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Heartwarming / Aventures

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    Season 1 
  • Throughout the season, the growing bond between Grunlek and Eden.

    Season 2 

    Season 3 
  • While it's partly played for laugh, in the finale, the group tries to convince Grunlek's spirit to come back with genuinely heartfelt speeches.

  • Tyzen's negotiated truce with the Ewoks, and his parting gift.
  • In spite of her failures and her Butt-Monkey status, Apple refusing the appeal of the Dark Side.
    Apple: I can betray strangers but not someone I know for a couple of hours.
  • Instead of attacking the one who lead them to the Big Bad, Gaar use his Force point and his berseker rage to free Tyzen.


  • During a FAQ video, Fred adamantly defends Bob Lennon against his detractors, stating that 1) he is his friend and 2) is the player who helps advance the plot.

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