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Awesome / The Eleven Little Roosters

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The series itself:

  • The opening scene is a great way to start the series off. It shows how much of a badass Agent Moose is while still introducing us to some of her quirks. She kills every soldier in one shot, and she shoots Jack the Red without even looking.
  • Burnardo has over one hundred and fifty confirmed kills.
  • Marquee has a kill count in the hundreds.
    • Also doubles as a Fridge Horror, considering a large amount of his victims were children.
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  • Gavin the 3rd wins the national Russian game of Tetris through some quick thinking. Knowing he only needed a long block to win, he realized his T.O.P. device happens to be shaped like one, and his "shrink ray" can enlarge it to the same size. Although this is somewhat mitigated by the reveal that he's the Saboteur and he pre-planned the whole thing.
  • The Ministry of Moose, consisting of several recognizable RT faces... and Hideo Kojima!note 


  • The production value has been upped since Ten Little Roosters, and it really shows. The costume and set designs are top-notch, and the effects are considerably better.
  • Despite his condition, Zach Anner does a great job of playing his character, Annersby. It’s yet another example of Zach Anner not letting his disability stop him from doing what he wants to do.
  • Just like TLR, if you correctly identify the assassin and target for a week, that is your own personal moment of awesome.
  • During the Ten Little Roosters metagame, only one person had a perfect score. This time? 1,243 people got perfect scores.
  • The FIRST winner solved the tiebreaker puzzle in just 7 minutes, while the Non-FIRST winner solved it in 10.

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