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A Day to Remember is a band from Ocala, Florida mainly known for their unusual amalgamation of Metalcore, Pop Punk, Emo, and even a few smatterings of Death Metal in their music.

Founded in 2003, the band made the rounds on independent tours before being signed to a major label. Since then, they've become one of the most successful bands of the Metalcore/Pop Punk genres.

Oh yeah, and frontman, Jeremy McKinnon made a guest appearance on Pawn Stars.



  • Jeremy McKinnon - Vocals
  • Alex Shelnutt - Drums
  • Kevin Skaff - Lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
  • Neil Westfall - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Joshua Woodard - Bass guitar

Former Members:

  • Tom Denney - Lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Bobby Scruggs - Drums
  • Brandon Roberts - Drums


  • And Their Name Was Treason (2005)
  • For Those Who Have Heart (2007)
  • Homesick (2009)
  • What Seperates Me From You (2010)
  • Common Courtesy (2013)
  • Bad Vibrations (2016)
  • You’re Welcome (2021)


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