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Heartwarming / Ten Little Roosters

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Ten Little Roosters

  • Gavin running to Michael's aid while the latter is choking. And episode two reveals that the Gavin that ran to them was the real Gavin, not a clone.
  • When Chris encounters a mysterious masked man, later revealed to be the disguised killer, he decides they want to participate in a challenge of riddles with him. When trying to guess what the killer is thinking, Chris says some odd things that transition into Self-Deprecation, which slowly starts bringing him to tears. He walks forward and hugs the killer, who... hugs him back and leaves, rather than murdering Chris like it was implied he was going to.
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  • Ryan locks himself in the sound booth, so if he is the killer, he won't be able to kill anyone else.
  • Despite the massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech he just received, Chris protects Burnie from the killer's arrows, dying instead.
    • And despite the speech he just delivered, and the fact that Chris had just finished accusing him of being the killer, Burnie sees the killer and immediately pushes Chris behind him to protect him.
  • Lindsay saving Ryan from the Puma and dying in the process. Team Same Desk carries over into even this.

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