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  • Almost any time Dan talks about his family, but particularly in Super Mario Maker Episode 83, where he acknowledges how much his current career and happiness is owed to the emotional and financial support of his family (even if they didn't quite understand what he was trying to do at the time). This is followed Arin and Danny musing about how no one is ever really alone, and that everyone has someone who believes in them.
  • Partway through Pokémon Emerald episode 11:
    Jon: "I think Rock Tomb has a high miss rate."
    Arin: "I think when you leave my house... you have a high miss rate."
    Jon: "Awww! I think that was a really sweet thing to say! I'm not sure!"
    • Morphed into a bit of a Tearjerker when Jon left the show in June 2013 for the prospective future.
  • Halfway through Yoshi's Island Episode 5:
    Jon: "Who could ever be friends with a fucker like you? Me. That's who. And that's why we're friends."
  • In Banjo-Kazooie Episode 16:
    Jon: [My mom] makes [good stuff].
    Arin: Like you?
  • "Jon and Arin Win. They Realize Friendship's More Important."
    • This moment has become more poignant since it was revealed Arin was playing the role of Darth Vader in Jon's StarCade series.
  • Perhaps the show's concept itself, two friends playing video games together and the internet having a good time watching them have a good time.
  • In the 20th episode of Pokemon Emerald, Jon takes a picture of him and Arin relaxing on the couch. As they're talking about sharing it over twitter, it pops up on screen. The picture looks exactly like a picture you'd find on anyone's Facebook or Twitter: Two Gamers on a Couch, hanging out and smiling.
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  • In the Aladdin finale, Jon and Arin can't stop talking about how beautiful the carpet ride bonus stage is, even singing along with "A Whole New World". It's actually kind of sweet.
  • In Kirby's Return to Dream Land Episode 2:
    Jon: Is that Arin and Jon agreeing on something? What is that shit?
    Arin: It's really strange how often we disagree.
    Jon: Yeah, but it's funny. I remember when we were first starting Game Grumps, cos I was like worried, I was like "Do you think we're ever gonna like fight or y'know disagree" and it was like "Naw. We argue a lot, but it doesn't affect our friendship." And I was like "Yeah, I guess you're right." We argue SO MUCH and it's always like "Awesome! I'm glad you feel that way. Come over next time?"
  • Near the end of Super Mario Land:
    Jon: You've never once lied to me in my life.
    Arin: *sigh* I did. I did once. When I said I hated you.
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  • It is just kind of heartwarming seeing that despite how young the project really is, the fanbase for the Game Grumps is strong and wonderful (with the large amounts of cool remixes, animations, etc.) to the point where Grumps and fans alike call it "the best fanbase ever".
  • The finale to Kirby Super Star was pretty nice, with Jon talking about how they just finished their first game, how far they've come with Game Grumps, how great the fans are, and how it's really made the two of them best friends.
  • Episode 13 of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) features Jon's story about a kid recognizing him and PeanutButterGamer at Disneyland.
  • Episode 20 of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006): After the massive glitch while playing as Knuckles, Jon shouting and begging Arin to come back, coupled with an Anguished Declaration of Love, and then telling him he knows neither of them can do this alone. You know, once you stop laughing.
  • Episode 23 of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006): Jon and Arin being excited about Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive.
  • During part 2 of Wild Guns, Jon comments that he hasn't seen Arin have this much fun playing a game in a while. Considering what games they have been playing lately, this might not be too far from the truth.
  • At one point during their Magfest panel, one fan wanted to ask Barry a question. Jon took out his phone and called up Barry, and when Barry answered, Jon just said, "Hey man, you're live at the Game Grumps panel!" and the crowd went NUTS! A massive cheer was sent up and there was a "BARRY! BARRY! BARRY!" chant. When the noise died down, Jon asked if Barry was still there, to which he responded with a choked up, bordering on Tears of Joy "Yeah!"
    • At Magfest 2014, Danny outright stated that without Barry, Game Grumps wouldn't even exist.
    • The fact that the fandom loves Barry so much and everyone involved in Game Grumps fully appreciates him for his vital role in producing Game Grumps.
  • In Part 42 of the Sonic 06, the first episode of the Shadow Campaign, the episode it entirely dedicated to telling the story of how sick the Grumps became over Magfest. Jon relishes in telling the embarrassing aspect of the "Clear a Path" story, but part of the story that is downplayed is how Jon was taking care of a completely miserable Arin (who was shivering uncontrollably and delirious) while he himself was also sick and "afraid of catching whatever disease Arin's got".
    • Arin's reasoning for cleaning up his mess of blood and vomit, while still delirious and feverish: he just didn't want Suzy to freak out.
    • Jon berating Arin when he insisted on clarifying that Jon went to get him Powerade because he was too sick to do it himself.
    Jon: I'm gonna pause this... Are you fucking implying that you w- of COURSE you were too sick to get it! It's not like you were being a douchebag, what? I would've asked you for fucking SEVEN Powerades!!!
  • Any time Jon squees over something in a game. While both of the Grumps love games with all their heart and souls, whenever Jon encounters a good one (or at least one with something he enjoys) his happiness comes across completely. One of the best examples of this is the first episode of Kirby's Return to Dream Land where Jon (and Arin) is barely able to contain his joy to play what he considers an excellent addition to an already excellent series.
    Jon: "Awwwww, Cookie Country!."
  • This entire exchange from Magic Sword Part 2:
    Jon: "Do you just see a girl you wanna marry, because I'm worried for you if you're walking around being all like, 'I wanna marry her!'"
    Arin: "No, not in public, in my house! Because she lives with me."
    Jon: "[giggling] Awww, that's even cuter, stop it!"
  • From another Sonic episode...
    Arin: I don't really care anyway, I was just filling time.
    Jon: BAPADABOOP BOOP BEEP- What do you mean 'filling time'? I'm not good enough to be time alone? I-I can't be your time? You have to fill the time with me?
    Arin: Uh yeah...I have a good time when I'm with you.
    Jon: *Laughs happily.*
  • From Sonic '06, Jon actually having fun as Blaze. He even compliments her, saying she's cute and reminds him of Dot.
  • From yet another Sonic '06 episode (75 to be precise): Jon storms out of the room while Arin makes noises, and "fires" Barry. But when he's coming back, Jon is apparently asked by Barry if he was serious, and the mic picked up his reply. It's a silly moment but sweet at the same time.
    • Also the way Jon asks Barry to add that extra scene in at the end of the video is also pretty heartwarming.
  • Near the end of Mario Party 2 Revengeance Part 6, Arin makes a joke about calling a "Side-kick rental" service and asking to refund Jon and replace him. When Jon tells him that he heard the whole thing, Arin says he was talking to his karate instructor, who taught him how to "side kick". By the end, after a high five, Jon says something about hurting the ones you love without realizing, to which Arin responds by calling side-kick rental back up to say he didn't mean what he said. Jon still gets upset at him for lying though.
  • In Sonic 06 part 78, Jon gets a call from his mother, who he puts on speakerphone for the audience. She called him to tell him his father survived a dentist operation, and acted really shy when told she was on the show. The entire exchange is filled with adorable. In a bit of Meta-heartwarming, the fans seem to have taken a liking to her, calling her MomTron.
  • The entire Grant Kirkhope episode is one. You can tell Jon is in awe of being in the presence of one of his idols.
  • In Sonic 06 part 85, after getting their sweet revenge on Sonic as Silver (Complete with evil laughing from Arin) they agree that the whole channel was worth it because of the friendship they've forged through it.
  • The epiphany in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, part 6. It's interrupted by an in-game death and the two proceed to joke about humiliating themselves for others' enjoyment, but what Jon said was completely sincere.
    Jon: "You know what's the compliment that we get about our, like, fanmail or whatever that makes me the happiest every time I see it?"
    Arin: "What's that?"
    Jon: "It's when people are like: "Fuckin... Whenever my day sucks, I watch Game Grumps and it's better." And I'm like... There is a reason to do this."
  • During Magfest, Jon and Arin try to recall how they became such good friends. Their first meeting is described as Arin answering the door with a plate of cookies and Jon standing outside with a pack of Dr Pepper. It is a sweet moment.
  • Jon's heartfelt thanks and appreciation towards the show's viewers in his retirement announcement.
  • Any moment, especially in Super Mario Bros. 2, Mega Man 2 or Jackal, where Dan makes Arin burst into uncontrollable laughter. While it's sad that Jon left the show, it's clear that Arin and Dan's friendship is just as strong.
    • Even better in hindsight, in the finale of "Super Mario Bros 2" Arin very casually asks Dan " you want a pretzel?". He super casually opens a bag of pretzels and gets relaxed as Dan kicks ass in the finale of the game. It's so subtle, but you can tell this was the point Arin got relaxed enough to go "This is gonna work out fine."
  • In one episode of Mario Party 2, Jon talks about how he had recently watched Indie Game: The Movie, which featured Jonathan Blow (the man behind Braid). He then recalls the film showing a brief clip of a parody animation poking fun at Blow, an animation that Arin made. Sounding audibly remorseful, Arin points out that he wasn't trying to offend him, especially since he looks up to Blow as an idol.
    Arin: If he's seen that and that upsets him, that upsets me, because he's like, my hero.
  • The fanimator GregzillaGT made an animation that was intended as a brief tribute to the end of Jon's run on the show. After going through some of his funny moments, the final scene shows Jon leaving on a gigantic Jacques, the others looking on sadly (Arin especially). The very end has Jon outstretching a hand so Arin can high-five it right before leaving, all set to a melancholy orchestral remix of "Pause Balls".
  • The finale of Out of This World has Danny and Arin taking a moment after the credits roll to sincerely praise the game’s creator, Eric Chahi, for his work and tell him what big fans they are. It’s a surprisingly “d’awwww” moment for Game Grumps.
    Arin: Enjoy the rest of your life knowing that you’ve made something really cool.
    Danny: Yeah, something that made us super happy.
  • During The Legend of Zelda run, Danny takes a moment to ask Arin if he's got any messages along the lines of "Game Grumps saved my life". He confirms that not only have they got messages like that, they've got messages about how people have got into relationships through being fans of the show and wearing the merchandise in public, causing someone else to recognise it and strike up a conversation...
  • Also during The Legend of Zelda run, Dan tells a few stories involving his dad. The only one where he doesn't do an impression of him with a silly accent is when he talks about when his dad quit smoking.
    • Arin's story afterwards recounts his friend from when he worked at Blockbuster who had been a heavy smoker until she found out she was pregnant.
  • So far, most of their Kirby's Epic Yarn playthrough consists of Arin and Danny acting extremely cheerful and squeeing at everything in sight. They claim that it's impossible to be grumpy when they're playing it.
  • In Part 4 of the Super Castlevania IV playthrough, Suzy stops by to give Danny some tea, at first the Grumps are all hammy and then sincerely appreciate Suzy stopping by.
  • In Part 9 of Kirby's Epic Yarn, Danny recounts a story about his grandparents' wildly differing opinions on coarse language, but then mentions how they were together for 62 years. He then comments Arin and Suzy are the same, to which Arin says 'I hope so.'
  • Their project of selling their game copies on Ebay sent to the Grumps raised 7,000 dollars towards Childs Play. Their appreciation for the fans is truly heartwarming.
  • The inclusion of Barry and Suzy when doing multiplayer games with at least four people on Steam Rolled makes it feel like they're all one big family.
    • Speaking of Suzy, her character is Suzy the Outlaw. Aww, she's a criminal just like her husband, Arin the Bandit.
  • F.L.U.D.D.'s apparent death during the Super Mario Sunshine finale leaves the two appropriately shocked as they believe it to be the end. After which they are appropriately relieved at the sight of it still being functional.
  • In one episode of Super Mario Bros. 3 Danny and Arin talk about the uncomfortable factor of becoming well known that it can be risky because it becomes harder to tell who is being nice and who just wants something from them. Arin admits he doesn't have that problem, it sort of helps his confidence but he knows Suzy loves him since she was talking to him before he became Egoraptor. Suzy loves Arin Hanson the artist not Egoraptor the Awesome series guy.
  • The Amazing Frog one-off is both funny and this during the fight over the crown at the end. Arin and Danny are having so much fun just dicking around that it spreads to the viewer, who is likely laughing as hard as they are.
  • A real life example; on October 25th, 2013, Arin and Suzy got married.
    • Also the fact that, according to Suzy's YouTuber confessions video, Arin and Suzy have been together for about 11-12 years, as of 2014.
  • There's quite a bit of sadness involved by for the first time ever Danny tells the story of his depression, learning he has OCD and over coming it. It can be found here. The entire episode is worth watching. Arin is incredibly supportive of Danny.
    • That's not even discussing the fact that Danny discusses it because of all of the people willing to share their stories with the Game Grumps about their own struggles. He felt like he needed to pay it back to them.
      • Part 26 follows up on this at the very end, as Dan thanks everyone for their support and letters and stuff (and reminds them not to throw away their meds like he did, and to actually talk to a doctor about getting off them).
    • And on the less heavy side is that Arin and Danny both hate the term 'aspiring artist' and declare that if you write/draw/paint/create music ect. then published or put out or whatever then you're already an artist.
  • Part 29 of the Kirby's Epic Yarn playthrough. Dan brings up his Bar Mitzvah in Israel and how proud of himself he felt after getting through it. Also it was one of the few times he and his Israeli grandfather were particularly close, due to the living distance between the two of them.
  • The Epic Yarn finale reaffirms just how damn happy and adorable the game is. Danny can barely contain himself at the end.
  • During the Wind Waker run, Danny tells the stories of how his parents and grandparents met. Both of which are adorable.
  • During the Hello Kitty Seasons game, Danny points out that Arin designed their character to look like Suzy, something Arin wasn't even aware of.
  • The 2014 Magfest panel has a few moments. One about the Windwaker episode of Danny revealing his history of depression talking about that subject lead to a longer than usual applause from the audience. The other is that Danny makes a very special recording for his 3 year old nephew Nash and thus he has the whole audience sing with him.
    • If Arin's word is to be believed, Jon hugged it out with him and Danny during the festival. If nothing else, this helped give some comfort to those that were worried about their relationship since Jon left the group and if/how he'd interact with them during Magfest.
  • Arin and Danny turning into fans of Hayley Westenra is pretty adorable, even if it's intercut with their typically crass humor.
    Danny: Suffocation, no breathing, don't give a... if I cut my arm bleeding! Bunananananaa! Sing that one, Hayley Westenra! *beat* Please do—Please, please actually do that, I would really, really love it.
    • They named their character in Endless Ocean: Blue World after her... sort of. "Haley Easternr".
  • A minor one, but the fact that they (unintentionally) managed to get Shattered Memories' good ending.
  • It's a bit minor, but the Smash Cut style of episode endings usually happen mid-sentence (or mid-scream, occasionally). However, recently, the endings have more often ended with just Arin and Danny laughing together (with the Smash Cut in the middle of their laughter). It just seems like the two really like playing games and hanging out together and have a lot of fun, which is quite sweet.
  • In the finale of Super Metroid, when they are about to get killed by Mother Brain, they seem to honestly care about the Baby Metroid as it comes in to save them and when the Metroid is shot to death, they seem honestly heartbroken when it dies. It makes the following fight all the more awesome.
  • In Part 13 of Katamari Damacy, Danny recalls his first day of nursery school. Mixed with Tear Jerker, he remembers how when he said goodbye to his mom for the first time, he was so sad, he cried behind the piano. And despite making friends with the teacher, and given blocks to play with, he was so scared of his new surroundings, he threw them at other kids. Adorably hilarious.
  • Their playthrough of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. At first, Arin's unsure of the game, but plays along to share with Danny his love of the game. By the end, Danny sees Arin's fallen kinda in love with it, wanting to play more past the half hour.
  • When the Grumps' Night Trap playthrough comes to a premature end after they miss a button prompt, costing one of the girls' lives, they end up making their own ending. While also incredibly funny, they also make sure to RESCUE the girl, and Danny as the lieutenant gives a thumbs up and says good job for just barely saving her. Awwwwwww.
  • In Part 4 of Pokémon FireRed, we hear three quick stories about how Danny & Arin got along with insects. A little funny, but also heart warming in how they loved animals then as they do now.
  • The beginning of the Valentine's Day episode of Game Grumps fittingly titled Date Grumps
  • Danny & Barry using Single Train to celebrate Single's Awareness Day with other single grumps & grumpettes.
  • Danny quitting his day job because he can finally pay his bills from Game Grumps, Ninja Sex Party, and Star Bomb.
  • Arin sums up his and Danny's roles during the Punch-Out!! Wii Series:
    Arin: I'm Doc Louis to your Lil' Mac.
  • Arin, Danny, & Barry show love for each other during an episode of Pokémon FireRed.
  • At the end of the Sheep Vs. episode, Danny interjects with a short plug for his favorite Ninja Sex Party music video. Halfway through the plug, Danny calls attention to Arin and Suzy's cat Mimi on the couch next to him. He then proceeds to melt from the Cuteness Proximity, fake-threatens to kill Mimi if the viewer doesn't watch the music video, and finally gives an adorable half-sob and says, "Oh, God, I love you, Mimi." His Kind Hearted Cat Lover side is unbelievably cute.
  • Danny's Mom asking Arin for advice in animation, with Danny suggesting she wishes to restart her dream as a painter.
  • In Episode 26 of Pokémon Fire Red, Arin and Danny high-five and Arin's ring hurts Danny's hand. What does Arin do? He kisses Danny's hand. Aww!
    • Also from this episode, Arin's surprise & pleasure learning from Danny Luigi's Ballad has gotten 5 million hits.
  • In Episode 9 of Shadow of the Colossus, Arin admits that he'd do the same as the game's protagonist to bring Suzy back to life if she were to die. In other words, willingly search for, climb, and kill sixteen seemingly innocent monsters large enough to barely register him as an insect.note 
    • Danny feels genuinely bad about killing several of the Colossi.
    • Danny becomes honestly upset after watching Agro fall to her death, and Arin admits that he felt the same way when he first played the game.
    Danny: This is for AGRO!
  • Danny & Arin okay with Polygrumps, because it pleases their fan-base.
  • Arin & Danny are friendly with other Let's Players, like Markiplier & Pewdiepie.
  • In one episode of Super Mario Sunshine, Arin and Danny talk about getting emails and letters from fans, and mentioning how a lot of them have fans starting them off by apologising for bothering them, then assuring viewers they don't need to apologise, because the Grumps like receiving mail from fans. Aw!
  • Arin willing to kill for Mochi, & Danny wanting Mochi to eat off his naked body.
  • Arin loaning Dan money to help get Ninja Sex Party out of the red.
  • While Danny is out of the room, Arin tells the viewers to send emails to Danny because he's feeling down during episode 7 of the Pokemon Fire Red playthrough.
    • Even better is the implication that Arin orchestrated the events that led to Danny leaving the room so he could do this.
      • To clarify, they started arguing over what the name of the 27th President of the United States isnote . At one point, Arin realizes his "device" isn't in the room so he can look it up, so Danny offers to get up and get it, telling Arin to tell the audience a story in the meanwhile. And then we get the above. And the second Danny walks back in, Arin snaps back, acting as if that didn't happen.
  • Although it's in their typical joking-around style, Arin and Danny agreeing that Betty White is awesome, then talking about how "Pussy Up!" should be their new rallying-cry, against using "pussy" as a derogatory statement.
  • April Fools' Day or not, you try and watch 'Cat Grumps' or 'Meow Train' and not get all fuzzy inside watching the antics of the cats.
  • The ENTIRE third episode of Sparkster. Just Danny & Arin loving the gameplay.
  • While doubling as a Tear Jerker, the reason why the Grumps are playing through "Kirby's Dream Course" is because after "[going] all out" on recording "Pokemon Fire Red" they lost the footage and Arin needed cheering up.
  • Danny karaokes along to the Goonies 2 background music, ending with:
    Danny: I think you're my best friend, Arin.
    Arin: Aww.
  • Episode 55 of Pokemon Fire Red is the first episode of Game Grumps that takes place after Danny's trip to New Zealand. He says that while he was there, he met a lot of fans on the streets, many of whom were pleasantly shocked to see him there.
    • During the same episode:
    Danny: [laughing at one of Arin's jokes] I've missed you.
  • Arin and Danny start genuinely getting into customising their avatar for Disney Princess, laughing about it the whole time.
    • While played for laughs, their surprise that Jodi Benson didn't become a hugely in-demand voice actress after The Little Mermaid is a sweet recognition of her talent.
    • Arin refers to Cinderella as Cillerenda at one point. It's nice to see that even though Jon left, certain things he said have indeed stuck with Arin. He did say, after all, that he would ask people at Disneyland where the closest Cillerenda Castle is "from now on until doomsday."
    • The two care so much about their viewers they they put an annotation at the start of the first video warning the viewers about how the episode's humor could be potentially triggering and offensive (child rape).
  • In the second episode of Gunsmoke Arin massages Danny's hand after some nasty button smashing, thanks Barry.
  • Arin and Danny giggling happily when they finally evolve Fuck King into a Vileplume.
  • Arin completing Wind Waker, with Danny by his side.
  • Here, we learn Zelda Williams, Robin Williams' daughter, loves Star Bomb!
  • Dan teaching Arin how to play Tecmo Ball.
  • The fact Eric, Age 8, sent them Kabuki Quantum Fighter. Aww.
  • Arin & Danny's Contagious Laughter throughout their Shadow the Hedgehog playthrough.
  • They make each other laugh. Proof both of them are close as brothers.
  • Danny hugging a tearful Arin after repeated rejections from Helena.
    Danny: Your hair smells great, by the way.
    Arin (tearfully) Thank you...
    Danny: I know, I know- Wha- no, don't nestle into my lap!
    Arin: I bought her a parasol!
  • Back in college, Dan got a response from Lloyd Alexander, the author of Chronicles of Prydain & the inspiration for The Black Cauldron. Sweet.
  • Danny hugging Arin after the hell that was Heart of Darkness.
    Arin: Here comes that hug.
  • Arin finally partners up with Helena. Too bad the island is destroyed an in-game day later.
  • Danny's tale of his mother's reaction to one of his elementary school teachers proudly declaring at a PTA meeting that she had managed to curb young Danny's imagination.
  • Danny's complete and utter joy in playing "Mount Must Dash" (the Mario Kart-based level) in Super Mario 3D World, choosing to miss the secrets (to Arin's dismay) just to keep enjoying it.
    Dan: Dude, games are about having fun!
    • Finding supportive messages from other players once it caught on that they were going through the game.
    • Giving their support to Zelda Williams (already discovered to be a fan of theirs) after finding a message about her father's death.
  • Even played for laughs, this bit from part 27 of Trauma Center Second Opinion:
    Arin: Why are you blushing?
    Dan: Because it's warm in here and I love you.
  • Even though they could totally ignore the kids and march on forward and even fooled around with them in denying them toys, the Grumps never leave a kid without a toy save for one in Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town.
  • At Magfest 2015, Jon and Arin met up again, and this time, they took the time to get a photo with a fan, finally proving that they're still friends.
  • When it was revealed that Monty Oum was hospitalized, some of the team flew down to Texas to help support him and Rooster Teeth during this hard time.
    • And when it was revealed he died, Arin and Ross both made blogs about how much of an influence Monty was to them. Ross even revealed he was almost hired to help Monty, if not for the trouble Rooster Teeth was having getting Gavin into the country. Yes, the two are compared often, and they almost got to work together.
  • In Episode 109 of Pokemon Fire Red, Danny FINALLY mentions JonTron by name for the first time in almost 2 years.
    • Not only that, but as soon as Jon's name is mentioned, Danny starts to act shamelessly flirty towards him, and only stops with Arin jealousy warning him that Jon belongs to him.
    • The comments section rationalizes their reasons for not name-dropping him quite well:
    Guys, they might have been doing a thing where they decided not to talk about Jon on the show until they felt Danny's place as "not so grump" was solid. Like, no one wants a show where you bring on a new person and all you do 24/7 is talk about the old person; crossing 109 kind of cements Danny's place just as sturdily as Jon's in the show. :) Jon and Danny have both equally earned the title of "Not so Grump" :D —Jillian Ickes
    • Also from this episode is Dan's story about having to travel to Israel in order to recite a lengthy section of the Torah before a group of older, experienced Jewish men. Apparently, he did it very well, to the point where he mentions that his Israeli grandfather (who he never knew that well) was very proud of him, perhaps for the only time. To make it even more meaningful, Dan's grandfather was a Holocaust survivor.
  • Arin showing Danny the Wing Cap level in Super Mario 64. Just their excitement at the level is very sweet.
  • Throughout the WarioWare series on Grumpcade, Ross consistently decides to create new usernames when starting a game, much to everyone else's frustration. Come part three though, they notice that his names spell out Arin is cool.
  • Danny's time on Game Grumps coming full circle when he finally beats Mike Tyson on Punch-Out!!, the very first game he played on the channel that marked his debut. And for added effect, he has it uploaded on his birthday, March 14th.
    • You can even tell how much change went on in the show itself by watching the playthrough start to finish. The Grumps improved their rendition of the revised intro into a much better variant when they realized Danny imitating Jon's pitch sounded terrible (plus the more vocal of the fandom getting really irked) and it was better for him to set his own style, which was advice the Grumps really took to heart. Barry was the editor in the first half of the playthrough still using Jon's yellow NormalBoots-style text, but now it's Kevin with the bouncy aqua blue font. Then the last episode has the TV static endslate which was introduced in 2014 as a more clean and consistent way of closing out the episodes.
  • Everyone being overjoyed at the end of Presentable Liberty at the fact that their bug friend, Otis, lived after all.
  • When Markiplier was admitted to the hospital, they sent him a get well card signed by everyone. D'aww!
    • Doubles as a Funny Moment due to Ross' contribution to the card.
    Ross: Get better or I'll stab you Love, Ross
  • In their April Fools video for 2015, Arin and Ross provide commentary to footage of Ross slowly animating a video, giving them an opportunity to earnestly talk about their lives as animators. Not only were both of them thankful for the help they got along the way, but also Arin explains that, due to the success of Game Grumps, he is able to help his fellow animator friends who've fallen on hard times using his popularity by getting them to make videos for Game Grumps Animated and giving them the money he'd earn from them. Just knowing that they're using their popularity to help others after animation was no longer as viable on YouTube was really sweet.
  • Dan's story in Super Mario 64 about a mouse his mother safely caught and delivered outside, which gave them a farewell glance before heading to its new home.
    • And just before that, Dan's own story about how he rescued a large roach in his apartment complex that he had made kind of a pet of and nicknamed Kevin. When Dan's landlord told him that he was calling an exterminator, Dan caught Kevin in a jar and set him free in the woods. Run free, Kevin!
  • In "Super Mario 64: Part 36", Arin reveals that one of the QA testers for "Sonic Boom" e-mailed him and basically confirmed the theory that the testers DID raise concerns about the supreme flaws of the game, but were summarily ignored. Dan then reveals he feels slightly bad making fun of the QA testers in the finale of the series, because he's sure they worked hard in spite of the game's quality, and gives them a kind shout-out.
  • Ross and Jared's playthrough of Pokémon Snap. The two are so giddy and excited to be taking pictures of all the Pokémon, it's adorable to watch.
  • In part 15 of their playthrough of A Link to the Past Arin talks about Suzy impersonating someone they know in improv class and laughing so hard at it. Danny says that everyone else found it funny but Arin thought it was especially hilarious because he loves Suzy so much. Equating it to laughing extra hard at your crush's jokes.
    Arin: Suzy's a funny girl.
    • And before that that he sweetly admitted that he has a crush on Suzy and doesn't want Dan to tell her.
  • In one episode Danny brings that he drew a picture of stegosaurus for a contest that won. He swears to this day his mom still has that picture in a frame on the wall.
  • The beginning of X-Men Mutant Apocalypse has Danny and Ross giving a heartfelt thanks for their two year anniversary on Game Grumps. Notably, Danny talks about how he knew he would be seen as the Replacement Scrappy for Jon and would be 'the most hated man on the Internet', but Arin encouraged him to 'just be himself.'
  • For those who still feel Arin and Jon aren't friends, this happened during a Twitch stream with Arin.
  • Ross gushing over Pokemon Art Academy saying that while he enjoys playing video games as a job, his real passion has always been being an artist and animator, so any time he gets a chance to draw, he loves every second of it and while the drawings themselves are rather weird and unsettling at times, you can still feel the effort he puts into them.
    • Not only this, but Ross praised the game for actually being a pretty good basic art tutorial and hopes that kids will be inspired by it to become artists themselves.
  • Suzy was asked during one of the Grump Q+A sessions how she deals with all the "haters". She started by quoting Ross saying "Come at me Scrublord! I'm ripped!" She then got sincere and said she loves what she does and gets to work with her friends and loved ones, so she just tries to shrug that stuff off.
  • The original release of Part 32 of Sonic Adventure DX was criticized for mentioning personal information of someone whose walkthrough Arin and Danny were using and getting frustrated with. Almost immediately upon hearing this, Arin and Danny came on to Reddit to apologize for their behavior and promised to edit out the offending material, despite the walkthrough's author not seriously offended by it in the first place.note  The edited version was up within a day.
    • Earlier, both of them responding to the natural glut of commenters upset at their negative appraisal of the game that they're just "two idiots" whose opinions shouldn't matter at all if you really do like the game yourself.
  • At the PAX 2015 Panel, a fan proposed to his girlfriend of six years on stage with the Grumps, ending with a group hug. Most adorable part is Dan squeeing over what's taking place before him.
  • Recently, fans were wondering why a Pac Man one-off went up when they expected the finale of “Sonic Adventure DX”. The final battle features Perfect Chaos destroying Central City, and they almost released the episode on the anniversary of September 11th. There’s been no official confirmation from the Grumps, but that was probably the best move.
    • In the actual finale for "Sonic Adventure DX", after grousing about the game through the entire playthrough, Arin genuinely enjoys the final battle as Super Sonic, thinking it's awesome.
  • Arin and Suzy's entire relationship, which shows a lot during their “Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain” playthrough, with both of them shipping Kaz and Snake, and talking about things that normal couple's wouldn't normally talk about publicly such as Suzy wanting to take amazing shits like Arin and both of them farting and joking about it.
  • During on of their playthroughs of Mario Galaxy Dan and Arin talk about if they ever imagine Porn's with stories to give them depth and think of the perfect woman which Arin then says her name is Suzy.
  • After so much suffering through the horrific Nintendo Hard levels from Ross and Jirard in Super Mario Maker, they turn to the ones made by Koji Igarashi, and discover they're just plain fun and creative with palpable joy.
  • In Part 30 of their Super Mario Maker playthrough, after making a few jokes about Jon, Dan says "Jonny, I love ya."
  • In Part 31, Arin reveals that his wedding to Suzy was officiated by none other than Barry, and Danny's considering officiating a wedding for a childhood friend of long as they walk down the aisle to "Headstrong" by Trapt.
    • Also how Arin drops everything in the episode and engages in 100% Fanboy Squee with Danny when they found out Coheed and Cambria are fans of the channel and wanted to hang out with them (which they were sadly unable to do)...until Coheed revealed on Instagram that they did indeed later get to do it! Whether the band will actually be on an episode, though, still remains to be seen.
  • Just how Dan calls every one of their viewer fanbase "lovelies". He opens a lot of videos by greeting them like that now.
  • After Arin showed his hatred of "Auto Mario" levels in Super Mario Maker, they come across a level that includes an auto section near the end, which he gives his full approval of as it's a reward for getting through the rest rather than the main attraction.
  • In episode 78 of Bloodborne, Arin talks about the night he decided he wanted to have Dan on the show if Jon ever left or got sick. "That was the moment that I knew." Dan makes a typical self-depreciating joke, but you can tell he's a bit touched.
  • Arin's "joke Yoda" bit from Super Mario Maker instantly became one of his funniest gags on the show...made even better knowing he got the idea while messing around with a Yoda puppet on Jon's StarCade set.
  • On Christmas Day 2015, the Game Grumps Twitter tweeted a link to the Crisis Text Line for anyone who was going through a bad time and needed help.
  • Rocket Grumps by Pixlpit has a moment when they crew is in space and Arin looks sad before he returns to Earth... to go get Jon! He offers to take Jon to space with him who just looks happier than he could possible get. The lyrics really help this part as they say "You need anybody to believe in you."
  • Dan's Rousing Speech in Part 51 of Super Mario Maker, leading to this.
    Arin: That's all I needed, was a pat on the back from my best friend.
    Dan: I'm your best friend? You're my best friend!
  • Arin had decided to upload a bunch of old pictures he had unearthed on Twitter and while most are hilarious others are rather sweet pictures like him with Suzy and his mom.
    • Then not long after several other people decided to upload nostalgic photos of themselves or projects they worked on that had never been released publicly simply because Arin was doing it.
      • It got better has Ross wanted to upload some pics but he only had a handful since most of his pics were back home in Perth so Arin decided to upload some of the pics he had of Ross for him.
  • Over 5000 fans came out to see Ninja Sex Party and Tupperware Remix Party perform at Magfest 17. Who were they cheering for by the end of the show? Dan's dad, to his surprise and delight. AVI! AVI! AVI!
    • Dan relates in part 3 of their Ocarina of Time playthrough that it was the first time he could afford in-ear monitors for his singing. At one point, Dan was so touched and awed that he wanted to cry.
  • In the midst of the Sling controversy that Table Flip has been caught in, Ross came out and admitted that he had boycotted the show after the deal with Sling since the USA-exclusive region lock affected him personally because that means his parents couldn't even watch.
  • Arin is naturally in quite a bad mood throughout most of Part 77 of Super Mario Maker after they decided to devote it to automatic levels. But then the last one they try starts winning him over with a ton of genuine creativity, followed by his wanting to play some more once he beats it.
  • In Part 83 of Super Mario Maker, Danny shares that this past Magfest was the first time he's ever truly felt like a success in his chosen profession, with his family there to see him after supporting his early struggles so much. He concludes by telling anyone who's currently having trouble realizing their dreams that you should never be ashamed to ask for help.
    • He also takes a moment to remember that Ninja Sex Party might never have gotten started if his grandmother hadn't given a check with a four digit number on it, which lead to The Sacred Chalice which lead to their first manager and so on. I got hang with her the other day and I was like:
    Danny: Mom, you know you made all this possible.
    Danny's grandma:YOU made all this possible.
  • Part 87 of Super Mario Maker has Dan revealing that they've both been going to therapy recently, and as a result "silence is no longer scary" and he highly recommends it. He then seems surprised by how deep he got, and notes that this was far from what he thought they'd be talking about.
  • Part 89 of Super Mario Maker has Danny having some more fan boy squeeing when he brings up he watched King Kong vs. Godzilla. It's also sweet that Arin was disappointed he wasn't in on the watch. Danny goes on to be a Big Name Fan for Matt Frank, a frequent Godzilla artist for IDW, who in turn is also a Big Name Fan of Ninja Sex Party. To make it even sweeter for Danny's birthday Matt Frank drew up the group Danny thought up in elementary school: The Stegoroids.
  • How have we gotten this far and not mentioned the "Date Grumps" intro? It's one of the cutest things to come out of the show.
  • Danny commented in Part 13 of Ocarina of Time that, despite Arin's opinions on the subject, he's very impressed by the game and he can see why it's as beloved by fans as it is.
  • What encouraged Steve-O to appear on Guest Grumps? An Instagram post he made! He posted a picture of his suitcase at the airport, which had a Game Grumps sticker on it, and the massive amount of comments pointing it out made him take notice.
  • Dan reveals he was regularly texting with Jon shortly after he left the channel and Dan took over as Not-So-Grump. As early as Mario 3 he was texting Dan "I can't think of a better person to take over the title."
  • Arin not spoiling the true identity of Sheik to Dan in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, despite not liking the game himself and the secret being one of the most notorious It Was His Sled moment in gaming, just to keep Dan invested in the game that he likes on a casual level. Even more amazing when you consider that, being as notoriously well known as it is, getting a genuine first time reaction to the reveal is something of absurd rarity in the gaming world anymore.
    • Similarly, and though this is mostly a Funny scene, Arin not spoiling the "chickenpocalypse" and letting him experience it by himself without ruining the surprise in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past trouble telling when Arin's just putting on an act of being mad at him. Arin replies that it's always an act, and he can only think of one time that he's ever been upset with Dan: shortly after they joined up, he got jealous over how much Dan already had going on with his music career.
  • A minor but still sweet example is when Arin wants to make Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom a one off and Danny suggests that they keep playing for at least a few more episodes. Why? Because at least 12 people sent them this game and several others have recommended they play it, therefore they should give the game the benefit of the doubt.
    • This went even further after Arin suggested abandoning the game after the fourth episode because he still couldn't see what was so great about it. He later announced on Twitter that he would ignore his own judgment and continue the playthrough anyway because that's what the fans want him to do.
  • Rob and Patricia Schneider appearing on Guest Grumps and being nothing but pleasant, in response Arin's caustic rant about Real Rob in the Super Mario Maker episodes. They all seemed to genuinely get along very well and the episode continued well after the game crashed just because they were enjoying their conversation so much.
  • Jack's return during the Healing Horse Charity Livestream. When he comes into view, Dan shrieks with delight, springs up off the floor, and flings himself onto Jack; Arin and the others follow close behind. The ensuing group hug is overwhelming.
  • In part 9 of Katamari Forever, Dan tells the story of his kindergarten teacher, who brought in an acoustic guitar and sang for the group. Dan would go to the front of the class and sing along, with the teacher encouraging him and everyone else to join in (Although, according Dan, no one else joined in). Dan then reveals he got in touch with the teacher's son and asked him to tell him thank you. The son's response? That it would mean a lot to him. Dan even says that he may not have even become a professional singer if he didn't gain that encouragement. Also keep in mind that this was around THIRTY years ago, when Dan was five. He never forgot that kindness.
  • In Part 20 of Sonic and the Black Knight, Arin takes a moment to note that his marriage has only gotten better since it started, and he completely disagrees with the stereotype that your life is over once you tie the knot.
  • Episode 127 of Super Mario Maker features the level "Nikki's Puzzling Pictures," with the guys spending the whole thing gushing over how amazing the level is, even through the spots where Arin has some trouble. Every single puzzle they solve brings them right back to the same high level for what they end up calling one of the best things they've seen come out of the system.
  • Arin and Danny wishing Kevin the best when they announce he's left the channel to pursue a career in trailer editing.
  • At the beginning of EarthBound, one of the prompts is for "your favorite thing". What does Barry put? "Ross"
  • When the Grumps started playing through a bunch of old classic "Intellivision" games. At the start of the first episode, Arin explains that the games they are about to play are very hard to learn and wondered if He and Danny would ever learn to play them. As soon as they started playing the first game "Armored Battle", after taking a few minutes to learn how, they are having so much fun than they were expecting and so far almost all of the games they have played have been fun, even admitting that they could see themselves playing these games hours on end during the Intellivision days. Just goes to show that a video game doesn't need good graphics to be fun.
    • As a Bittersweet sidenote, the First Episode of their Intellivision playthrough, they dedicated the episode to one of their fans, Ryan Mitchell, after getting word that he was terribly ill and his chances weren't looking too good. Unfortunately, he passed away the day after it was uploaded, but it stands as one of many examples of Arin and Danny truly caring for their fans.
  • In Super Mario Maker Part 103, Dan says that Arin's acting has improved over the past couple years to the point where he has serious
  • Arin giving a heartfelt confesssion loving Dan as a friend. Ending with a disclaimer it's not because he's prescribed drugs due to being sick.
  • Part 7 of Arin's MegaMan solo X playthrough. Arin shares a lot of his experience as an artist, and says a lot of things to motivate the artists in the audience.
  • This heartwarming and inspiring message from Dan shortly after the election
  • And this too
  • At the end of Part 12 of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Dan says he is "falling in love" with the game, saying that it's cute and fun and makes him feel good. A lot of fans love this game and it's great seeing that Dan is now one of them.
    • In Part 26, Dan starts praising the game's visuals and noting that "I liked this game right away, its starting to move towards love territory."
  • Arin plays Chrono Trigger solo while Dan is sick. Immediately, the audience can tell how much this RPG impresses him. And his praise is completely adorkable. Example, his genuine awe for the subtle tutorial at the game’s beginning disguised as Millennial Fair attractions.
  • Arin gushing over how cute Princess Peach is during Part 21 of the Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door playthrough.
  • "Last Guardian: Part 11" shows Arin and Dan both share an unironic love for the Spin Doctors. They even sing some of their songs on camera together.
  • Upon learning that Vivian of Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door is a trans character (in Japan, anyway), Dan and Arin are clearly impressed that Nintendo would make a progressive move in the early 2000s.
    • In episode 40 of Thousand Year Door, they finally talk to Luigi, who offers to tell them about his adventures. Dan says no and walks away...then walks back to Luigi and makes a "mwah" noise.
      Danny as Mario: Love you, Bro.
    • Episode 46 of Paper Mario features the debut of the Baby Yoshi, whom Dan IMMEDIATELY falls in love with and names Snurglez. Dan's pure joy over his "little dinosaur friend" is adorable.
    • In Episode 62, Dan and Arin genuinely feel bad for the woman in Twilight Town who has three kids to feed and give her a hotdog...only for her to turn into a pig moments later.
    • In Part 97, when Dan keeps getting attacked by Parabuzzy's, he reluctantly takes out Goombella to Tattle on them. When she explains their weaknesses, Dan is pleasantly surprised and apologises to Goombella for saying she sucks.
  • The playthrough of "Everything" has a profound effect on Dan, leading to him talking a lot about existentialism, the circle of life, and the nature of the universe.
  • Playing the completed version of "Pinstripe" is one in hindsight, because it was Kevin who pushed for the demo version to be played on the channel because he was friends with the developer. The final version even has voice-acting from friends of the channel like PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and even Ross himself! What's more, it's Danny who takes the lead on controls, which is fitting since he and Kevin were really close. Even if our Baby Grump has moved onto other things, it's nice to know he still make a mark on the channel.
  • Just hearing Arin's utter joy while playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is something of a pleasure to listen to, given his grievances towards the ever-beloved Ocarina of Time and the controversial Skyward Sword. After having gone on a somewhat negative review of the former, and constantly bashing the latter, it's just great to hear him really enjoying himself with a main series release note .
  • Anytime Brian talks about his daughter Audrey makes it clear he's a good dad. For Father's Day 2017 she even starred in a Grumpcade, and is as adorable as can be.
    • Audrey returned to the channel for Halloween 2017, playing Plants vs. Zombies with Brian. And despite her inability to stick with a mode for more than a minute or two, and Brian resignedly noting that this was parenting in a nutshell, he never once stops being a loving dad.
  • Training Dan in playing Overwatch is nice in of itself, but in the second round as Mercy, Arin and Suzy both insist Dan (as Mercy) flies with a Pharah that's on his team. While it makes sense mechanics wise, it's also cute considering that one of the most popular Overwatch ships is between Mercy and Pharah. You will never hear "I wanna fly with you" quite the same way again. This becomes doubly true when it's revealed that Suzy and Arin play Mercy and Pharah.
  • About eleven minutes of Part 28 of Sonic Unleashed is Arin and Danny telling us You Are Better Than You Think You Are.
    Danny: If you wanna do something and like—'cause I've had that thought when I was younger. I used to think, "I'll never be good at playing guitar, I've never played guitar and look at how amazing some people are." But like, everyone sucks at everything when they start, y'know?
    Danny: That's exactly right, you did not come out the pussy that way.
    • "If you feel like no one believes in you, I fucking believe in you. There, I said it. So go out and do that shit you wanna do. And don't let life live you, y'know?"
    • Part 29 has them reading another risque Sonic fanfiction; when Peach mentions how she caught her ex cheating on her, Arin let out a Big "WHAT?!" in response. Looks like the fic unintentionally hit one of Arin's Berserk Buttons.
  • In episode 2 of Sonic Mania Arin talks about his meeting with Michael Winslow. He recalls how surprised and touched Michael was to hear that the role that really stuck with Arin was an episode of Reading Rainbow, with Michael saying that he would have liked to do a similar show.
    • The series in general, once you realize that it's a Sonic the Hedgehog game that Arin actually enjoys. Compared to his irritation with Sonic Unleashed and his exhausted disgust with Zelda's Adventure (whose runs were uploaded concurrently with Mania), hearing him having actual fun with a game - one from a franchise he has an (in)famous distaste for, no less - is incredibly uplifting.
  • Arin and Danny's increasing disgust at Leisure Suit Larry MCL's objectification of women, especially when they have to seduce a shy nerdy girl, turn her into a slut, and trick her into having sex with a teddy bear while Larry watches and eats chips.
    • After one storyline ends on a horrible Unsettling Gender Reveal, Arin ends the episode with "If you're transgender, you're beautiful, okay?"
  • Arin again fully enjoys a Sonic game with Sonic Forces, having a ton of fun with the various accessories and giving a complicated backstory to his fursona, while Dan constantly gushes about how beautiful the visuals are.
  • During one of their live shows, Arin talked about Jon's departure, once again assuring fans Jon's departure was not on bad terms and he and Jon are still friends. While Arin admits he was a bit mad at Jon's departure, it was more of him confused at Jon leaving the show they both made and even admitted he was always wondered if he was a bad friend to Jon. But obviously he states he loves Jon and knows it wasn't because of any bad blood.
  • When Barry announced his departure from the channel, scores of fans, fellow YouTubers, and the Grumps themselves came forward to wish him well.
  • Their content warning before Sayori's suicide in "Doki Doki Literature Club." Considering the dark content of the scene, it's appreciated.
  • Arin and Dan fighting the Shadows Sirens (with Doopliss) and getting mad when they reveal they knocked out Professor Frankly.
    Arin: They beat him up, dude! Fucking kill 'em!
  • Dan completing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and, despite a few episodes of him being frustrated at the Final Boss, he still reaffirms he loved playing the game.
    • Also when it's revealed TEC survived the game, Dan is adorably overjoyed.
  • During Part 30 their playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Arin puts on the Breman mask to do the cuccoo sidequest. Cue Arin and Danny being mesmerised by Link marching around with baby chickens following him, complete with an adorable gasp from Danny when he realises what's going on.
    • In Part 44, Arin kills the eels and reunites the seahorses. Dan's response:
      Dan: Awww! Seahorse friends!
  • In Part 62 of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Dan praises the "Diddle Kid" remix done by Sbassbear and accompanying animation by Ryan Storm and Arin reaffirms his belief that the Game Grumps fanbase is the most creative fanbase in the world.
  • After launching joke after joke about Kratos forcing Atreus to kill the deer, Arin and Danny step back and admit that they feel genuinely sorry for making the kid take a life.
  • Part 150 of Super Mario Maker has another instance of them both adoring a level and gushing the whole time about how great it is, this one being a loving tribute to the entire history of the Mario franchise.
  • During the playthrough of PUBG Mobile, Arin and Danny worked together with Arin behind the gun and Danny spotting the enemies so well that Arin managed to win the whole thing. Arin wholeheartedly says it's because of Dan he even made it as far as he did.
  • For the original Sonic the Hedgehog, rather than force himself to play the whole game straight through, Arin opts to use the famous stage select code to simply give a taste of one level in each video before moving on, not worrying at all about actually beating it. The result is that while he's still outspoken about his problems with the game, he's much calmer and more reasonable about it without any insulting of the fans. And then both he and Danny gush over how cool the Star Light Zone is.
  • During their playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Danny can't help but gush at how sweet Zelda is with Spoompls and is eager to see them kiss.
  • Arin decides to take the Pottermore quiz to discover his Hogwarts house, and is incredibly overjoyed when he is sorted into Hufflepuff, claiming it to be his favorite house, and because he already owns a matching robe and scarf. His enthusiasm is infectious enough that Dan is just as eager to take the quiz too, despite only having seen the first two Harry Potter movies and having a passing familiarity with the franchise at best.
  • In episode 5 of Doodle Date, Arin is tasked with drawing his "Dream Date". Seemingly completely unintentionally, he draws a girl who looks exactly like Suzy.
  • The angry emails to Arin regarding the lack of Ghoul Grumps in 2018 (see Tearjerker) proved to be a Vocal Minority when his apology video received an overwhelmingly positive response and resulted in a ton of supportive emails and messages. Arin thanked everyone on Twitter.
  • Most Grumps Animated's are exercises for the animators to turn the Grumps' banter into something even more ridiculous. This Journey-inspired Animated by Michael Nanna takes a break from the norm and turns one of Arin's introspections from a solo Q&A video into a really beautiful short film.
  • Arin's genuine enthusiasm at starting Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, in notable contrast to his consternation with the previous few Sonic games he's played on the channel. It reaches a new high when Arin starts absolutely rocking out to "Escape from the City" as soon as the first stage starts, and tells Dan that he 100%'d the game back in the day.
    • In a later episode of "Sonic Adventure 2", Dan reveals that Ninja Sex Party had recorded a cover of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" by Michael Jackson and had even filmed a video for Under The Covers, Vol. 3. After the "Leaving Neverland" documentary was released though, he and Ninja Brian agreed without question to scrap it lest they risk upsetting fans (not to mention make sure Jackson's estate didn't profit off of royalties from their cover).
  • Despite complaining about the early-game sidequests, Arin is delighted to be able to pick up and carry around a puppy in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • In the Dead Rising finale, Dan and Arin decide to watch someone else's playthrough of the final boss. They watch the video while giving all sorts of compliments and support to MrToastsandwich. Some fans of Game Grumps also wrote compliments to him and called him an "official Game Grump", MrToastsandwich also called it "the best 10 minutes of my life".
  • In the midst of the shitshow that was the Pro Jared cheating scandal, fans were immediately concerned for Ross considering it involved his ex-wife Holly. The day after the story broke, Ross assured fans he was fine, he'd long since moved on, and spent the afternoon sharing art and new animations like he'd originally planned to that day.
  • Matt and Ryan leaving to focus more on Super Mega, with everyone in the Grump office wishing them well. What's more, it was apparently Arin and Dan who approached them about it because they noticed their dedication to growing their channel while keeping up their commitments to the Grumps was borderline killing them.
    Arin: Hey guys? I think you're too successful to be doing this.
    Dan: We can get new editors. Please stop killing yourselves.
    • And we've met the new editor now: Ben!
  • To his own amazement, Dan very quickly gets invested in Phoenix Wright, noting several times how he's completely caught up in the story and how they'll break each witness. They even couldn't bear to leave "Turnabout Sisters" unfinished after starting it, resulting in them playing past one in the morning.

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