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Ten Little Roosters

  • Episode 1 - "And Then There Were Nine"
    • The dick sucking conversation. All of it. But the best line goes to Michael, with "omni-directional dick-suck fest."
      • The follow-up line from Burnie is worth mentioning; "Let's just agree that, as adults, we all suck a lot of dick. We love it." And everyone agreed that was obvious.
    • Gavin lampshading that the order the people were being shown in while Burnie was reading the poem couldn't be the order they were killed off in. Little did Gavin know, he was right.
      • Well, they did show Adam for the running out of air line, but they did play the Bait-and-Switch with Ryan before showing who really dies.
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    • When Burnie spots the poem, he grabs Miles by the face and roughly shoves him away so he can get closer. Then there's the Aside Glance him, Miles and Gus give.
    • After Burnie recites the poem with having in-between shots of the other employees, we have this:
      Ryan: Hey! Why were you on me for that killer line?
      Gus: You do keep farm animals in holes for fun.
    • When the killer's poem is found, Burnie turns to Gus and shouts that nobody cares about his "Inner Goddess".
    • Barbara on the cat piano.
    • Miles looking at his envelope... and pulling out a picture of dicks.
      Miles: Uh, this is actually a picture of dicks.
      Barbara: Oh, that's where that went!
      Michael: Shhhit, I knew I had one extra.
      Barbara: That's the companion piece.
    • The captions on the Youtube version have some laughs, too. When Michael collapses, Gavin rushes over to him, and his words are transcribed as "Michael my boi! My boi!" and "[British Sound of Concern]".
  • Episode 2 - "And Then There Were Eight"
    • Cop!Burnie. From his ridiculous accent to his plan, everything about him was hilarious.
    • Cop!Burnie talking about his dead partner's last words, admitting that he didn't call for an ambulance purely because he couldn't be bothered
      Ryan: It's "Mad King."
    • Apparently, Ryan never saw Red vs. Blue...
    • Miles inner dialogue, including him singing the theme for RWBY.
    • Barbara on the cat piano. Still.
    • "I wish I had a cat..."
    • Gavin's panicked screaming before and during his death by mousetraps.
      • There's also how it references The Slow Mo Guys by being in... you know, slow motion, and using that series' music during. The mousetraps themselves are also a Slow Mo Guys reference.
      • Before that, the "Gavin Distress Signal", which is transcribed on Youtube as "[Gavin noise]", "[Even more Gavin noises]", and (during the Gavins' death scene), "[Slow motion Gavin noise]".
  • Episode 3 - "And Then There Were Seven"
    • Miles wearing Lindsay's Ruby Rose cosplay costume from RTX14, complete with the RWBY theme song playing.
      • "Suck myyyyyy lady dick!"
    • Ryan trying to get Miles to put on headphones... while in the sound booth:
      Miles (Ryan holds up two fingers) Two words. (Ryan makes a "sounds like" gesture) Sounds like. (Ryan flips Miles off) "Go fuck yoursel-" You want me to put on headset.
    • Ryan saying that he's wearing the "original combat skirt."
    • Chris's death, especially how he how he keeps getting back up and getting in Burnie's way.
      • Not to mention Burnie's growing frustration during the whole scene.
  • Episode 4 - "And Then There Were Six"
    • The blooper scene involving Gus reading out his poetry. Miles and Gus just burst out laughing as Gus says his last lines.
    • Lindsay standing in front of a green screen, making herself believe that she's in the environments that the screen is projecting, while holding a mounted deer head.
    • Ryan's hallucination, so long as you don't consider it Nightmare Fuel.
    • The Anticlimax that is Burnie's death.
  • Episode 5 - "And Then There Were Five"
  • Episode 6 - "And Then There Were Four"
    • The episode starts out as a fake episode of The Know, with Lindsay panicking.
    • Lindsay's quote:
    ''"Holy fucking shit, we're all going to die here... ...oh, my fucking God... ...Fuck.
    —Lindsay Jones, pooped her pants.
    • "Hi, this is Ryan from Achievement Hunter and this is Things To Do While Dying In A Small Hole From Lack Of Oxygen! (Pan out to the sunken prop room) ...Yep."
    • Ryan's slow descent into madness as he's in the hole, referencing things like Judge Dredd, Braveheart, and even Cast Away with Wilson the Grifball.
    • The Fake-Out Fade-Out by making you think that Ryan is the one who dies... only for his picture to fall down and reveal that he broke the glass himself.
      • Fuck you, hole.
    • The entire time Adam is being strangled by the killer, Miles is watching his motion capture movements and mistakes it for sex.
    Miles: Why's he got his ass in the air like that? I don't get that. Okay, that's just sex. That's what it is, I'm looking at dot sex. I get that art is subjective, but this is just smut at this point, this is disgusting. I mean, I'm aroused, but disgusting. You are a sick, sick man, Monty Oum.
    • The fact that when Adam's portrait pops up, it's been nailed to the wall to make the death stick this time.
    • The episode was uploaded on YouTube in true HD, also called 4K. So, what is the YouTube title? "And Then There Were 4(K)."
  • Episode 7 - "And Then There Were Three"
    • Hilarious Outtakes of Ryan making out with the puma.
    • The memorium of the six fallen Roosters. Played with Taps on Barbara's Catpiano. With the dead roosters drawn up in the "Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures" style.
    • The decapitation of Lindsay is followed up by another batch of hair that is likely not there.
    • Just aim for the soft underbelly! I can do this! (Puma growls) ...I can not do this!
      • His panicked screaming as he ran away.
    • The blatantly (and probably intentionally) bad prop for the Puma. The point of view shots from it show a pair of feet waving in front of it, even though it's supposed to be running, and the little bit you see of the head makes it obvious its a lion's head prop.
  • Episode 8 - "And Then There Were Two & One"
    • The final victim, Miles, going Determinator while continuing to run on the treadmill... only for a quick cut to their dead body. Cue portrait.
    • Barbara attacking Ryan in front of the green screen with food. And the tofu falling apart instantly.
    • "Well... That ended with a bang."
    • The end credits are filled with bloopers and unused footage, presented of each character in order of their fate. The Burnie and Miles ones are matched, with Miles talking to Burnie at the beginning implying that Burnie might be Miles' father.
      Burnie: Miles, all I can tell you, the 80's were weird time.
    • The final moments of the credits which are a Call-Back to the first episode and retroactive Foreshadowing of the Sole Survivor.
    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.
    - J. R. R. Tolkien
    Not all who work here are fucking nerds.
    - Sorola

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