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Ten Little Roosters

  • The fact that Cop!Burnie set up the entire trap.
  • "I have an idea for a new "How To" video: How To Hunt Down A Psycho Murdering Asshole Without Dying."
  • Chris pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to save Burnie.
  • Mixed with Nightmare Fuel: "I'm on a murder break."
  • Burnie's Lock-and-Load Montage, where he decides to stop fooling around and prepares to hunt down the killer for real, is pretty sweet. Too bad it doesn't last....
  • Ryan has been trapped in a hole with glass over it for two episodes. No one is coming to help him and he's fast running out of oxygen. So he finally smashes the glass himself and flips off the hole.
    Fuck you, hole. Unlike a cow, I have opposable thumbs.
    • In a sort of meta way: Right before he escapes, his framed picture and the plaque appear, saying, "One ran out of air, and then there were four." And implying he's died. Seconds later, the picture falls to the ground with the plaque and shatters. Cut to Ryan's escape. Complete with triumphant score!
  • In a way, even if they had lost the plot a bit, Lindsay went out having saved someone else's life. That's awesome.
  • The finale, wherein the killer monologues to the survivor (who is tied up by the wrists with a necktie) about their plan, revealing how they killed everyone so far. And then:
    Ryan: There's just one problem with your plan.
    Barbara: Oh? And what's that?
    Ryan: When you were learning all those other things, you probably shoulda figured out that ties... are slipknots.
    (Ryan slips out of the tie and makes a run for it)
    • How the killer is dealt with:
    • And the triumphant music swelling as re-crowned Mad King Ryan Haywood, the Sole Survivor, walks out of Studio 5, fading to the final portrait.
    • Hell, one could argue that the killer's monologue was awesome in itself. The way they set up the whole thing, and how they thought it out, when one simple screw-up may have ended their game. They even justified the line "the killer was killed"!
  • Did you get the victim and/or weapon correct? Do you feel that pride, swelling up in you? That, my friends, is what a Moment of Awesome feels like.
    • And out of the over 50,000 entries for the contest to guess the weekly victims and weapons, exactly one person got all 16 answers right - the final seven victims and weapons plus the killer and survivor. That is incredible.


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