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  • Frances and Req finally seeing each other again in the Deserter FAC. Neither had any idea where the other had gone, but Frances's reaction to seeing her again shows that she at least cared - unlike A_J, who Req had finally fled from.
  • Blue's interactions with Curls's familiar, Brendon the cat, are adorable.
  • The fact that even Krauzer shows some level of friendly affection for Blue is a testament to the fact that she is essentially a living embodiment of this trope.
  • Both of Vinnie and Kube's reunions:
    • The first time, when Kube got lost in a glacier biome and Vinnie, Egg and Kaja went out to find them.
    • And the second, when Vinnie was rescued from the Silo and brought back to their home by Egg while Kube was out.
  • Will is all too happy to help fix Cyborg when she realises her robotic parts aren't working properly, despite having never met her before.
    • He's also all too happy to walk a great distance in search of a missing Blue - right up to the dangerous Silo borders - and carry her the whole way back.
  • Also doubles as a Tear Jerker moment, but Crez seeking out Egg the night before she is to be expelled from the Silo in order to give her a handmade scarf and some company, despite the fact that they weren't close friends, is heartwarming to the core.

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