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Heartwarming / There she is!!

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  • The sacrifices made by the rest of the cast, including Doki's pets, to help Nabi in "Imagine."
  • When II-ho offered Nabi the ticket and then gave him a ride on his bike.
  • Nabi becoming the heroic romantic figure Doki saw in him from the beginning.
  • Final Step: Imagine - At the airport, giant signs urge Nabi in two directions. Doki looks at the signs, notes them, and waits patiently for Nabi to choose. Her expression is completely serene. She knows he loves her, and knows he'll ignore the politics and follow his heart.
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  • And the end of Final Step: Imagine, when the pro- and anti- signs dissolve in a wash of hearts after Nabi runs into Doki's arms.

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