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Ryan will keep mistaking the original characters for the real RT employees who play them
This would be played for both drama (at first) and comedy.
  • Jossed. He correctly identifies 3 separate individuals who were RT employees, but because they were using false ID, not because of how they looked.

Ryan is going to do the same thing Burnie did.
By locking all the suspects in a building, however he will not be in there with them. Given the fact that he doesn't actually appear in the trailer, we just hear his voice and if you included him there would be twelve roosters instead of eleven, it could be possible that he just sits back somewhere safe and watches what happens through hidden security cameras.
  • Towards the end the remaining characters will realize that the reason why they can't break down the door is because they are underground.

All of the agents will be referred to by their titles
For example, Meg is only called "CIA" while Blaine is called "Other CIA Guy" or something along those lines.
  • Jossed. They have their own names.

The MOGAR from Murder At RTX will make an appearance.

Gavin the Third is a clone.
Ten Little Roosters already had two Gavins in it (One being Gavin prime and the other being Gavin 2) so this Gavin is another clone that was for whatever reason recruited to be a secret agent, possibly because as a clone he would be seen as expendable.

Christoph' death will involve fruit.
The episode will build up a situation that looks like it will kill Chris but he will narrowly escape, then take a bite of his apple and die because someone injected poison into it.
  • Jossed.

Marquee Marquis is going to be the deuteragonist.
Or he could be at least Agent Moose's partner in the investigations based from some scenes in the trailer. He is seen going over a document with Moose in one scene and drinking milk with her in the background in another.
  • Possibly because of his "strong moral code" Moose might see him as the only agent she can trust.
  • Jossed. Burnardo kills him in the third episode.

Christoph is actually Chris Demarias.
Took from a comment in twitter. It could be possible that Chris survived the events from Ten Little Roosters but somehow got amnesia due to the trauma.
  • In one scene, you can see Chris' wig parted in a way that shows his real hair. I might be reading into this too much but that seems like something that you'd get told to fix so maybe it was done on purpose.
  • Can you specify which comment?
    • Here. The commentator did not elaborate much on that WMG though.
  • In Episode 5: Rogue Nation, you can see what appears to be projectile scars on Christoph's chest, there are three in total and in the same places that the arrows struck Chris in TLR.
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  • Confirmed!

Someone will die because no one likes them and won't bother to save them.
Most likely Christoph but judging from their interactions in the trailer, I feel like Gibson would let Jinx die for the sake of being the sole CIA rep.
  • Jossed for Christoph. Semi-confirmed for Jack the Red; no one liked him, which muddles the investigation into his murder, but his being the first death makes it difficult for anyone to have the chance to save him in the first place.

Lars will be the mole.
In Ten Little Roosters once you watched it the second time, it was really obvious who the killer was. The way he acts and sounds when he hears that Jack had been killed seems like something that would make a good hint during a reveal.
  • Jossed.

Australia makes it to the end.
They will have little screen time but are spared from the mole because they don't do anything and no one wants to go all the way out to Australia to kill them.
  • Jossed. They are killed in the beginning of the final episode.

Ryan isn't making the Haywood files.
Once all the files have been found, you stand a pretty good chance at figuring out the next victim and killer. If Ryan can intercept as much information as he has been, then why not seen it to The Big Cock or someone trusted so the deaths can be prevented? Maybe, and this would also explain why we haven't seen Ryan, is because the files are being created by the mole who is purposely teasing their next step like the killer in TLR.
  • Jossed. All of Ryan's files are genuine and while the mole does create their own fake files on occasion, they are to spread disinformation and throw us of their scent.

Agent Knuckle will be the mole.
If you turn on subtitles to see what the Sex Von Shackle Boyz are saying in their German, it lampshades that they may die from a language-related misunderstanding or something along those lines. The CIA team may possibly die from people getting sick of Gibson's desire to be noticed for sex appeal, and Jinx's desire to get attention off of her. Gavin the 3rd's downfall may come from the fact that he has too much sex, and could be poisoned by somebody tricking him. The "Whatever Australia Has" team's downfall would have to do with Boomerang not doing anything and just playing video games, giving them an easy target (the Griffon notwithstanding), Comrade Hadam will do something that disgraces Putin, leading to his death, Cristoph will be killed by a poisoned fruit (a la Sleeping Beauty), and Burnardo will die in some way that involves someone that he loves.

Plus, after Agent Moose gets demoted for killing Jack the Red, that's when Agent Knuckle comes in. She is trying to get close to the top agents to off them so she can be number 1 in the world.

  • Jossed. Agent Knuckle died along with the CIA, and the mole is still out there.

For one week, Ryan will reveal that one organization will take itself out.
The mystery will be figuring out who it’ll be. Savvy players will be able to rule out the Sex von Shaukel Boyz right away due to them reconciling at the end of their 360 series. Most of the one-person agencies are also unlikely to do this. That leaves 3 likely possibilities: WAH, CIA, and MI6. WAH and CIA because there’s already some friction between their members. MI6 because Gavin has a communicator shaped like a gun. All the saboteur would need to do is swap it out for a real gun and Gavin would inevitably end up shooting himself.
  • Confirmed. It's hinted that the CIA will eliminate themselves and CAL. And while the communicator shaped like a gun doesn't take out Gavin, it does fool The Big Cock.

Gavin the III is the mole
Gavin's wild sex life seems to be a funny running gag, but it's actually a clue. Every episode so far has seen him sharing a bed with someone, except for the pilot. Right before they died, the AME and the KGB had sex with Gavin. Not only that, but when Annersby is approving his file in the first episode, for a split second you can see the evaluations. It reveals that Gavin has many sociopathic tendencies and is generally an unpleasant person. These are subtle clues that Gavin the III is not what he seems.
  • To build upon this theory, while it appeared that the mole arrives during the game of Tetris between Gavin and Hadam, which would automatically rule Gavin out, it has now been confirmed that the mole had an accomplice in The Colonel, who could appear on the scene in Gavin's place. While The Griffon is competent, neither she nor Geoff have apparent access to the resources the mole would need to pull off this subterfuge. Meanwhile the SS Boyz had one of their own compromised as a sleeper agent, yet save for a band breakup in the middle of the series have not spent time apart, implying that no one in the group could be the mole without being noticed by the others. This leaves Gavin; with the resources, knowledge, connections through his sexcapades, and apparent bad attitude to make it happen.
  • Confirmed!

Annersby is the saboteur.
He's close enough to the roosters, namely Gavin the III and the Big Cock to have an impact. Notably he reinstated a in his own words a "Shoot happy sex fiend" with sociopathic tendencies In the MI6 rather than someone more, saner or clear headed, likely because he knew that having Gavin as one of the roosters give him quite the Unwitting Pawn in his schemes. Given how he's part of intelligence and a gadgeteer he could be close enough to likely sabotage orders and since he had to exam Gavin who says his work stops with just examinations of their agents, maybe he also has a hand in others such as Wilhelm being a sleeper agent possibly during examination or therapy it was his odd inventions that helped him win the Russian game, conveniently given to him an episode before he used them and in the hands of someone who he knew wouldn't care about offing another agent to save his own skin. And the Big Cock used his device to try to warn the others about the mole only for it just be emoji's and thus misinterpreted by everyone there. Plus if any of this falls back on him or MI6, He has a very convenient fall guy in Gavin who can be disposed of after he's no longer of use to him.
  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but Annersby is a Non-Combatant. The rules state that the saboteur will be an assassin from one of the 11 agencies.
  • Jossed for Annersby. Operator Mikey and The Colonel, who is listed as non-combatants, are affiliated with the Saboteur.

Geoff will be the Mole and his goal is the never have to work again
WAH's specialty is getting paid to do nothing and Geoff seems like he would like to keep that position. The mole is also a very behind the scenes type of person, so it would be plausible for Geoff to forge and dispatch files from the comforts of his home. If he had control over a massive super weapon, people would let him do whatever he wanted.
  • Jossed.

The Mole will be dead upon the reveal
When it comes down to the final two agencies, one of them will assume through process of elimination that the other is the mole and kill them, which would also automatically unlock the super weapon capable of destroying the world. If the mole's goal is world destruction, then they don't need to be necessarily alive when it happens. When there is only one agency left standing, a video will play revealing that they failed, and that the real mole purposely got themselves killed a while ago. The mole would then reveal that they programmed the super weapon to automatically start a countdown to detonate and it becomes a race against time for the remaining character to disable it.
  • Jossed.

Christoph is actually German.
He has a distinctly German name. He woke up in a Swedish hospital with amnesia, explaining why he thinks he's Swedish. The paper cut on the fake file was from a German, and Christoph has admitted that he likes getting paper cuts. Plus, we know from the Haywood Files that the file was on his side of the table before the saboteur switched it around. When you put all of this together, it just adds up.
  • Jossed. He's actually Chris Demarais, an American.

Boomerang Geoff is a reference to Sans from Undertale.
Consider what we've seen. He's a video-game playing, relaxed slacker that despite showing no sign of caring of doing his job, instead just avoiding conflict and letting everything playing out, managed to nail a job as an international assassin and has made it to the final five. Yes, the real reason he came in is a falsified resume, but considering Geoff said he used to play video games, perhaps he was inspired by Sans. This will eventually leading to him surviving, using Sans's genocide judgement speech before killing the mole.

For bonus points, consider The Griffon to be a parallel of Papyrus- the one who's more excited about their job than their brother/partner. And since The Griffon is just a made up name, that means they both created aliases that begin with "The Gr".

Probably not true, but just a funny idea I had in my head. Considering all of the references this show does, would you really put it past them? I could see it happen.

The DJ for the Sex von Shaukel Boyz is played by/is Matt Peake.
There are two simple reasons why I believe this: All of the Sex von Shaukel Boyz are played by Funhaus people, and the DJ never talks, mirroring Matt Peake's status as The Quiet One.
  • Jossed.

The Saboteur is Gavin the Third.
He is actually a third clone of the original Gavin, driven mad. Mikey may or may not be in it based on how they spoke in the penultimate episode.
  • Confirmed that Gavin is the mole, Jossed that he's a clone, Confirmed that Mikey is involved.

Ryan is the SSB DJ.
The DJ has been in almost every episode, so the writers may be trying to build up to something. When Ryan is on the iPad, music can very briefly be heard in the background. He also keeps saying in the Haywood Files that he's going to one of their concerts.
  • Confirmed!!

The Colonel has a Freudian Excuse beyond just "You ruined my beard"
His real name is Cockface. Anyone with a name like that would most certainly be picked on their whole life. The Big Cock making him put literal cocks on his face is like adding insult to injury. It makes him an even bigger target of ridicule. Given this, it makes a lot more sense that The Colonel would grow bitter towards The Big Cock.

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