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When things in a show really get him mad, prepare for Rowdy C. Moore to tear it apart in a very awesome way. Here are a few examples of said moments.

  • The song parody of the Phineas and Ferb theme song at the end of his fiftieth review.
  • From his Family Guy reviews:
    "And so, after a full month of pointing out some of the worst Family Guy has churned out, what else is there to say? (shows a picture of Seth MacFarlane; cuts back to Rowdy) Fine, I'll tell you. You have become one of the worst examples of comedy out there. You've not only made all your characters as unlikable as possible, but you do nothing but pile on insult after insult of anyone out there that's more famous than you, and rail against nearly every TV show that paved the way for yours, giving hardly any evidence other than "Trust me, it sucks." Yeah, I insult TV shows, but I try to back it up with logic.
    I also give examples of good stuff that hopefully show I'm not just some bitter jealous comedian who goes around hating everything that comes out of Hollywood like you. I don't go around claiming that dead children's entertainers hate all Jews with no proof. What if I were to suggest that you're just bitter at Disney because they took your best director? note  God, you're a hypocrite! You know, I can respect you for going after Fox News, but saying it's okay for the Left to be a bunch of liars and frauds because they're your people doesn't work.
    Oh, and you had to go off on big businesses taking away jobs, but you go and snatch up almost every piece of Fox's Sunday night lineup once another show gets dropped. And then there's the little fact that your animation is made in KOREA. You want to help American jobs? HAVE YOUR DAMN SHOW DRAWN IN THIS COUNTRY!! And by the way, insulting Southerners doesn't make you better than them. What happened to you claiming they were good at heart in "To Love and Die in Dixie"? Oh, right, that was during the time when network executives could put you in your place! But I could forgive all of that if you just weren't so unfunny. That's what you are—a bitter, preachy, unfunny ASSHOLE!!"
    • "You know that episode of South Park that said that Family Guy was written by manatees? THE MANATEES SHOULD BE INSULTED!" More subtle then the "Reason You Suck" Speech above, but still pretty epic, considering that he does not like South Park.
    • His review of "Road to the Multiverse" showcases hope that the Disney inspired segment may be a nice throwback.... only for said segment to turn into Mort getting attacked because he was a jew, a stab at Disney's supposed Anti-Semitism. Chris takes a break to yell in his bathroom..... and comes out with a rant that makes the one above seem like a calm rant.
    "Okay. FOR! THE RECORD! There is NO- I repeat- NO HARD EVIDENCE that Walt Disney was an Anti-Semite! He actively worked with Jewish People who never indicated that he had any problems with them. Yes, he considered distributing his films to Nazi Germany BEFORE America entered the war, but by that logic, EVERY BIG BUSINESS supports communism! This is beyond low, and just goes to show how far Seth MacFarlane and his little troupe will go to show their bitterness toward anything that's more successful then they are, going so far as to try and stain the reputation of the greatest provider of children's entertainment! Someone WHO'S NOT EVEN ALIVE TO DEFEND HIMSELF! Go to hell, Family Guy. GO! TO! HELL!!
    • He IMMEDIATELY declares that, if it was not for his desire to not quit, that he would stop the review right then and there. Damn!
    • Declaring that "Family Gay" possibly HURT the Gay Rights movement because every gay character in the show was BEYOND stereotypical. Also telling is that he uses Will & Grace to show how one gay character can be stereotypical and another can be a Straight Gay and a positive example of showing lessons on Gay Rights. He even gives credit to South Park: despite hating the poop and death jokes, he admires that they can use stereotypes to their advantage, unlike Family Guy.
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    • How offensive was this episode? While he states that "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" was still terrible, he declares that the poor stereotyping and vulgar humor put this episode over the top for "Worst Episode Ever".
  • The review of Tom and Jerry, which showcases how much of a Jerkass Jerry can be to Tom. Really puts things into perspective.
  • His TMZ review. He TEARS into the paparazzi, declares they lost his respect when Princess Diana died, and that the voiceover is annoying to the rotten core. At the start of the review, we see him in a depression. He then sees the show mocking Kim Kardashian's butt as he flips through channels, and he proceeds to reconstruct his studio.
    "Oh, yeah! IT'S ON!"
  • The fact that he was able to SIT through Heil Honey I'm Home!, and criticized a caption which he accuses of pinning the show on Americans.
  • Coming back from a month long vacation, he took on The Groovenians, and proceeded to take the entire thing down in a blaze of glory. After learning that it was Count Sigeeyai that sent him the DVD, he decides to distract him while he used Jeannie to set up an army of Ninjas to plant a bomb to wreck Sigeeyai's video collection. "Blow it, guys."
    • Comparing the villains from the show, The Normals, to the living puppets from Unico in the Island of Magic, stating how it freaked him and his sister out for years. The fact that he was able to bring a reference to such a cult movie is just amazing.
  • In his Veronica Mars review, after stating that the Jerkass sheriff of the series did not believe Veronica's story about being raped because she was asleep, he makes this remark.
    "Did I mention that he was the most popular character among the female fanbase, just because he was the best looking?"
  • Declaring that "If It Smells Like an Ed" should be sent to the anti-bullying council for use in a PSA, and stating that he personally feels that the show is just a bunch of sociopaths who mock and ridicule each other.
    • He even states, even with Cartoon Physics, that there is no possible way that Jimmy could have pulled off all of what he did, and STILL not get caught.
    • He then states that either Eddy alone should have been ridiculed, or all of the kids should have been ridiculed, not just the three Eds.
    • He is also angry that the show apparently used Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male at the end, with the Eds being dragged off by the Kankers.
  • A small one, but actually giving UPN credit for giving Dilbert promotion, mentioning that it helped the show, despite UPN messing with the schedule.
  • Declaring that Cathy is an insult to feminism by showing off their stereotypes, an insult to MEN because they are lambasted for not falling victim to those stereotypes, and that centerfolds are more feminist than the strip, because they take advantage of men's desires and still taking advantage of it by making money.
  • During the argument between Cathy and her Mother over relationships, Chris declares "It's like switching between MSNBC and Fox News. Eventually you find out they're both full of crap!"
  • Virtually EVERYTHING about the Baby Blues review, which was essentially a middle finger to TimeWarner for its Executive Meddling and Hypocrisy, turning a family-friendly strip into essentially an animated rip-off of Married... with Children, while also tarnishing the show's namesake.
  • Getting mentioned in CR's review of Animalympics.
  • His crossover with The Cartoon Hero. Six words: ''Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series". He winds up declaring that there are no positive qualities to that series at all.
  • His seething contempt of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation leads to him screaming in his restroom.
  • Chris watches as the main character of Fang Face is manipulated from Human to Werewolf at will by his friends, and Chris deduces that the friends are taking advantage of the main characters curse to do their dirty work. "These kids are assholes!"
    • The ending of the review...just watch past the credits. This was used to kick off a new story arc.
  • He declared that Homeboys In Outer Space is offensive to every race, creed, or color.
  • EVERYTHING about his review of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, going as far as to state that Sonny with a Chance is better then Studio 60, simply because it doesn't hammer in their messages.
  • The ending of his review of Masked Rider, in which he fights off against Malicia, getting help from the Ninja Cats to take her down. And yet, Rowdy still might not have won.
    • And then, there was his summary of the show at the end, essentially saying that, despite the cheesy effects and acting in Power Rangers and Big Bad Beetleborgs, that there was actual effort and emotion involved, and the characters were sympathetic. On the other hand, he ultimately states that nobody put any effort into Masked Rider at all.
    • His comparison of Ethan from Masked Rider to Billy from Power Rangers, showing just how well-developed Billy was.
  • His climatic fight with Malicia in Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, leading to Jeannie sending her away to New Jersey.
    • Also when Malicia tries to command Jeannie to kill him. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment
      Chris: " I freed Jeannie years ago. She helps me because she's my friend"
  • As of October 24th, 2012, TV Trash is now part of Reviewers Unknown.
  • After the fight with Malicia, Chris declared he was no longer afraid of being flamed. And then he proved it. His reviews after that episode: the MTV version of Teen Wolf, Totally Spies!, and The Boondocks -shows with massive fanbases. And then he declared he would finally review South Park...
    • The South Park review practically defines the term. He rips Trey Parker and Matt Stone a new one citing the bottom 10 episodes of show including "The Return of Chef" (for essentially flipping off Issac Hayes in a colossal Jerkass manner), "Ass Burgers" (even more so when you realize that he has Aspergers), and the incredibly mean-spirited "Stanley's Cup". The latter episode is cited by Chris as Stone and Parker's Moral Event Horizon.
      • At the end, he lists Honorable Mentions such as "Douche and Turd" (Which mocks the US Election System), "Die, Hippie, Die" (Which advocates the murdering of hippies), and anything involving Ms. Garrison.
  • His 100th and 101st episode: Ally Mcbeal. A show so infamous, it needs two episodes to document what's wrong with the show.
    • The opening theme to his 101st episode, paying homage to the show.
  • In-universe, Chris made a list of his favorite television moments, topping it off with the girls from Glee singing 80s rock.
  • His review of the TV adaptation of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a long tirade against executive meddling, going as far as to state that nobody on the production staff put ANY effort into it. He even dug up a clip of Alex Winter admitting the show was crap.
  • Back in his list of the 10 Stupidest Characters, when he listed Gilligan from Gilligan's Island at the Number 5 spot, he sang his reasoning all to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
    "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, the tale of a great dimwit,
    Whose actions drove his six comrades to an everlasting fit.
    He ruined almost every plan to get them off that rock.
    It makes you wonder how the Minnow ever left the dock.
    And just as bad was how he shrugged off Mary Ann and Gin.
    This stupid naive manchild must have died a virgin.
    And so he makes our list, this brainless doofus and his smile,
    Whose bumbling kept the castaways stuck on Gilligan's Isle!"
  • His Candid with Chris video on The Nostalgia Critic's return where he goes back on his comparison of Doug to Babe Ruth and compares him to Michael Jordan.
  • His entire Shasta McNasty review, showing how disgusted he is at shows that pander to the Lowest Common Denominator, and appalled that this show takes it in stride.
  • He points out that "The Principal and the Pauper" effectively nullifies "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"", saying that Sheldon Skinner fathered a child that did not look like him.
  • He does a list of the top 6 favorite moments of Kimberly Ann Hart. He goes on to retaliate how she was more then a Damsel valley girl, but rather, his inspiration for his support of strong female characters.
  • He actually apologizes (in-universe) for a line-crossing joke during the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Closure", noting how serious rape is.
    • Likewise, in his review of "Cold", he declares that people who commit sexual abuses are some of the lowest criminals out there.
  • Rowdy explaining his #1 pick for the top 5 reviews he hopes The Nostalgia Critic will do: Creator/OliverStone's ''JFK''.
  • His review of Reality TV. With opening credits and closing credits, it's only 1 minute long, as it was released on April Fool's Day. And yet it's still a damn good analysis on the subject.
    "Welcome to TV Trash. Reality TV sucks. (beat) See you next time."
  • His entire review of "Turnabout Intruder", calling it sexist (especially due to the fact that the show is set in the utopian future) and stupid (tons of plot holes).
    • Six words. Six simple words. "Just like a woman, right, Gene?" Said with more contempt every time.
    • His rant in the middle of the episode, calling Gene Roddenberry out for being a chauvinist hypocrite. He even gives a decent defence of Captain Janeway.
    • And yet, he still allows some leeway, mentioning that Gene can not defend himself, so he states that his rant against Gene may be unfair.
    • He also calls the episode, not only the worst of the original series, but possibly the worst ever.
  • His sheer anger at the end of his 10 Most Screwed Over Shows list. Even if you disagree with his opinions (even going as far as to warn people that follow his Twitter that the episode would be controversial), the fact that he can drive his anger that way is pretty damned amazing:
    "Let me say this: It is the purpose of TV Trash to present my opinions. I will tell you why I think a show sucks. I will give those reasons as to why I think a show got cancelled. But I would never go so far as to demand that a show must be taken off for no other reason other than 'I don't like it.' I can spew hatred of South Park and TMZ to my heart's content, but as long as they draw viewers, they have the right to be on the air. What One Million Moms did, enforcing ABC to pull the plug on GCB because they didn't like its depiction of southern Christians, is no different than Comedy Central giving into the demands of extremist Muslims and removing all Mohammed references from episodes of South Park! And it is absolutely deplorable that the demands were met by a media conglomerate that still allows ABC Family to air the propaganda show of A KNOWN CHRISTIAN TERRORIST! They can claim 'contractual obligation' to allow Pat Robertson to say men should have the right to ABUSE THEIR WIVES, but a fictitious show that might put Christians in a bad light? THAT CAN'T BE ON THE AIR! It's one of the ultimate examples of how, even today, extremists still have too much pull in censoring our entertainment because they're too damn thin-skinned! [...] I just have three words for groups like One Million Moms: GO! TO! HELL!"
  • His ENTIRE Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain review, from calling out the lack of humor (telling the writers "Don't Explain the Joke") to Brain's out of character moments (although Chris does state that anybody who had to deal with Elmyra would abandon their plans for world domination to try and get away from her).
  • To put it simply, he eviscerates Allen Gregory for its less-than-stellar animation, pathetic humor, the disturbing subplot of Allen falling in love with his elder principal, and totally unlikeable characters. He calls it, possibly, the worst show he ever saw. It's so bad that it causes Rowdy to apologize for three reviews.
  • His "The Reason You Suck" Speech to all those who enjoy the Take That, Scrappy! trope with said characters being killed off. He sums it up in one word: HEARTLESS! He also calls out Seth MacFarlane and the producers of Family Guy for how poorly done Brian's death was, going as far as to note that it is a prime example of the show's slip in quality.
  • His rant against the "postal workers Going Postal" stereotype in Olive, the Other Reindeer, saying that postal workers are stereotyped as grouchy and likely to snap at any second, when he's had no trouble whatsoever with the U.S. Postal Service—unlike private carriers such as UPS, whom he says nearly cost him some sports tickets the year before.
  • His rage at just how pathetically lazy the writing and art of Brickleberry is. He outright claims that the show is the epitome of a trend in adult animation - one that favors gross-out jokes and gore over likeable characters and interesting plots. It's even implied that he blames this trend for the cancellation of Futurama.
  • His Top 10 Worst Commercials video contains several moments which, combined together, make up one long "Reason You Suck" Speech to scam artists.
  • "The Real Reality TV Review" requires a list to show how amazing it is.
    • At the beginning, Chris says that The Real World is what began MTV's Network Decay.
    • Then, he tears apart Survivor, saying that it is nothing more than people doing disgusting and despicable things just to win tons of dough.
    • He then says that Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are talented enough to not have to be on American Idol and simply get success on their own, pointing out that "talentless hacks" like Rebecca Black can simply get famous via the internet...
    • ...which then leads to him defending Dancing with the Stars, for having a unique niche that you don't see anywhere else, and Punk'd, saying that the latter show works because Ashton Kutcher's pranks "are clearly made for good fun" a la Candid Camera. Sadly, he says that this and a handful of other shows are buried between tons of other bad shows.
    • He then tears apart into how reality TV is purposely made to pander to the Lowest Common Denominator, saying that even fictional scrappies (such as the titular characters of Kath and Kim U.S.) are likable compared to the "real people" in many reality shows.
    • It's then followed by him tearing apart wedding reality shows like The Bachelor, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?, Joe Millionaire, Married by America and Boy Meets Boy...
    • ...then saying that shows that feature people simply wanting to "get it on", exploiting infidelity, treating a person like crap, and glamorize awkward dates are practically evil.
    • He then says that shows like The Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover, The Swan, Are You Hot?, Bridalplasty and Toddlers & Tiaras as even worse.
    • His criticism of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, saying that some families on the show are nowadays in debt as a result of the massive taxes from the makeovers.
    • His massive rant about how shows like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are horrible because of the major Misaimed Fandom it can bring to teens, saying that it can lead teens to try and knock themselves up simply to get onto the show, rather than prevent it.
    • He's amazed that Even Evil Has Standards when it comes to shows like Who's Your Daddy?.
    • He gets genuinely pissed regarding to how most reality TV shows are actually fake and saying that he is amazed that people can be surprised by the revelation of shows like Jersey Shore, Duck Dynasty and Big Tips Texas being fake.
    Chris: Do you actually believe the people in Jersey Shore would act that way if they didn't always have a lens in their face? Do you actually believe that the family in Honey Boo Boo is still dirt-poor and needing to live in trailer-trash territory when they're the hosts of the most popular show on TLC?!?! By the way, did you know that "TLC" used to stand for "The Learning Channel"?
    • He then says that reality TV is so bad and so poorly-done, that it drives away good creators, saying that even Disney Channel shows and Ctrl-Alt-Del: The Animated Series are better-produced than reality TV, and that's saying a lot.
    • The video ends with him saying that reality TV could become a behemoth and swallow up every listing on television and drive away real creativity. This leads to Chris ranting that maybe Earth is just a big crap hole with no good entertainment and no good men, and him launching into the Despair Event Horizon, saying that he's not making his life better by sitting in a chair for 4 years in his parents' house and other things as well......which launches him into an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech at his detractors, saying that they could care less about his issues and think his misery is hilarious, before the video cuts to static without any credits. This leads to the next few episodes of the show having guests be the main reviewer.
  • The moment in "E! Network" where he mentions that E! suffers heavily from Keep Circulating the Tapes Syndrome, saying that he can find various obscure shows (such as Emeril!) compared to the amount of stuff he can't find from E!.
  • Rowdy gets angry when the pathetic acting in Stacked makes him say something nice about Stripperella. He has to resist the urge to destroy the rental DVD.
  • In real life, Chris Moore deleting his videos from Blip in protest. Blip were going to take them off, anyway; he just decided that pulling the plug himself was far easier than having Blip themselves disappoint his fans.
  • His return in the review of Small Wonder. While not nearly as bad as, say, Brickleberry, it is schlocky enough to get him motivated.
  • His epic speech at the end of the 150th episode.
  • His review of ProStars contains a throwaway line that indicates his disgust at the current state of youth sports.
  • The reaction to Sony briefly pulling The Interview from distribution? He reviews "Cartoon Wars".
  • His epic tearing into Lois from Malcolm in the Middle regarding her reasoning for making Malcolm's life miserable.
    Chris: Lois, I have seen Lucy Van Pelt. I have seen Gary The Rat. I have seen Allen Gregory. I have seen the entire cast of Brickleberry. And after that little speech of yours, the only thing I can think of right now is that every single one of those characters is an absolute SAINT compared to you, YOU CONNIVING, SELFISH, BACKSTABBING, MANIPULATIVE, PURE EVIL MOTHER-! (Curse Cut Short by clip from The Simpsons)
    Ned Flanders: Dear lord, that's the loudest profanity I've ever heard!
  • Mr. Pickles: Chris dissects the show's raison d'etre - watching unlikeable jackasses get killed by a sociopathic serial killer dog - and why, unlike Dexter and Breaking Bad, it fails at its endgame because, not only is Mr. Pickles supposed to win, but his victims are little more than just asshats. The show itself is so vulgar and pointless, that he concurs with Mr. Enter's opinion that shows like this are the driving force behind the cult followings that Gravity Falls and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, amongst other shows on networks targeting younger viewers, have amassed.
    • He also hates it so virulently that he declares Mr Enter was too kind to it. After having watched Mr. Enter's video, mind, and seeing the two reason you suck speeches he gave to the show.
  • In his review of Johnny Test, he notes that Mary and Susan's attempts to get Gil are, at best, full of Unfortunate Implications, noting that, had the genders been flipped, the show would have been eviscerated on Tumblr. This makes him so livid that he flips up both middle fingers - the closest this show has had to an uncensored Precision F-Strike.
  • In his review of the infamous and short-lived XFL football league (created by Vince McMahon), he calls out sports leagues(particularly the NFL) for being hypocrites by attacking the XFL, yet later adopting many of the same things that league was criticized for with no hint of self-awareness. He also defends the XFL, saying that even though he's not surprised that it failed, it still had some good ideas(the skycam, which the NFL itself would later use) and didn't deserve to get as critically thrashed as it did.
  • Rowdy's review of Angela Anaconda concentrates on the rivalry between the show's unlikable protagonist and her just-as-unlikable antagonists. He shows that Angela's vindictiveness and mean-spirited personality is no better than her rival's snobbish elitism, and ultimately shows how pointless it is to have Angela obsessing over getting back at someone who's just as bad as she is. He even brings up Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim Sanders, Draco Malfoy, and Lucy Van Pelt as examples of how a rivalry angle can be done right, with both sides having redeeming qualities and well-defined traits at the end of the day. Rowdy sums it up:
    Rowdy: All we have in this show is a bunch of douchebag antagonists that shove in our faces that they are douchebags, with a protagonist that does nothing but obsess about them and complain about everyone being out to get her. That doesn't make you likable—just trust me on that one!
  • His Drawn Together review has him more thoroughly debunk the "Anti-Semetic Walt Disney" rumor than he did in the Family Guy episodes.
  • For his 1,000 subscriber special, he decides to review a show that has been consistently requested by fans for a loooong time: SpongeBob SquarePants. Despite having not grown up with the show (he was in college when it debuted in 1999), he gives a relatively unbiased look at it, explaining why people feel the modern episodes don't work as well as the post-movie episodes. Regarding how the show is possibly one of the most-reviewed pieces of animation ever on the internet and how people say those looking too much into the show are taking it seriously, he concludes the review stating that it is perfectly fine for people like The Mysterious Mr. Enter and The Cartoon Hero to feel that kids deserve better entertainment than what is being produced nowadays on both the show and on TV in general. He also states that although he hasn't followed the network for a while, it is a really bad thing if people consider Nickelodeon's Network Decay to be even worse than that of Cartoon Network.
    • He also goes into why an episode like "One Coarse Meal" doesn't work in a way other reviewers haven't touched yet—kids under 10 watching the episode are expected to have seen or even binged episodes like season 1's "Plankton!" to believe that he really is that evil even though he grows less so during the post-movie episodes, and that isn't a good thing because parents don't expect them to watch TV shows in that sort of way.
  • His review of Teen Titans Go! points out the three main fallacies of the show, and he gives several examples that defy these fallacies:
  • Rowdy potentially exposing Cartoon Network for deliberately making cheap live action shows to test whether or not that would give them viewership anyway. He comes up with an interesting theory about it.


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