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The Eleven Little Roosters is an interactive spy action-comedy/murder mystery web series created by Rooster Teeth that serves as a sequel/Spiritual Successor to Ten Little Roosters. While the original series was a playful riff on the Ten Little Murder Victims premise, this series is something of an expansion and pits international assassins against each other.

After the sole survivor of Ten Little Roosters escapes, they are recruited by an international spy agency to root out The Mole in a group of 18 assassins and spies from 11 agencies around the world, part of a single alliance called the Rooster Corps that is in pursuit of world peace. With each episode, the audience will guess who will kill who, as opposed to the original's weapon and victim.

A prologue series, Assassin Superstars 360, premiered on December 20, 2016 starring the Sex Von Shaukel Boyz. The official series premiered on January 16th, 2017 and ended on March 6, 2017. This time, with the exception of the survivor, characters were original and not RT employees playing fictional versions of themselves.

The series' official website can be found here.

A Spiritual Successor series, Dead Little Roosters, began airing in January 2021.

The Eleven Little Roosters contains examples of the following tropes:

  • 555:
    • When Agent Moose receives Ryan Haywood's business card, his number reads "555-MOLE".
    • The pizza advert that Boomerang Geoff reads has the phone number 555-PIZZA.
  • Accent Relapse:
    • After Boomerang Geoff and The Griffon are revealed to be Fauxreigners, they drop their fake Australian accents for the remainder of the series. Notably, Griffon abandons their accent without even knowing that they've been exposed; by their next scene, it's just gone.
    • Christoph also loses his accent when he regains his memories, but he quickly replaces it with an extremely hammy Gandalf impression.
  • Actionized Sequel: Downplayed. ELR has more action than the original, but the mystery and humor are still the main focus.
  • Action Prologue: The series opens with Agent Moose making a solo assault on a paramilitary base in Croatia and assassinating its commander, Captain Gruber. This sets up the main plot, since "Captain Gruber" is really fellow Rooster Jack the Red.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Agent Moose and Agent Knuckle, as they are Canadian (and so are their actresses).
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Operator Mikey's list of all the scrapes he's gotten Gavin the 3rd out of:
    Mikey: Who got you out of that shitstorm in the Ukraine? Who helped you escape that Turkish prison? And who called you a bloody Uber last Thursday night?
  • Asshole Victim: The opening victim, Jack the Red, was not very liked by his fellow assassins.
    Big Cock: So the question is: which of you wanted Jack the Red to be Jack the Dead?
    Jinx: Everyone! Everyone wanted Jack dead!
    Burnadicci: 'Cause he was a douchebag. You ever hear the expression "Who shit in your cereal?" Well, for me, that answer was Jack. He would literally shit in my cereal in the break room.
    Boomerang Geoff: Old fatman's right. He was not nice. Touched me in the crikey... not nice.
  • Back for the Finale: A minor case, but the guy who created the Tetris death game reappears in the final scene as Comrade Hadam's replacement in the Ministry of Moose.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: The Saboteur is revealed to be working alongside The Colonel to seize control of the Rooster Corps and the superweapon. They also plan to share their power equally and, while The Saboteur masterminded the takeover, it was The Colonel who inspired them to attempt it.
  • Bilingual Bonus: The Sex Von Shaukel Boyz's German is intentionally very poor, but what they are actually saying are little asides to the audience about how their subtitles don't match what they're really saying and how that fact will become important later on. In Episode 5, the Boyz' conversation in German is one of the Haywood File codes.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Both The Saboteur and The Colonel are killed, the superweapon is disabled and the threat to the world has been dealt with, but everyone besides Moose, Ryan, Wilhelm, Koko, Brüce and Annersby is dead, the Rooster Corps is in shambles, and the Sex Von Shaukel Boyz' future is uncertain. There is some good though, as within a year's time, Agent Moose has managed to rebuild the Corps as the Ministry of Moose and Ryan has retired to the peaceful life of a rancher.
  • Black Comedy: The deaths on the show are generally treated somewhat comically to this effect, but the biggest example has to be Christoph's death, which juxtaposes his hammy, dramatic Gandalf-esque performance with a long, silent shot that accompanies his body hitting the ground.
  • Bond One-Liner: From Agent Moose, after killing The Colonel: "That's for taking advantage of my Canadian hospitality! Sorry, not fucking sorry!"
  • Call-Back: Episode 6 reveals that some of the spies are actually their actors. The holes that Christoph woke up with in the hospital come from the arrows that killed him when he was Chris in Ten Little Roosters.
  • The Cameo: The series ends with one from Hideo fucking Kojima.
  • Canada, Eh?: Both of the Canadian spies. It helps that their actresses are actually Canadian.
  • Captain Ersatz: The Sex Von Shaukel Boyz' DJ wears a familiar looking robot helmet.
  • Cast Full of Gay/Everyone Is Bi: A large portion of the male characters are either explicitly attracted to other men or implied to be.
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: Boomerang Geoff and The Griffon discussing the bomb under their couch.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Both Gavin's T.O.P. device, a miniature Tower of Pimps, and his faulty shrink ray, which actually enlarges things. In the fourth episode, during the Tetris death game against Comrade Hadam, Gavin uses the shrink ray on the T.O.P. to create a giant long piece needed to complete a tetris, winning him the game.
    • A literal one appears in the form of his gun-shaped communicator. The Big Cock and the Colonel are seen using it and discussing the stupidity of it. And just moments later, the Colonel tricks the Big Cock into committing suicide by handing him a real gun in place of the communicator. And reversed in the final episode, when Annersby tries to shoot Mavin but mistakes the communicator for a real gun.
    • Agent Moose's razor-lined Mountie hat, which she uses to slit a mook's throat in the Action Prologue, is used in the same fashion in to kill The Colonel the final battle.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The Sex Von Shaukel Boyz' DJ is never referred to and never says a word, but has high enough clearance to accompany them to the Rooster Corps' emergency meeting. The DJ is really Ryan in disguise, keeping an eye on the Boyz.
  • Continuity Nod: Gavin shoots Annersby in the right arm in the first episode. When Annersby is in bed with Gavin in the third episode, he has a bandage on his right arm.
    • By Episode 6, Agent Gibson still hasn't forgotten Agent Moose's crack about the War of 1812.
    • One back to TLR: After finishing off The Saboteur, Wilhelm exclaims "Barb damn, Agent Moose!"
  • Continuity Snarl: Episode 2 reveals that it was Boomerang Geoff who accidentally sent the kangaroo to Rooster Teeth's headquarters in a Rooster Teeth Short. The thing is, Episode 1 confirms that Eleven Little Roosters takes place after the dinner party massacre that Ryan survived to become an independent contractor of the Rooster Corps and that left nine employees of Rooster Teeth dead, including Burnie, Miles and Chris, and two of the victims prior to the massacre (Blaine and Josh) who fought the kangaroo in the Short.
  • Cyanide Pill: Annersby provides Gavin with half a pill during his equipment briefing; it won't actually kill him, just make him painfully ill.
    Annersby: Say someone starts get suspicious that you're a double agent, and then you have explosive diarrhea. They'll say, "That poor man can't be a double agent! He's shitting out of his mouth!"
  • Dead-Hand Shot:
    • Two mirroring examples appear: first in the second episode with Marquis' father, and then in the third episode with Marquis himself.
    • Appears again in the fourth episode with Comrade Hadam's hand after he is crushed to death underneath giant Tetris blocks.
    • And again in the fifth episode, where Burnardo's hand remains in the background as Agent Moose calls the Big Cock to report their demise.
  • Double Standard: An example appears in the fourth episode when Agents Jinx and Gibson enter their offices. When Jinx walks in, she gets lecherous looks and wolf whistles from her male coworkers, to her chagrin. When Gibson walks in, he tries to look sexy but gets none of the same coworkers' attention.
  • Discriminate and Switch: A bizarre inverted example. Marquis refuses to shoot his target, a priest named Kelly, because doing so would violate his strict moral code. His issue, however, isn't that the target was a kind, charitable, good-hearted priest, but that the target was male.
  • "Eureka!" Moment: During the Tetris death game, Gavin overhears Agent Moose's Anguished Declaration of Love to Comrade Hadam about always waiting for the "long piece", when really, "the long piece is right in front of him". This makes Gavin realize that he can create his own long piece by using his enlarging "shrink" ray on his T.O.P. device, winning him the game.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: There are some moments where the spies have had some moral high ground:
    • In the first episode, Moose is shocked when Knuckle swears at Agent Gibson.
    • In the second episode, Marquis is unable to bring himself to kill a target when he sees him doing a number of good-hearted things (giving money to charity, starting a foundation, donating an organ). Subverted in that he only spared the priest because he only kills women and children.
  • Eyepatch of Power: The Big Cock has one over his left eye, leading to a scene with the Sex Von Shaukel Boyz where they note that the eyepatch changed position after one particular cut. As the Big Cock states that the eyepatch didn't move, he suddenly dons two eyepatches, and as he continues to argue he ends up wearing no eyepatch at all before it returns to normal.
  • Fauxreigner: Some of the Roosters are not really the nationalities they claim to be:
    • Comrade Hadam was originally a Canadian lumberjack named Gordon, who emigrated to Russia to become stronger.
    • Boomerang Geoff and The Griffon are really Geoff and Griffon Ramsey, who moved to Australia to lie low after the Rooster Teeth massacre.
    • Christoph Weiss is really Chris Demarais, who survived the massacre but woke up with amnesia and believed himself to be a Swedish secret agent.
  • Finger-Tenting: Used by Mavin during the flashback reveal of their plans.
  • Foreshadowing: Each episode contains five hidden clues for the audience which, once decoded, will each lead them to a Haywood file" which will help reveal who the next episode's victim(s) and their assassin(s) will be, and provide clues to the identity of the mole.
    • In the first episode, the Sex Von Shaukel Boyz comment in German that "My subtitles don't go with what I'm saying." "It's not important now, but in a later episode, it will be.". In Episode 5, the Boyz' German spells out one of the Haywood File codes.
    • In the second episode, La Luna Loco tells Gavin the 3rd that no one wants to die a gag who is only able to say their catchphrase a few times, after which Gavin asks if he's hinting at anything specific or just waxing poetic. At the end of the episode, he is shot and killed by Marquis, and utters his catchphrase as his final words.
    • In the second episode, when we find that Marquee's main motive for killing women and children is that his father was assassinated by a female child (actually Burnardo), there's a shot of his father's dead hand next to a mix of ice cream and blood. This shot is then mirrored in the final shot of the third episode, which depicts Marquee's dead hand next to a mix of milk and blood.
    • In the third episode: Annersby tells Gavin that his libido is going to get him into trouble one of these days. In the next episode, Comrade Hadam abducts Gavin from his bed post-coitus to participate in a Tetris death battle.
    • Also in the third episode, Vlad mentions that Russia "attract[s] best defectors in [the] world." It's revealed in the next episode that Hadam is actually a Canadian who defected to Russia.
    • Early in the fifth episode, Wilhelm mentions that he went to therapy sessions to deal with the stresses of the SSB's concert tours. It's revealed that these therapy sessions were a cover for the Saboteur to brainwash Wilhelm into a sleeper agent.
    • Boomerang Geoff doesn't seem to know or care what the actual name of his organization is, is shown having trouble living in the outback and gets into an argument with an Australian pizza guy over his unconvincing accent. He and the Griffon are really Americans who have only recently moved to Australia and are only pretending to be Australian spies to scam The Big Cock into giving them a job.
    • While Christoph is sitting in Gavin's bedroom, you can see three distinct circular marks on his chest. Those are scars from the arrow wounds he received when he "died" in TLR as Chris Demarais.
    • In Episode 4, Gibson complains that Jinx gets to have all the "sexy, slappy catfights". He winds up getting both of them killed trying to have a "sexy fight" of his own.
    • Agent Jinx's poster tagline calls her "the bombshell who actually drops bombs". In the penultimate episode, she accidentally kills herself, along with Agent Gibson and Agent Knuckle, with her own timebomb.
    • Similarly, Operator Mikey's tagline describes him as "that not-so-little voice in your ear". Replace "ear" with "head" and it spells out exactly what he really is.
      • He also communicates to Gavin from a very tiny office that doesn't seem to have any doors. This is because both the office and Mikey himself are just mental constructs within Gavin's head.
    • In the first episode, The Colonel implies that it was The Big Cock's decision to bring Ryan in on the mole hunt, but much later it's revealed that The Big Cock had no knowledge of Ryan's involvement and The Colonel hired him independently. This is a tip off that The Colonel is operating behind The Big Cock's back.
    • The Colonel refers to The Saboteur as "they" before their identity is revealed. At first, it seems like he's just using gender-neutral pronouns to not give anything away, but it actually hints at The Saboteur, Gavin the 3rd, having a split personality.
    • Besides Agent Moose, only one other character appears in every single episode. Guess who the mole is?
    • In Ryan's files, he mentions being able to observe the Rooster Corps' emergency meeting. He also repeatedly shows fondness and concern for the Sex Von Shaukel Boyz and is always able to monitor them closely. He's gone undercover as the SS Boyz' DJ.
    • A more meta example, throughout the run of the show Josh Flanagan's twitter had the Sex von Shaukel Boyz twibbon on it. Guess what team ended up surviving?
    • Another meta example: In a journal posted before the series began, Josh Flanagan said the metagame would have "Kojima-esque puzzles". Fast forward to the finale, and Kojima himself makes a cameo appearance.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In the intro for Episode 2, the file for Kelly reveals that the address is on 616 Pongo Dr. but when Marquis was scoping, the house address was 636 Pongo Dr.
  • Forged Message: The Saboteur's first two kills are a result of forged assassination contracts targeting the other assassins. They also created some fake Haywood files to throw viewers off their scent.
  • Fun with Acronyms:
    • The fictional associations such as the French Association of Professionals (FAP) and Whatever Australia Has (WAH).
    • Gavin's T.O.P. device is canonically short for "Transporter of Pills", although Rooster Teeth fans will recognize it as a miniature Tower of Pimps.
  • Fun with Subtitles: The YouTube captions will sometimes use exact pronunciations to play up the more ridiculous accents, like replacing "th" with "z", "w" with "v" in the Germans' dialogue, etc. Boomerang Geoff takes the cake:
    CRIKEY! You're gunna hit the Xbux!
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Agent Moose, especially in comparison to her foil Agent Knuckle.
    • Subverted at the end of Episode 8, when Moose roars "Sorry, not fucking sorry!"
  • Hand Signals: In Episode 7, Agents Jinx and Gibson exchange a quick series of these during a stealth mission before Gibson admits that he has no idea what Jinx is saying. They're actually spelling out the code to a Haywood file in American Sign Language.
  • His Name Is...: Geoff is just about to tell the Griffon who the Saboteur is when the bomb under their couch detonates.
  • History Repeats: The events of the show are essentially a repeat of what happened 10 years prior. With nothing to unify the assassins after their alliance falls apart, they just end up killing each other.
  • I'm Standing Right Here: When Koko announces that he's quitting the Sex von Shaukel Boyz, the other Boyz converse with each other in German about just giving him his space until he decides to stop being an asshole. Koko snaps back that not only can he still hear them, but that he obviously knows German as well.
  • Insane Troll Logic:
    • This, along with Revenge by Proxy Before Reason, is the core of Marquis' "moral code": Marquis' father, a man, was shot in front of him, and the only possble culprit that Marquis could see was a smug little girl named Margaret. Marquis therefore concluded that all children were evil and, since little girls grow up into women, that women must be inherently evil as well.
    • Gavin the 3rd justifies continuing to have loads of kinky sex despite MI6 reprimanding him for his libido by saying "Well, when the doctor tells you you've got diabetes, you don't not eat three bowls of ice cream, right?"
    • When Marquis and Burnadicci are accusing each other of being the Saboteur, Burnadicci reasons that because Marquis is French and "Saboteur" is a French word, Marquis must be the Saboteur.
  • Ironic Echo:
    • When Marquis admits to Agent Moose that he just assumed that the contract on Kelly was on a woman and that it might have been a genuine contract after all, he replies that "this is, how you say... my bad." In Haywood File #8, Ryan laments that he was unable to stop Marquis from assassinating the AME, and quips "That's, how you say... my bad."
    • When Agent Moose vows to track down the mole, she tells them "Sorry, not sorry! ...but sorry." After killing The Colonel, she shouts "Sorry, not fucking sorry!"
  • Kill Sat: What the Rooster Corps' "superweapon" turns out to be: a remote-controlled orbital energy ray called The Hammer of Cock.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall:
    • In the second episode, when reading documents and seeing that there are no visible annotations, Agent Knuckle says that "you always gotta check for annotations". The same episode contained a clue only accessible by having the YouTube annotations turned on.
    • In the same episode, La Luna Loco tells Gavin the 3rd that no one wants to die a gag who never got to fully use their catchphrase; Gavin responds by asking if he's foreshadowing anything in particular. It turns out Gavin's right, as La Luna Loco died the exact same death he was talking about at the end of the episode.
  • Leave the Camera Running: Episode 6 ends with a really long shot of Christoph's body slamming into the ground and then laying still in a pool of blood.
  • "London, England" Syndrome: Most scenes tend to do this when disclosing the locations around the world where they're taking place. For example, Marquee's scenes take place in "Paris, France", and Gavin's take place in "London, England".
  • The Mirror Shows Your True Self: A variation, but this is used as part of the reveal that Gavin the 3rd had a second personality, Operator Mikey.
  • The Mole: The whole series centers around there being a villainous saboteur within the group of spies that has to be found. Except there is more than one.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • In between discussing the threat of the Saboteur and announcing Agent Moose's disavowment, the Big Cock cheerily reminds everyone that So'Rolla's quinceañera is coming up.
    • Christoph's death starts out somewhat comical, as it's one massive Shout-Out to Fellowship of the Ring, but takes a turn shockingly quickly; the scene ends by showing his body slamming into the ground and laying still in a pool of blood as all music and sound cuts out.
  • Mythology Gag: The series contains many for both Ten Little Roosters and Rooster Teeth as a whole.
    • As pointed out in this Twitter post, the first shot of the series is very similar to the last shot of Ten Little Roosters. This time, instead of leaving the building, someone is being dragged in.
    • Kelly the priest lives at 636 Pongo Drive.
    • This is not the first time that Aaron Marquis has been in a flashback death scene.
    • Much like Episode 7 of TLR, Episode 6 begins with a moment dedicated to the characters that died up to that point.
    • Once again, Chris Demarais died via Heroic Sacrifice.
    • It's subtle, but every Rooster whose actor returned from TLR died in reverse order from where they died in that series (except for Gus, who had the misfortune of being on the same team as TLR's runner-up, Miles).
    • "Barb damn, Agent Moose!"
  • National Stereotypes: All of the characters, considering they're spies from around the world, embody the stereotypes of their countries to the fullest extents for Rule of Funny, with a few helpings of Actor Allusion (for example, the British spy is played by a British actor, and the Canadian spies are played by Canadian actresses).
  • Once More, with Clarity:
    • Episode 3 features the flashback of Marquis' father's death but this time, it reveals that it was Burnadicci who killed him.
    • Done again in Episode 6. In Episode 3 of Ten Little Roosters, Chris was seemingly killed when the murderer shot 3 arrows at him. Here, it's revealed that he survived thanks to his "mithril" made of tinfoil. He woke up with amnesia and became Cristoph Weiss.
    • And once more in the finale when Mavin reveals how he played the other Roosters against each other, such as giving the AME the mermaid photo prop for So'Rolla's quinceañera as they were leaving his bedroom and encouraging Burnardo's daughter Margaret to play with her ball near Marquee Marquis to force a confrontation between him and Burnardo.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Gavin the 3rd was never in any real danger during the Tetris death game; Hadam only planned to keep the game going long enough for Agent Moose to catch the Saboteur in the crowd, and never intended to go through with killing him. Because of his overconfidence, however, Hadam neglected to let Gavin in on the plan, which caused Gavin to take the death match seriously and cost Hadam his life when Gavin pulled off a clutch victory.
  • Red Herring: Some of the more obvious clues which would lead to Haywood files actually take you to dead ends, including a Rick Roll and the Wikipedia article on red herrings. The Saboteur has also taken to making fake Haywood files as well.
    • The person in the black hoodie, present at the AME's assassination and the Tetris death battle, is implied to be the Saboteur watching their handiwork unfold. They aren't, and who they really are is never explained. If assumed that they were the Saboteur, though, then it seemingly gives the real Saboteur an alibi.
  • Say My Name: In the fourth episode, as Gavin is knocked out by Hadam's knockout gas, Operator Mikey shouts his name three times in perfect homage to Metal Gear Solid.
  • Self-Deprecation: Fully in keeping with Rooster Teeth.
    Big Cock: Eleven little roosters has become ten little roosters. Something no one wants to see.
    • Later,
    The Colonel: The sole survivor of that dinner party massacre all over the news a few years back.[...] A gaggle of idiots murdered down in Austin, Texas. Some say for the better.
  • Schizo Tech: Annersby's message system, the Rooster Wire, converts an ordinary message entirely into emojis, then faxex it to its intended recipients. The notion that a mass email or text message would be more efficient is not lost on the rest of the Corps.
  • Sequel Escalation: ELR boasts both a higher production value and a more expanded plot than the original series.
  • Sequel Goes Foreign: Whereas the original was set solely in Rooster Teeth's headquarters in Austin, Texas, this series will take place in the various countries the different agencies are from.
  • Sequel Hook: During the post-credit stinger, Agent Kojima asks about the status of the Twelve Little Roosters initiative, revealing himself to be a saboteur of the Ministry of Moose and a worker for a revenge-seeking superior played by Jeremy Dooley who also has a split personality played by Lindsay Jones.
    • The credits also explicitly mention that Chris will return.
  • Serious Business: The national Russian game of Tetris. TO THE DEATH!
  • Shapeshifter Swan Song: The Saboteur has one in the final battle, sort of. The Sex Von Shaukel Boyz's harmonized singing is too much for Mavin's fractured mind to process, causing him to switch rapidly between his Gavin and Mikey personas before he can't take it any longer and his head explodes.
  • Shoe Phone: Annersby's "Phone Guns", which look identical to regular handguns, and are used by pointing them at your own head and pulling the trigger. For some strange reason, everybody thinks they're a bad idea.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Of course, there are many to Rooster Teeth themselves. Several of them are clues leading to Haywood files.
    • Some of the characters are expies.
      • Gavin the 3rd is a quite obvious expy of James Bond, which leads to several Bond references. In the first episode, he is reinstated for active field duty despite failing all the required tests. In the third episode, Annersby responds to one of Gavin's bad puns by calling him "Double-0-Gavin". In the fourth episode, there's this exchange between him and Hadam that mirrors a famous exchange between Bond and the titular villain of Goldfinger:
        Gavin: Do you expect me to talk?
        Hadam: No, Agent Gavin, I expect play!
      • Marquee Marquis is an expy of León from The Professional.
      • Burnardo Burnadicci is another obvious expy of Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather. Even after his "modern" makeover, he still has some similar traits.
      • So'Rolla is an expy of Tony Montana from Scarface.
    • While discussing how to intimidate the mole with Vlad, Comrade Hadam suggests challenging Rocky Balboa to a boxing match.
    • In the third episode, Marquis ends up repeating Inigo Montoya's famous declaration of battle with his own name subbed in.
    • In the fourth episode, as Gavin is knocked out by Hadam's knockout gas, Operator Mikey cries out his name three times à la the Game Over sequence of Metal Gear Solid, possibly foreshadowing the appearance of MGS creator Hideo Kojima later in the series.
    • In Haywood File #18, Ryan tells us that one of the Sex von Shaukel Buyz is a sleeper agent, like a "winter soldier".
    • Episode 6 is called "Born Identities", and Christoph explicitly compares himself to Jason Bourne in the episode.
    • Episode 6 ends with Christoph's death, which is modeled after the scene with Gandalf and the Balrog in Fellowship of the Ring, with Gandalf in this case being Christoph and the Balrog being The Griffon.
    • Agent Jinx tries to tell Agent Gibson to "get to the chopper" when their mission starts to go awry, but she gets cut off.
    • In the finale, Annersby compares Gavin becoming Mavin and revealing that Operator Mikey is his split personality to Fight Club, and compares the Colonel usurping the Big Cock to Scar and Mufasa in The Lion King (1994).
    • The series ends with Agent Moose rebuilding the Rooster Corps into the Ministry of Moose, a reference to the Ministry of Truth. The 1984 reference is further solidified with Agent Kojima saying "He who controls the battlefield controls history" in Japanese.note 
  • Splash of Color: Marquis' father's death scene is Deliberately Monochrome, with only a few areas of prominent red (his father's bloody entry wound, and the sticker Marquis was wearing).
  • Spy Fiction: As opposed to the previous series, this is about a spy organization being killed by a traitor.
  • Stock Scream: Played for Laughs. When going to get Wilhelm, the other members of the SSB hear the classic "Wilhelm Scream" and automatically assume it's him. It's actually Burnadicci, who was killed by him.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Koko insists that the reason he's been missing the SSB's practice sessions is not because he's the Saboteur killing everyone.
  • Ten Little Murder Victims: Although not as straightforward with this as the original series, the series' creators have promised that the main mystery of the series on an episode-by-episode basis is finding out who gets killed by who in each episode, so it does still fit under this although with 18 people instead of 10.
  • The Stinger: After the credits, there is a scene where Agent Kojima reveals that he has successfully infiltrated the Ministry of Moose for another agency.
  • Wham Line: After Annersby asks Gavin about how his earpiece is doing, revealing it was nonfunctional, Gavin reveals that Operator Mikey is his split personality.
    Annersby: Who's talking to you, Gavin?
    Gavin: I'm talking... Mikey: to myself.
  • Would Hit a Girl:
    • Parodied for Marquee Marquis, who will not compromise his moral code, which he notes as that he will never kill men. Only women and children.
    • In the finale episode, The Colonel has no qualms brawling with Agent Moose.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Parodied. See Would Hit a Girl.
  • Yoko Oh No: In-Universe. There is a rift in the Sex Von Shaukel Boyz due to this trope.
    Brüce: I mean it's not even a metaphorical Yoko! That's literally Yoko Ono! She's 83!

Alternative Title(s): Eleven Little Roosters