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Tear Jerker / Ten Little Roosters

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Ten Little Roosters

  • The concept of the series in general could be considered one for hardcore Rooster Teeth fans; ten of the most beloved members of Rooster Teeth are trapped in the office and are dying in increasingly horrific ways, knowing that one of them is responsible and that only one of them will get out alive.
  • When Michael was choking, Gavin freaked out and ran to them. He was the only one who tried to help them, and Michael's Last Words were Gavin's name.
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  • Chris revealing that he blames himself for his parents' divorce. And then his martyrdom to protect Burnie.
  • "And I'm worried it might have been me."
    • For context, Ryan has learned that Gavin (and his clone) is dead and has now locked himself in the sound-booth, so that he can't kill again if he did do it. And we see the impact of this decision next episode: he's slowly going insane due to his believed involvement, chanting to himself "I'm on a murder break" and yelling at the Achievement Hunter posters on the wall.
    • Also check out the expression on his face when Barbara tells him that no one likes him because he told her that her cat piano couldn't shatter the glass holding him in the sunken prop room/"Edgar Hole". Kicked puppy anyone? It gets worse once you learn that Barbara is the killer and was more likely than not just fucking with him at that point.
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  • Episode 6's fake-out ending. They were just messing with all the fans of Ryan right then.
  • "My Michael is dead. My dear, sweet Michael."
    • Something to note, Michael was the first victim of the killer in the series, shortly after arguing with Lindsay over money, which ended with her admitting that at least it's good he has good life insurance. Essentially, the last thing Lindsay said to her husband before his death was that she hoped he would die so she could get paid for it, and likely only said so out of frustration rather than actually wishing such. Kinda adds another kick to the feels realizing this.
  • Lindsay gets mauled. By a cat.

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