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Ten Little Roosters probably has the most number of references in a live-action Rooster Teeth to date:

With other Rooster Teeth works:

  • Ryan is seen wearing a kilt, similar to his Minecraft skin.
  • Gavin's clones.
  • Some crime photos are references to the following:
    • Shannon being frozen.
    • Baby Gus.
    • The message from Adam's photo is from a line from the first verse of "Time to Say Goodbye", the theme to RWBY vol. 2 (featuring RWBY co-writer Kerry)
    • Edgar.
    • The message from Lindsay's photo is from Countdown.
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    • Gavin's message has Meg from The Know.
    • Chris's has Josh (in his Jerry BJ costume) and the message is from the "Everything Must Go" Recap.
  • During Miles' Inner Monologue, he sings a line from the theme of RWBY Vol. 1.
  • The skull man/the killer, first seen in Episode 2, is wearing Ryan's outfit for Grand Theft Auto V.
  • The mousetraps and sound effects from the Gavins' deaths are from The Slow Mo Guys.
  • When Ryan questions why Miles is wearing a dress, he replies, "It's a combat skirt!"
    • Even better - the dress? It's Lindsay's Ruby Rose cosplay outfit. He's also carrying Weiss' rapier.
  • When Burnie dies, one of the incidental tunes from Red vs. Blue plays.
    • Early in the episode, it was revealed that there was a live puma on the premises, most likely referencing the Warthog/Puma joke.
  • In episode five, Ryan ends up in an 'Edgar hole.'
  • As part of his "dear god I'm slowly running out of air and trying not to think of it" breakdown Ryan references quite a few famous movies... and the Achievement Hunter Let's Play of Prop Hunt.
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  • When Miles encounters the puma, he talks about attacking the weak underbelly, a reference to Weiss in RWBY during "The Badge and the Burden."
  • The deaths are shout outs to series the characters are famous for:
    • Michael's rage-filled death, while rather Joffrey-ish in nature, references his Rage Quit series.
    • Gavin's slow-mo Gorn fest references The Slow Mo Guys
    • Chris' death, while references Lord of the Rings, is also notable as he was one of the three who went through the "A Simple Walk (To Mordor)" series.
    • Burnie's death references Church's death at the hands of Caboose in Red vs. Blue.
    • Gus's death references... well, Baby Gus.
    • Ryan's death in episode 6 would have referenced, well, Edgar, as well as his infamous "I'm still in the air!" comment... but he decided he wasn't having any of that and broke out of the hole himself.
    • Adam's death, the actual death of Episode 6, is a reference to how whenever Adam and Joel do a single-player How To video, Adam is usually the one controlling the mouse.
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    • Lindsay's death in episode 7 references her love for cats, especially since a lot of her appearances in VS has her in cat-themed games (or attempting to use cat-themed characters)
    • In the final episode, Ryan puts a crown on his head, becoming the Mad King once more.



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