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  • "The world is a crazy, mixed up place. But if you laugh it at it, it can't truly laugh at you."
  • During his one-year review he decides that his first season has been so terrible that he might as well just die...then he sees his copy of The Simpsons second season and remembers that the first season was bad, but had enough positives that it returned for a much better second season. He takes the lesson to heart, and states that the job of a critic is to find a work's balance of positive and negative, flaws and perfections, and that artists need only use the word of the critics as guidelines.
    The Obscure: A work without flaws is a work not of this world.
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  • His speech at the end of his Christmas Episode, preceded by an explanation of the context A Christmas Carol was written and a denouncement of those trying to politicize it.
    The Obscure: Christmas is about people in the midst of seasonal depression, commemorating what is good and pure and joyful as a reminder in the new year that it is worth celebrating life.
  • After his review of The Brave Little Toaster, he relates the film to an old camera that he's had all his life, but can't bring himself to get rid of.

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