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There will be unmarked spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

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     Rooster Teeth Podcast (formerly Drunk Tank) and Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures 
  • This one is two-fold - the first half has them talking about a remote-controlled airplane carrying around an iPhone and a hotdog.
    • The other half is Burnie explaining a prank that he, Jordan and Gavin pulled on Gus. Watch it and find out what they did. The source material for it is arguably funnier, since we find out that he threw his headphones hard enough to break something in the studio, and prompted Monty Oum to pop his head in to find out what the commotion's about.
  • The Left 4 Dead Survival Strategy is pretty great too, done while the guys were on the podcast.
    Burnie: So, do we all agree, Joel, that we would basically just pin hot dogs to him and leave him outside, right?
    Geoff: Pretty much.
    Burnie: Slather you with ketchup.
    Joel: Zombies don't like hot dogs.
    Gus: I really want a hot dog now.
    Some time later...
    Burnie: (after he and Joel have been mobbed to death by zombies in a house) I don't think we should call our room the living room anymore.
  • Gavin's attempt to tell a story about a stunt driver goes horribly wrong with two words: Headlight Fluid. Made even better by the fact that the rest of the group doing the podcast all played major characters in Red vs. Blue, where one of the earliest jokes involved headlight fluid.
  • Geoff's story about Serial Escalation lightning strikes.
  • The absolutely disgusting story about a dolphin and the scheme it was given to try and get it to learn English.
  • Burnie relates a couple of Cringe Comedy moments featured in Bad Luck Burnie and its sequel, but the troll nurse he had when suffering from panic attacks is hilarious, along with the face he makes in response to such a heaping dose of Paranoia Fuel.
  • The "shittiest company ever" that Gus had to work for. He tells the story in the second half of this video.
  • Joel talks about the time he went skydiving.
  • Gavin makes a mild slip up, and promptly gets chewed out by Gus. After saying he didn't mean it, all Gus can say is "I have to take you at face value, Gav. You did talk about Headlight Fluid."
  • The entire RTX Podcast, when Jack's beard is talked about in disgusting detail (starting at about 30 minutes in)- this is before Frank O'Connor from 343 Industries immediately says it looks like an old man's pubic hair.
    • Immediately followed by Jack asked how he knows what that looks like. His response?
    • Gus being followed into the bathroom to sign a poster, then immediately being pounced upon by a family as soon as he leaves.
  • Gus talking about how he kicked Gavin up the butt... then Burnie talks about how he kicked him into a metal sheet... PENIS FIRST. Watch the story here.
  • Drunk Gavin trying to get revenge on Burnie... and then getting kicked into a lift.
  • On the live podcast they brought up how Ray live tweets The Walking Dead, some complaining about the frequency of said tweets. The following week, Ray proceeded to include the RT Podcast's and Barbara's twitter during his live tweeting.
  • Burnie's interaction with Mighty Fine Hamburger employees. You can watch it at the end of this video.
    Mighty Fine employee: Hey, how's your day?
    Burnie: Good. How's yours?
    Mighty Fine employee: Mighty fine!
    Burnie: FUCK YOU!
    • Followed by Gavin declaring he wants to do that somewhere where the pun doesn't work at all, like Jersey Mike's:
    Gavin (as a Jersey Mike's employee): Hey, how's your day?
    Customer: Good, how's yours?
    Gavin: Jersey Mike's!
    (Customer looks heavily confused)
  • Gus creates a Fleshlight ad, featuring an Incredibly Hilarious Pun.
    Gus: This portion of the podcast brought to you by Fleshlight. Fleshlight: Go fuck yourself.
  • Gavin poses the question of which company has the most storage space in the world (presumably, digital). Burnie chimes in with "Tupperware." Gus is frustrated that Gavin and Burnie are laughing due to Gavin finding Burnie's godawful pun Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Marshall's doorbell button.
  • Miles' strip-club incident.
    Dark Chocolate: ...are you retarded or somethin'?
  • Gus' growingfrustration with Gavin's inability to correctly put on headphones.
  • At the end of Podcast #220, Ray tells the story of how he stole Gavin's pizza, arguing that it was the fault of the waitress for not protecting Gavin's food.
  • Podcast 221: Miles recalls how Kyle celebrated his 21st birthday by becoming Wolverine.
    Kyle [as recounted by Miles]: Erryone was so nice, they got me... J(hic)ager, and... Jager...
  • Gavin or Google.
    • Gavin or Gaggle. They found an old protein shaker in Blaine's stuff, and decide to have a smell test to determine who could withstand smelling it the longest. The smell was so nauseating that Gavin vomited right on stage in front of everyone.
      Burnie: That's Gavin or Gaggle; we're never playing that again!
  • This bit , from Podcast #227:
    (Everyone in the background cracks up)
  • Podcast #238, Gavin explains why their conversation delved into retrograde ejaculation by explaining how he was never going to get a better segue for it.
  • Podcast #246, Burnie talks about a dream he had where Lindsay discovers that while she wears her wedding dress, she is completely invisible to unmarried men, and uses that to become a secret agent of the Government and fight the Polish Army. It's as awesome as it sounds.
  • Podcast #257: Matt is apparently not pleased with the lack of fanfare at Jersey Mike's.
  • Podcast #270, Burnie wonders what it would be like if Godzilla were as scared of humans as humans were of bugs. Watch the hilarious tale here.
  • When Jordan goes out of town and forgets to make an episode of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures before he goes, what happens? Burnie makes The Greatest Episode Ever.
  • The RTX podcast panel. Funny moments range from Joel giving out Jack's phone number and the "lightning round" of questions
    Audience member: I'm moving from Texas to the UK. Any advice?
    Joel: We're sorry.
    Burnie: You're going backwards.
    • Then there's the moment where they're all asked an economics question and everyone simultaneously and immediately turns and looks at Joel. He, being flustered at the attention, simply shouts out, "BRAZIL".
    • When it looks like Jack is about to give out Joel's phone number in revenge for him having done it first, he (quite audibly) shouts from offstage "I'M NOT GOING TO DO IT BECAUSE I'M NOT AN ASSHOLE".
      • Burnie, accompanying Jack offstage, calmly says "Hey, Jack, sorry, I tried to call you and warn you, but your line was busy when I called."
    • Beforehand, people start cheering for Jack during his argument with Joel, at which point Joel calls out the audience, saying "when you're at an intervention, you don't start cheering for the heroin addict!"
      • For bonus points, it later turns out that Joel had swapped sim-cards in Jack's phone prior to the convention, and the number he gave out was that one, not Jack's actual number.
  • At the very end of Podcast #314, just as the credits begin to roll, Burnie comes out of nowhere and tackles Gavin of the couch. It's extra hilarious in the audio version, since there's no explanation you just hear Gavin scream out over the outro music and then a crash.
  • From Podcast #322 and shown off in the Straight Outta RT Minimations, Gavin talks about how he and Dan suffer from a horrible case of de-synchronization in Halo 2, leading to a point where Gavin attempts to catch up with Dan, making the latter to bust a gut at how Gavin's character is acting in his screen, culminating in the former grenading himself.
  • From Podcast #330, Burnie tells the gang about how he learned their Machinima offices have an accidental "death switch" in the Rooster Teeth kitchen. Gus then postulates that, if that existed when they were working on Red vs. Blue Season 3, Burnie would have flipped and ripped it out Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style.
  • From Podcast #321 (and featured in an RTAA), Barbara tells a story of how she swore at Supanova, a VERY family friendly Australian convention (excellent convention BTW if you live in Australia). She and Arryn had been told numerous times not to swear and Arryn manages not to. Barbara on the other hand, fails. Horribly.
    • At RTX Au 2016, it's clear that it has not been forgotten, with even Yang making a nod to it on Day 2's RWBY panel.
      Audience Member: Do you have any favourite insults?
      Yang: There's some kids in the audience, so I don't think I could tell you what my favourite insult is… but you're all thinking it right now.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, behold... The legendary Appetizer Argument.
  • Miles Luna has one of the worst imaginable Epic Fails possible at the end of a very successful date. How? By accidentally swapping two words.
    Miles: Upon me saying what I actually said, you'll know exactly what I was trying to say, and how badly I fucked it up. She was like "Whisper something dirty in my ear!" And I responded with - "I want to see your cock in my mouth."
  • In Podcast #375, Gus is talking about how he got an Encarta Encyclopedia CD and just thought it was the most amazing thing. He talks about John F. Kennedy and his speech about going to the Moon and Miles interrupts, thinking he was going to mention his assassination. Gus blows it off, then accidentally runs into an Incredibly Lame Pun by saying the experience was "mind-blowing", sending Miles into hysterics.
  • Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures: Racial Super Texas has a cameo at 0:20, looking a little disarmed.
  • Drunken Burnie declares that he is CatBug, and as an encore, hands out popcorn to people and tells them they need to leave because they're too drunk.
  • From Podcast #395, Burnie's literal Brick Joke. (note: contains actual use of the trope.)
  • #398:
    • Miles challenges the others to share their tales of Making Love in All the Wrong Places. Barbara's story sends him into hysterics... because she did it at a wedding.
    • Miles recalls being forced to play babysitter to an extremely drunk Chris and Blaine. Chris kept repeating himself and Blaine begged for Miles to hold his hand as he passed out.
  • From Podcast #436, Miles tells a story about roleplaying as Heath Ledger's Joker during sex. He did not enjoy it.
    Miles: She was like, "Oh, I'll just be me" and I was like "Fuck you, you're gonna be Harley Quinn, just give me something!"
    Blaine: There is no Harley Quinn in that Batma-
    Miles: (interrupting) I know! I'm aware of the canon!
  • While Burnie's rant about construction was funny in and of itself, the RTAA amps it up purely because the animators made it clear who they supported in the argument... by having Gavin and Gus be Burnie's psychologists, and eventually wrapping Burnie up in a straitjacket and shoving him into a padded room.
    • "Wha-what're you talking about?! I have to go somewhere! I don't fucking do a LOOP! Around the state and land back in the same goddamn airport! I go somewhere else!"
  • Somehow, two hundred podcasts apart, Burnie told the same story of getting Greg Kinnear fired in almost the exact same way.
    Burnie!2012 / Burnie!2016: (in the exact same inflection) They fucking cancelled the show.
    • This can be considered a repeat of an earlier incident of Burnie unintentionally rehashing Podcast #151 in Podcast #276.
  • In #317, before going into the story of how his car wound up busting him watching porn, Burnie asks aloud if it is possible to have Jordan not animate it. This exact question is how the RTAA starts.
  • #336: Jack brings up how people ask if Gavin is legitimately stupid, causing him to go on a rant about how Gavin is smarter than people think and he admires him for that. No sooner does Jack stop talking...
  • #382: Burnie recalls getting high just from being exposed to the pot smoke coming from Snoop Dogg, The Game, and Wiz Khalifa. He elaborates more on a The Know stream.
  • From Podcast #387:"Chris Cooks Fish." As Chris's explanation of his cooking style gets less and less coherent, Andrew animates a chef's toque on his head.
    Chris: Yeah, whatever dressing I have—
    Gus and Jon: Ranch?
    Chris: Sure, yeah.
  • #433: Joel's cystoscopy story, which inflicts Share the Male Pain on everyone else on the podcast. Blaine, the poor sucker, kept asking questions about it, despite visibly wincing.
    • The kicker, though, was when Joel went back for the second round. It turns out that the reason he was in such debilitating pain for the week after was because he was supposed to get medication that would turn his urine blue and be less aggravating to his urethra... but the hospital was just out of stock.
  • #452: While Blaine discusses his problems with watching Game of Thrones and spoilers, Barbara pops up behind Burnie in a hot dog costume and starts dancing, causing him to lose his train of thought. He and Gavin watch her for several seconds until Burnie catches on. Even funnier? Burnie bought it for her.
  • #462: Mariel brings up a hypothetical situation that fellow co-workers have asked her. Jon and Tyler expand on Brandon's answer.
    Mariel: If you could have a business on the moon, what would it be?
    Brandon: Moon shoes, easy.
    [Silence. Wheezing laughter starts up.]
    [Cut to Jon, having paused mid-eye rub to stare at Brandon in blank-faced disappointment.]
    Brandon: People need shoes!
  • #469: Burnie apparently convinced the makeup team to put eyeliner and eyeshadow on him, prompting Gavin to call him Pat Butcher.
  • #473: Gus gets Gavin to sit on his lap. The shot is priceless and becomes the video thumbnail.
    Gus: [Gavin grins] Don't ever talk to me or my son ever again.
  • Miles is baffled that three people chose The Penguin when he asked what Batman villain they would roleplay in bed.
  • #492:
    Blaine: So, the night before the case, I'm in my closet—wait (odd whistling noise) Phrasing! (Jon and Gus die laughing)
  • #493:
  • #498:
    • Gus had made a comment about wanting to try ostrich eggs in a previous podcast, so the control room provided him with one that he shares with the others. When the eggshell is presented to the set, Gavin naturally wants to see if he can headbutt it. One painful bump later, he asks Burnie to do it... which he does, sending Gus into hysterics.
  • #500:
    • The podcast was a live event, so it opened with an RTAA of the crew, with Gus claiming the entire podcast was going to be animated live. Naturally, the animation budget dies ten seconds in.
    • To celebrate 500 podcasts, a large cake was brought out, but no utensils. Burnie proceeds to stab the cake when presented with the knife to cut it and offers a slice to their producer, Eric. Eric proceeds to stuff his face and runs off stage.
    • Burnie regales everyone with his tale of Siri accidentally making his therapeutic massage appointment with the director of Xbox Live's programming, and thus RT's Xbox contract, instead of the actual masseuse, because they shared the same name.
    • "Gavin or Google" returns, with the signature absurdity that is his thought process regarding dogs humping, phases of the moon, body parts, and lactation. Gus wins the game, so he's draped with a medal, and Barbara is given a Dunce Cap. Burnie then takes the cap and plops it on Gavin's head instead.
    • Over the course of the podcast, Burnie said the four of them can retract something they've said, claim that something they said was true, and a clarification they said. Gavin proceeds to declare "Headlight Fluid" non-canon, and Gus declares himself the winner of the iPhone argument.
  • #507: The announcement that they developed and sold a Sexy Gus calendar. Burnie mentioned that he popped up on Off Topic to show Geoff several of the photo proofs, and Geoff was in hysterics.
  • #541: Gus shares some junk mail that had been sent to the office that made the odd decision of addressing him as "Dr. Gustavo Sorola, DDS". Specifically, the letters are about his supposed dental clinic, which an incredulous Gavin realizes is because Gus works for a company called "Rooster Teeth".
  • #572 has Barbara furiously trying to get Broadcast to let her show pictures of Baby Yoda, accompanied by Eric's furious attempts to stop her from getting them demonetized. When she finally convinces them to let her show an eye and ear, she immediately scrolls the image over to show the whole face, prompting a panicked scream from Eric as he throws up a black box over her, leading the entire set to collapse into hysterics.
    Eric: I trusted you. You have tricked me for the last time. I really hate all of you.
  • #580 is filmed just before Chris's birthday, so he demanded that everyone on the podcast get drunk with him as a birthday present.
    • Over the course of the episode, Barbara is practically melting away in her chair, Chris is slurring into incoherence, while Gavin and Gus are wobbling. The episode's thumbnail comes from when Gavin opening a whiskey pod a foot away from his mouth.
    • This drunken exchange in particular after Barbara mentioned Chris attempting to recreate the Blooming Onion. In fact, afterwards, Eric storms on set and makes Chris take a shot of Fireball with him before storming off.
      Chris: The Blooming Onion is over-most-rated...
      Gus: What's the best onion, Chris?
      Chris: The ring! [everyone bursts into hysterics and Barbara pulls her hoodie over her face]
      Gavin: That's just some of an onion!
      Andrew: Onion peaked at "ring", it's been downhill since "ring."
  • #586: Gavin's Dr Pepper Scam
    • The episode title originates from Gavin getting inadvertently scammed on Amazon. He bought what he thought was a $120 dremel set from Amazon, only to discover the case's contents had somehow been tampered with and replaced with two cans of Dr Pepper. Everyone is baffled and fortunately for Gavin, he was given a replacement set. Three minutes later, Gus drinks one of the cans.
  • #590: Geoff Burns Animal Crossing to the Ground
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's the first time the podcast is being recorded from their homes. Gavin joked the week before that he would use his Phantom as a web cam for recording the podcast and he did, including using another very expensive lens on it, having taken almost 45 minutes just to set it up.
      Geoff: [laughing] You have a $150,000 web camera?
      Gavin: Yeah, with a $10,000 lens on the front!
    • The title comes Geoff's frustration at encountering problems at every turn trying to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He ended up buying an overpriced Switch, bought two copies, and then discovered that he and his girlfriend had to share their island instead of having separate islands.
    • Broadcast keys in a picture of the set and every time they shift to the picture, Gus subtly turns his head to face the others as if he's still sitting on the set.
  • #592: While Gus and Gavin are discussing Gavin's tendency to dismiss calendar invites, Barbara catches Chris looking very shifty trying to drink something. He denies it, but as she presses on, it turns out that he's drinking from a cold carton of tomato soup.
  • #594: Barbara Gets Flashed
    • The title comes from about five minutes in as Gus was finishing up a rant about his experience with healthcare bureaucracy, an off-screen Trevor walked into Barbara's office naked, walked back out, and then mooned her.
    • Jon says he has a disgusting secret that he has kept in his pantry and challenges the others to guess. Gavin, who was not paying attention and instead was fiddling with his dying headset, throws out a wild guess of old hair. He was right. After getting his hair cut into his current hairstyle, Jon's stylist thought it would be funny to give him back his hair in a baggie. Jon kept it for over a year and through a move. Everyone is bewildered.
    • The topic of trashy reality TV is brought up. Gavin starts grousing about being unable to understand on Too Hot to Handle why the Instagram model swooning over the goofy foreign guy. The Reality Subtext is not lost on anyone, especially after Gavin realized what he just said when Jon repeated his comment.
  • #602: Groin Connoisseur Gus (animated as "Chad's Sack Whack")
    • Chad tells a long, detailed story about a recent medical issue he had, and the procedure he had to go through to take down the swelling. Gavin and Barb are horrified, although the impact is lessened somewhat by the plastic toy hands poking out of her hoodie sleeves.
      Chad: I'm like "Okay, so do we just need to do some antibiotics?" And he's like "Mm, no, we're probably going to have to lance it."
      Barb: What does that mean?
    • When the story was inevitably animated, the "terror sweat" needle from "Lost Our Lisa" featured prominently.
  • #611 (animated as "Booger's Big Blowout"): the multiple cutaways to animator Susie and director Andrew at "RTAA HQ."
    • First, as Chris is describing what happened to Booger in the back of his car, the animators' "Red Alert" light has a note attached to it reading "Probably poo again." Andrew smashes a Big Red Button to turn the material in question into a nondescript pink substance, scattered with Lucky Charms.
    • At the end of the RTAA episode, a chat commenter asks that the incident not be animated. Susie and Andrew laugh evilly and hit the "Animate" button.
  • #618: What's with the Moon
    • One of Gus's dreams is that he and Chris were attending a wedding that Gus was officiating and Chris bringing a bizarre concoction that he calls "Russian Wedding Stew". This story sends Eric, Barbara, and Drew into hysterics.
    • The title comes from Drew complaining about the moon, especially about how he sees it in daylight. He complains about it again on #628
  • #628: Okay Lunar
    • Drew gripes about the moon again, and argues with Gavin over the phases of the moon.
  • #647: Spanking Chris at School
    • In the midst of an increasingly ludicrous conversation about Chris about getting spanked in high school, a bewildered Eric calls Michael to get another non-Texan perspective as Chris defends his story. In fact, Eric's initial reaction was to walk off the set as Blaine and Barbara are just as baffled.
  • #660: The Most Creative Way to Survive a Crash
    • Andrew reveals the two movies that he's ever walked out of: Lady in the Water, which he hated, and Cars. Drew is in hysterics as Andrew explains that he just didn't feel like sitting through it. Gus then adds that he also hated it because he watched it on his honeymoon, sending everyone into hysterics.
  • #666: RT Podcast from HELL
    • It's the 666th episode, so Blaine and Barbara are in devil makeup, Eric donned his Babaudour face paint from Camp Betrayal, and Gavin is an angel. The opening music is even slowed down.
  • #700: Bean Off 2022 / Gavin Makes Freebase Toast and Beans
    • It's the 700th episode and to celebrate, the show is having a bean cook off. However, since Barbara had been out of town, Gus had to fill her in and Andrew was just told he would be making beans, bringing his own cooking utensils and additional ingredients.
    • Gavin's infamous gag reflex returns. Because there's a trashcan between himself and Barbara, she had poured the excess bean water into the trash, not knowing that he had thrown an end slice of bread into the trash earlier. Andrew then asks how Gavin is able to stomach his meal, to which Gavin responds that he just has to eat it quick.
  • #709: Chris Gets on the Wrong Plane?
    • The title of the episode stems from Chris telling his story of getting on the wrong flight due to a comically ludicrous series of circumstances of misplaced items and mixed up seating arrangements that Barbara describes as only happening to him. The story even earns a two part animation.
      Eric: We're all looking at it from the perspective of being Chris. Imagine being another person on that plane going, "What the fuck is going on?"
    • Gus brings up the topic of robot waiters, having experienced being served drinks by a robotic serving cart. Chris somehow misunderstood the concept so much that even Gavin comments that he has no idea what point Chris was trying to make.

     Extra Life 
  • Many of the stretch goal rewards from the 2013 Extra Life stream count as this:
    • Michael cramming 12 Pizza Hut lava cakes into his face. He ends up leaving such a mess on his face and spitting out so much that he claims at the end, "12 entered. About 8 left."
    • Gavin watching "Slow-Mo Love" for the first time. He's predictably grossed out watching his own kisses, but he snaps out of that briefly to criticize the visible mic in one shot.
    • X-Ray and Vav have a lot of fun with a fan, letting their capes flow in the wind and, at one point, recreating the Jack and Rose pose.
    • Caiti shocks everyone in a game of Cards Against Humanity such as giving bad children "Hurricane Katrina" for Christmas.
  • LeVar Burton reading "Go the Fuck to Sleep" on the 2014 Extra Life stream. Hearing an aspect of your childhood swear seems both wrong and hilarious.
  • During the 2015 Extra life, a special thing was that they would spin a wheel to see what the crew would do anytime somebody donated $1337 or more. When #2 & #3 came in, both spins got "do 10 jumping jacks", so the crew got up to do 20. Well, that is except as the others were doing so, Geoff was channeling his inner Grif, grabbing a donut, and only joining in for the last 2.
    • Millie enthusiastically want 'red' to come, which would allow her to punch somebody in the stomach,. She eventually got to punch an injured Caleb Denecour and her dad, Geoff Ramsey.
    • Afterwards, Geoff tells the audience not to challenge him to drink a mixed drink or beer.
    • After hitting the $250k mark, we get to hear a medic say "I need to look up how to remove taser darts."
    • A big chunk of 2Spooky (The time period after 2am) was ludicrous, mostly because of Drunk Gus.
    Miles: That made me SOOO uncomfortable!
  • During Extra Life 2016, Michael downs 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes, with his increasingly drunken state leading to hilarious moments.
    • 90 shots in and obviously hammered, he announces that Lindsay's pregnant, leading to this gem of a conversation:
    Gavin: It's going to be the angriest baby ever born.
    Michael: Goddamn right it is!
    Jack: It's just gonna be punching and kicking non-stop.
    Gavin: What's its, what's its first word going to be??
    Michael: Ahhhh, "fuck you". "Fuck you", Gavin! "Fuck YOU!" That's what it's gonna be!
  • Extra Life 2017
  • Extra Life 2018
    • RT got a hold of a steamroller for this Extra Life and use it to demolish some of their belongings over the course of the stream as a stretch goal. Crushing AH's Minecraft Iron Throne takes over four attempts and a softening up with stomps and sledgehammers before Geoff can run it over.
    • Another stretch goal sees Blaine sitting in a dunk tank as everyone else lobs Moon Balls at the bullseye. After a long volley of misses, Caiti runs up and pushes the button by hand. Blaine responds by getting up out of the water and doing pull-ups on the top of the caged tank.
    • Jeremy downs a ghost pepper gummy for a wheel spin, then washes it down with a beetle.
      Jack: Jeremy, what did you pull out of your mouth?
      Jeremy: (matter-of-factly) The wing.
    • Achievement Hunter got a hold of a shock baton in a previous AHWU, and getting tased by it gets added to the wheel. Michael accidentally shocks himself in the shoulder off-camera while talking about it.
      • He also spends a bit time in the background searching for it during Chad's game show. Ben from Broadcast had hid it.
      • Andrew Blanchard lets himself get tased in the arm five times in a row, too drunk to really care that much.
        Jeremy: I just saw smoke come out of his mouth! Did anyone else see that!?
      • Later before Jack's poker game could begin, Andy is far too drunk to even participate, so Michael, having found the baton again, tases Andy in the back and drags him away.
    • Gavin, ever the glutton for punishment, ups the ante by announcing that every donation of $1337 over the following hour would equate to one Moon Ball that would be slingshot at himself and Michael - each. By the end of the hour, they've gotten 106 donations, including one from Meg herself. Hilarity Ensues.
      • Gavin gets prepared for their pelting with a goalie mask, body armor and an armored cup. Michael has to get by with a paintball mask and a towel around his neck. No points for guessing who gets hit more. Blaine nails Michael right in the crotch, despite aiming for Gavin.
      • Jack does get one solid groin shot on Gavin, dropping him to the floor instantly. Alfredo can be seen clinging to Jack's arm for support and cackling like a lunatic over everyone else's voices. More than funny enough in itself, but it's even better when you remember that the "Flinchless Alfredy-Doo" stunt ended with Gavin hurling a Moon Ball directly into Alfredo's.
    • During Achievement Hunter's first segment, one of the first things on the Wheel was that Larry would write a dirty fanfic and read it aloud in the second hour. He proceeds to do so, with badly written and described smut of the entire division. The reactions must be seen to be believed, especially Jeremy being mortified at the idea that he would even cheat on his wife, and Michael shooting Larry a Death Glare for implying the same thing about Lindsay. But the best reaction of all? While Larry reads aloud the part where "Michael screws Gavin" and Michael mimes getting into Gavin's lap, Meg's $1337 donation comes up, causing everyone to burst out laughing.
    • John Mace and the Facilities Department get their revenge on Achievement Hunter by betting that the entire division couldn't retrieve a moonball out of a box of his design in five minutes. John's "box" is actually a gun safe enclosed in concrete, plywood, duct tape, and chains. And the safe is fingerprint locked. Oddly enough, the member most determined to break it? Sarah.
    • Thanks to the mini tasers Achievement Hunter received on AHWU, the devices were deployed quite frequently to everyone as punishments. Examples including Ryan using one on himself, and Jon shocking Jeremy and Trevor in the ass.
      Jeremy: [screaming] It was in the hole!!
      Jon: [cackling] I got the taint!
    • One of the devices brought on the stream is Chad's "pommel horse" from the year before, which is really just a wooden box containing an exercise band stretched very tautly. If an unlucky soul sits on it, the exercise band releases and slaps them in the crotch. Victims included Alfredo, Jeremy, Alec, Sam Mitchell, Blaine, Chad himself, and Barbara.
    • Sugar Pine 7's first ever Extra Life gets off to a great start when as a result of spinning the Wheel, all the guys are forced to eat spoonfuls of Szechuan peppercorns and spend most of their segment drooling into a trashcan. Cib even stripped down to his underwear because he couldn't deal with the heat.
    • The entire Whose Line Is It Anyway? segment.
    • During ScrewAttack's game show segment, Gavin donated $10,000, causing Chad to spin the Wheel. Much to his dismay, he discovers that he has to kiss Ryan again like he did the year before. So he climbs onto a ping pong table and before he could move again, he falls right through it.
      • The reason he falls through the table is that he laid down on it and tried to shimmy to the edge so he could "Spider-Man-kiss" Ryan. As soon as he gets to the middle the table folds in half on top of him.
    • During the Paint with Bob Ross section (with Miles doing a pretty good impression), an item added to the $1337 spins is the option to shave half of Jon Risinger's Freddie Mercury style mustache. Just half. It gets better when Jon's reaction to the announcement infers this is the first time he's heard of it (in spite of Miles insisting he "was briefed"), as well as Barb's hand shooting up instantly to volunteer when the wheel hits the option.
    • While it was not seen on camera, Jack mentioned on Off Topic that during 2Spooky, Blaine, in character in his skeleton costume, answered a ringing phone with "SPOOOOKY!" and hung up without breaking character. This caused Jack and Mariel to burst into hysterics as they were the only ones who saw the exchange.
  • Extra Life 2019
    • Early on, we get Jeremy's "Sorry-O's" invention; Oreo cookies with the filling hollowed out and replaced with something disgusting-tasting. Everyone takes turns doing a Russian Roulette-style challenge to see who gets the bad ones. Flavors include Monterrey Jack cheese, salt, malic acid, garlic, and tuna fish. Larry was the first to throw up.
      • Also during the first Achievement Hunter segment: because Sarah loves ranch dressing, the gang challenged her to try different foods covered in the condiment. Oddly enough, she really liked some of the combinations, like brownies.
    • Chris getting waterboarded with mustard and mayonnaise.
    • "Whose Spot Is It Anyway" makes a glorious return, and is chock-full of hilarious improv.
    • RT got Xavier Woods as a guest in this Extra Life, and one of the wheel punishments added becomes getting slapped across the chest/back by him. His first victim is Chad. Alfredo got it twice in a row.
    • Chef Mike and Lindsay have a cooking contest to see who can slap together the best "gourmet" meal from a random assortment of snacks and McDonalds meals. Ryan makes his appreciation known that Diet Coke is both a required and optional ingredient.
    • Once again, Michael and Gavin get set up in front of the Moon Ball wall, with the same "every 1337 donation = 1 Moon Ball shot" contingent as last year. Michael expresses the sentiment that people were saving their donations for this segment just in time for a non-stop deluge of them. Even better? All the shots were fired by Lindsay, Fiona, Sarah, and Steffie.
      • All the Moon Balls are dipped in paint and the firing wall is set up with a blacklight, so that the spots that the pair of them get hit will be visible. The idea to try and make an outline of them on the wall is brought up, but sadly shot down as Gavin would never hold still enough for it.
      • The first shots at the Moon Ball wall don't go well, to the extent that Michael starts walking towards the firing station to give them a better shot. Three steps in, Lindsay nails him in the face. Gavin, for his part, starts taunting them, but you can probably guess how well that goes.
      • Fiona gets Gavin with a groin shot and apologizes profusely as he's rolling on the ground in pain.
    • The "Ready Set Show" segment features a few games of charades under odd circumstances. Having to mime out words with your arms handcuffed behind your back is a strong start, but then Trevor and Jeremy exchange the handcuffs for an electric Shock Collar that gets triggered at random intervals.
      • For added hilarity, consider that the guy holding the button that shocks Achievement Hunter at will is Facilities Manager John Mace.
        Jeremy: Okay, wait, wait. Before we start the round, I- Listen, I know you hate me! I know you hate me!
        John Mace: I never said "hate".
        Jeremy: Yes, but you've thought it loudly!
      • This results in some fairly hilarious trains of thought as Jeremy's guesses are interrupted by shocks.
        Jeremy: Swimming! Swimming in a large pool! Swimming in an Olympic stad-AAAAAH! SWIMMIIIING! Elephant swimming! Taking waves- Wave! Riding the waves! Swimming on the waves! WaAAAAAAAAKE-BOARDING!! WAKE! Oh my- Surfing!
      • And then Jeremy taunts John to his face.
        Jeremy: (after a round) You are so nonchalant about this, that's the problem.
        (Jeremy and Trevor scream as John shocks them)
        John Mace: You don't address ME!
        Jeremy: (weakly) I'm sorry, sir!

     Always Open 
  • Episode 6: Miles and Ashley explain the "Tubgirl" video to Mariel and Barbara. In itself, not particularly funny (and you kind of feel bad for all four of them), but...
    Miles: The first time I saw it, it was sprayed on the wall in a Counter-Strike: Source game. There was nothing I could do! I just wanted to stop the terrorists, and then there she was!
    • The discussion segues into Miles recounting his own "Matrix" moment...and only gets more inappropriate from there. Highlights include:
      • Miles (again) reenacting being handcuffed with death metal blasting for his first sexual encounter, and Barb's facial expressions while that story is being shared.
      • Miles and Barbara pretending to gauge sex toy sizes by putting them in their mouths.
  • Episode 17, featuring the four RWBY ladies, in the middle of Lindsay's pregnancy:
    Lindsay: I'm a fucking nerd. (...) Ruby, the youngest member of the group, is the most innocent one.
    Barbara: She's pregnant and swearing.
    Arryn: [laughing] Totally the most innocent one.
    • The standard autograph spots in pictures of the crew: Arryn, her butt (Barb goes "Bella booty!"); Barb, in Miles' crotch; Lindsay, in Michael's one; and Kara, out of spite, always over Gus's face.
  • Still Open #23: Tyler and Mariel get into a heated argument over Tyler's sexual habits...and not realizing that the camera is on them. It takes all of Max and Barbara's willpower to not die from laughing.
  • Episode 44, which reunites Team RWBY during Halloween, and the best costume is Lindsay as "a shark faunus" (promptly homaged by the official artist for RWBY Chibi!) - if we don't count JJ coming in as the Bride of Frankenstein...
    • The four trying to draw first each other in costume, then their own RWBY characters.
  • Episode 53, with Gavin's prank on Barbara. He makes himself a Funny Background Event by filming himself strolling across the real-life location used as the set backdrop and then confusedly looks into the camera.
  • Just the title of Episode 61: "Mia Khalifa Blows Barb's Mind." Half the viewer comments are some variation of I Thought It Meant...
    • Mia and Mariel speculate that Barbara attended Degrassi High.
      Barb: I got straight "eh"s.
    • A discussion of long-distance relationships leads to:
      Mia: I don't shop local.
      Mariel: You don't keep Austin weird?
      Mia: Austin is a little too weird, I'm not gonna lie. Very hard to find a man here. Everyone is just
      Blaine: I just want someone that's gonna make America great again!
      (Mariel cringes, Mia cracks up)
      • After Mia clarifies that she's gotten a little tired of the yoga-and-vegans demographic in Austin, Blaine pictures her showing up to a date in a monster truck filled with steaks.
  • The episode with Arryn, Lindsay and Mariel, along with Lindsay saying that instead of Kara to complete RWBY, "we have Blanca" (as one comment noted, "Mexican Weiss"), the description of a NSFW video Mariel showed them followed by Arryn noting the swearing always startles her until she remembers that this show doesn't need clean language.
  • "The One Where Jeremy Swipes Right": Mariel and her girlfriend have a new roommate, who is several years younger than them. Supposedly, they like to troll her by acting like overly-strict parents.
    • Mariel also (jokingly) tried to get her girlfriend to address her as "Chef" in a romantic moment. The response was "You haven't earned that title," which Barb, Jon and Jeremy agree was a power move.


     The Know 
  • In the video announcing Meg Turney's leaving of Rooster Teeth, she, Ashley and Ryan laugh at the fact that the Subreddit for Rooster Teeth asked the tough questions like "How is Ryan taking Meg leaving?", "How is Gavin going to get to work?" and "Is Meg and Gavin going to break up?"
  • In the video talking about the complaints on the Titanfall 2 Beta, Ashley and Gus talk about how the titular mecha were much weaker. Gus explains it as "They're Titans and they fall." Ashley glares at Gus, glares at the camera and stomps off.
    • In another video talking about how a cheap game on Steam was actually a cryptomining scheme, when Ashley mentions how Valve finally stepped in and told everyone what was up, Gus responds "Was it 'dog'?" Ashley glares at the camera and stomps off while Gus tries his best not to laugh too loudly. Ashley comes back and declares she's doing the rest of the read under protest.

     How To with Joel and Adam 
  • Adam and Joel build a car in Garry's Mod. Neither of them have ever played Garry's Mod before. Hilarity Ensues.
    • After about three minutes of trying to build the car, they get distracted and end up spending the next five minutes trying to hit each other with the largest props they can find.
    • A few minutes later, Adam discovers the tool gun but can't figure out how to activate anything he spawns with it.
    • Joel discovers the advanced duplicator and proceeds to hit the prop limit.
  • Adam and Joel jump a car in episode 2 of Garry's Mod.
    • Mattress monster.
    • Adam spawns a bunch of headcrabs on Joel while he's trying to work.
  • Joel & Adam Build the Millennium Falcon in Garry's Mod.
    • God mode is off this time, resulting in many physics-related deaths.
    • After three episodes, Joel and Adam still haven't figured out the props that were welded while frozen are what's keeping their vehicles from moving. They think they keep accidentally welding things to the ground.
    • After finishing their "Millenium Falcon", they end up flipping over every time they try to fly with it. Eventually, they give up and fly it up to the "Death Star" with no clip.
  • "How To: Left 4 Dead 2" is a barrel of fun. First off, they're playing with models and flashlight skins downloaded from the Steam Workshop. Matt is the Shark Slayer, Joel is Sanic, Adam is Professor Genki, and Jeremy is Colonel Sanders.
    • The Tank is Donkey Kong, and instead of throwing rocks he throws barrels full of bananas.
    • Joel spends the first minute of the video completely baffled by the fact that his flashlight is an anime girl note .
    • Adam keeps lighting Matt on fire and throwing tartar sauce (Boomer bile) at him in attempts to cook and eat him.
    • Jeremy always refers to healing items as KFC products, even though they haven't been reskinned. Health kits are buckets of chicken, adrenaline and boomer bile are gravy, and pills are mashed potatoes.
  • Adam and Joel tase people. There's also some game in between the tasing.
  • Joel and Jack meet the Kinectimals. Things go horribly wrong.
    Joel: Oh God! Oh God! Cinnamon, no! Cinnamon, no! Back!
    Jack: [loses it]
  • Joel and Jack play Dead—er, Happy Space. For kidz!
  • How To: Pet Dinosaur...all of it.
    Joel: All right, Adam! So the first thing you gotta do is find a dinosaur. (finds a Triceratops)
    Adam: ...What the fuck are you doing? (begins laughing as Joel proceeds to do the below)
    Joel: (Epic music starts playing) And then you punch the dinosaur Adam! Punch it, punch the dinosaur! (this continues for several seconds)
    • Once he's punched the trike enough, it winds up dead in the shallows. Undeterred, Joel tries to tame it, feeding the corpse berries, but he quickly gives up.
    Joel: All right, so the next thing you do is find another dinosaur. (finds a Dilophosaurus)
    Adam: ...Oh my god... (begins laughing again as Joel proceeds to do the below)
    Joel: (Epic music starts playing) And you punch the dinosaur Adam! Punch it, punch the dinosaur!
    Joel: Wh...what the fuck?! (Sees the dilo in the distance) Hey! Asshole! Get back here! (Epic music starts playing) Alright Adam, so you punch the dinosaur, you pun- (kills the dilo in two hits and catapults it over the horizon Skyrim-style). Goddammit...
    Joel: All right, so you gotta find, I guess, another dinosaur. (finds a sauropod)
    Adam: Holy shit. (begins laughing again as Joel turns to a dodo)
    Joel: (Epic music starts playing again) Punch the dinosaur Adam! Punch it, punch the dinosaur!
    • Joel successfully tames this one, and declares that he has tamed a dinosaur, and that is how you Pet Dinosaur. He names the dodo "Adam", and Adam sums up everyone's thoughts.
    Adam: The fuck is this video?!

    Hard Mode/STF Gaming 
  • How to play Hide 'N Seek in Quarantine
    • Jon guesses if Mariel is hiding under her couch, but she replies that her butt won't fit.
    • Barbara correctly guesses that Chris was hiding under his sink, especially since he apparently snuck a lighter and towels in with him and complains about the heat.
  • Guess Who, but all the Characters are our Coworkers
    • Jon created a Guess Who board featuring all the RT, Achievement Hunter, and Funhaus talent with the twist being that everyone has to ask personality type questions. It's quite an insight into how they perceive everyone.
    • When Barbara asks if anyone has pets, Blaine counters with asking if kids count.
  • Uncomfortable Guess Who with Geoff and Gavin
    • Jon starts introducing Geoff and Gavin, but gets Gavin's middle name wrong. Gavin proceeds to grouse about the bad selfie of him used on the board.
    • The first question was wondering if anyone worked out, to which Geoff bursts out laughing after Jon asked him if Gus worked out.
    • Gavin asks if anyone is partnered with anyone out of their league. When the answer is no, Geoff gets Jon to cover Jack's face.
      Barbara: So who is dating someone out of their league?
      Gavin: Put one on me. [Jon bursts out laughing]
    • Gavin and Barbara are convinced Lindsay, Michael, Chris, and Matt Bragg would get involved in pyramid schemes, and then tells Barbara to cover Michael's face for the Ugly Guy, Hot Wife question.
    • Jon demands that each time a question rules out Michael, that his face should have more pellets covering him after yet another question rules out Michael.
  • Uncomfortable Guess Who with Jack & Fiona
    • Like Gavin before him, Jack is annoyed that Jon used a weird selfie of him.
      Jack: No one ever looks at me and says 'goddess'.
    • Jack and Fiona jokingly plug the RT store and Fiona's F-ing Around show after Barbara mentions the site has an extended version.
    • On the extended version, one of the questions was would the person have sex with themselves, Fiona brings up the "Trevor blowing himself" rumor, convinced it was a real story, sending Jon into hysterics. She's also convinced Ryan is obsessed with himself.
      Jon: I want a history of Rooster Teeth written by Fiona!
    • Another extended version question is who has worked at Rooster Teeth the majority of their careers. After Jack rules out Geoff and Gus, Jon jokes that Gavin was stolen from the cradle.
  • Dirty Bingo with Trevor and Ify
    • After Barbara asks if anyone uses Bing, Ify replies he does for his porn searches. He comments that he supported more OnlyFans pages than Kickstarters.
    • Ify tells the story of he got into Eric Andre's invite-only party by being so loudly polite about the entrance policy that the bouncers just let him in.
  • Insane Quarantine Hide & Seek Tactic!
    • Chris hides behind a false wall beside his closet, and both Blaine and special guest Brandon don't notice the obvious warp until he's the third person to be found.
  • Three words: Painful Musical Chairs. And by that, instead of the normal chairs, you have Chad's sex toy, a kid chair, a trash can and a broken recliner chair. There's a fifth chair, but whoever has to sit on that chair ends up getting their crotch thwacked. Why? Because it's a pummel horse. Three guesses as to what happens, and the first two don't count.
    Barbara: Well, I'm really glad I won't be able to have sex in quarantine!
    • Watch when Barbara gets pummeled. Jon is just standing there with the trash can over him like a creeper.
  • Phasmophobia with NO Flashlights
    • In the third round Gus and Chris enter the school as Jon is busy feeding his kitten. He returns to find that he has no source of light other than a cigarette lighter. Jon learns that he could constantly flick it on, leading Gus and Chris to think it's a haunting. Gus specifically thinks it's a typewriter and starts to get scared.
  • D&D in Minecraft!
    • The group are playing the Twilight forest mod, and Barb goes off on her own and stumbles on the Naga, sending her fleeing while screaming in terror.
  • Can we find the Baby Man? Hide & Seek
    • Kayla comes up with another Hide and Seek game, this time to find the baby in a King Cake. Her twist is that the building is the "cake" and Chris is the "baby". He runs out wearing nothing but a giant diaper and socks, and Gus walks away.
    • As Kayla helps Chris hide, Gus and Blaine comment about Chris's odd lack of upper body hair.
    • Lindsay passes by Barbara and comments that they checked their womb and it's empty. Their comment makes Barbara check the nursing mothers' room and finds him stuffed into a bean bag.
  • Long Distance Charades in Public
    • STF and special guest Blizzb3ar go to the park to play Charades. Hilarity Ensues as the twist is that they have play across two sides of a pond.
    • The first round has "butthole" as Chris's prompt, so as he acts it out for Kayla, she comments about him doing the same thing during the filming of Camp Betrayal. She doesn't get the answer right and as they talk about it, Chris yells "butt hole" louder and louder.
  • Family Feud w/ Steven Spohn (AbleGamers Charity)
    • The STF gang with special guest Armando, are playing the Switch version of Family Feud and raising money for the AbleGamers nonprofit organization. The stream actually goes smoothly until the final round when the question "Name a job that we need more people to do". They got no points for "nurses" and "teachers", and when the top answer was revealed to be "police officer", causing everyone to protest. Jon immediately RageQuits the game and boots up Animal Crossing.
      Jon: I need a refund of this game! I spent money for this game and I refuse!
  • This Game Made Us Hate Each Other - Pico Park Gameplay
    • The STF gang are playing Pico Park, a co-op game that requires a lot of very clear communication and teamwork. Lots of yelling ensues.
    • At one point, one of the obstacles requires that nobody jump on the buttons in front of them. Blizz says he knows how to play platformers, but he accidentally brushes against one of the buttons, killing all of them. Blaine and Gus angrily stomp over to scream that last statement back at him while Griff sarcastically screams at him as well while Blizz can only cover his muffled laughing. Meanwhile, Jon is hysterically cackling so hard he can barely breathe.
      Griff: You're not beating these allegations, Blizz!!!

Live Action

     RT Recap 

     Happy Hour 
  • "Gavin After Dentist" has Meg film Gavin after getting his wisdom teeth removed.
    • On the ride home, Gavin asks about his teeth, is convinced that they didn't get removed at one point and wonders why he didn't get to keep them.
    • His Mario Kart 64 dream involving a family of dentists.
    • His mopey yet gushy admiration towards Meg is both this and Heartwarming Moment.

     RT Life 
  • This edition of RT Life. JJ makes a dumb vine at the expense of being soaked, Miles gets "ferociously savaged" by Rebel the Dog, and Brandon has to find Gavin after he's been rejected from a bar. He finds Gavin taking a piss in the dumpster.
  • Everybody showing how, just by filming a single video, Michael's raging affects their lives.
  • RT Life, they go out to jump a person's car on Reddit. Brandon proves to be the champion of comedy. First they turn to him to direct him to their destination and while he knows where it is, he doesn't realize that he's supposed to be navigating and directing them to said location. Then once they get there, he has to crawl under the fence to let them in. Then he gets out the jumper cables before they've confirmed they've found the car. Then they realize that they're at the wrong location. Then they get to the right location, find the person who needs help, and turn to Brandon for the jumper cables.....who left it at the other location.... and then asks everyone else why they didn't put it back in the truck.
    Burnie: Within one sentence, you explain why it was your fault and immediately shifted blame to everyone else.
    • Bonus points: the person they helped apparently doesn't have a problem asking a nearby car if they've got a pair of jumper cables but does have a problem asking for a boost. Instead, she posts to Reddit for help
  • Gavin's return, which sees him waste no time in starting the trolling all over again.
  • Gavin trying and failing to flip off Geoff's chair.
  • Ray winding up in the cage of Adam's dog Rebel. Rebel ends up in there too and starts licking Ray's face. Ray proceeds to drop these gems.
    Ray: Oh hey, we're both brown.
    Ray: This is the most action I've gotten in a year.
  • Mike the intern (no, not the guy who does Rage Quit) trying and failing to jump over his own leg.
  • Jack later gets his own back and painfully waxes Gavin's arm.
  • Michael failing to eat a five pound gummy bear.
  • Burnie and Ashley's Street Pass prank on Gus.
  • Gavin being hit in the nuts.
  • Gus and Barbara trolling Ben after he gets a little too cocky about the Olympics.
  • Two words: Gangnam Style.
  • Matt Bragg holds a Mario Kart tournament for the pets of Rooster Teeth. One round featured a turtle and a pet rock.
  • Chris scaring Kara.
  • Barbara, Becca, and the rest of the Marketing Department post anti-Burnie signs all over the studio in retaliation to him trying to steal their new office.
  • Brandon has a heartfelt conversation with Joe the Cat.
  • The Animation and Games Departments entertain themselves with a surprisingly competitive game they dubbed Chairball, concluding with Miles throwing a cup of water all over the winner.
  • Miles in a Tiny Sweater. Miles wandering around the Rooster Teeth offices in the legendary "Virgin Killer" sweater. Cringe and laughs about.
    Mica: He's still in it! Oh, my God!
    (moments later)
    Ashley: Are you done?
    Miles: I'm on the third divine beast.
    Ashley: What about your divine beast? Because we're seeing an awful lot of that right now.
  • One of the guys in the production department brought his puppies to the studio and set up a play area where people could enjoy cuddling with them. Totally normal, if not for the fact that Matt Hullum, the CEO himself, showed up to play with the dogs wearing a doggie onesie.
  • 4 days before The Force Awakens was released, Blaine was invited to a screening of the Force Awakens.... only it's a Star Wars themed Rooster Teeth short.
  • Will bets Blaine $100 that he can't wear a bubble suit for an entire day. Blaine takes him up on his bet...and promptly becomes the company Butt-Monkey for the day as everyone just tries to inconvenience him at every turn. He gives up.
  • Josh's scorpion prank. He's mostly successful, and then it cuts to an unimpressed Gavin eating. He points out the camera to Michael's Dull Surprise, and then proceeds to eat his taco as sloppily as possible.
  • Blaine kicked his shoe onto the roof of the studio because he was trying to Kung-Shoe Gavin. Thanks to Achievement Hunter's grappling hook, he gets it back after several attempts.
  • Trevor had the bright idea to throw a moonball into the main Rooster Teeth office's ventilation system, where it predictably gets stuck. According to Miles, Trevor then tried to bounce an orange up there to get it out but it fails. Trevor recreates the throw and lodges another moonball into the vent, that later falls out easily.
    • Max walks back in to discover Miles up on a ladder with his arm in the vent, looking on in complete confusion.
    Matt: Oh, you were gone for a bit, huh?
    Max: What.
    Miles: It's escalated, don't worry about it.
    Max: It apparently has! You're in death zone.
    • The first one then falls out while they're not paying attention as Max asks if Miles was drinking, and it rolls down Miles' back and still hits Matt on the head. Trevor runs back into the room, having run off to find a hard hat and Max tells the audience to stay off ladders if they've been drinking.
  • The office has a tub full of ice for drinks, and since it's running low, Blaine figured the next step is to dump Chris into it. Obviously, Chris objects, so they both try to get Jon instead. However, Jon manages to scramble out and gang up with Blaine get Chris into the tub again. When that fails, they resort to Rock–Paper–Scissors, and Blaine loses.
  • Destroying The Moonball - RT Life
    • Chad's been hanging out with Achievement Hunter for way too long, because he got his hands on their moon ball so he's driving Max to insanity with it.
    • After Chad throws the moon ball at him, Max threatens to destroy the moonball by any means necessary. His first thought? Squishing it and running it over with a forklift.
    • When the forklift doesn't work, Max wants to try to use the hydraulic press on it but is shot down. He resorts to a vice instead and when that doesn't work, he simply torches it.
    • The video ends with Chad desperately trying to scrub off the melted rubber off his fingers because he touched the melting moon ball. So he runs after Max with his wet and rubbery fingers, but Max escapes by overturning a trash can and tripping him up.
    • The name of the game is hide and seek throughout Stages 2 and 5. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Chris immediately draws the shortest straw (or, well, zip-tie) and has to find everyone. He straps a GoPro to his forehead as a camera, leading to this gem.
    Chris: So I know I get a lot of request for like "What's it like to be Chris?" Well, now you're finally gonna know. People are running away and hiding from me at all times. This is indicative of my reality.
  • The Amazing Coffee Race
    • Barbara makes a challenge to pit Blaine and Chris against each other to see which is faster - Blaine running to Starbucks to get coffee, or Chris using the office coffee machine. Gus adds his own bet, that he can order a coffee on his phone and get it delivered before either of them are back. The eventual winner is Blaine, despite not having done cardio in years, and despite having lost his camerawoman Ellie almost immediately. Chris, teamed up with Christina, is hampered by the fact that there are no coffee beans anywhere and so have to resort to using pre-powdered coffee (some of which Christina then plants so they'll have more coffee for later), while Gus's order gets cancelled because the coffee shop wasn't currently taking orders.
      • It turns out Blaine's so distinctive that when Ellie gets to the Starbucks, and Blaine's already been and gone, she only needs to ask a guy if he's seen a big buff dude carrying coffees and she immediately gets an answer.
  • The Great Microwave Heist
    • John Mace apparently promised the bungalow team that they would get a microwave for the break room but since it's been months, the bungalow team decided they were going to steal one from Stage 5. And since Chad ran into Gavin in the Stage 5 break room, Achievement Hunter gets roped into the plot. Their perspective is "The Great Microwave Heist: Team Distraction".
    • Christina photographs the microwave so she can make a decoy, only to discover the photo she took has her reflection in it. Since the decoy she made is from a potato chip box, she realizes it can be traced back to her since chips are her Trademark Favorite Food.
    • The whole plan is a shambles out of the gate because Hector wasn't even in the building and arrived a couple minutes after they started. When locking him up proves ineffective, Chad and Barbara recruit him instead, and desperate to lock someone in the cage, they lock Sam in there. Then they return from a snack run to find the cage completely empty. Chad, being Genre Savvy and referencing Fakeout Escape, just throws a packet of Doritos into the cage rather than going in to look for Sam.
    • The bungalow team successfully gets their microwave... only for Drew to discover that Achievement Hunter stole Chad's [BLEEP] during the theft. Gavin is quickly spotted and runs away when Chad discovers what happened.
    • The [BLEEP], as revealed in a Shenanigans video on the Achievement Hunter channel, turns out to be Chad's desk, and everything that was on that desk, all because Chad declined a taco from Michael.
      Chad: [resignedly] Remember, if Achievement Hunter ever offers you a taco, take it.
  • THE SNAKE PRANK: Blaine is afraid of snakes. There had to be a live snake on set for a shoot of Arizona Circle. After the shoot, Chris decides to prank Blaine with a fake snake. The result? Blaine tripping over in his attempt to escape, scratching his side and breaking his phone case when it falls out of his pocket.
    • RT Core has had enough of Achievement Hunter's pranks and turns their office into a carnival in retaliation.
    • The crew sets up a petting zoo, and the first thing Ryan does is try to eat the animals.
      • Fiona is nearly in tears from how cute the petting zoo animals are, and after the above happens she sounds like she's about to have a breakdown.
        Ryan: So what does that one taste like?
        Fiona: What the- What the hell is wrong with you?!
        Ryan: Is this not a restaurant?
    • Chris dresses himself up as a kissing booth and charges everyone $5 each to NOT kiss him. He makes over $100!
      • Ryan's response to this is to demand that Chris give him five dollars in exchange for Ryan not pelting him with bean balls. When Barbara tries to defuse the situation, Ryan starts accurately pelting Chris without even looking at him.
    • There is a shooting range over Matt Bragg's desk, and whenever someone hits a target, it spills glitter all over his stuff.
    • Christina and Jessica set up a food booth with corn dogs (hot dogs covered in canned corn) and funnel cake (handfuls of bunt cake smushed into a funnel). Ryan proceeds to try to force Jessica to eat them in turn.
    • Ryan and Fiona race to the bouncy castle. Ryan wins, and then the ticket taker demands that he hand over a ticket, Ryan dares him to pull him out, with Ryan acting like a bratty child all the while, stealing the ticket taker's cane in the process.
    • Todd dresses as a fortune telling booth and hands out bad fortunes.
      It smells like piss in here. P.S. Where is your bathroom?
      You will find the love of your life this year... but will have a hard time inflating her.
      Bring back Ray.
      You're standing in Zoltodd's fart zone.
      You will have a medium to shitty year.
    • As several comments have pointed out, Core's idea of "pranking" AH was cleaning their office and giving them a fun outing at a carnival. Not helping is Blaine's referring to it as their "war against the Achievement Hunters", which thus far they have been summarily losing.
      Ryan: You know what we get out of this? They have to now clean our office better than it was before, or we'll break them.
    • In another episode of their 'anti-war' against AH, Core goes to a Cabela's (a stereotypically southern department store) to buy them gifts. Gavin gets a hunting hat, Fiona gets a kid's fishing rod, Michael gets a fishing net, Jeremy gets roll-on deodorant of coyote scent, Ryan gets a shirt that says 'Mama needs a nap', Jack gets a sign that says 'It's all fun and games until someone loses a weiner', and Lindsay gets a mug that says 'This girl loves to hunt fish'.
    • One of the displays has a mannequin holding a sledgehammer aloft triumphantly for no reason.
    • After they find Andrew standing at the hunting equipment, Chad wonders out loud if anybody's ever gotten Achievement Hunter a beartrap.
    • As the guys take a break on some recliners, Drew falls asleep.
    • Michael is overjoyed with his net. He's genuinely happy that he now has a people-hunting net.
  • The Smell | RT Life
    • Something stinks in the Bungalow, and Core are racking their heads over what it is and what it could be. The whole time, Jon frequently reminds everyone that he can't smell it thanks to his lack of sense of smell.
    • Eventually, Jon, Gus and Chad go to ask Achievement Hunter what they did. They get distracted for a moment after Jeremy asks which is the most socially acceptable part of a dick to show in public, before they actually manage to ask the question and are told that it's not AH's fault this time (though they do offer their help in finding the source, to no success).
      • It gets so bad they eventually text facilities for help, and Chad has to specify in the message that 'Achievement Hunter swears they did not do anything to the building'.
  • Office Hide & Seek w/ Achievement Hunter & STF - RT Life
    • Because AH and STF have returned to a temporary office, they've decided to christen things with a game of Hide and Seek. As they draw straws, Gavin is the last to draw and gets the short one. He throws it away, so Kayla volunteers to be the seeker instead.
    • As everyone finds spots to hide, Gavin and Trevor both decide to hide behind the drinks fridge.
    • Jon tries to fit inside another fridge but he can't, so he opts for the top shelf behind some boxes in a supply closet. Blaine, however, manages to fit inside the fridge.
    • Chris tries to hide in a garbage can but he can't, and is forced to choose another spot while Barbara has similar trouble.
    • Kayla peers into a meeting room, realizes it's a real meeting, and quickly finds Barbara behind a clothes rack. She also smells cologne in the boxes of clothes, but doesn't realize it's Chris hiding in them.
    • After Alfredo is found, Barbara comments that Matt should have replaced the cardboard cutout of him behind the couch with himself and stand there.
    • Michael is quickly discovered behind a drinks machine and is relieved to be found because he's so uncomfortable.
    • Kayla finds both Gavin and Trevor behind the drinks fridge because she spots Trevor's elbow and shoes. Gavin climbs over the fridge and then pushes the fridge back, blocking Trevor.
    • Lindsay is hiding in a chair in a corner with a poster over them, and Kayla passes them at least twice.
    • Matt is found hunched on the floor behind a giant bean bag.
    • Kayla finds Blaine in the fridge, and he pretends to be dead. Everyone then starts snacking on ice pops as they try to everyone else.
    • Gus is found hiding in a bathroom stall, and because he had to lift his legs up, he's sore because his legs are asleep.
    • Alfredo smacks each box of clothes until he lands on Chris.
    • Kayla failed to find Lindsay and Jon, so they reveal themselves. Gus is annoyed that Lindsay got away with it because he thought their idea was a dumb spot.

     Social Disorder 

     The Gauntlet 
  • Joel's seriously deadpan commentary over the games of Left 4 Dead 2.
  • Joel commenting on Minecraft.
  • "Fro Guy", a contestant that had a big afro.
  • Joel's ridiculously complicated interview process for Season 2 of The Gauntlet... which turns out to be meaningless.
  • In Episode 3 of The Gauntlet Season 2, we get quite a few moments.
    • Ryan proposes taking on the other teams physically should they lose. Later, he says he doesn't want to identify a particular weak link, then immediately coughs and mutters "Gavin".
    • Burnie and Joel's fake Bitch in Sheep's Clothing moment about the community supposedly being unimportant. Earlier, Burnie randomly points out that more dinosaurs supposedly equals more awesomeness, then tries saying "go dinosaur or go home" and passing it off as a common cliche". Joel then says "nobody's ever said that before in any context".
    • The Rooster Teeth staff team do not get an easy time. They get shoved in the basement to practice because they supposedly are less important than the other teams, are told that they're the expendable ones in terms of the asbestos in the basement, and are then told, alongside the other teams, that they have to clad a player in Mjolnir armour, for which they choose Miles. Cue a sequence with him epically marching in and giving salutes... only to discover that nobody else had to don the armour. Burnie then calls him an attention seeker.
    • Burnie's attempt to count the players in fails when the gamers have to wait for themselves to be loaded in. Then he tries once more and gets told by Joel that he's failed yet again.
    • Gavin randomly starts baiting the community team by saying they're crap, to which he gets the reply, "No You". Burnie deadpans and says that the community team has just represented the entire community badly by doing so.
      • Later, this becomes a Brick Joke when a bit of Trash Talk comes back their way, and one of the community members shouts "for a group of Achievement Hunters, you guys are sucking a bunch of *censorship bleep*s!"
    • Team Internet Celebrity have a bit of luck when they all seize the hill... only for Miles and community member Stan to run them all over with Ghosts.
    • Throughout the entire thing, Joel's deadpan commentary lampshades the fact that both Team AH and, to a lesser extent Team Rooster Teeth play Halo for a living and are not doing well. Of course, Team RT eventually comes second but it's still funny.
    • The Achievement Hunter team start doing so badly that when Ryan seizes the hill, Michael fails to register for a few moments that it's happened. Gavin then forgets they're playing KOTH and starts getting Michael to gun down random players who aren't near the hill, including Gus.
    Michael: Who gives a shit about the guy not on the hill, Gavin?
    (pause, Gus later gets gunned down)
    Gus: Why are you coming after me? The hill's in the other direction!
    Michael: THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING!
  • In Episode 4:
    • At one point, they're supposed to run a mini-obstacle course jumping over spikes and collecting coins before stopping and eating 10 onion rings. The first contestant through plows through all the spikes, leaves the rings, and smashes the plate of onion rings into the far wall as he bowls past.
    • "Stop." *The onion ring plate gets pushed off the table with the contestant running. Another contestant passes by as well*. This leads to a great bit of Laser-Guided Karma when the guilty party has to scoop them up with his bare hands, being told he may only use the tools provided.
    • Michael's general frustration at the game.
    • iJustine gets progressively more frustrated leading to
      iJustine: Who plays this game?
  • Episode 5, Season 2.
    Burnie: We have a situation now. The only way we could possibly solve this f*cking problem is if you stab me in the neck and kill me. (progressively getting louder) Then you freeze my corpse and launch me into f*cking space! Then my only hope is, some civilization some time in the future finds my floating, frozen corpse, AND SOLVES THIS PROBLEM, WITH A TECHNOLOGY THAT I CAN'T EVEN F*CKING FATHOM!
    (cut to Chris and Brandon)
    Chris: So, Burnie and Joel can't be here right now, but they just want you guys to try your best.
    Brandon: Yeah, they were really enthusiastic. They're really rooting for you guys.
    • Gavin complains he didn't get to do much in the first round of the first game, which results in Ryan and Michael snarking that it's because he can't do anything.
    • When all of RT team has a meltdown when time is running out and no one is pushing the button. This is not helped by the addition of symbols that they all take liberties in describing.
    Miles: Enable dude rolling his back on a ball.
    Barbara: Enable some guy on a ball!
    Gus: Enable the guy on the ball!!
    Jordan: I DON'T HAVE THE GUY ON THE BALL!!!!!!
    • After finding out that his team is now vulnerable to elimination, Michael decides to essentially flip the other teams off by miming him ejaculating all over them. Immediately after, Burnie's new Immunity tool is revealed... to be the immunity wrench.
    • In addition to the teams being blindfolded, Burnie randomly ends up blindfolded as well even though it's not necessary, and ends up peeing near where Gus is standing. Gus pays no attention to it.
    • One of the members of the Community Team having trouble finding the "a" button on the keyboard. Somehow, he goes so far off-field that he accidentally presses enter.
  • In Episode 7 of Season 2, the music becomes slow and flashback shows Michael saying that him and Gavin will have a truce and win together with Gavin encouraging Michael on, seconds later, Michael eliminates Gavin out the game and Michael is then eliminated.
  • The Redemption Dog

     On The Spot 
  • The overall trend of the show is that Jon will eventually be driven insane by the end of the episode.
  • Ryan brings his obsession with small animals here.
  • Team CSC's movie pitch titled RWBY volume 3.
  • Joel explains what it means to be "Joeled".
  • Team CSC vs Team Free Willy- Surprising Things to Yell When Climaxing:
    • Ryan starts things out by shouting "Glad you're not my sister!" before Jon has even started the game.
    • Moments later, without missing a beat, Ray shouts "Gavin!"
  • The season finale goes entirely Off the Rails as Geoff completely hijacks just about every moment with random stories.
    • Geoff points out Jack's socks leading to Joel deciding to take off one of Jack's socks and play with it. Gavin quickly abandons ship.
  • Ryan defines "Muppet Neck":
    Ryan: Alright, you know how white boys be all like at the disco?
    (Ray collapses to the ground in laughter)
  • Eyebrow cam.
  • "Zombie apocalypse? Fuck bread."
  • Episode 13 has Aaron & Blaine win, meaning that they'll return in the next episode to defend their title. Episode 14 was supposed to have Blaine & Aaron play against Gus & Josh, but we find out that as soon as the show went live, Josh jumped ship and Aaron switched teams, meaning that Blaine is all alone. They eventually pull in Barbara to be his teammate, but when she joins the other team, Chris has to fill in. When Chris defects, Josh—Gus's original teammate—takes his place. When Gus's mega-team inevitably wins, Gus asks if Josh wants to be on the winning team.
  • This particular exchange, which starts when Blaine is forced to describe "Champion Juice":
    Blaine: Champion Juice is not sweat. It's, okay, you know when you take off your work-out shorts, and there's, like, that really pungent smell?
    Jon: (smiling) No, I don't.
    Blaine: Well, you don't work out.
    (Barbara chuckles)
    Blaine: It's, there's a really, like,...there's like a stank...
    Jon: I also don't have a sense of smell!
    Blaine: (the realization hits him) Oh...
    (Barbara breaks out laughing)
    Jon: But thank you for going with the insult route!
  • The complete trainwreck that is the second half of Episode 30, all starting with the redemption challenge. It involves, among other things, Dan smashing cookies into the carpet, Gavin cramming cookies into Dan's mouth in an attempt to gain more points, at least 2 separate instances of people being pushed out of their chairs, and all the contestants eating cookies off the floor at some point - with special mention to Michael, who starts sucking the crumbs Dan crushed into the carpet off the floor like a vacuum cleaner. It gets so chaotic that Jon completely gives up and starts giving (and taking) away obscene amounts of points to everyone for every little thing that happens.
  • Episode 32 has Miles and Kerry versus the first appearance of the Game Grumps, Arin and Dan. As expected of them, Arin and Dan improvise extremely well and yet still derail the show at every opportunity.
    • To start with, the team names have Miles and Kerry as "Team Fisti Cuffs" and Arin and Dan as "Team Frighteningly Enormous Penis"note . It gets funny when Dan and Kerry switch teams mid-show temporarily, with the names now being "Team Frighteningly Enormous Cuffs" and "Team Tist-a Penis". They later switch again with Miles and Arin becoming "Team Fist a Penis" and Kerry and Dan becoming..."Team Pizza Butt"
    Miles: "We're done-ion wings, Kerry, it's just, it wasn't working out."
    Kerry (looking concerned): "Is it because the baby was on fire? Baby, no..."
    • Once Arin realises Dan is on the winning team, he switches over leaving Kerry alone. Kerry's solution? To replace Arin with a Pizza Hut box. It gets better when Arin opens it up and everyone realises that the Pizza Hut boxes that they thought was sponsored props actually had pizza in them. To end it all, when Jon is reading the sponsored ad, Dan signals Arin to throw a piece into his mouth from across the stage. They do, the audience loudly cheers, and Jon is ignored.
      • The teams are tasked to collect items and cosplayers from the audience. Arin brings a wallet for the money item, but the guy took it back. Suddenly a Penny cosplayer runs down and gives Arin a Canadian dollar which, when presented, makes Jon lose his temper.
      Jon:"What the fuck is this?!(Throws money on the floor) No!"(audience boos)
      • Near the end of the show, Jon is asking for a location for Impromptu Pitch. The audience is a jumbled mess of words. That is until one name gains traction and the whole audience starts shouting it.
      • After both teams win (which they reason due to switching sides so much), Jon says he doesn't have the Golden Gus. Thinking on the fly, he brings Ray on stage, who everyone proceeds to hug before stating Ray himself was the trophy and that the winner owned him.
    Dan:"Come on, sit on daddy's lap."
  • Episode 36, Joel temporarily becomes the host after he begins to give and take points without any input from Jon. It goes about as well as one might expect.
  • Episode 40
    • When Kurt and Nick are introduced, you can quite clearly hear someone in the audience shout "Goddammit! Fuck!"
      • It wasn't someone in the audience. It was Blaine.
        Miles: You need to calm down, okay?
    • Blaine gets hammered. He has about eight beers during the game, in addition to three he drank beforehand, and he makes life hell for Miles the entire time.
    • Team Hats gives Jon, Blaine, and Miles hats as "gifts". Miles' and Blaine's hats say "Butt" and "Hole", respectively. Jon gives them several hundred bonus points.
    • During their turn of "Cunning Linguistics", Blaine calls his mom as a "lifeline".
    Jon: Three hundred bonus points for Blaine's mom.
    • Blaine winds up leaving the set at the start of "Impromptu Pitch" to go pee, causing a brief discussion of making Miles go first in spite of this. (It's decided to have Team Hats go anyway.)
      Miles: I'll take fucking Bob Ross.note 
  • Episode 49 gets off to a good start when Jon winds up becoming broken barely two minutes in:
    Jon: (as everyone else is arguing) TEAM NAMES! Team names, team names- (begins shushing and snapping) It's too early- we haven't even gotten to team names- we haven't even gotten to team names! What are your fucking team names?
    • Why is this episode called "Death of the Golden Gus"? At around 5:20, Ryan stealthily steals the Golden Gus statue, removes the screws, and puts it back. The payoff comes at the end.
      Tyler: "On the Spot" is done forever!
      • And somehow, only Jon was unaware of what Ryan did.
    • Behold:
    Tyler: The is the longest game of "On the Spot" ever...
    Tyler: Damnit! FUCK!
  • Episode 52:
    • It's Zach Anner and Elyse Willems vs. James Willems and Bruce Greene. Zach and Elyse choose the team name #Fuddruckers&PercyJacksonAndTheLightningThief James and Bruce go for #FourWorkingLegs. Bruce is delighted by Zach's shocked reaction.
    Elyse: My legs work fine!
    Zach: What did you bring to the table? I brought a fucking wheelchair!
    James: Hold on, technically the wheelchair brought you.
    Zach: I'm just gonna go home now.
    Elyse: Well you can't, we took out the ramp...
  • Episode 55:
    • Michael and Andrew get 55 points before the game even starts.
    • Jeremy repeatedly steals things from Jon's desk: the Golden Gus, Jon's mug, and then Jon's phone.
    • Jeremy attempts to text a dick pic to Jon in exchange for bonus points. Michael one-ups him by whipping his out. Jon awards Michael 2000 bonus points.
    Michael: That's a 2000-point dick! You're married to a 2000-point dick!
  • Episode 63, featuring Funhaus's Bruce and James, and Game Grumps' Arin and Danny. Just as the title implies, things go so thoroughly completely Off the Rails, Jon just silently Rage Quits and gets the fuck out of dodge.
  • Episode 64:
    • Near the end is a portion on "Things that could get you fired from Planned Parenthood," Maggie's idea? POST ABORTION RAPE.
  • Episode 68 has guest star Samm Levine suddenly get uncomfortable when Matthew Broderick is called a murderer by both Jon and James ("That vehicle was a weapon, and he fired it with brutal prejudice!")Explanation . Jon, James and Adam immediately begin to make Matthew Broderick jokes for the rest of the night:
    James: Man, Matthew Broderick ruins everything, like the lives of those people in that car.
    Jon: Hit the gym a lot, Samm?
    Samm: Oh, bro, I hit it all day.
    Adam: You know who else hits things with their car?
    Jon: [laughs] I gotta give ten points to that segue, as well.
    Adam: To Matthew Broderick?
    James: He takes everything from us, our friends and family...
    James: I just wanna say - Jon, you killed it this season. Not unlike Matthew Broderick...
  • Episode 74:
    • When everyone gets too distracted the balloons for the bonus round, Jon claps to get people to shut up. Stan promptly comments "That's the Friends theme song!", and everyone, including Jon himself, starts laughing.
  • Episode 78:
    • Four words: Tyler Coe... as Santa.
      • Special mention goes to how he manages to disturb the fuck out of Andy, before the game even starts, merely by calling Jon "Jonny".
    • "Ass Swipe" manages to get derailed pretty hard when "Naughty Santas" gets Variam... and Tyler completely ignores actually talking about his characteristics in lieu of repeatedly insisting he loves America and is American.note  It gets to the point that Jon immediately rings Tyler out the second he tries continuing it.
      Mariel: (buries head in hands) oh my god
      • As it happens, Variam himself actually commented on the video. And he's actually British.
      • And then the second round happens, with the victim this time being Melissa. The additional character trait "Naughty Santas" come up with? She's a terrorist.
        Lindsay: [I'd] like to apologize for everything we're about to say.
      • "So, I'm supposed to award points... I've- I don't who to give points for that, because points say you've done a good job..."
    • Prior to the Redemption Challenge (which involves eating cookies and milk... supposedly from last year), Tyler decides to "lube up" by taking a pull off of his bottle of Maker's Mark. He winds up downing half of the bottle.
      Jon: (hands on cheeks, to the camera; as Tyler coughs and gags) Remember when Santa died when on "On the Spot"? Remember?
      Tyler: (gag) CHRIST KRINGLE!
  • Episode 84:
    • Chris and Zach are so pessimistic, their team name is "Gonna Lose". They won.
    • Somehow, in trying to explain his idea of what "Cellfish" means, Andy forgot the word "scientist", and almost said "Scientologist".
      Andy: What's the word that they- who's an expert in sci- scientist! (to the camera) Scientist!
    • The episode is named "Patrick Swayze Flavor" because of an ongoing discussion about that came about from Chris' attempt at defining "Ghost Taste": digging up Patrick Swayze's corpse and tasting it.
      • Jon then proceeds to defend Chris' response based solely on the fact that the Urban Dictionary tends to get dark and messed up.
    • Zach's definition of "Ghost Taste" is tasting something that isn't in your mouth. Jon's response?
      Jon: I think that's called a seizure...
      Jon: Or a stroke, yeah.
    • After Andy admits that he can't burp, Chris (genuinely surprised) asks if he can't burp even if tickled... which prompts everyone else to wonder how Chris reached this conclusion.
      • Jon then attempts to make Chris burp by tickling him.
    • After Zach calls out Jon for trying to turn the show into a therapy session for his sad life, Jon counters by mentioning they could instead talk about his sad life. Jon then calls out the audience for reacting negatively to that joke, since Zach got away with shitting on him.
      Jon: (to the audience) No, no, no, no, no! He doesn't get to make fun of me, and then I make fun of him and you guys go "Ohhhh"! He's an asshole just like me, okay?!
      Andy: (to himself, out loud) Heckling the audience that they paid money to come here-
      Jon: That's fair...
    • The first round managed to take up half of the episode, much to everyone's exasperation.
    • The Redemption Challenge sees Trevor and Chris attempting to finish a fish ice cream sandwich. Trevor flatout gives up after one bite, and Chris is driven to tears.
  • Episode 91:
  • Episode 93:
    • Lawrence is doing the show... despite being very sick.
      Jon: So, Lawrence... may or may not die on this episode...
      • At one point, Jon decides to stop joking about it and ask him point blank how he feels on a score of 1 to 10 (10 being he can make it to the end of the episode). Lawrence gives a "fucking 3".
    • One of the props for the episode is an anime body pillow. Jon admits that, "someone from the company" wants to buy it when the episode is done. Adam's remark?
      Adam: (stage whisper) Rhymes with Lawrence Sonntag...
    • "You look like a Make-A-Wish kid."
    • In a complete lapse of judgement, Jon refuses to continue the show until he knows what "blue waffle" is. Cue Lawrence busting out his phone, over Jon's pleas/demands that some one tell him, not show him.
      • Prior to that, Lawrence is so mad that Jon doesn't know, he gets up, grabs his bell and throws it to the ground. Jon gets "legitimately frightened".
      • As a result of Jon running away from Lawrence's phone in fear of being shown it, Lawrence announces that "'til Jon comes back and is a man, [he's] hosting the show", to the cheers and applause of the audience. As a result of this arrangement, the body pillow becomes Adams' new partner (but Jon replaces it soon after).
    • The episode ends on another lapse of judgement on Jon's part: he lets James hold the Golden Gus. Upon being told how it's been around since the beginning of the show's history, James straight up throws it on the ground, smashing its base. The Cow Chop fans in the comments knew this would happen as soon as James got a hold of it.
  • Episode 94:
    • When Jon spends too much time with the Kinda Funny guys singing "The Golden Girls" theme, Jeremy tries forcing the first game of the show to start early (just to spite Jon, who wanted a moment of happiness following last week).
      • Broadcast even gets on his side, playing the "Sync About It" card (after he correctly says the name).
    • As a result of James from Cow Chop smashing the Golden Gus last week, Jon pulls out a mostly empty bottle of Maker's Mark and attaches a picture of Gus' face to it as an impromptu replacement.
    • Miles and Jeremy's team almost falls apart due to them debating over a serious question: Is Skeeter blue or green?
      Miles: (rapidly; to Jeremy) This is blue, that's blue, this is blue, I'm blue, dah ba dee, dah ba die, Skeeter's not blue.
    • Jeremy straight up drinks out of the vase of flowers Jon got as a gift at one point. This is then followed by the reveal that Jeremy did "Off Topic" immediately before "On the Spot".
  • Episode 95:
    • Aaron was picked to be in the show five minutes before filming. He is not happy.
    • Trevor and Andy wear bathrobes as part of a Sith Lord deal and totally not because they are not wearing pants.
    • Aaron straight up leaves right as "ABCs of Storytelling" starts (he said he could only stay for 10 minutes), having Blaine sub in. ...except Blaine was supposed to be running drinks over to the "Million Dollars But..." set. So cue Blaine making Patrick sub in, who has to be informed that they are not rehearsing and that the episode is live.
      • To clarify, Aaron leaving wasn't a gag. But don't worry, he does come back... to look for his keys. Which are now gone. Meaning he is stuck.
    • Why is this episode called "New Host Auditions"? Jon has Aaron (and then Aaron has Chris) replace him as host so he can actually compete.
      • Despite not seeing their round, Aaron declares that "Shit and a Half"note  won "ABCs of Storytelling", and gives then 17 points just because he can.
      • Chris' attempt at the 1-800 Flowers ad read. Instead of looking at the camera, he reads directly off of the prompter, Trevor tries making it look like he's blowing his toothbrush, and when the ad ends, Aaron is gone again, to Jon's confusion. However, it was because he went to get makeup. As this happens, Chris botches announcing the next game, "Quick Thinking".
        Chris: (slightly rushed; reading directly off of the teleprompter) The next game is "Quick Khinking". K-Kickstarter ideas that will- (audience laughs) "Quick Thinking". Quickstarter ideas that will- (to Jon) Wait, weren't they supposed to do one of the things-
        Jon: No. That's- You're supposed to explain how the game works.
        Chris: (back to the teleprompter) ...Quickstarter-
      • "He's literally just going to Ron Burgundy the teleprompter this whole fucking show..."
      • Aaron takes severe umbridge with Chris' hosting style.
        Aaron: All Chris is doing is sitting behind- he's drinking beer, and just going "You. You." He doesn't care. And I like it. I want him to be host.
    • For whatever reason, Trevor's ideas for Kickstarter ideas that will get you banned from the site involve fecal excrement and vague Morty impressions.
      • Chris allows Jon's "Slip and Slides for grandmas" suggestion since he's been to some bad retirement homes before, much to Jon's confusion/shock.
    • The complete anti-climax that is Chris revealing the repaired Golden Gus statue... which Trevor immediately takes and hands to Andy, telling him to smash it. However, he doesn't, since "[they]'re not Cow Chop".
  • Episode 97:
  • Episode 98:
    • Right off the bat, Andy nets himself 20 bonus points for spelling "quiche" correctly the first timenote , while Jeremy gets 1 for attempting to spell it himself (he zoned out and didn't listen to Andy).
      Jeremy: Q... ...uiche.
      • Jeremy then proceeds to wiggle more bonus points with the promise of some special alone time after the show. Jon then proceeds to ask Kat in the audience as to how much that it worth (ultimately determined to be 100). The difficulty in this is that she can't stop laughing.
    • After Michael, fed up, stabs a fucking knife into his mic stand, Jon puts the episode on hold to directly talk to the people watching (since the "On the Spot" audience and the "Achievement Hunter" audience overlap)
    • Jeremy and Trevor's team name? #. Literally just "#". Because they never came up with one.
    • Joel winds up making an appearance... as Jeremy and Trevor's subject for "Ass Swipe". And apparently, not only does he moan orgasmically at random times and is insanely positive about very bad things, but is also the biggest fan of "$#!+ My Dad Says".
      • Michael and Andy's subject? Burnie. Who believes interpretative dance is the best form of communication, screams out dark secrets everytime he hears a bell ring, and "fucking hates himself".
        Andy: (worried) I don't wanna get fired...
      • Not only is Andy convinced this is setting himself up for failure, but Jeremy suggested that last item because he wants to try and get them fired.
        Jeremy: (to Trevor) Do we really want to try to get them fired?
        Trevor: (no hesitation) Yeah. (slightly raspy) Oh yeah. At least one of them, baby.
      • However, if what Jon says is true, it may be okay, since even when he is on it, Burnie doesn't watch "On The Spot".
    • This episode really is an insight into Andy's worldview, as he consistently misunderstands common words and phrases. Two highlights include:
      • Andy mistakenly believing that "The Birds And The Bees" was actually "The Birds And The Beets." When he quietly mentions this to Michael, he very visibly facepalms.
      • Later on, Andy manages to confuse Genghis Khan with Kangaskhan. When the others attempt to correct his spelling (admittedly incorrectly, by saying "Genghis" beings with "Gh"), Andy tries to defend himself:
        Andy: (angrily) That's not a thing! No word in the fuckin' English language begins with GH!"note 
        Jeremy: (immediately) GHOST!
      • Poor Michael is desperately trying to rein Andy in and prevent him from Digging Himself Deeper.
        Michael: (repeatedly) "You meant the Pokemon, RIGHT?!"
  • Episode 99:
    • Jeremy and Joel are already drunk, so much so that they've completely forgotten their team name.
    • Jeremy has a bottle of Jaegermeister, which he and Barbara spend half the episode fighting over.
    • This episode sees the introduction of 'diddle cards' which the players can use to inflict a quirk on another player for the duration of the next game. Barbara immediately uses her card, making Jeremy moan in pleasure every time somebody says the word 'because'. Jeremy and Joel, not to be outdone, use both their cards on Barbara for the next game, so she has to speak like Yoda and can't use the word 'a'.
    • Jon gets so distracted by everyone talking about Jeremy's sex life that he awards points to Jeremy and Joel before they've even played their second round. Barbara and Cole then trash the set in protest.
      Joel: Jeremy, we are that fucking good!
    • Then when Barbara returns to the set she's stolen the portrait of Jon from the employee wall for some reason.
  • Episode 100:
    • Miles and Kerry reveal their pitch for "The Smith Squad", wherein every character played by Will Smith bands together to fight crime. As they note, the Squad's approach is always announced via a chorus of "WHOO!"s. As Miles adds, this is not a siren, but simply the squad yelling.
    • Later, the cast gets into a detailed discussion regarding the nutritional value of semen. Towards the end, Miles excitedly mentions that there is a cum-centric cookbook for sale on Amazon. This leads to this exchange:
      Miles: Cooking with Cum! That's not the name, but it should be! Buy it today!
      Jon: Stop promoting your own books.
      Miles: *Spit Take*
    • Due to an excellent application of the Diddle Card, Gus has to scream every other word he says. Everyone is left in hysterics.
  • Episode 102:
    • Andy is hammered. One of the first game topics is The Phantom of the Opera, prompting him to drunkenly sing out the title song.
    Andy: I'm drunk!
    Michael: No shit!
  • Episode 103:
    • Funhaus hired a professional improv team to do the work for them. Jon immediately lampshades how out of place this is.
    • Greg from Kinda Funny taking every opportunity to incite groups of people to help him crowdsurf, including children and the disabled!
    • As part of the redemption challenge, the cast must find the buffest man they can in order to receive points? Who does Kinda Funny find? Blaine.
  • Episode 104:
    • An immediate sign the episode is going to turn into a trainwreck? Steven (taking over hosting duties from Jon for the episode) botches the intro completely.
      • Steven never gets to introduce Cib and James' team because he keeps trying to get Cib to look at the camera, resulting in them repeatedly calling each other a bitch.
      • Steven forgets to introduce Jon and Andy's team, instead going straight into introducing the show. He immediately realizes his mistake, however, and half-asses their intro. It's worth mentioning that the entire time, Jon's hand is on his face in pure exasperation.
      • And finally, when he has to actually introduce the show, his attention is stolen by him knocking over a pill bottle. The rest of the intro is spent on him picking up the pills.
    • Autumn is in the audience, and she could care less.
    • For "Sync About It", Cib and James had to explain how to fight Godzilla. All Broadcast could get typed out was "Anyway."
    • Andy snaps at Steven for not knowing how to ring a bell. Steven promptly chews out the audience for applauding for that comment.
    • "Impromptu Pitch" sees Cib repeatedly spit alcohol towards Jon (which Andy remarks may get him pulled over later, since he smells like booze) and repeatedly break the TV on the desk (by tapping it, first with his finger, then his foot).
    • James decides to try and make Andy puke during the Redemption Challenge (eating mixed baby foods and guessing the foods being mixed).
    • One word: "ICE".
    • Special mention goes to how the episode ends: Steven, in lieu of giving out points for the final round, decides to sing "Stand By Me" with Cib and James. They are so wrapped up in their number that Broadcast rolls credits in silence.
      Steven: So, the plan right now is to give you guys points, but... I think I want to do aaaaaaaaaa little intermission.
      Steven: (sings the tune to "Stand By Me")
  • Episode 105:
    • Jon, Max, Miles, and Blaine in drag. Jon barely holds in his giggling as he introduces their drag characters.
    • Jon's shit-eating grin when the camera pans to him. "Welcome to my daddy's nightmare!"
    • Special guest Cupcake, who immediately declares that anyone who who wants to get to know her must pay her $25. ($12.50 on Mondays.)
    • The episode ends with everyone lip-syncing to the RWBY theme song.
    • The behind the scenes clip showing Mica losing it and Barbara struggling to process her emotions when they saw the guys in drag. The guys themselves have a ridiculous amount of fun getting into character, with Miles declaring how much fun he's having.
  • Episode 110:
    • Gus and Andy's character in "Ass Swipe" is a guy who loves talking about his baby (which he stole). Whenever Andy gets to talk, he chooses to twist the narrative by having the guy become annoyed with the baby, even at one point threatening to return it.
      • Gus winds up winning the game for him and Andy, purely by fucking up a critical sentence:
        Gus: I-I hope that you're cool, with... kids, 'cause I am, 'cause I just recently came into this kid my- wow, that sounds really bad- (everyone loses their shit)
      • "Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd demonetized!"
  • Episode 112:
    • Before Max and Mariel do their part of "The ABCs of Storytelling," Trevor and Jon swap places. As Max and Mariel begin to act out their skit, Trevor, who's already quite tipsy, realizes he's been drinking water. After the skit, he calls out Max and Mariel for swapping out the alcohol, while slurring in a thick Southern accent. Jon is in hysterics.
      Trevor: Yeah, your fabulous vodka was supposed to be tequila, which ended up being water!!
      Mariel: CHEESE IT!
      Max: DAMN IT, MARIEL, WE'RE FOUND OUT!! [they run off set]
      Alfredo: They've been hydratin' this whole time?!
      Trevor: Meanwhile, I don't even remember where I am, Mr. Sauce!
  • Episode 114:
    • Four words: Joel explaining "Thirst Responder".
      Joel: (completely unsure of himself) Okaaaaay, uh... "Thirst Responder"... is when you're having... one of those, um... heavy days...
    • Jeremy plays a Diddle Card on Barbara, requiring them to speak in a different accent every time they talk. He gleefully explains that he had a similar card in an earlier episode, and he got "real racist with it!"
      Barbara: FUCK! I've got like... 3 accents!
    • Barb and Maggie have to play the Redemption Challenge, which requires them to feel various objects while blindfolded. One of these items, though not originally planned, is Jeremy's head.
      Barbara: Oh god, it's warm!
  • Episode 118:
    • Trevor and Barbara's team name: #GoSlowBlowHoes.
    • Max and Alfredo's team name: #GoFastEatAss.
    • Max has a sounding board app on his phone with soundbites he's preloaded into it. Jon gifts him five points for using it to sing the show's theme.
    • Before he starts the Storytelling challenge, Jon digs into the plate of latkes from the redemption challenge. Max objects.
    Jon: Minus five points, fuck you.
    Max: Oh you want to go there? [pulls out his phone] Fuck you, Jon Risinger!
    Jon: Ten points to that!
    Barbara: Max, do you just have a response to everything that Jon's gonna say?
    Max's Phone: Oh baby, I've got a response for everything.
    Trevor: Max, you're gonna get cheap points, you need to stop. Just stop using the app, you fucking animal.
    Max's Phone: Don't you dare tell me to stop using this app! [Jon is speechless as everyone is dying from laughter]
    Max: Yeah! Yeah Jon, I did my homework!
    Jon: Fuck me running!
  • Episode 119:
    • The episode opens with Lindsay dressed as a cat covered in Christmas lights, Tyler as Cousin Eddie, and... Joel with a massive fish plushie in his lap.
    Jon: Everyone, look to see Tyler's crotch at some point during this episode. It's gonna happen.
    Andy: I'm normal for once!
    • Jon has Andy attempt to describe Christmas songs to Joel. It goes as well as you expect.
    Andy: [attempting to describe "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"] Your Mom's a slut!
    Joel: Your mom... Your Mom's a slut!
  • Episode 122:
    • Miles and Ellie immediately kick things off by appearing as Jon's parents, glasses and cardigans included.
    Jon: You got the sheer blinding whiteness of my parents down flat.
    • Alfredo's description of a "Courtesy Fart," which sends Miles and Jon into hysterics.
      Ellie: Can I just say, I would like you to read erotica or audio fiction because I enjoyed that.
    • Mariel and Alfredo lampshade their Token Minority status by naming themselves #DiversityHires. At the end of the episode, they're declared the winners, prompting this:
    Mariel: Suck it, old white people!
    Alfredo: Points for the ethnics!
  • Episode 127:
    • When introducing the Blue Team, Joel admits that he doesn't actually know Patrick Matthews' name, and as such calls him "Orange Tyler Coe".
    • According to Jon, Aaron showing up for "On the Spot" is how Jon knows he's not dead.
      Joel: (to Jon and Aaron) Well, I like- this is gonna be a good week, cause you two legitimately hate each other.
  • Episode 128:
    • Jon's ill, so he cares even less about points and spends most of the time groaning about his misery.
    • Blaine and Chad attempt to rig the game in their favor by naming themselves #TenPointsForThem. Jon gives them the initial points, and end up winning.
    • For the redemption challenge, the teams are given whiteboards to draw on. After they succeed, Chad scrawls "Someone help him" on his whiteboard and Jon holds it up next to his face. Max writes "I regret this" after Jon declares Blaine and Chad the winners.
    • During the credits, Blaine proceeds to scrawl conspiracy theories onto his whiteboard and holds it up to the camera.
    • At one point, the contestants are horrified to realise that Jon's daughter is in the room, after a long period of being... exactly like every single episode of On the Spot
  • Episode 135:
    • The theme for the season is that the show is in Hell. Naturally, this opens with Jon being sent to Hell by Satan.
    • Trevor dubs himself "Millennial Jesus" and Max dubs himself "A Very Good Boy." Jon is unamused that the control room plays along with Trevor's "miracles."
    • Barbara and Alfredo sport fake monster teeth when the camera opens on them. They also name themselves #BarBBQSauce.
  • Episode 136:
    • Blaine takes the Hell theme to a whole new level by appearing in character as Clayton, Satan's little brother. And he's got Chris as his slave, er, intern, Steve, who doesn't even have a chair, just a mat on the floor.
    • Cole's bad version of himself has him going Gosh Dang It to Heck! and pulls out a handful of lollipops that he and Alfredo share.
  • Episode 138:
  • Episode 139:
    • The episode opens with Max slouched in his chair with a pizza box on his stomach, Chad unhappy that he's wearing WWII Nazi gear, and Todd Womack and Shannon McCormick dressed head-to-toe in Day of the Dead makeup because they watched Coco.
      • There's actually some context as to why Chad looks upset: Max fucked him over by switching bits.
        Chad: Well, you see, Max was like "Hey, we're gonna be on 'On the Spot', and it's Hell themed. We should dress like something that belongs in Hell, like, I dunno, Nazis!" I feel like Max really fucked me today!
    • The Redemption Challenge sees Shannon being tasked with eating as many lemon wedges as he can without reacting to them at all. Shannon warns Jon that this is going to be disappointing for him. Cue Shannon shoveling them down, locking eyes with the camera, without a fucking care.
      Todd: (hushed) They're not gonna remember you unless you make silly faces.
      Shannon: (is eating lemons dead-faced)
      Jon: Jesus Christ, are you immune to everything?!
  • Episode 140:
  • Episode 144:
    • The episode's tone is set when it opens with Michael finishing off a can of Four Loko and Andy pours liquor into his glass.
    • Jon comments that he's the only one who actually puts work into the show, so Broadcast cuts to black in retaliation.
      Jon: You fuckers had the finger on the button!
    • Max and Andy lampshade their frequency by naming themselves #FillerTalent.
      Max: We're the featured extras of Rooster Teeth.
    • Jon brings up an idea to torture Max and Andy since they lost the first game, but they circumvent him by bringing back Pongo. Jon deducts points from them instead.
    • In the second game, Michael and Lindsay swap their RWBY roles and proceed to insult each other.
    • The third game quickly goes off the rails as Andy drunkenly flubs his line. Jon just gives up and forces Andy to swap places with him, complete with jacket.
      • Andy recites the opening spiel again and Broadcast replays the opening theme, sending everyone into hysterics.
      • Andy gives the line "Never have I ever hosted On The Spot", so he and Jon put down their fingers. And when Jon realizes he's out of the game, Andy gives himself 20 points.
    • Before the fourth game, Jon claims that he needs to go to the bathroom, so he leaves the set while the others figure the game out themselves and force Max into the hosting seat. Jon later tweeted that, in actuality, he left the building.
      • As a testament to how off the rails the episode got, Andy abruptly remembers that they are filming this live.
      • As Max and Andy have to act their scene out with Michael, Jon plops himself down on the floor in front of the camera to watch. He even gets the audience to join him on the floor.
  • #146 - Hell Freezes Over:
    • Clayton and Steve return, and this time, they're joined by Satan himself and his loyal minion, Adam Kovic.
    • Bruce plays Satan as the polite but Aloof Big Brother, and tempts Steve to defect to his side after Clayton spits into his beer. So who does Clayton call? The Battle Buddies.
    • Clayton complains that now he has no slave, er, intern, so Jon provides him with a replacement: Josh Flanagan in the Slave Leia costume. Josh proceeds to "strangle" the Reverend Jon Smith, who lies on the floor until he's resuscitated and scurries off stage.
    • One game has the guys going into the audience for a scavenger hunt. One of the subjects is a dad who tells dad jokes, so Satan brings up Barbara's dad and the Battle Buddies bring up Chris's dad, whose name really is Steve.
    • In the last game, Ryan expresses his frustration that he can't hear Jon, so he climbs onto the desk and gets in his face. Jon is flustered at how close Ryan is, and actually kisses Ryan after Satan and the audience eggs them on. While Jon is still distracted, Ryan discreetly steals the golden Gus statue.
    • After Jon declared Satan's side the winner, Satan proposes that Clayton and Steve make up with a three-way kiss. Ryan declares the job done and walks off the stage with the statue.
  • Episode 150 - Worst Disney Movie Ever
  • Episode 154: Red Dead Blaine
    • As the title implies, Blaine is the main highlight of this episode. Jon frequently attempts to remove the weaponry from Blaine's person to prevent Blaine from challenging people to duels. Unfortunately for Jon, Blaine constantly keeps pulling out weaponry out of nowhere, from revolvers, to knives, to a machete, to a shotgun. It eventually reaches its peak when Blaine pulls out a bazooka for his duel with Max.
    • Speaking of the duels, every time Blaine challenges someone to a duel, the cameras zoom in on everyone's eyes, complete with dramatic background music. Jon's confusion and annoyance with the whole ordeal completes it.
  • Episode 155: 3 Gods 1 Science
    • The show is brought to the beginning of time. Our contestants? Jeremy Dooley and Matt Bragg as Zeus and Poseidon, Chad James as God, and Ashley Jenkins as a scientist.
    • Because Zeus/Jeremy is wearing a very short toga over some shorts, he spends quite a bit of time trying to cover himself so that he doesn't inadvertently flash the camera. Naturally, Broadcast zooms in on his crotch.
    • Thanks to their awesome power (read: having Broadcast do effects for them), the contestants make a sport of using special effects to torment Jon throughout the show. Highlights include Zeus/Jeremy trying with mixed success to show off his power with a harp and God/Chad sending Jon to Hell.
    • In the Olympian's round of Come Again, Jeremy drops this gem:
      Zeus/Jeremy: Aha! An elephant! (ding!) Aha! A super-elephant! (ding!) Aha! A wooly mammoth that I shaved! (ding!) Aha! A large horse with an extra arm on its face! Because, I'm like three deep at the moment and this is what I got!
    • Likewise, at the end of God and Science's round of Come Again, God/Chad has a great line:
      God/Chad: Yeah, well I'm dealing with our landlord, who is going to stab me! (ding!) Who is going to kill me! (ding!) Who is going to eat me!
    • In the end, the game ends in a tie. Enraged, God/Chad and Zeus/Jeremy enter a lightsaber duel to determine the true victor, with Science/Ashley and Poseidon/Matt helping by throwing ball pit balls. All the while, Jon signs off the show.
  • Episode 159: How To Abandon Your Kid
    • After escaping from Hell and untangling himself from the ravages of Time Travel, Jon just wants a break. So a puppet version of him appears and entices him with a relaxing ideal vision of the show as another puppet cold clocks him in the neck, knocking him out and stealing his wallet. This leads into the new theme of the show: The Subverted Kids' Show.
    • Puppet Jon says that one of the good things about the place he wants to take Jon to is that Burnie won't be able to find him there. Burnie is one of the guests in this episode.
  • Episode 176: The Guy Fieri Diet

     Million Dollars, But... 

     Heroes and Halfwits 
It has its own page here.

    Me vs. Drunk Me 

  • #3: Who Fought A Raccoon?:
    • As Jeremy introduces Mariel, Ryan, and Matt as the panelists, Matt is introduced to a soundclip of boos.
      Matt: I know where you sit!
    • Blaine has to question Ryan on a supposedly true story, concerning almost dying while building a tent in a Walmart parking lot, within 60 seconds. The moment the clock starts and Blaine asks his first question, Ryan pulls out a can of Diet Coke and pours it into a cup in complete silence for a full twenty seconds. Matt, who's standing next to Ryan, is desperately trying to stifle his wheezing laughter.
      Jeremy: Hey, Ryan!
      Ryan: [loudly sipping his Coke] Uh, yes! Tent! Uh... was tall.
      • Once the time is up, Jeremy notes how there was a stretch of silence during Blaine's questioning... which Jeremy blames Blaine for. And the story of Ryan's was in fact his own, several comments on YouTube from people who remember him first telling it during one of their first 7 Days to Die videos.]]
    • Ryan apparently smuggled a six-pack of Diet Coke into his pedestal box, pulling them out throughout the episode.
      Jeremy: I'm glad we're not playing 'What's in the Box' this episode.
  • #8: Who Was Robbed at the Mall?
    • Throughout the episode, as part of his distraction tactic, Alfredo has a tube of chapstick on him and keeps applying it throughout the episode. The camera even zooms in on his mouth, much to Jeremy's chagrin.
    • In the third segment, Jeremy reveals a specific Noodle Incident happened to one of the panelists and Gavin has to figure out which one it happened to. When he asks Chris, his bewilderment is palpable.
      Gavin: Why did someone beat you with branches, Chris?
      Chris: I paid him.
      Jeremy: I'll cut you off there. [Gavin goes into wide-eyed bewilderment]
      Gavin: You paid someone, why?!
  • #19: Who Almost DROWNED Their Friends?
    • Eric is the contestant and one of the deceivers is Greg Miller, so anytime Eric even speaks to Greg, he doesn't even bother paying attention and instead asking Greg how to get featured on Kinda Funny's shows. Jeremy eventually just holds up a sign with "HELP" scrawled on it.
  • #28: Everyone Versus The Monkey
    • The panel of deceivers are the cast of Face Jam, with the contestant being Nick in his Sauce Monkey mask. Before the episode even begins, Michael and Eric are already interrupting Jeremy's intro.
  • #40: Who Slid Down a Wonder of the World?
    • Gavin's web camera is on the fritz and blacks out in between rounds, so his angle is replaced with a photo of him while he FaceTimes Jack and then Jeremy to answer questions.
  • #43: Who Once Got "PISTOL WHIPPED?"
    • Elaina claims to have a lewd Garfield poster, to which everyone hopes is true. It is, in fact, a real poster and she shows it off to everyone's amazement.
  • #48: Is This GASLIGHTING?
    • The episode is one long episode of Michael and Alfredo relentlessly trolling Alfredo's partner Jackie while Meg is on the sidelines egging them on. At one point, Jeremy just takes a long swig of his drink as Jackie gets more and more riled up.
    • Michael claims to have nearly run over a celebrity and after Jackie tells him to get to the point, he quips: "Sorry, Gav, see you tomorrow", sending Meg into hysterics. He was lying, actually.
    • One of the segments was Jeremy revealing certain facts and having Jackie decide if the facts were about the others or about her. As it goes on, it's obvious that the facts are about her and Alfredo pulls out a Coraline doll when Jackie accuses him for lying about his favorite movie.
  • #49: Who Got Trapped in a PORTA-POTTY?
    • As Jeremy introduces the panel of deceivers, first-time guest Tay is caught wide-eyed snacking on a brownie when the camera pans to her.
  • #56: Who WOKE UP During Surgery?
    • A sick and delirous Jack quizzes Alec on a particular object that he claims to own: a female shaped coat rack. Alec's answers sends everyone else into hysterics to the point of Ky being in tears. It's also the real object.
      Jack: What would you say the cup size is of the breasts?
      Alec: Uh...A. [everyone else are in hysterics] They're not huge.


     Rooster Teeth Comics 
  • In one strip, they decide to switch Matt to decaf coffee. He dies instantly.
    • He then comes Back from the Dead to grab the coffee left by a gravedigger. This restores him back to life.
  • Anytime Iron Man arrives and beats Burnie to the ground.

     Other Rooster Teeth events and miscellany 
  • Rooster Teeth's DVD warnings.
  • Joel flipping Gavin off his chair and then sticking it on top of him... because he said he didn't like his Halo gametype.
  • Gus saw a heartwarming tweet from Michael to Lindsay. His response? To be a Moment Killer and immediately tweet "gay".
  • Michael visits L.A to play Dead Space 3.
  • Rooster Teeth and Machinima collaborating on First Person Party.
  • Rooster Teeth's Vine account, partially compiled here, is filled with pretty funny things.
    • There's a video about eye-poking games where Burnie declares they need to stop doing it, as he and Barbara both have an eyepatch now. Gavin has lost both eyes.
    • Gavin challenges Burnie and Barbara to down a gallon of milk in an hour. They've both done it in about three seconds.
    Barbara: Wait, what's the second part?
  • The "Odds Are" Music video they helped direct. A bunch of newscasters sing gleefully with lyrics that don't match the video as the world ends, but the best parts are the news coverage and the News Graphic.
    • Gavin's cameo as an American Football player. Oh, the irony...
  • The "Did I Say That Out Loud?" music video takes Gavin's Butt-Monkey status to new heights. In an attempt to make a romantic gesture to Meg over video chat, he accidentally lights his crotch on fire. In the confusion, he accidentally makes the footage public and it goes viral. She loves him anyway and he wisely turns the chat off when he shows up at her place.
  • In response to Jack's engagement photo (Which itself belongs in Heartwarming), Burnie and Gavin take the exact same photo, in the exact same poses, at the exact same place, and the exact same Tweet, with them in place of Jack and Caiti.
    Caiti:I love you guys.
    Jack:I hate you guys.
  • At Michael and Lindsay's wedding, Ray temporarily makes his peace with cake. Don't tell anyone.
  • Michael and Lindsay have only been married for a day and we already have this. He also got a note from Ryan in true Ryan fashion.
  • In this episode of Countdown, "Top 12 Most Satisfying Guns", they get to number 2, the Farsight gun from Perfect Dark and realize Kdin isn't using the gun the way it's supposed to be used, instead just running around shooting people normally.
  • In the Five Facts: Duke Nukem Forever, the entire video gets derailed by a story of Geoff's youth of some neighbors who stole cable way back when. When Geoff playfully realizes that their video editor, Franco, would have to edit a lot of this out (they don't), they start teasing Franco, leading to "#STOPTHEFRANCOBULLYING2014" to show up.
  • At one point, while Gavin was out of the office, Ryan cut a hole in Gavin's desk (don't worry, Gavin had already put holes in it himself, including one under his keyboard) under the monitor, and put in a device that included an Xbox controller vibrator set to go off randomly. It got to the point that Gavin was practically tearing apart his desk to find it. All being filmed, of course, before he finally moved the monitor and saw the device.
    Geoff: Who's the one person in this office smart enough to have made this?
    Michael: I wonder.
    Ryan: Aaaaa, I gotta go.
  • During the "Founders Panel" at RTX15, when talking about the growing number of employees, it was brought up that one of the editors was a literal 'rocket scientist'. note 
    Joel: We are literally taking people away from NASA to edit videos of Gavin and Michael yelling at each other!
  • This AT&T commercial, which has Geoff being pelted with various things by the members of Funhaus.
  • Burnie shows off the new Rooster Teeth iMessage stickers to Barbara!
  • In RTX Australia 2017, the Red vs Blue panel had Joel mostly silent. And then he goes "Kerry is the dog from ''Up!", with the crowd going in laughter.
  • At RTX 2017, one guy asks if Yang's new arm has a vibration feature. Fans were quick to point out the cast's reactions (Lindsay: laughs; Kara: unimpressed; Arryn: horrified; Barb: ecstatic) are character appropriate.
    • In contrast to Arryn, the look of pure sinful glee on Barb's face as soon as she hears the question.
      Barbara: (to Miles and Kerry; in can-this-please-be-canon tone) Does it?!
    • Gray then tried to keep it PG by saying "Well, how else will she know about her phone calls?". Barbara derails his efforts quick-smart.
      Barbara: I'd like to imagine, instead of a vibration, the hand just spins.
    • After Miles then tries to claim that said spinning is for Yang's attacks, Barbara happily proceeds to throw a massive vat of kerosene onto an already massive bonfire.
      Arryn: This is supposed to be a PG panel!
      Barbara: Well, hopefully those people don't know what we're talking about!
      Lindsay: I mean, Inspector Gadget had vibrating arms, so...
      Barbara: Yeah, and she's gonna inspect her gadgets!
      Arryn's jaw hits the floor, Barbara mimes a slam dunk, and Miles facedesks while Lindsay cracks up laughing.
      Kerry: Next question! Moving on!
      Arryn soon mouths "What the f—-?"
    • Afterwards, Gray winds up saying this to the man who asked that question in the first place.
      Gray: If I still had one of those Pyrrha dolls, I would throw it at you.
    • And funnier yet, the RWBY fanartist Rooster Teeth have employed for gen:LOCK decided to visualise this idea.
  • While not directly related to Rooster Teeth, Gavin and Burnie's cameos as obnoxious reporters in Weird Al's parody of sports press conferences are priceless.
  • For Black Friday 2018, their Youtube channel put up "Gus's Yule Log", a 24 hour stream of Gus's pinup calendar cover photo, with a sound loop of a crackling fireplace.
    Tell us on Twitter if this is too much Gus, or just enough Gus. #TurnGusOn or #TurnGusOff

     Rooster Teeth fan work 
  • This video which shows all of Gavin's various happenings and mishaps to the Skyrim theme, notably Gavin tackling Gus just as "Fus ro dah" is being shouted.
  • "Tornadoe", the fan thing brought on as a result of Sharknado.