stuck in lieutenant stripes, that had to have been a sight."
      Mr. Spock: "On the subject of uniforms, it appears I was going to have to get a new one anyway."
      Captain Kirk: "Oh?"
      Mr. Spock: "New Starfleet regulation states that department heads must have the same uniform as their department, regardless of role in the starship's chain of command. So I am going back to blue."
      Captain Kirk: "Hmmm... That reminds me of something, Mr. Spock. With all this talk of rank insignia I just remembered to tell you, your promotion from lieutenant commander to commander has been approved."
      Mr. Spock: "Thank you, sir. When does that become official?"
      Captain Kirk: "Season 2."
      Mr. Spock: "Season 2?"
      Captain Kirk: "It's an old Earth expression. However, given your new uniform is going to be more reflective of the department, I would like to do something to help you stand out as first officer for the good of the ship. I think I am going to authoritize you to frock with full commander's stripes for all of Season 1."
      Mr. Spock: "Indeed, thank you, sir. I will frock in commander stripes for all of Season 1."
    • The review for "The Naked Time" has some funny jokes about the butter knife:
      Now, in the 20th century when this was made, butter knives were not threatening weapons unless you tried to jam it into someone's eye. However, by the time the 23rd century, the butter knives of the future have become incredibly more powerful and Riley and Sulu are immediately concerned. They ask him to put down the knife, but he aims the slayer of butter at himself.
      To be fair, if I was a captain and I was told one of my men killed himself with a butter knife, I would start saying stupid things too.
      Considering how dangerous butter knives are now, a man with a sword is a serious concern.
    • In Jeremy's review for "Mirror, Mirror", he pretends to be himself from the mirror universe when reviewing the parts that take place in it. As his mirror self, he calls all the prime universe characters "Fake [Character Name]".
  • GameSpot has been noted for some outstanding negative reviews.
  • A woman named Amanda who's only seen "bits" of Star Wars, retells the original trilogy from the bits she's seen:
    • Her initial summary of A New Hope is summarised with the yellow words on the screen:
      The planet's really bad now because of the Dark Side. And there's this new bad guy in town... and he's Darth Vader! The- his puppet master is... the, counsellor? Or... the... what is his name? He's got, he's got white face...
    • When Luke is described as a "farmer", he's illustrated with a pitchfork and wearing a straw hat.
    • When she says that Luke is going to "be killed or something", Palpatine is shown telling Darth Vader, "Kill him! ... or something."
    • Amanda thinks A New Hope ends with Han and Chewie bluntly refusing to help the protagonists.
    • She calls Mos Eisley the "Bar Planet" because it features the Bad Guy Bar. So, it's illustrated as a giant disco ball covered in neon signs.
    • When Leia is described as wearing a "golden suit", she wears an Elvis suit.
    • Amanda calls the Ewoks "brown Muppets", so they're illustrated as Fozzie Bear and Kingston Livingston III.
      Fozzie & Kingston: "You have to kill the big robots!"
    • She thinks Chewbacca looks just like an Ewok except three times bigger, and Luke and Leia are illustrated saying he does.
    • When Amanda tells Joe (the poster of the video) to stop laughing at her, the words "Stop laughing at me!" are illustrated coming out of Chewbacca's mouth.
    • When she thinks Lando dies, he's seen being stabbed by an Ewok.
    • She doesn't know that the stuff Han is frozen in is called "carbonite", so she just calls it "stuff", so it's illustrated as the ice cream from The Stuff.
    • She thinks Return of the Jedi begins on Obi-Wan, "Ghost Obi-Wan", and "Ghost Yoda" together in the swamp.
    • When she says Luke is "going to the Dark Side, or whatever," he's illustrated saying those exact same words. This is then followed up with Ghost Yoda saying, "The force is strong or whatever".
    • Amanda thinks Han's name is Hans, and Joe tries to correct her, leading to this conversation:
      Amanda/Leia: "Hans!"
      Joe/Han: "Hans?"
      Amanda/Leia: "Solo!"
      Joe/Han: "Hans?"
      Amanda/Leia: "Hans Solo."
      Joe/Han: "Han Solo."
      Amanda/Leia: "Han'se. Han S."
      Joe/Han: "H-A-N."
      Amanda/Leia: "Right, whatever."
    • Darth Vader without his mask is described as a "crusty white guy".
    • When Amanda says that "somebody" gives them awards, it's shown as Jar-Jar Binks.
    • Luke and Han kissing each other.
  • The Wired Autocomplete interview for Sesame Street:
    • Cookie Monster mentions twice that the woman's face is offscreen, and at the end, Grover does too, hoping her face will someday be seen.
    • One of the search suggestions is funny enough on its own: "How does one get to Sesame Street?". Bert takes the "one" part literally and thinks the Count should be answering this question.
    • On the question of how the celebrities show up, both Rosita and Big Bird think the other has the contacts on their cell phone.
    • Cookie Monster going into a rage upon being asked if he changed to Veggie Monster. Even worse for him, it happened twice.
      Cookie Monster: "'Is Cookie Monster the Ve—' Here we go again with the Veggie Monster!"
    • Elmo doesn't hear the question "Does Elmo have ears?".
    • On "Does Elmo have a tail?", he checks for one.
  • Minecraft Supernova Lava Fail, where Minecraft SMP players tried to grief a griefer by encasing his house in a glass sphere and filling it with lava. Then it began to leak, and what resulted could be a scene from a typical disaster movie, as players panicked, tried to save what they could, and eventually went into the core of the lava ball to replace it with air. Adding to the funny is that since the game was in Alpha at the time, multiplayer characters and mobs couldn't receive damage, leading to a chicken walking straight into lava and clucking nonstop.
    "We've created the Sun."
  • In the early days of Minecraft, fireplaces weren't an official thing, but user-made ones could burn forever using a glitch. Cue Minecraft FIRE WTFFFFFFF!!!!!, where a user tries to explain how to make an infinite fireplace and inadvertently burns down his whole house.
    Narrator: Uh oh.
  • "some scenes of savage stingy" and "some scenes of savage stingy 2: the stingening", two compilations of Stingy being either a Deadpan Snarker or Jerkass. The moments showcased are funny on their own, but the captions on both videos add a whole other layer of comedy;
    Stingy: My tools, my nails, my wood, MY treehouse!
    Stephanie: What about MY flowerpot?
    Stingy: Flowerpot?
    [Stingy throws Stephanie's flowerpot down to her]
    The captions: *Stingy hurls down the flowerpot with the intent to kill, but misses his target*
    Stingy: What flowerpot?
    Captions!Stingy: Fate took pity on you. Today, you get to live. Hm.

    Stingy: *gasps* That's it!
    Mayor Meanswell: What's it?
    Stingy: I know what costume I'm going to wear tonight!
    Mayor Meanswell: *gasps* You DO? What is it?
    Stingy: A bunny!
    [Mayor Meanswell, in his bunny costume, looks at the camera in exasperation]
    The captions: *Mayor Meanswell contemplates exiling Stingy from Lazytown at the cost of Stingy's parents being slightly upset with him*
    Stingy: Mayor, can I borrow your bunny outfit?
    Mayor Meanswell: Stingy, I-
    Stingy: Come on, give it up. You can always go as, uh, ah. A mayor.
    Captions!Stingy: You can always go as, uh, ah, a loser.