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  • The start of the #1 pick of his "Five Worst Finales" video, in which he defends ALF as a great series that just got screwed out of a proper conclusion by NBC.
  • His defense of the LGBT community during "Family Gay", stating that Seth MacFarlane possibly HURT the Gay Rights movement with this episodes showcase of the stereotypes associated with the LGBT community, and the poor writing (despite Peter taking the gay gene, the lesson in "Family Gay" is that you can't change ones sexuality).
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  • Defending Walt Disney during his review of "Road to the Multiverse".
  • "TMZ": He calls the Paparazzi one of the main reasons why Princess Diana died, and declares that their hounding of her (which set in motion the events leading to her death) was the moment he lost all respect for them.
  • His Homeboys In Outer Space review is dedicated to Doug Walker, with Chris even DRESSING like The Nostalgia Critic.
    • Speaking of which, the first episode of Moore's other webshow, "Candid with Chris", is essentially a tribute to the Critic, declaring that he will never be duplicated. He also compares Doug Walker to Babe Ruth saying he was a true legend in Internet reviewing like Ruth was in baseball
  • His review of Hannah Montana, saying that while the show is cliched and contrived, he would have no problem letting any future kids of his watching it because of the positive messages the show and its music give.
  • After his review of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and his fight with Malicia, Rowdy tells Malicia that he sees Jeannie as a friend rather than as a servant and that he freed Jeannie years ago.
    Rowdy: Malicia, you really are a fool. Did you really think that I would let this kind of power fall into anyone else's hands? For that matter, did you actually think that I'm such an ass that I would take this amazing magical creature and force her to serve me as my slave? I wished for her freedom years ago. Jeannie is my friend who is there for me out of the goodness of her own heart, and having her help in my fight against bad TV and evil-doers is worth more to me than the riches of the world. Speaking of which, Jeannie, would you be so kind as to take out the trash?
  • His defense of the late Isaac Hayes in his South Park review.
    • His number one pick for the worst South Park episodes is "Stanley's Cup", for how brutal the child hockey players were treated in the show. He even goes as far as to deem this the episode which convinced him that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have absolutely no shame or decency. He also goes to defend hockey players in general calling them some of the nicest athletes out there.
    • Even in this episode, he still argues that the show has some good points, such as its approach to social commentary, stating that the show ultimately mocks both sides.
    • In addition to the above, his criticism of how the episode "Ass Burgers" treats Asperger Syndrome, since he was diagnosed with it himself.
  • The title card used for his review of Snoopy's Reunion.
  • His season four Ninja Turtles Retrospective episode was dedicated to Roger Ebert.
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  • On his website he posted information for how people could donate to victims of the Waco Fertilizer Plant explosion.
  • Declaring that although he despises South Park and TMZ, the shows have the right to be on the air if people watch them.
  • His joy when Chuck wins in You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown.
  • His utter rage at Brian's death in Family Guy. Even though he didn't always agree with his views, Rowdy didn't get on the bandwagon and celebrate about Brian dying. Even better is that he calls out Seth MacFarlane for how badly he did Brian's death and also anyone who despised a character enough to want that character killed off rather than learning their lesson and becoming a better character.
  • Letting his sister crash on his couch for a brief while in the Kath and Kim review. That was nice of him.
  • Speaking of which, everything about the last 4 minutes of the Rainbow Brite Review, where Slacker Sis, The Wrestling Mark, and the Ninja Cats team up to defeat Murky, who thanks to Professor Stupidiot, has taken over Rowdy and his quest to eliminate colour from the world... and sing "Brand New Day" in order to de-power Murky.
  • A meta-example: Chris thanked his fans in his commentary for Rainbow Brite, noting that they have driven him to continue TV Trash, and maybe even kept his sanity in check.
  • When some of his Facebook friends personally criticized him for the PO'd Pizza Guy and he considered retiring the character, the commenters on his site posted waves of support for him and the character.
  • He is a donor to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, and made a message (available at the end of his review of He's A Bully Charlie Brown) about the fact.
  • His "Jim Henson Retrospective" is a truly touching CMOH.


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