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  • After a very long time of Joven getting crap, Anthony and Ian decide to set up a surprise interview prank for him. He thinks he is interviewing Logan Lerman for the movie Noah, but he ends up interviewing Emma Watson, who he has a huge fan crush on.
  • Ian and Anthony play a game of Mario-U with two brothers from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It's truly heartwarming to see how they do their darnedest to make sure the kids have fun.
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  • The 100th Game Bang special ends with all the original members of the Smosh Games crew jumping into a Zorb together and rolling around, laughing and yelling and generally having a great time. It's a heartwarming celebration of their near two years on the channel.
  • For one Bonus episode, the gang try to make a barbecue beef bacon "meat-shi" roll. Everyone, themselves included, expect spectacular failure. They combine their efforts and — it not only comes together, it tastes pretty good too. Their joy at success is obvious and really cute.
  • In "WE ARE VENGEFUL GODS", the losing team ( Mari, Sohinki, and Lasercorn) are forced to hold in a sprite bottle in their mouths while it erupts. The cute/heartwarming part is where Flitz, on the winning team with Wes and Joven, unexpectedly takes the bullet for Mari.
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  • While it may have been played for laughs in "Killing Babies In Who's Your Daddy" but when Lasercorn describes the actual risks that babies put themselves in, Jovenshire instantly shows concern for Lasercorn's child and asked if "babycorn is still alive" while Mari temporally gave Lasercorn a concerned What the Hell, Hero? look.
  • In the "Naked Lasercon Shower Prank" Bonus Vlog, Sohinki and Joven decided to prank Mari and Flitz by telling them that Lasercorn got in trouble with the hotel security for accidentally walking into the female gym showers. Both immediately got worried over Lasercorn, with Mari urging the others to go vouch for him and reprimanding Joven and Sohinki for apparently laughing at his misery. It's really nice to see the close friendship between the team, despite their constant insults and pranks they pull on each other in other circumstances.
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  • Sohinki and Joven decided to cancel a Cell Outs episode to teach Mari how to ride a bike.
  • The smosh games crew have revealed that they have received fan mail where the writers have demanded that the group stop picking on Jovenshire but what is more heartwarming than this is that Jovenshire had to tell the writers that he can handle the abuse and that the crew have a close brotherly bond.
  • In the Maricraft christmas special part 1, Joven danced in the intro and allowed Mari to use it as the episodes intro but Mari secretly put the message "Merry xmas Jovy! ILU <3"
  • In SUMMER GAMES: CAMP BEGINS (Smosh Summer Games), Joven is picked first.
  • In Sexy Truth or Dare, after Wes tips Jovens floatie which causes him to fall into the water, the others show serious concern when they notice that Jovens struggling to resurface then Flitz and Lasercorn throw the floatie away, Lasercorn shows the most concern and pulls Joven out of the water and immediately asks him if he's ok. Makes sense, considering he apparently used to be a lifeguard.
  • After spending many episodes of Maricraft (including this one) refusing to go on any adventures, Joven jumps into the Twilight world without hesitation when Wes, Lasercorn, and Mari get in over their heads and need backup. He still hates adventures, though.
  • Also on the topic of Maricraft in the episode TAKE ME TO CHURCH when Lasercorn and Wes form a truce even after so many episodes of trying to kill each other and destroying each others bases, the two form a pretty kickass team, covering each others blind spots and Wes even held the enemies off with his bow and arrow yelling at Lasercorn to run.
  • In the Grand Theft Smosh episode JOVEN QUITS SMOSH GAMESnote  the heist that Joven, Wes, Sohinki, and Lasercorn undergo is especially difficult for them which leads to the usual mockery between them and especially on Joven for being a "bronze player". However, after they finally complete the heist the score reveals that Joven actually got the platinum rank. Joven ends up so overjoyed that he cries Tears of Joy. The editors of the episode even put in their effects to give Joven a proper celebration.

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