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Headscratchers / The Eleven Little Roosters

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  • If there is a mole going around creating forged files then why doesn't everyone just not take up any assignments for the time being?
    • Assassin's still gotta make money, and it's possible that their contracts also contribute to Rooster Corps. funding. Better to lose even most of the agents than to have the entire company go bankrupt. It's also entirely possible that the Colonel controls mission assignment, allowing him to play them all against eachother while pretending to help keep control. And only the first few kills were file based anyways.
  • If killing a fellow agent will result in that agent being disavowed than how was Burnardo not disavowed for killing Marquis' father, the previous FAP representative?
    • Maybe he was just never caught.
    • That flashback happened 10 years ago. That's the same period of time as when the Rooster Corps didn't exist yet and assassins were killing each other left and right.
  • Ryan is able to intercept signals and find clues with incredible accuracy that easily pinpoints the next target and killer but does not do anything else to stop the death from happening, which kind of defies the point of finding out all of the information.
    • Furthermore, why are the Haywood files not being given to Moose? Obviously, the Colonel has told Ryan enough that he would contact her so why was he not sending her this life saving information?
      • The Colonel only had Moose get Ryan involved so he could kill Ryan, thinking Ryan to be the only real threat to Mavin. He was more than likely filtering Ryan's information or jamming the signals in order to force Ryan out of hiding. Not even Major Cock was aware Ryan had been hired, so the Colonel and Moose were likely the only two to even know about him, and with the Colonel assumedly jamming his signal, Ryan would have no way of contacting Moose unless he went out in the open.
      • Plus, it's Ryan. He couldn't even get out of the Edgar Hole until he almost suffocated, despite the only reason he got out he acknowledges was due to having thumbs, meaning he only thought of it at the last minute.
  • How did Chris end up thinking he was a Swedish spy? He would have been taken to a hospital in Austin, which was unlikely to have any Swedish nurses or doctors. Also, did no one recognize him and tell him who he was? And why didn't Ryan or Geoff or Griffin tell him he was Chris, sure he was The Friend That No One Likes but they still clearly know who he is.
    • Also, Christoph if assumed that he was an assassin than why would he make falsified files?
  • If Geoff and Griffin are themselves then where is Millie?
    • This could go into Fridge Horror territory since their hide out also seems to be their house, was Millie in blast radius?
  • Marquis' father's name is revealed to be Joel Joelle in the end credits, while it was done for Rule of Funny how is it that Marquis' last name is Marquis instead of Joelle?
    • Maybe it's a fake name?
    • The Marquis may have taken his mother's name, whether it be due to his mother and Joel never marrying, or another reason.

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