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Funny / Team Thor

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  • Thor entertaining a group of kindergartners:
    Thor: Now who's this purple weirdo?
    Kindergarteners: Vision!
    Thor: Surprise, you actually knew who that was!
  • Thor's String Theory poster that includes all the information that Thor has gathered on Thanos: He's purple, he has a magic glove, and he doesn't like standing up.
  • Apparently, Mjolnir has its own little bed and Thor tucks it in when he goes to bed.
  • Thor's disappointment that neither Cap nor Tony called him to fight for their side. He is a bit miffed that Tony tried to bring in Bruce Banner, though.
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  • In Part 2 Thor continues to be an absolute load on Darryl and insists on paying his half of the rent in pumpkins and Asgardian coins. He also doesn't care about getting a job on Earth outside of his Avengers duties.


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