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How can anybody not love BillyMC when he succeeds? These are moments of Billy's most heartwarming parts in life.

  • Retsupurae's reaction to him beating World 4-4.
  • Finally beating World 8-3, the clouds, after 4 videos of failed attempts.
    Billy: I think I got it! Awwww, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Yes! Yes! Yes! I got it! I got it! I feel like a ten-pound monkey and a hundred pounds is off my back now!
  • Beating World 8-4 and saying hi to Princess Peach.
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  • "...I beat the game. After how many attempts, after killing Mario needlessly about 100 billion times, I beat the game. ...I'M SO HAPPY! I'm HAPPY! I BEAT THE GAME!"
  • In his collaborative Mario 3 LP with Kenbombguy1, Ken, who spent most of the LP suffering defeat even more than Billy, was the one to beat Bowser.
  • Retsupurae's BillyMC video of Hollywood Squares opens with a serious plea to leave Billy alone with the memes and a reiteration that they genuinely like him.
  • Billy's friendship with The Lime Popsicle is pure heartwarming.
  • After a long absence, Billy returned with a LP of Solitaire where he discussed his Creator Breakdown over whether or not people laugh at him for the wrong reasons, along with the RP community treating him like a kid. The comments are entirely composed of positive messages that he's a good person and that he should keep doing what he's doing. Particularly notable are these two quotes:
    "Billy, the main reason why people watch you is because of your enthusiastic nature and how you're just a regular person playing games and having fun doing so. Believe it or not, this is a far cry from all these other people with obnoxious personalities playing games and not giving a shit about them just in order to get their paychecks from Youtube. You do LPs because you clearly love what you do and you need to be commended for it.
    You are a good person Billy. Fuck anyone who thinks otherwise."
    "Hey Billy, I wanted to make sure you know that we do genuinely like you and would never want to do anything to discourage you from making content on your channel. You deserve the chance to grow your channel and make videos on your own terms without people like us or our fanbase treating you like a trope instead of the cool fella that you are (and I honestly do mean that, you're very likable and make entertaining videos). You're one of the rare people on YouTube who make good LPs, keep it up."


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