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Series / Homeboys in Outer Space

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One of the first sitcoms UPN ever aired.Two 23rd century black guys from the ghetto get into misadventures in space. They travel in the "Space Hoopty", a cheap, flying low-rider controlled by a Sassy Black Computer.

This Sitcom, in the name of comedy, ignored most of the known laws of astronomy, including the rule that you can't breathe in a vacuum.

Shows Examples Of

  • Batman Can Breathe in Space
  • The Cameo - James Doohan, as a Scottish guy that hung out in the bar and gave the protagonists advice.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar - They said the name of a female sexual organ on-air.
  • In the Future, Humans Will Be One Race - one planet had natives all convert to a give skin color, causing dark-skinned visitors to be treated as a God. They later try using explosives as a god test (but to avoid ending the series, the two protagonists convince them that "GROG" will make them love gods.)
  • Lady Land: One of the planets Ty and Morris visited held men in low regard as second class citizens; another was an all-female society that lured men to their planet to sacrifice to a volcano.
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  • Laugh Track (abused)
  • Louis Cypher: The Devil appears in one episode under the name of "Mr. Tan". The heroes realize the truth when one of them says "say, Tan..."
  • Punny Name - To be "loquatious" is to be talkative.
  • Sassy Black Woman - Loquacia, the ship's computer (played by Vivica A. Fox before she made the jump to movies)
  • Space Does Not Work That Way
  • Used Future


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