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The following Achievement Hunter productions have separate Funny Moments pages:

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    Five Facts 
  • Five Facts: Duke Nukem Forever, the entire video gets derailed by a story of Geoff's youth of some neighbors who stole cable way back when. When Geoff playfully realizes that their video editor, Franco, would have to edit a lot of this out (they don't), they start teasing Franco, leading to "#STOPTHEFRANCOBULLYING 2014" to show up.
  • Five Facts: Five Nights at Freddy's, Michael and Gavin have trouble pronouncing creator Scott Cawthon's name so they keep calling him Scott CA-CAW! in this and a second video they made.

  • "Top 12 Most Satisfying Guns", they get to number 2, the Farsight gun from Perfect Dark and realize Kdin isn't using the gun the way it's supposed to be used, instead just running around shooting people normally.

    Grab Bag 
  • Grab Bag - Rainbow Six Siege BETA - Terrorist Hunt
    • Geoff convinces the others to sing in unison. The only easily discernible song is Gavin belting out "Jingle Bells, Batman smells!" at the top of his lungs.note 
    • During one round, Gavin attempts to edge back far enough to lob a grenade, only to plummet off the rooftop. Jack goes to revive him, but finds out Gavin's glitched into a wall. As Gavin dies, the wall spits him out and his character falls into the sidewalk with only a foot sticking out of the ground, sending Jack into hysterics, nearly killing him when a terrorist runs up to him.
      • Even better, nobody else but Jack knows what's going on. Their audible confusion and fear for Jack's sanity sells it even more.
  • Grab Bag - MORE Rainbow Six Siege BETA - Terrorist Hunt
    • Jack ends up downed in a tree house and Gavin is the only one alive. Jack calls him to help him up, telling him to jump over to the tree house from the roof only to remember that you can't jump, as Gavin reaches the edge and plummets to the ground like a rock.
    • The end of the video in where everyone huddles up and Geoff drops a grenade, killing everyone.
  • WWE, Minecraft, and Halo 5 - Grab Bag #5
  • Grab Bag - Episode 7
    • Gavin convinces Jeremy to ride his office chair into a giant bean bag chair Trust Fall-style. The initial impact actually works as intended... but Jeremy has a tough time turtling himself out of the chair, sending Geoff into a fit of laughter. Then he accidentally falls off the chair sideways, crushing a bag of Dum-Dums into the carpet in the process.
    • Some unreleased facecam footage of a Mario Party 8 Let's Play, in which Ray and Michael get mad at Gavin for mistaking a cranking motion for a jerking off motion, complete with a shot of an intense Waggle battle.
    • The crew tries out the face scanning feature in NBA 2K15. With varying degrees of success.
      • Ryan's character ends up looking the most normal, although the skin tones on his face and the character model definitely don't match up.
      • Michael's character looks like a horrifically deformed version of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
      • Gavin's character easily reaches Eldritch Abomination levels of terror, with the mouth literally clipping through the jaw and the overall face structure resembling a fruit fly's.
      • Geoff's character has two sets of eyes and mouths, and his mustache looks painted on.

    Achievement HORSE/PIG/HUNT 
  • Halo HORSE #128, a first-round tournament match, comes down to one final map between Joel and Geoff - a soccer match where each player controls a Mantis. The game ends when Geoff scores on his own goal, sending Joel on to the next round and marking the 3rd straight first-round knockout for Geoff.
  • Trials PIG #69: During the first map, a Seifire map, Gavin gives up entirely and plays Minecraft for five minutes.
  • The commentary for Halo HORSE #140, a semifinal tournament match between Miles and Joel. There are two separate commentary tracks, Miles' and Joel's... and they play at the same time. If you're wearing headphones, Miles' plays in one ear, while Joel's plays in the other. And they switch ears mid-video. Twice.
  • Episode 14 of HUNT begins with Ryan taking some kind of accent "so people can tell who I am!" He starts off with a very British accent but then slowly morphs into Australian. It comes to the point where even he doesn't know what accent he's doing. You can hear everyone cracking up in the background. The YouTube comments include such gems as "Ryan ate Gavin!"
    Ryan: I may have lost the game, but I feel I've won the commentary.
  • Episode 35 of HUNT consists of Michael and Gavin throwing an apple back-and-forth at each other's crotches. It all culminates with Michael nailing Gavin square in the sack with an ORANGE.
  • HUNT Episode 43: Most of what Geoff says, but especially his incredulous reaction to the fact that Trials Files didn't come out the previous week.
  • In X-Men HUNT, Jack and Ryan attempt to get the achievement in Level 4, which is complete the stage without jumping. they both proceed to jump the ''second'' it starts, forcing them to restart.

    Fails of the Weak 
  • Volume 17 has a golden classic when Geoff claims he wouldn't be laughing as much in that episode, until a certain Gamertag comes up:
    Geoff: If I uh, if I don't laugh as much in this one, it's because I'm drinking. Heavily.
    Jack: Ah... You're laughing in your mental capacity?
    Geoff: I'm laughing on the inside.
    Jack: So this is DADDYF4TS4K,note  and uh... (Geoff laughs hard) Check out the uh, the Banshee.
    Geoff: That fuckin' name [unintelligible]... that's the fail of the week right there. (finishes laughing)
  • How do you celebrate Volume 200 of Fails of the Weak? You put up fails from over at GameFails.
  • In the GameFails for September 11, 2014, there was a fail from The Sims 4 that made the babies glitch out in hideous, alien-like forms. Ryan's reaction?
    Ryan: Hey, look! It's a Sim—OH, DEAR GOD, WHAT IS THAT?!
    Lindsay: Does it, like, have hook arms, or...
    Ryan: Jesus Christ, kill it with fire!
    Lindsay: As a parent, Ryan is traumatized by this...!
  • The GameFails for October 10th, 2014, there's a fail from FIFA 15 titled "Dance the Night Away", where it shows a goalie suddenly spinning round and round after doing a practice save. They run it for a few seconds before the Achievement Hunter logo pops up... then the next 1:40+ of the video is the goalie spinning right out the field to inspirational music.
  • Top 5 Michael Jordan Fails - Oh man, what to say about this one...
    • Ryan misreads the title of the video, thinking the clips are all "Michael Jones Fails." You can just barely make out Geoff's trademark laughter in the background.
      Geoff: Apparently, Fail #6 was Ryan's fuckin' illiteracy.
      • Even better, he sticks with his blunder for the rest of the episode. Well, up until the Fallout 4 clip, anyway.
      Ryan: "Who Needs Buck When You've Got - Michael Jones." *Jeremy laughs* I'm going with it. We're committed now.
    • The guys notice that whoever edited the video mistook Just Cause 3 for Rise of the Tomb Raider and riff on it.
      Ryan: That's the most attracted I've ever been to Rico.

    Rage Quit 
  • Michael's Rage Quit series in one in itself, but special mention goes to The Impossible Game Level Pack.
    • The Impossible Game Level Pack also gives birth to one of Michael's most famous lines.
    Michael: Swiss FUCKING CHEESE!
  • In The Unfair Platformer, we get a hint as to what happens behind the scenes of Michael's rage quits.
    Michael: What the fuck are you laughing at, Gavin? Edit the fucking video!
    • Apparently, Gavin did actually edit the video, like Michael told him to, so we never heard him laughing.
  • Seeing Michael rage in his Rage Quit shows are usually funny in and out of themselves, but probably one of the most hilarious Rage Quit's is the Turok one. After the references to a couple movies, near the end, something unbelievable happens. As Michael aims his bow at the T-rex, who is across the map, mind you, the scene plays where the T-Rex eats him.
    • Michael describing the annoying strategy the T-rex has.
    Michael: *in a really nerdy voice* NYEH! Get up. NYEH! Get up. NYEH! Get up. NYEH! I'm gonna eat you now.
  • Pretty much all of "Rage Quit: Duke Nukem Forever", but special mention goes to:
    Michael: All right, Duke. Put the fuckin' thing in the hole, just like we learned in health class. From, like, the only hot teacher in the school. Except for the gym teacher, who had a very handsome mustache.
  • The entirety of Michael's Rage Quit of "No Luca No".
  • Rage Quit: Cassie's Animal Sounds
    Michael: Fucking beautiful. What the fuck is she doing?
  • Michael's rants during Mirror's Edge.
    Michael: (trying unsuccessfully to somersault under some pipes) Look at her. Look at her slide. Look at her slide under the pipes like a fucking ninja, she is!
    (Jump cut to her holding onto the edge of a structure, but not climbing up)
    Michael: [Beat] ...GO UP!!!!
  • When Michael finds the checkpoint, it's on top of a building, and the only way to get up there was on a different building... that he jumped off near the beginning of the video.
    Michael: Is there a fucking access ladder I can use somewhere? An emergency stairwell? A fucking elevator? A helicopter? A BAT JET?! HOW THE FUCK DO I GET UP THERE?!
    Michael: [later in the video] Give me a fucking trampoline! A fucking bouncy castle, for fuck's sake!
    • And the little gem when Michael rage quits it, and the game's still running.
    Gavin: Try the other side—
    Michael: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
  • Any rage quit with both Michael and Gavin.
  • Rage Quit: QWOP Michael vs. Gavin. It has to be seen to be believed, and the moment where Michael and Gavin realize they're running on the same track is arguably the funniest Rage Quit moment of all time.
  • Rage Quit: Surgeon Simulator 2013. Michael and Gavin plus a hospital setting equals hilarity:
    • Gavin's constant failing at the controls, throwing surgical tools and body parts alike off the table, or into the patient's chest cavity.
    • Michael and Gavin make the hand flip off the patient. Gavin then confuses the term "flipping the bird" with "flicking the bean".
    • Gavin is holding a cloth, and throws it across a table, where it lands nearly offscreen. The only problem: in the process, he swept the cloth across the heart on the table.
      Michael: WHERE'S THE FUCKING HEART?! You th— It's gone!
      Gavin: It's like a magic trick!
      Michael: Well, it's on the fucking floor now. I don't think the five-second rule applies.
    • When he does manage to successfully grab a tool, he tends to overuse it, with deadly results.
      Gavin: Got it (a hammer)! (drags the hammer across the patient's face, causing blood loss) AAH!! AAH!!
      Michael: Oh, you hit him in the face! Gavin! You just fuckin'... cracked his brain! He needs brain surgery now, dude.
      Gavin: ...Hold on, okay, we got it. (completely destroys the patient's chest cavity with the hammer, causing massive blood loss and death) OHHHHH!!!
      Michael: JESUS CHRIST, MAN! What are you doing?
      Gavin: We've lost a lung!
      Michael: We've lost everything!
    • Sometimes he grabs something else. For instance, when Gavin grabbed a clipboard instead of a tool:
      Michael: You gonna write him a note!? "I owe you one new heart."
    • Or he misuses the tool entirely:
      Gavin: (holding a bone saw) All right, there wa... get the... (accidentally kills patient)
      Michael: Did you just stab them in the face?
      Gavin: (laughing hysterically) I think I slit his throat by accident! I severed the... I went straight for the jugular!
      Michael: You're like the fucking Angel of Death!
    • And finally, at the very end, Michael and Gavin have been careful in trying to do everything right, but the patient is losing blood quickly. Gavin carefully grabs the replacement heart... and flings it across the room, offscreen.
      Michael: Okay, don't... okay, go over it... lower your hand...
      Gavin: Yep, have we got it? All right.
      Michael: You got the heart... (Gavin flings the heart offscreen)
      Gavin: NO! OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
      Michael: GAVIN ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me?
      Gavin: Oh, where did it go? Where'd it go?
      Michael: You threw it against the wall like a wet paper towel!
  • His Rage Quit of Uproar!. The first game to quit on him!
    Michael: Jab with the right and hook with the left, you idiot! [game crashes] Y— WHAT?! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! I just cannot, er, abh, I just fucking contacted the creator right now, it's a piece of shit and... fuck you. I couldn't even fucking quit this. The fucking game QUIT ME! I GOT CODE 4'D! WHAT THE FUCK IS A CODE 4?!
  • Rage Quit - Aircraft RC shows why Michael should never fly a real RC airplane.
    • Him messing with the initial options.
    Michael: [fiddles with the volume knob] Got the music volume here. Gonna blast this fucking shit up like Skrillex! WUB-WUB-WUB-WUB-WUB-WUB-WUUUUB!
    • The ending:
    Michael: Mark me as "MIA" because I went out to fly a plane and I never came back because I got stuck on A PIECE OF FUCKING WOOD!
  • A real gem was Rage Quit: Serious Sam Double D XXL, where Gavin causes Michael a significant amount of trouble, as usual.
    Gavin: Instead of walking, I'm gonna be a wheel, look at this. [Gavin moves his control stick in circles, causing his character to twirl his arms around in circles while making whooshing noises]
    • And another part where they had to ride on top of giant ants or whatever to get down a shaft.
    Gavin: Michael, Michael, I'm scared of the bugs. I'm scared of the bugs... [Jump cut to Gavin on top of the ants] I'm gonna do what's called a—
    Michael: Hurry the fuck up and get down here, that's what it's called! Let's go!
    Gavin: Can I crouch?
    Michael: Yes, press down. [Gavin falls down the shaft and under Michael's character]
    Gavin: Oh!
    Michael: [Crouching against Gavin's face] Look, that's how you crouch. I'm gonna fucking stuff my nuts in your mouth.
    Michael: He looks like James Earl Jones.
    Gavin: Like Randy Newman's brother...
    • During that time, they buy new ammunition and comment on how there's only one money account, wondering why they both can't have their own, leading to this little gem:
    Gavin: Did I spend my money or your money? Do we have a joined account? And do I get half of it in the divorce?
    • After getting some new guns and killing some monsters, they go back to the gun salesman, and Michael complains about Gavin buying too many air buffers.
    Michael: Can we just rob this motherfucker?
    Gavin: Oh, it's $50! I'm gonna buy another air buffer!
    Michael: We don't need another air buffer!
    Gavin: We need air buffers. We're gonna have buff—
    Michael: We have three buffs now. You're gonna fucking buff me after this video!
    Gavin: [Laughs]
    • And during the boss fight, a giant beetle, they both get killed by it due to the bullets bouncing off its shell. They later figure out that when it flaps its wings, it exposes soft flesh under the wings. Michael promptly tells Gavin where to shoot.
    Michael: You have to shoot it in the asshole, where's your fucking stupid heart?! [Gavin gets killed and switch to loading screen]
    Gavin: [As he shoots at the Beetle's weak point] I'm shooting his bum!
    • Later, Michael dies against it, and Gavin manages to kill it by himself, which would be pretty awesome if not for what happens next.
    Michael: [Gavin, with only a sliver of health left, kills the boss] Fucking finally, Jesus fucking Christ— [Gavin walks into one of the [[Mooks]] that the boss was spawning and dies] GOD DAMN IT, GAVIN!!! You killed him, and then fucking died from a monkey!!
    Gavin: Where were you?!
    Michael: I was dead for like four minutes! You never picked me up!
  • And then we have Surgeon Simulator 2013: Steam Edition (Part 1). It starts with Gavin throwing everything on the desk into disarray in the start menu and Michael forgetting how to control the hand's fingers and being unable to properly grab anything. And the watch falling off. All within the first minute of the video. It only gets better from there.
    • Gavin and Michael discovering the wonder of the surgical laser. Every time they grab it, they tend to do more damage than they need and let the laser go flailing afterwards.
    Michael: What is this? We just yanked something!
    Gavin: Bloody laser cutter!
    Michael: IT'S A LASER BEAM!
    • Anytime they accidentally get themselves high.
      • The first time they accidentally stab themselves with the needle, Gavin immediately starts scrambling for the bottle on the table, hysterically shouting, "I WANT THE ORANGE BURST. GIVE ME THE ORANGE BURST."
    • At one point, their surgical laser attempt gets them to free the patient's guts and their attempt to stop the bleeding by using the needle ends up getting them high... and using the other needle ends up speeding up the bleeding!
    • Gavin's attempt to cut something always ends up with his hand flailing around.
    Michael: You cut like a three-year-old draws.
    • Special mention goes to Gavin for briefly rage quitting at Michael (for the first time in a Rage Quit episode) when they're arguing about whether they have to take out the old kidneys when they're putting in the new ones.
    Michael: All you need to do is bump the other ones into place. I don't know why you keep trying to fucking take the old one out!
    Gavin: Well, it's not a transplant then if you leave the other one in...
    Michael: WHO GIVES A SHIT?! Do we put all the other parts back inside him?!
    Michael: This is how surgery works! You think they take your fucking heart out when you get a heart transplant? They just push it to the side and fucking give you a new one! No one fucking goes through all that!
    Gavin: ...You're a damn idiot.
    • Their first attempts at brain surgery. Their first attempt ends with slamming an axe into the guy's neck. The second attempt has them kill the person with the drill. And both attempts end with the guy dead in under 30 seconds.
      Michael: Holy SHIT! JESUS!!! Holy crap! He looks like Tyrion Lannister! You fucking cut his face off! WHAT HAPPENED?! DID YOU KILL HIM?!
      Gavin: I might've damaged him, but...
      Michael: You killed him.
      Gavin: "Brutal murder"!
      Michael: You killed him in 27 fucking seconds!
      Gavin: Let's try that one again.
      Michael: Don't hit him in the side of the head with a fucking battleaxe, there, Gimli!
      Gavin: What's it there for?
      • The third attempt, they get breaking the skull right and, as they go to pull the brain out, the ease of it freaks the hell out of them. And when the thing just easily pops out after being cut, Michael's panicking screams of "IT'S ON ME! IT'S ON ME!" shows how freaked out he is!
    • Part 2 picks up where Part 1 leaves off and we see Michael and Gavin trying to pull these surgeries off in an ambulance and in space!
      • The brain surgery goes just as well as you expect - Gavin buries a hatchet into a guy's skull in 10 seconds.
      Gavin: Whack it... whack 'im...
      Michael: [Watching Gavin smash open the skull with the axe leaving it in his brain]God damn, dude. Okay, we gotta... Gavin, Jesus!
      Gavin: [Reading the achievement] "What have I done?"
      Michael: What DID you do?
      Gavin: It's like, stuck in his brain!
      Michael: OH, MY GOD!
      Gavin: [laughing] 10 seconds...!
      Michael: You fucking made him a unicorn! You killed him in 10 seconds!
      Gavin: It's sticking out of his brain!
      Michael: LOOK AT HIM!
      • Their attempts to stop bleeding during said brain surgery leaves the patient with only 1ML of blood left. They end up killing him with the syringe.
      • Their attempts to try and fit a fire extinguisher in the poor patient's skull.
      Gavin: Should we see if we can hold the fire extinguisher in his head?
      Michael: Yeah, we should.
      *dead patient*
      • This comes around again when Gavin suggests a pencil this time (small objects in the game can't harm your patients like the pencil) but Michael was adamant against fucking up again.
      Michael: Get the God Damn new brain!
      Gavin: Pencil! Pencil! Put a pencil!
      Michael: I'm not gonna put a pencil—-
      Gavin: Put a pencil!
      Gavin: Put a pencil!
      Michael: I'mnotgonnaputapencil—-
      Gavin: Put a pencil!
      • Eventually, they do and the resulting physics causes it to spaz out in the brain cavity before it emerges from the back of the patient's neck. Michael and Gavin freak out briefly.
      • The space mission.
      Michael:Space is fucking stupid.
      • The very end, after they beat every level, when Michael and Gavin play one more time to fulfill a "personal task": Like A Wet Paper Towel.
      • After commenting that the space heart transplant is like a "bloody romance movie":
      • Gavin's patience with the hammer runs low:
      Gavin: Could you just let go of the hammer?! Let go of it!
  • The ending to the Rage Quit of Among the Sleep (Alpha):
    Michael: [He has just walked to the kitchen door and, as lightning flashes, he sees a monstrous figure in the distance] "OHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIT! Oh, shit! [turns his character around and runs] I am not prepared for this! Jesus Christ! [Jump Cut to the character near some tennis shoes] Put the shoes on! Put the fucking shoes on! Put the shoes on and RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!"
  • The Rage Quit to Happy Pong has Michael fiddle with all of the options, turning his first experience with the game in a majorly psychedelic, if not unplayable, mess.
  • Rage Quit: Cat Mario, especially when Michael first hits the Kaizo Trap at the end of Level 1 - which he never beats.
    Michael: [Jumps over a random laser beam and onto the pole, begins to move to the castle.] I jumped over the laser beam and I beat the fucking level. One-One, done! [Monster falls from the sky and kills him before he reaches the castle.] NO! NO!!
    • And the invisible trap in the middle of the level.
    • And finally, the ending where he tries one last time to jump over the Mario Pole to avoid the kaizo trapnote  is one of the funniest endings in Rage Quit history.
    Michael: Okay, ready? We're going over this, you ready? [Takes a few deep breaths and jumps, only to get killed by the laser beam from earlier before even getting near the pole.] GOD DAMN IIIIIT!! FUCK!!!
  • Rage Quit: Give Up is another really funny video, with the beginning of the video setting a tone for it.
    Michael: [Reading game description] "Give Up: A game about failure and regret." Accompanied by a picture of fucking bloody spikes! ''YEAH, THIS IS GONNA END GREAT!!''
    • The first levels, which are composed of his character running through a flat plane, give him some truly funny dialogue.
    Michael: Floor one; Floor one is my FUCKING BITCH!! SUCK MY DICK, FLOOR ONE!
    • In a later level, he actually makes it through about eight cannons that are all firing at him at once, and when he makes it to the end of the level, just has to be seen to be believed.
    Michael: [Jumping to next platform, just barely being missed by the cannons.] Ahhh! Fucking made it, MAAADE IIIT!! [Gets hit and killed by a cannon as he walks into the exit.] ...ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEEEE?!!?
  • Rage Quit: Trials Evolution, just about every rant he goes on.
    Michael: [Making his rider lean back and forth repeatedly, making it look like he's fucking the motorcycle] Oh, there he goes, HUMPING THE FUCKING THING! Yeah, get it! Show her who's boss, but buy dinner first, asshole!
    • When he tries to ride uphill, but gets stuck at a giant pipe.
    Michael: Come on, dicknugget!
    • When he tries to cross the river. This evolves into a slideshow of him failing at the game.
    Michael: [His rider falls off the slope and into the river] Ohh, what's the matter? I wasn't even touching the controller. You got nothing to live for; YOU FUCKING KILLED YOURSELF!! [Jump cut to him still trying to cross the river]
    Michael: 'IT'S THE SAME FUCKING THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! [Jump cut to his rider lying down on a ramp]
    Michael: Great. Fucking great...
    • And the "Sin City Level."
    Michael: [After making it past an obstacle without knowing how he did] How did that happen? How did that he— HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! [Falls] I am pissed that that just happened! [Crashes, bike falls apart, body gets hit by multiple cars as Michael rants] That was fucking ridiculous! I did like a front flip over and slid down the ramp, and the game is like "No, that's fine." It's the fucking Sin City level. 'Cause everything's red and black and white. Except, you know what's missing? Jessica Alba's giant titties! Where are they?! Maybe they'll be in DLC!
    • All in all, there's a good chance that the Trials games made Michael paranoid.
    Michael: It's like they were like "Hey, remember that guy that played Trials, and he was like 'This game's fucking hard!'? Let's make another one! He'll play that one too!" And you're right! And then they're gonna make a fucking third one! And I'm gonna play that too! And I'M LOOKING LIKE A FUCKING ASSHOLE, like I always do when I play these goddamn games! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!
  • No mention of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 ?:
    Michael: Let me tell you this. If you visit an island that's filled with nothing but half naked women that are running around playing tug of war and bouncing on trampolines, and splashing each other in the water, and you buy an Xbox, then you sir, are a goddamn asshole!
  • The Rage Quit to Uncraft Me has Michael actually have fun with the mindless game of shooting bricks away and revealing scantly-clad women. Of course, after the first four stages, it gets hard and Michael devolves back into his angry roars.
  • Michael vs. Andrew in Yu-Gi-Oh! Decade Duels Plus:
    • The number of references to the show, particularly Joey's infamous dubbed Brooklyn accent.
    • Both players' experience a number of epic fails due to not reading the effects of their cards.
    • Michael's furious reaction to losing and calls for a rematch.
      Michael: I'M GONNA FUCK YOUR BUTT!
      Andrew: *yelps*
  • Michael and Andrew do have a rematch. And ham up their performance, especially at the end.
  • His yearly devotion to The Impossible Game really riles him up as he deals with level three, leading him to freak out and place a checkpoint inbetween two spikes, sending him on a death loop, leading him to roar out to tune in next year where he doesn't beat level four.
    Michael: Part 4: The Dramatic Ending - I Die.
  • Rage Quit (?) Grand Theft Auto V. Michael decides to say screw raging and take a little "fishing trip".
    Michael: (to the police while speeding away in a helicopter) YOU'RE NOT GOING TO STOP ME AND MY VACATION!
  • Rage Quit - Distraction. At one point, he dodges a missile shot at him from outside the screen, only to be hit with another missile a second after, leading him to go on a tangent about a similar incident in an episode of Naruto!
    • At the end, he gets so pissed off, when he slams his mouse, it causes him to scroll off the screen and pull the web browser window out of the way.
    • At one point, he begins to question the motives behind the animals causing the titular distraction, but in the middle of it he's killed, and he just screams, "WHAT ARE YOU- I— I'M A BIRD! I'M A BIRD!!!"
  • Michael's rant at the HDCP involving video capture on the Playstation 4. Then, he shows us how he "circumvents" it, leading to hilarious results.
  • Rage Quit: Rage. He spends the entire video saying nice things in a pleasant tone of voice. It's hilarious.
  • Rage Quit: Freestyle Football Trials just has to be seen to be believed! It's like a video you'd see on a "try not to laugh or grin" video.
  • Rage Quit: Uncraft Me 2- Michael comments on guy screaming as he dies:
    Michael: Arr, shiver me timbers. Them be great lookin' tatas.
    • The reveal that Ariel has fish face.
  • After a player quits on him in ''Avatar Paintball":
    Michael: You know, this is the problem with the online community nowadays. Everybody's a dick, okay? Nobody can just go online, have a nice, relaxing game- (shoots another player) YOU FUCKIN' PUSSY! YOU LIKE THAT, YOU FUCKIN' PUSSY!?
    • When chasing a guy called "bobby2sloppy"
    Michael: Come here Bobby, you fucking sloppy bitch!
  • Rage Quit: Winnie The Pooh's Home Run Derby - Michael can't get past Piglet.
  • Rage Quit: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved. Anyone who watches the VS episodes Achievement Hunter regularly puts out will know about this game. Michael has a number of funny moments raging about this game.
    Michael: It's a game about fucking shapes. It'll shape your asshole!
    Michael: OHHH!! Fucking atom bomb, motherfucker! Didn't see that coming, did you! (Gets killed) Oh, goddammit!
    • He frequently describes the shape monsters that he's killing as things that wanna rape him.
    Michael: They're just fucking... they're butt snakes. They're butt snakes!
    Michael: It's like World War fucking 37, cuz I don't know what year it is. We're in a future time-space continuum with fucking triangles and snake monsters, and fucking purple squares fucking your asshole apart!
    Michael: They just fucking spawn out of nowhere. You're just minding your own business, then BAM! You're in Narnia, a magical land where every fucking woodland creature wants a piece of your mouth!
    • At some point, Michael got killed before he finished ranting about the last time he got killed!
    Michael: Jesus Christ. (Gets killed) JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! What the shit?! It was like a goddamn fucking explosion of colors on my screen! I got fucking raped by a red-- (gets killed again) WHAT THE FUCK?! GODDAMMIT!!!
    • Later in the video, Michael got so angry that he almost crapped his pants.
    • In the end of the video, Michael gets an achievement for getting over 250,000 points. He then wonders what the other achievements are like.
    Michael: Oh! I got fucking 250,000 fucking points! Yaaay, achievement. What do I need to get all the fucking achievements, let's see. (Looks at the last achievement, earn over 1,000,000 points without dying.) Now what kind of fucking piece of shit is gonna waste their goddamn life trying to get a fucking stupid retarded achievement like that?! You gotta be some kind of fucking moron!! (Cut to Jack's page, where he got all the achievements)
    Michael: ...fuck you, Jack.
  • Rage Quit: Left 4 Dead 2. Michael + Mike (who has never played Left 4 Dead prior to this video) = Hilarity Ensues
    • Mike accidentally shoots a propane tank, setting both Michael and himself on fire and dying.
    Mike: No, it says I have pills. Can I take those? I guess not.
    • While attempting to save Michael, Mike gets dragged away by a Smoker. Even after he's freed from the Smoker, Mike panics and shoots wildly only to get incapacitated by a single Common Infected
    • When everyone but Mike is incapacitated, what does Mike do? Hide behind a forklift
    Mike: The zombies are going to come after me!
    • The entire encounter with the Tank. While Michael scolds Mike for almost getting killed by a pipe bomb, Michael comes face-to-face with a Tank which proceeds to incapacitate him. Mike thinks he killed the Tank (he killed a Charger instead) and celebrates only to be knocked down by the Tank. Michael is then picked up by the AI only to get killed by the Tank within seconds before the Tank finishes off Mike
    Michael: You're the worst fucking intern ever.
  • "Rage Quit - Dodge the Balls" has Michael fit in as many ball jokes as possible.
  • Rage Quit - Toy Stunt Bike has Michael get stuck on level 2.
    Michael: Don't go under the table, asshole. Yeah, go play with the block—"A" for "asshole".
    • And then there's him getting stuck on the block.
    Michael: It's like Gnome Chompski. I don't to bring to the end of the fucking game!
    • The ending when he falls over his bike and slides to the finish line.
  • Rage Quit: Hide the Fart - The entire thing.
    Michael: Up up, down down, left right left right, anal gas. [Beat]...Fuck.
  • The Impossible Game Level Pack 4: After yelling and screaming like a madman throughout the whole video, Michael's reaction when beating the level in The Stinger is a calm "Oh, sweet, I beat it."
    • Before The Stinger, the video ends with him laughing like The Joker.
    • In his frustration, complains that he makes it two blocks further every 100 tries. He then rhetorically wonders where he'll be after 2000 tries. Cue Gilligan Cut.
  • Rage Quit: VVVVVV:
    • Michael vs. Veni Vidi Vici. After an hour and a half and several hundred deaths, he successfully completes the challenge and collects the Trinket. And then he notices that clearing Veni Vidi Vici is optional, since it's basically a very complicated dead end with a Trinket in itnote .
  • Rage Quit: Red Wire... it was supposed to be Rage Quit: FTL: Faster Than Light, but Steam decides to not work.
    • Not only this, but two thirds of the video are spent trying to get Steam to work!
  • Rage Quit: Heavy Bullets has its funny moments too:
    • Michael introduces the MedBay in a funny fashion.
    Michael: (while zooming in and out on the MedBay) Come back when you get some money, buddy.
    • Michael introduces the X button by accidentally using an antidote with the X button.
    Michael: What the fuck was that? Aw, shit! I just used the potion. Don't hit the X button... uh, when you don't need to... Fuck.
    • Michael also introduces the use of the B button by accidentally setting off a bomb near a bank machine.
    Michael: OH SHIT!
    Michael runs from the bomb as it blows up the bank machine.
    Michael: Well... oops... Hope the discount wasn't just good on that one...
  • Rage Quit^2
    • Partway through the game, Michael gets to a part where he has to cross four quadrants to reach a goal. He's able to get past the first two after getting stuck in the first one for a long time, but as he gets to the third one, he ends up dying. There's this dead silence before there's the sound of something thumping before he speaks up completely dejected.
  • Rage Quit: Flappy Goat in Goat Simulator has Michael trying to keep his cool. It fails miserably.
    Michael: Gotta keep your cool, that's definitely the technique to this game is to probably not let it frustrate you. You're gonna die a lot, you're gonna fail a lot but if you get the system down, you'll get better and you just wanna, you want to- (dies) GOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!
    • The ending where he gets up and throws his chair away and kicks it.
  • Rage Quit: No Time to Explain
    • In Michael's quest to get hats, he pulls a Double Take when he gets one that makes him looks exactly like Gavin. So much so that he drags Geoff and Gavin over to check it out!
      • Then, the very next stage, he declares it old news when he gets a fox head.
  • Rage Quit: Medal of Honor
    • Around 2 minutes in and onward, Michael seriously starts to lose his shit, frustrated with how hard it is to see the game, and screaming throughout the rest of the video.

    Play Pals 
  • The Rainbow Six: Vegas episode, like the three Let's Plays, consists of plenty of grenade bloopers - Michael throwing them at Gavin, Michael blindly throwing one into smoke and killing Gavin, the guys throwing grenades instead of reloading - culminating in Gavin blowing up both of them seconds after the start of an attempt.
  • The Five Nights at Freddy's episode, with Gavin constantly insisting on checking the stage to see if Chica has moved, even while Bonnie is staring at the camera right outside the security room.
    • The ending, where they listen to the previous guard's phone message, then check the monitor after he finishes. As soon as they view it, Foxy appears in the doorway, scaring and killing them. Gavin immediately jumps out of his chair and hides in a corner of the office, crying.
      Gavin: I don't like it...
  • The Narcissus episode. Gavin is the anti-gravity player and he is not great at it. Michael just laughs.
  • The Chariot episode and the subject of their 'video game marriage' which Michael claims he never signed up to.
  • The Bayonetta 2 episode in which Geoff and Ryan fill in for Michael and Gavin.
    Geoff: Shall we mention why we're doing this instead of Gavin and Michael?
    Ryan: They're dead.
    Geoff: No integrity.
    Ryan: ...and so are we.
    Geoff: Oh fuck.
    (they laugh)
  • Ryan's singing intro to the Modern Warfare 3 - Spec Ops: Black Ice which from the laughter in the background caught Geoff off-guard.
  • Ryan brings out his robot voice toy for the intro to the Modern Warfare 3 - Spec Ops: Negotiator episode.
  • The Black Hat Oculus episode has Ryan wearing the Oculus and walking through a map guided by Geoff who can see the traps. Needless to say this results in a lot of yelling and running about from Ryan.
  • The Forest episode starts with Ryan freaking out at his character model being inside the other players, then running out and freaking out about Michael and Geoff's characters being combined into a four armed figure with two heads.
    • Ryan leaves for a bit and Ray takes over, somehow acquiring a skull which he states is his life partner, then sees Michael throw a log off a cliff and jumps off after it and gets stuck with Michael refusing to let him back up, the three guys end up charging a couple of natives which Ray explodes their corpses and carries a leg back to the campfire just in time for him to switch places with Ryan again, who freaks out about his character randomly holding a leg.
  • The I Am Bread episode brings back Team Nice Dynamite, and they accidentally get the bread in a full sink, triggering Gavin's infamous gag reflex.
  • In the Kalimba episode, Gavin traps Michael against an enemy in a cycle of death as revenge for an earlier part where Gavin died many times due to his own impatience, which Michael laughed at him for.
    Gavin: You know how, earlier, when I, uh, I kept dying...
    Michael: ...You're a fucking shmuck!
    Gavin: Oh, Michael, why d'you keep dying?
    Michael: You're gonna fucking die for real in a second!
    Gavin: Oh, Michael why?
  • The Binding of Issac Rebirth episode.
    • Gavin's comments on the random baby characters he's playing:
      • "Why am I a baby with a 'tache?"
      • "*bird noises*"
      • "And now... I am a noble baby..."
      • "Daddy, I'm a turnip."
      • "I look like a newborn..."
      • "Now I'm a scared baby!"
      • "Devil bug baby!" (when Michael points out it looks like a snake) "I like babiessssss..."
      • "I've got a medic suit on, I'm like a happy medic."
    • Human Centipede action in the secret room.
    • "Brick!" "Toaster!" "Box of spiders..."
  • The Home Improvisation Episode.
    • They miss looking at what the second item is meant to be and make a total mess of it the first time. Then up playing air hockey with two of the arches and a bulb.
      • And then when they do finish it, Gavin puts the last arm on upside down, making it look like an elephant.
    • The slow piano backing suddenly gets quicker.
      Michael: Is... is the piano getting more intense?
      Gavin: (laughing) Yeah!
      Michael: (singing) There is a shelf now! Can they build it? Noooooooo! (Gavin laughs) Fucking "Furniture: The Opera".
    • They make a total mess of the shelf and table.
  • The Five Nights at Freddy's 2 episode.
    • Gavin has a can of Red Bull which he says is to help keep him calmer. The minute Michael turns on the flashlight and sees Toy Freddy in the hallway, Gavin jumps and spills it everywhere.
      • "He's going to walk up to us and finger our eyeholes!"
    • They get caught by Toy Bonnie and Gavin as usual flies back from the computer and across the room. Jack who is walking through bursts into laughter.
    • As he did when playing the first game, Gavin once again retreats to the corner of the room.
  • The Don Bradman Cricket episode.
    • This episode was intended to be a role-reversal of the MLB 2K12 episode, as Gavin is the knowledgeable one when it comes to cricket when Michael is completely in the dark. Only it quickly loses that theme when Gavin can't figure out how to throw the ball for the first five minutes of the game.
  • The Goat Simulator video.
    • The jetpacks. Dear god the jetpacks.
      • One particularly funny bit is when Gavin is way out in the ocean and using his jetpack to breach from the water like some strange furry fish.
    • Gavin finds out that they can turn entities into watermelons or seemingly spawn them out of nowhere. He manages to turn Michael into a melon and then smashes him.
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has Team Magnum Dong/Team Dads taking over for Nice Dynamite again.
    • They play the game seriously up to the point where they realize they can use the anti-copter missiles on the enemy soldiers too. Then it goes out of the window.
  • The Don't Starve Together episode has Michael and Gavin attempting not to starve... together.
    • When Gavin finds out torches can set fire to stuff both of them go a little nuts burning stuff and Michael attempts to roast Gavin and some pengulls.
    • They encounter a herd of Beefalos. Michael attacks one and the entire herd turn on him.
  • Geoff and Ryan playing the Spec Ops mission Iron Clad in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
    • Ryan sings the intro again.
    • Geoff's tank has an infinite ammo crate on the back; Ryan claims that he is taking ammo out of Geoff's butt.
    • Geoff compares the street full of enemies to a men's room in San Francisco.
  • The Five Nights At Freddy's 4 episode.
    • Neither of them know how to play.
    • They examine the closet and get occupied with opening and closing the doors.
    • Gavin suggests that the kid's family are all pumpkins.
    • Jack sneaks up behind Gavin, then breathes on the back of his neck. Gavin's reaction is predictable.
    • Gavin theorizes about what happens if you fail the Plushtrap minigame:
      Michael: Do you think we'll get him?
      Gavin: NO, I don't think we'll get him! I think he'll get us, and he'll... put us on the X!
      Michael: *laughs* "No you stand on the X! I g- I save two hours on the next level!"
      Gavin: *laughs*
      Michael: Does that- We start and it's only 10 pm? Oh shit!
  • Who's Your Daddy?
    • Dead Baby Comedy, baby with a sex toy, that is all.
    • For clarification, the goal of the game is for a baby to kill themself while the father is meant to keep the baby safe. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time
    • Upon defeating an enemy a bomb spawns that explodes near them. Then they realize that the blast isn't stopping and the two of them race to exit the level with the edge of the blast following them.
    • Gavin and Michael have a legacy of worms named "pip pap scallywap". Michael makes a lot of impassioned speeches about avenging their fathers.
  • Human: Fall Flat, part 2
    • Michael ventures ahead, leaving Gavin on the other side of a chasm only crossable by means of a moving platform (the controls for which are on Gavin's side). Gavin gets the brilliant idea to grab a pole from the previous room and try to bridge the gap. What ends up happening is Gavin clinging desperately onto the pole over the void while Michael struggles to pull him up.
      • Then they make it. They immediately get an almost-completely unrelated achievement.
    • Gavin beats the last room in the level by clinging to both sides of an opening sliding door. This causes the physics engine to glitch out and knock him through the finish.
  • Human Fall Flat, part 3
    • The boys find a catapult. Immediately Gavin takes the rock Michael had loaded out of it and climbs into it himself. It works, too!
    • They find a barrel at the top of a ramp, and Gavin decides Michael should try to jump over it as it rolls down. What ends up happening is Gavin following the barrel down and launching himself into Michael, both of them clinging to each other as they fall into the void.
    • Calling back to the previous part, it's Michael's turn to be stuck hanging above the void while Gavin fishes around for him with a pole (twice!). Unfortunately Gavin's ineptitude means he walks off both times.
    • Gavin attaches himself to a windmill's sails. Michael then attaches himself to Gavin. This would be perfectly fine were it not for the fact that when they come back down again Michael gets jammed into the windmill's safety railings.
      • Somehow, this causes the windmill to spin in reverse.
  • Outlast 2
    • At first the boys say they hate the game because its scary and they pretty much have to play it because they played the first one. However as the game progresses they slowly start to more annoyed with it than terrified and begin unfavorably comparing it to the first one. Its strangely funny to here them riffing on the game but terrified by it at the same time.
  • Human Fall Flat, part 6
    • Before recording this episode, Michael and Gavin discovered that the PC version has the option to create character skins from webcam pictures. The results are horrifying.
      • Since the back of the character mirrors the front, the text on their shirts gets reversed too. Gavin states that neither of them reversed make any sense... then points out himself that his own Does Rocks Float On Lava shirt doesn't make sense forwards either.
      • Then at the end of the episode, they make a character using both of their heads, Gavin supplying the actual head while Michael's head is the body. It's so hideous that they invite people in from the support room to laugh at it.
    • Midway through Ryan opens the door and throws a triggered personal alarm keychain into the room. Gavin attempts to disarm it by pouring water all over it.
    • Gavin leaps from a see-saw to grab a wooden platform, overbalances it, and gets flattened.
  • N++
    • Bizarrely, the webcam has somehow been synced to Gavin's controller, so just touching the buttons on it activates all kinds of filters. Then he pauses it, and doesn't notice. After the intro, a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer appears to reiterate that, and then they continue not to notice for nearly an hour.
    • Then they get to the end of the five stages, and wonder where the rest of the game is... then discover that they were playing the introduction the whole time.
      Gavin: *hums the On The Spot theme*
  • Emily Wants To Play
    • The fact that it's only 11 minutes long, minus the channel bumpers. Michael dies a minute after the clock begins.
    • The first Jump Scare causes Gavin to literally fall out of his chair, pulling his headphones with him.
    • When Kiki pops out again and scares them, Jeremy immediately bolts out of his chair and then collapses back into it.
    • The video ends with a final scare from Kiki, causing them to storm out of the room. Michael even throws his headphones down and angrily slams his fists onto the desk as he leaves.
  • Chicken Scream weaponizes Michael's No Indoor Voice and Gavin's Angrish because it's the only way the chicken moves on the screen. At one point, even though Gavin's leaning away from the mic, his snort still kills the chicken.
  • Getting It Over It with Bennett Foddy
    • Michael's first attempt flips the character backwards into the water.
    • Another failed attempt causes Gavin to walk out of the room.
    • At the end of the video, Michael is so angry that he gets up and screams into the wall's acoustic padding.
  • Her Majesty's SPIFFING
    • For most of the video the two of them are too busy bantering to each other to pay attention to what's being said on-screen. At one point, Captain English makes an aside comment about milk, and Gavin only hears the end of it, so spends a long time trying to actually find milk.
    • One of the game's characters, Sub-Lieutenant Aled Jones, bears more than a passing similarity to Michael and is allergic to cheese, much like Michael is lactose intolerant. Gavin then goes off on a tangent as Aled has the same name as a singer who sung a cover of the song from The Snowman.
  • A Way Out:
    • Appropriately the game automatically assigns both Michael and Gavin with characters that match certain things about them in real life. Gavin plays Leo who also has a huge nose and is of Italian descent, and Michael *Vincent* Jones plays Vincent.
    • Michael's character is naked for part of the prologue, and whenever he faces the camera the editor covers the character's bits with a picture of Gavin's infamous penis costume.
    • They get into their cells and have a brief discussion about what would happen if there was a glory hole.
    • Gavin loudly humming the Mission: Impossible theme whenever he needs to be stealthy. When he's stealing the chisel he stands in front of the window and yells "HI, BOI!"
    • Gavin smuggles the chisel into his cell and promptly tries to chisel a glory hole into the wall.
    • In Part 2 Leo starts complaining about the dirty water underneath the prison. Gavin decides to treat it like a water slide.
    • During the escape Gavin didn't have enough time to duck and hide from the spotlight, Michael just turns then laughs at him when they have to restart.
    • Upon reaching the tower, Gavin jokingly suggests that they'll have to use a coat hanger to slide down the wire across. Then he discovers that the game literally wants him to use a coat hanger.
    • At the end of Part 2 Gavin and Michael do a "celebration dance". Even better is that the editor adds in some confetti on the screen.
      Gavin:(singing) "Team Nice Dynamite! We got outta prison! Let's start a Broadway Show!"
    • Part 3 starts with toilet talk and Dan's...interesting way of using it in the woods.
    • During the dog chase Gavin slides down the mountain towards Michael, but he doesn't realize that he had to press the A button to jump, leading to Leo's death.
    • In the second round Gavin hits the button but then decides to wait until the last minute to hold the right trigger. Leo fails to grab onto Vincent's hand and plunges to his doom.
    • After reaching the farm with the old couple, Gavin decides to screw around the house after tying them up. Everything from eating their food to scribbling on portraits.
    • In part 4 when Leo tries to talk to his son, Alex jumps out the window and runs towards his treehouse. Michael follows him closely but in Gavin's view during the cutscene Vincent is nowhere to be seen despite Michael being right at the fence in his view.
    • During the basketball scene Michael gets a weird glitch where the basketball gets stuck on Vincent's finger. Him dribbling just looks like he's trying to wave the ball off that's been glued to his finger.
    • The arm wrestling match.
    • After reaching the hospital Michael ends up talking to a cancer patient who happened to be smoking near an opened window. Vincent's having a heartfelt talk with the woman while Gavin's in the background trying to balance on a wheelchair. As soon as Michael sees a second one he rushes off to join him.
    • Part 6 has them doing bench presses, they bring Lindsay in to try to make it to 11 when neither of the boys can do it. Lindsay keeps accidentally pressing B instead of X which cancels the minigame, forcing Michael to redo it to 10 again.
    • During the parachuting part, Michael and Gavin end up drifting too far from each other and Vincent fails to save Leo, leading to a third fall to his death in the gameplay. In the second run Michael fails to reach the landing zone leading to Vincent and Leo falling into the water and drowning.
    • At the shootout Gavin mistakes a piece of dirt on his moniter as the in-game reticle before pointing out it being the reason why he's not shooting very well.
    • Gavin reaches Harvey and gets into a physical fight. For some reason Michael's view forces Vincent to look skyward, rendering him unable to see what's directly in front of him, leading to Vincent getting shot to death.
  • Super Mario Odyssey's Brutal Bonus Level "Darker Side of the Moon"
    • They admit they're not sure whether to classify the video as a Rage Quit or Play Pals because it's just Michael playing and Gavin watching.
    • Gavin describes the level as a "ridiculously hard, no-checkpoint obstacle course of shit."
    • They change Mario's outfit from his explorer outfit to the skeleton one with a gold cap, calling him "The Skeleton of Pimps".
    • The sheer fact that Gavin finished the game and the level before Michael. He's never even finished the game, much less reached this level, so not only is he playing on Gavin's save file, he needs Gavin to guide him.
    • Michael spends the video in a mostly annoyed Tranquil Fury, but thanks to an ill-timed jump at the end, he has to start all over, which finally sets him off. Gavin laughs so hard that he gets up to muffle his laughing in the acoustic padding.
    Michael: (wrapping up the video) All right, well, fuck my ass! [Gavin giggles] P-play Fuck! Fuck Pals! Fuckboy Fuck Pals! Fuck!
  • Emily Wants to Play Too: Gavin Quits the Video
    • The title alone sets up how Gavin feels about the game.
      Michael: [after Gavin bolts out] I think he's done. He played one time, he played one time!
    • Gavin had gotten into a lightsaber duel with Andy and lost.
    • Michael's more offended by the messy apartment than the fact that it's dim.
    • The jump scares cause Gavin literally jump out of his chair screaming as Michael cackles. Several of them even cause him to bolt out of the room.
      Gavin: I hate this shitty game. [walks back into the room] Dogshit piece of shit game arse wank.
      Michael: [looks at the camera] Ma-ma. [snickers]
    • In true Joisey fashion, Michael charges towards one of the moving dolls.
  • Emily Wants to Play Too: The Actual Game This Time
    • It turns out the previous video's gameplay was the tutorial.
    • The video opens with an indignant Gavin asking, "WHY?"
    • Michael mentioned seeing a tip sheet on how to play, and promptly forgot where he saw it.
    • While Gavin is remarkably calmer when the jump scares happen, he still pushes his chair away and cowers when they happen.
    • One jump scare scares Gavin so much that he kicks the computer as he jumps out of his chair, causing the computer case's door to slide off.
  • Getting Hospitalized - Helping Hand... except not exactly. After roughly 18 minutes, they decide to abandon Helping Hand, and Michael talks Gavin into sneaking in more Super Bunny Men, due to the fact that Trevor hates that game, and didn't want Michael and Gavin to keep playing the game. After they've had their fill, we cut to Michael telling Larry what they did, and telling him to keep his mouth shut.
    Gavin: All the comments have to be: "Damn, Helping Hands was a good game. Larry's not in this video."
  • Dark Deception:
    • The game crashes twice and prompts them to submit a bug report. So Gavin takes the time to do so, including a screenshot of him making a stupid face at the camera.
    Results: We was making play pals, yeah? Then the game like well broke and that. Twice. Michael agrees with me.
    Expected: The game would work and the monkeys would kill us more.
  • NO JUMP NO SHOOT - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
    • The goal is to get a pacifist achievement, for completing the Silent Cartographer level without killing anyone or dying. Three minutes into the video, just after the beach landing, the Warthog gets dropped, Michael takes a moment to figure out how to kick one of the marines out of the passenger seat... then Gavin drives off too quickly and runs Michael over with the back wheel. Gavin goes into hysterics, while Michael just sits there and stares at him.
  • We Lose Our Voices - Supermarket Shriek
    • It's a game about a guy and a goat in a shopping cart that's propelled entirely by voice input. The video is basically 25 minutes of Gavin and Michael screaming. Gavin brought a glass of water; Michael thought even further ahead and brought throat lozenges.
  • PLEASE DON'T CRASH - Totally Reliable Delivery Service

    AHWU (Achievement Hunter Weekly Update
  • The very first episode, in which Burnie comes in and offers the internet a peanut, Jack says that the name AHWU won't stick, and Geoff slaps Jack in slow motion.
  • AHWU #43, which includes Griffon giving both Geoff and Jack a kiss, the intro using the "Ding Dong Song", Geoff cracking up at the achievement name "Bone On", the "Achievement Pig", a random worker being asked to look at the camera ("there's nothing in there!"), and the Running Gag of Geoff saying "vagina".
  • AHWU #56, which includes highlights like a short repeat cut of Jack going "vroom-vroom", Burnie dancing a bit behind Jack, Gus's cutout being placed in the doorway, and then the real Gus taking its place.
  • Viewers are invited to send clips of themselves saying what number episode this is, as well as showing where they are (usually someplace scenic or famous). But one submission had a viewer show an average street lawn, saying "It's my front yard. Deal with it."
  • AHWU #158: Jack is out of town visiting Australia. The lads take this opportunity to liven up the news delivery a bit by grabbing the camera and running around the Rooster Teeth studio and parking lot, action news style.
  • Any time Jack is out of town, Michael, Ray, and Gavin host "Team Lads Action News", where they pick up the camera and run around the Rooster Teeth office, terrorizing and annoying everyone while they work. In AHWU #195, the day a Team Lads Action News t-shirt was released, the news team initiates a Hostile Show Takeover by chloroforming Jack.
  • AHWU #171's show number intros are done by RT staff members through Team Lads Action News(?), proving that one of the few things the Mad King is afraid of is TLAN:
    Gavin: Dammit, we lost him!
    Ray: We lost him in our office.
  • AHWU #172 is a Jack and Geoff-less episode. Highlights include:
    • Pre-show level checking with Caleb, Michael and Lindsey.
    • Michael, Lindsey and Ryan posing in place before starting off for no apparent reason.
    • The intro (with Ryan getting really into it in the background).
    Michael: This week on AHWU, your face is gonna get blasted off!!
    • Ryan pretending to be Jack by wearing Jack's MC skin hat as a scarf as well as his desk sign that says "Jack Pattillo, Rooster Teeth" being pinned to his shirt collar.
    "Jack": Australia stole some of my beard.
    • Michael finally learning what Geoff and Jack have to put up with every week when Lindsey tries to shove a banana in his mouth.
    • Ryan announces the Free Edgar 2013 shirt. It's as good as it sounds.
    • "Do I have dick room?"
  • AHWU #200 features Jack delivering the news on Flappy Bird, and the reasons why it was taken off of the iTunes App Store (among others). Cue Geoff trying to show the camera the app on his iPhone, with a censor bar along the bottom... because Geoff's background is his wife's cleavage.
  • It seems that most of the AHWUs since the move to the new offices involve Gavin in the background of Jack's pieces attempting to make the bearded one laugh. He often succeeds.
  • AHWU #216. Ryan gets another shirt... his body language says it all. He is just resigned to his fate of being the provider of so many shirt-based in-jokes by now.
  • AHWU #218 - Burnie makes a cameo.
    Burnie: (opening the door to the office and looking round) Crap, Achievement Hunter is working in here! (closes the door)
    Gavin: ... What a prick.
  • AHWU #221. Post-RTX edition. Everyone is visibly tired and hoarse after their convention except Jack who is somehow even more chipper.
    Geoff: (to Michael) Tired?
    Michael: Yeah.
    Geoff: Ray?
    Ray: Yeah.
    Geoff: Jack?
    Jack: I'm great!
    Geoff: Shut up...
  • AHWU #224 is the sixth anniversary edition.
    • Someone has brought in party poppers, and Team Nice Dynameat are loving it. Geoff... not so much.
    • Gavin tries to feed Geoff a shot from what seems to be every alcoholic thing in the office throughout the video.
  • AHWU #233 sees the return of Team Lads Action News for the first time since the building move. They corner Ryan in the bathroom, and when he hears them coming he just gets in a corner in the shower and faces the wall. Once again, the only thing the Mad King fears is TLAN. Gets better when Michael goes to turn the shower on and he realizes HE can use it as a weapon against the Lads.
  • AHWU #237 features some "creative" camerawork.
  • AHWU #244 marks the return of Team Nice Dynamite after filming Lazer Team wrapped up. Gavin appears on camera first, then Michael shoulder-slams him out of the way to shout "Gavin's back?!?" which sends Gavin's tub of grape flying everywhere. It even gets a slow-motion replay.
  • AHWU #247 includes some Risinger on camera action, Gavin shattering a box he's standing on, fun with the camera's zoom function and Jeremy hitting Matt in the face with the microphone.
  • AHWU #249 has more "creative" camerawork, and ends with Michael grabbing the tripod, facing the camera towards him and then spinning in a circle.
  • AHWU #251 sees more Team Lads Action News.
  • AHWU #252 has another Ryan-inspired shirt introduced during it. He complies with Jack's wish to throw the shirt to him, then continues to throw every large cushioned object he can grab at Jack to hinder the shirt's introduction on-camera.
  • AHWU #253.
    • During the community section, someone turns off the main office lights making Jack and someone else light up Matt and Jeremy using the light of their phones. Then the person on the office lights starts flicking them on and off and it briefly becomes a lightswitch rave.
    • Matt on Let's Build.
      Matt: Oh, are we supposed to talk about Let's Build shit? (there is an affirmative answer off-camera) We're not doing one this week.
      (Matt walks off-camera, people in the background laugh)
  • AHWU #263 sees Geoff attempting to read the games coming out this week while people (presumably including Jack because he can hear him laughing) chuck the plushie tower of pimp blocks at him.
  • AHWU #264 sees the return of Team Nice Dynamite background shenanigans.
  • AHWU #266 and Geoff makes a comment early about how all of the achievements for games this week are lame, then when it gets to Achievement of the Week...
    Geoff: Achievement of the Week this week is... ah fuck, I forgot to write the game down...
    (there is a chorus of laughter off-camera)
  • AHWU #288 has Gavin convince Jeremy to hop outside on a stool for ten dollars. He makes it.
    • Gavin writes "PISS" on Jack's notebook.
    • Gavin wearing the big nose costume.
  • AHWU #300 has Jack and the 3 Lads celebrating 300 AHWUs with a cake. Jeremy ends up wearing some of it.
  • AHWU #313: Some fan though it would be a good idea to give Gavin an elastic-band rifle. He spends half the episode trying to snipe Geoff while he's tries to read the news.
    Michael: You got a new hole! You got a new fingerhole!
    Gavin: WHYYYY!?
    Michael: You just said to do it!
    Geoff: Hold on, I can fix this.
    *moves Gavin's keyboard and controller over the hole to cover it*
    Jack: There we go. Perfect.
    Gavin: Thanks. It's like... 2 years ago all over again.
  • AHWU #334: Gavin offers Jeremy a chair, then proceeds to wheel Jeremy out of the building, through the parking lot, and into a ditch while Jeremy is attempting to read the list of new releases.
  • Following a retool around episode 360, AH has begun unboxing letters and gifts sent to them by fans. After several throwaway jokes by Michael and Lindsay to send them swords and weapons, the crew has quickly amassed a huge collection of weaponry, including knives, swords, a medieval flail, and a chainsaw. The popularity of this segment has lead to the unofficial renaming of AHWU to Achievement Hunter Weapon Unboxing.
  • AHWU #365: A fan sent in a bunch of glitter bombs. Trevor keeps falling for it.
  • AHWU #390: A fan sends Jeremy a pair of children's stilts. He runs around the office with them going THWOP THWOP THWOP.
    Michael: He sounds like he's on a horse.
    Jack: He's so happy, Michael!
    Jeremy: *trips over in the background*
    • While they're trying to do the unboxing, a personal alarm keychain randomly goes off. Michael disarms it with a mallet which he started keeping in the stream room since their Play Pals recording got interrupted by one.
  • AHWU #393: At one point, Michael dons a potato face mask and starts singing and dancing around Gavin. Lindsay walks by stops, looks in total disbelief at what she sees and tells Jack "We made a baby."
  • In episode 399, someone sent the crew a small piece of Uranium ore. The Mad King was pleased.
    Ryan: Great, now we can finally complete our dirty bomb!
  • AHWU #407: Somebody sent Jeremy a Little Monster Truck onesie.
  • AHWU #411:
    • Someone sent the gang a giant inflatable unicorn. Gavin throws it and its lands on Jeremy's monitor; he retaliates by nailing Gavin right in the face with it.
    • Someone sent them a porn catalog. A very graphic porn catalog.
    Gavin: There's a lot of porn in this room; all I can see is tits.
  • AHWU #420: The gang receive more plastic pit balls for the yellow barrel they received. After filling it halfway, Trevor jumps in headfirst and promptly gets stuck with his feet sticking out. Ryan proceeds to dump more balls onto him, and then it takes the combined efforts of Ryan, Alfredo, and Jeremy to pull him out.
  • AHWU #426: A fan requests that the crew do an immersion of Murder! featuring the AH office. At this is being discussed, the camera pans to Ryan, who is already unsheathing a knife.
    Ryan: "Who do I stab?"
  • AHWU #429: Geoff, who's still bitter over their last minigolf video, takes two cans of Febreze air fresheners and sprays them through one of the box fans, covering everyone with air freshener. He then proceeds to spray everyone who played in the video.
  • AHWU #431:
    • A fan from Sweden sent them the very intense smelling delicacy surströmming. Jack puts it on Gavin's desk.
    • Someone sent them furry porn, and Alfredo puts it in Jeremy's chair. Jack is curious enough to flip through the pages, bewildering Trevor and Alfredo.
      Trevor: Is this for Jeremy?
      Matt: You know who it's for.
  • AHWU #441:
    • The porn shenanigans escalate with someone sending Ryan hentai manga. Ryan is befuddled and appalled that it's volume two in a series. A curious Geoff flips to a random page, discovers that it's in color, and screams as he throws it aside.
    • Someone sent the gang, mainly Ryan and Geoff, several cases of Diet Coke. Geoff's quite happy until he's curious enough if he can throw a knife at one of the cases. It pierces the case, spilling soda everywhere. In retaliation, Ryan learns there's a case of Diet Pepsi for Geoff, so he stabs it with a knife.
  • AHWU #457 ("25 Pounds of Pure Flavor")
    • While Jack is giving the mail-in address, Matt Bragg nails him in the throat with an uncalled Moon Ball. Ryan and Alfredo declare that Matt must be punished and sentence him to get pelted with Moon Balls as he stands against the wall.
      Ryan: "Some may call it a Kangaroo Court, but I don't care."
    • Following this, Jack decides to hit Jeremy's desk with a sledgehammer. It leaves a noticeable dent. Ryan immediately realizes it can be used as a Moon Ball holder.
    • Somebody sent in an eggplant vibrator, which doesn't seem to work. Gavin opens it up and notes that it needs watch batteries... then notices that there are batteries in there, and as Ryan guesses, wonders whether it was used and sniffs it.
    • There's a drawing on the whiteboard comparing clean shaven!Jeremy to Wallace from Wallace & Gromit.
    • Ryan puts an empty Diet Coke can into the moonball launcher and fires it at the wall. Everybody else insists that he load it with a full one. Everybody is primed for it to fire out, rebound off the wall and splatter over Geoff's desk... then it just ruptures in the launcher and pops out, spraying all of the electronics under the Geoff's desk. Trevor scrambles to retrieve it then runs out of the room with it like he's holding a live grenade.
  • AHWU #495 ("Put Those On Your Bum")
    • The gang receives an electro-shock therapy device. Jeremy uses it on his neck and arm, and while watching the electricity make his muscles twitch, Gavin tells Jeremy to put it on his bum. When Jeremy pulls down his jeans to place the nodes on his butt cheeks, his crotch is blurred, and Alfredo and Gavin notice that the fly on his boxers is wide open.
      Gavin: I was looking at it for like 10 seconds and thought "He has like a tan belt down... nope."
  • AHWU #498 ("Boxes Hide More than Gifts")
  • AHWU #500 ("Celebrating 500 AHWU's By Recreating the First")
    • The gang recreates the very first AHWU, including Geoff offering the camera a peanut.
    • Fiona asks viewers to watch their Sims 4 LP by asking if anyone wants to see Jack streaking, and receives a unanimous "NO".
  • AHWU #502 ("Old Men Takeover the Show")
    • Michael and Jeremy ordered old men face masks and proceed to creep out everyone as old men.
  • AHWU #506 ("Wrapping Up 2019")
    • Jeremy declares it's going to 2020 and spells it out in a bizarre accent and lisp, sending Fiona into hysterics while everyone else stares at him in bewilderment, even Michael's look is more concern than confusion.
  • AHWU #514 ("Becoming a Human Motorcycle")
    • Somebody sent in a packet of Zombie Skittle Roulette - most of the Skittles taste fine but some taste like rotten zombie. Matt gets a zombie Skittle from his first pick.
      Matt: How do I get that unlucky?! Dude, if there was like an opposite lottery, I would've won it already.
      Jeremy: An opposite lottery...!
      Matt: Yeah, you enter and they take all your money away. They give you crippling debt.
  • AHWU #517 ("We Got a Punching Bag!")
    • Someone sent in gifts for the children that the Hunters have at home, and Fiona proceeds to mispronounce "Eli" as "Ellie." Cue an incredulous and offended Ryan standing up to defend his son.
    • When Fiona defends herself by saying she knows four other languages and can't be expected to know every English subtlety, Ryan chimes back that she clearly doesn't know them well.
    • An anonymous person sent the gang a massive portrait of Matt's facepaint from Achievement Hunter: The Musical, sending everyone, including the support crew, into confused laughter.
      Trevor: Steffie, look at this!
      Steffie: Oh my god, that's so sad!
      Sarah: [laughing and turns away] That's awful.
  • AHWU #527 (Everyone is Cosplaying)
    • Fiona pulls down her beanie over her head and Alfredo jokes that she's actually Daredevil with graphics labeling her as Daredevil. Alfredo inexplicably wrapped his sweatpants around his head and calls himself Elektra, which leads to Jeremy holding up a red energy drink can to his face and saying he's Cyclops while Jack claims to be a firefighter. The screen then cuts to Trevor's empty chair and him off-screen saying he's the Invisible Man.
  • AHWU #530 ("A BIG Dragon Surprise")
    • The reason for the title. Matt opens a package which turns out to have a Bad Dragon dildo in it.
      Matt: *reading the product description for the others to guess* "Size: Extra Large. Firmness: 5."
      Jeremy: *gasps*
      Matt: "Suction cup: Yes."
      Jeremy: :O
  • AHWU #558 (The Fakest AH Crew AHWU)
    • It's the first AHWU of 2021 and it's absolutely not the post team pretending to be the gang because of the holidays, nope. That's not Aaron, Sarah, Larry, and Jarren respectively voicing Jack, Lindsay, Jeremy, and Alfredo.
      It's AHWU 558 and there's definitely nothing unusual about this AHWU.
    • "Alfredo" zooms into his camera, causing "Jack" to jump and laugh.
    • "Jeremy" asks "Lindsay" to raise their hand, but they are rather indisposed.
    • The "fan art" presented is drawn by their biggest fan "Barry Catovina" and "Jerry Catalina".
    • "Jack" comments that Sarah forgot to deliver packages to be opened, and everyone starts complaining about Sarah, with "Lindsay" commenting that Sarah is just trying to account for the holidays.
  • AHWU #560 Cats Take Over AHWU
    • Jack starts to intro the episode, but his cat Cooper suddenly walks across the screen and interrupts him, flicking his tail into Jack's face. Cooper spends the rest of the episode wandering across the screen.

    Presented With Comment 

    Off-Topic Podcast 
  • The control room constantly switching camera away from Michael when he tries to look at it.
  • If the control room starts hysterically laughing at a particular moment or topic, then it's definitely funny enough.
  • #7 - Who's Dead? Who's Dead? Somebody's Dead.
    • The control room fuck with Michael by switching the camera away from him just as he makes a dramatic head turn to it in the middle of the sentence. The Gents laugh as Michael gets in front of the new camera and gets angry.
  • #8 - RTX Australia Special
    • Ryan begins by giving the audience a great view of his crotch.
    • Someone brings out a beer each for the four Hunters. Ryan eyes his with disgust before saying "Fuck it." and chugging most of it in one.
    • Geoff just keeps on remembering stories of hitting stuff with his car. Michael's growing disbelief as this continues just sells it.
  • RTX 2016 Special. Once more, someone gifted the Achievement crew with liquor before the show. It was over a dozen jars of moonshine.
    Michael: The power of friendship is bullshit!
  • #48 - I Never Asked For This
    • Within the first minute of the podcast, Ryan is asked to attempt to punch a hole in Michael's crudely carved jack-o-lantern. Gavin volunteers to hold it in place. That's never gone wrong before! Gavin has zero grip on the pumpkin, which immediately flies out of his hand and into Michael, knocking over a cup of coffee and breaking a glass of water in the process, thereby soaking the entire set and Michael's new phone. Michael has never sounds so disappointingly angry before this.
    Michael: I'm gonna fucking beat you to death! I'm gonna beat you to death in a god damn aqua bats costume!
  • Last Call #11: Michael's bathroom story, in which he spent 25 minutes just farting after being dared to eat several bananas and washing it down with Sprite.
  • #65 - Let's Dienote 
  • #96 - Dinky Arms: The team learns 26 minutes after the show was supposed to start that, surprise, there's no pre-recorded episode this week, so they ended up having to race and set everything up (which included putting a pause on a very painful GTA V Let's Play) to record it. Jack tries to blame Alfredo, but Lindsay is insistent that they blame Michael because he isn't there!
  • #112 - The Achievo Drinking System: A fan sent the gang a massive 9-pint drinking glass, so they spend the entire time building increasingly ludicrous straws in order to drink out of it. One straw was so long that they even convinced a member of the control room to drink out of it.
  • #114 - I'm Sorry Broadcast: Since they destroyed the table in the previous week's episode, everybody is crowded around a tiny coffee table which is half the size of the stools they're sitting on. At the end of the episode, Jack puts his stool right through it, breaking it in half.
  • #118 - Appreciate Imperfection: The Achievement Hunter Story: Trevor and Alfredo silently swap shirts and places during the ad reads.
  • #125 - Butt Why?:
  • #126 - I'm Drunk AF:
    • Avengers: Infinity War had just come out, so Ryan skipped out on appearing to see the movie because everyone except him had seen it.
      • The control room kept putting up "SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT INFINITY WAR!!" throughout the episode so the gang could curb talking about it.
      • Trevor gets bleeped for mentioned a potential spoiler, sending Alfredo underneath the table and the Extra Life $1337 siren goes off.
    • Jack got his hands on a Nintendo Labo, so he spends the whole time building it and making confused faces at the camera as the rest of the guys get increasingly wasted.
    • Trevor is so drunk that he keeps hijacking the cameras from Jeremy as he attempts to end the episode. He's so shitfaced that Alfredo literally drags him off the set in the Last Call while Jack commandeers one of the cameras and zooms in on him slurring.
    • The Last Call continued the drunken yelling match between Trevor, Jeremy and Matt while Alfredo becomes preoccupied with the finished Labo. Jeremy comments that the faces Alfredo was making made him look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • #135 - You Had That Geoff Look In Your Eye:
    • The conversation somehow veers towards blowing out candles. So Gavin puts a candle on his head, with the others blowing spitballs at him to put the candle out.
    • The mythical "Cooking with Geoff and Gavin" shows up in a fashion as they decide to see if popcorn can be made. So Ryan takes his empty Diet Coke can, cuts it up to resemble a tiny camping stove, and manages to use it to pop a kernel with a lighter.
  • #138 - What Will The Last Human Name Be?:
    • The first thing that happens when the episode opens? Alfredo talking about buttholes.
    • Jeremy gave Steffie money to buy Four Loko and she came back with ten cans. Jack discovers that each can fills about three liquor glasses and one can filled up Jeremy's stein. They're also appalled at the drink's neon green color.
    • The Last Call showed Michael and Jeremy so shitfaced from the Four Loko that they hijacked Always Open's set and drink cart. Jack starts mixing more liquor together while Michael and Jeremy start oversharing while Michael complains that he hasn't been on Always Open. Jeremy also knocks Gavin's rum and coke out of his hand, spilling it all over his shoes.
  • #139 - The Life Of A Ghost Hunter Isn’t Glamorous:
    • Ryan regales the gang with the tale of him pulling out a shard of broken wisdom tooth.
    • To celebrate Achievement Hunter's 10th anniversary, the set is decked out with green and black party decorations and Broadcast gives them a cake and flowers. Ryan naturally takes a huge slice and digs in before scurrying off the set so Gavin can sit in. Halfway through the episode, Matt Bragg pops up to take two massive slices.
    • Broadcast keys Jack's face over the green balloons, so Trevor takes a balloon and mimes licking Jack's face.
      Jack: Who the fuck is bored in Broadcast?
    • Trevor announces the date for the premiere of Achievement Haunter, but a drunk Jeremy gets preoccupied with the cake and misses the announcement. A minute later, he asks Trevor if the date was announced. This sends Broadcast into hysterics as Jack and Gavin walk away and Trevor looks at the camera in disbelief.
    • Towards the end of the episode, Jeremy's so intoxicated that he starts flubbing his words. So Broadcast starts blurring out the screen whenever they pan to him and Trevor shoves the big "0" balloon over him.
    • Jack suggests that Jeremy takes one of the balloons and sucks the helium out of it. He does, sending everyone into hysterics, with Jack and Trevor following suit. He also tells Gavin to go fuck himself.
  • #140 - The Most Offensive Form of Heckling
    • The episode title comes from Trevor's story of Geoff heckling a magician. They were in Las Vegas for a project, and to entertain themselves, they went to a magic show. Geoff spent the entire show heckling the magician by loudly and enthusiastically wondering how the magician pulled off his tricks.
  • #142 - We’ve Got The Fire In Our Eyes
    • Gavin disappears halfway through the episode after the first ad read. Jeremy calls him, and finds out that after he left the bathroom, he got dragged into a meeting with Live Action and couldn't escape.
    • It turns out a cut bit from the pre-recorded episode before RTX, where Alfredo inadvertently spoiled Lindsay's second pregnancy.
      Past!Michael: (annoyed; to the camera) Fuckin' idiot...
      Past!Alfredo: (panicked; motions to cut the footage)
    • Jeremy convinces Michael to do shots of Fireball with him. They're so drunk by the end that Broadcast begs them to stop, with one of the crew mouthing "HELP" at the camera. When that doesn't happen, Matt Hullum himself steps in and ends the episode.
    • Actually, the real reason is better: Broadcast wanted them to stop because the Death Battle guys needed that space for their podcast at 4, and Jeremy and Michael expressed no desire to end.
      • Michael is so drunk that he spills beer on the floor and as he wipes it up, he rolls around on the floor. He also squeezes Lindsay's face throughout the episode.
      • Burnie pops up in the Last Call, takes three shots of Fireball with them, and does an impression of Michael's drunk McDonald's rant. Jeremy, in the meantime, runs into the control room, and starts mashing buttons in front of the Broadcast crew as Michael launches into another Rage Quit-level furious drunken rant. The two of them are so shitfaced that Burnie quickly apologizes to Lindsay for what she has to deal with afterwards, and signals to Ryan that it's time to flee the set.
  • #145 - I'm Crying Cake Tears:
    • Because the broadcast team doesn't want copyright strikes from them singing songs, they repeatedly warn them to stop, even when they only sing three seconds of a song. This leads to some of them intentionally singing to anger the broadcast team, even though it's censored in the official releases, they've tweeted out the uncensored segments.
    Geoff: (singing) Music! (speaking) It's not a song! I just sang the word music!
    Jeremy: and every now and again it (singing) makes the people!
    (Gavin spittakes)
    Geoff: Hey look, somebody said Jeremy, relax! (singing) Don't do it! When you want to go to it!
    • At the very end, when Jack tries to promote RTX London, the promo code contains the word "Flash", leading Gavin to start singing "FLASH". Jeremy and Trevor quickly follow up with the next part of the song, causing the broadcast team to freak out.
    • To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spyro the Dragon, Activision gifted super-fanboy Jeremy a cake shaped like Spyro. As the guys divvy up the cake, they dare Jeremy to kiss the cake, and then he scoops out the fondant eyes and puts it on his face. Everyone, including Broadcast, are in hysterics as even their producer Eric puts his glasses on top of the fondant eyes.
    • Somehow, the topic of anal bleaching comes up, and in true Achievement Hunter fashion, goes in such a wildly bizarre direction that even Broadcast are dying from laughing so hard.
    • The Last Call perfectly demonstrates how weird Alfredo can get as he mimics the rave scene from The Matrix Reloaded and strips his shirt off, yelling "For Zion!". It sends everyone, including Broadcast, into hysterics.
  • #148 - We Taze-fisted Each Other
    • The vast majority of this episode is taken up with them 'playing' with something Michael got sent - a fist-mounted mini-tazer.
    • The first onscreen taze is their guest Patrica tazing Alfredo. When 'Fredo finally agrees to it he makes them go through a scenario first where they're meeting at a bar so she has an excuse to taze him. Then they all do similar scenes for their tazing.
      • The tazer doesn't go off on Jack's first attempt because he didn't pull the trigger correctly. Jeremy remains in character and is shocked that he just tried to taze him.
    • It is discovered that Broadcast is able to broadcast their own voices via a microphone they have in the back. This voice of god tries to discourage the tazing, to no effect.
      • Eric from Broadcast gets talked into getting taze-fisted and hollers that "it's like getting pinched by fire".
  • #158 - Michael Wets The Bed
    • Michael details a prank Lindsay played on Jeremy. She had Andy take a photo of Jeremy and Kat, and photoshop Gavin's head onto Jeremy's body. She put the edited photo in a photo frame onto Gavin's desk. It escaped Jeremy's notice all day...until the end of the podcast, when he sent a text to Gavin with the words "What. The. Fuck."
    • The episode title comes from the fact that while Michael was dreaming, he inadvertently peed the bed. Gavin immediately declares that an RTAA is gonna be made from the story, and Lindsay was unimpressed when he told her.
  • #163 - We Suck at Math
    • The title derives from Millie bringing her homework in for the crew to help her with. It goes as well as you'd expect.
      Greg Miller: (reading) "Number one: Dilate triangle PWN using scale factor of 4 to form triangle PWN." WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?
    • Broadcast makes a graphic for the segment note  that Greg and Jeremy proceed to stare through looking bewildered and confused. Jeremy goes from blinking and looking like his head is about to explode to shakily taking a deep swig from his beer stein in the middle of it.
    • Jack has a good head for math and teaches Millie a way of doing percentage and fraction forms that's easier than the way her teacher taught her. When told that her teacher has a whole other way of doing it, Jack bluntly tells her "Your teacher's a whore".
    • Jeremy totally checks out of it around the end, and admonishes Broadcast for cutting back to him for his exasperated/indifferent expressions.
    • Millie cements her status as Geoff's kid by snickering loudly when Greg reads "69". Geoff gets a So Proud of You moment because of it.
  • #174: Smashing Stuff You Love
    • The show's live in front of an audience and there's alcohol, so things go downhill very quickly after the first ad read, because Jack demanded that Sarah bring them (minus Geoff) shots after each ad read.
      • During the first ad read, Michael crouches onto the coffee table in front of Jeremy as he reads the ad copy, so Alfredo puts his face by Michael's butt. Naturally, he quickly makes a face that indicates that Michael farted on him.
      • The second ad read is done by Geoff, who takes so long to read that poor Eric is just facepalming and begging him to finish.
    • Jeremy learns that Eric is a massive wrestling fan like himself, so through out the show, he argues with Eric over who would win in Wrestlemania matches.
    • Jeremy drops this gem in the middle of a conversation about Achievement Haunter.
    • After the second ad read, Jack and Michael are so drunk that they start screaming at each other over the fact that Michael doesn't bring in breakfast and kolaches into the office anymore. Alfredo mouths "HELP ME!!" and starts crying like a child watching his parents fight while Jeremy clutches him in his arms. Geoff, who's the only sober one on stage, just ignores them all and scrolls through his phone.
  • #175 - Time For Plan B
    • As part of an Extra Life goal, Always Open and Off Topic swapped casts for the week. The episode's chaotic tone is immediately set when Barbara knocks out one of the lights with a moonball in the first 30 seconds. Trevor immediately rushes onto set, hugs her while expressing how proud he is and steals a drink of her beer.
    • Mariel is several drinks in when she pulls out a katana, much to Eric's horror. She quickly proves that she's just as loud and insane as Jeremy and Michael when they get drunk. Towards the latter half of the episode, she's so drunk that she kept screaming at everyone to shut up every minute. As the episode goes on, Eric hides the sword for everyone's drunken safety, so in between telling people to shut up, Mariel demands where her sword is.
    • Barbara convinces Chris to test his Fruit Ninja skills with the sword by throwing a pear at him, and he succeeds. Even Eric comes onto the set and asks him to try to slice an orange.
  • #176 is one of the episodes Millie joins them for a while. At one point shortly before she and her father need to leave they come back to the set acting a little shifty, and eventually Geoff calls "Millie, smokebomb!" The two of them then throw handsful of paper they'd been hiding in their hands into the air and bolt off set... except Millie gets tangled in Geoff's bar stool and falls over.
  • #177 - RAY'S BACK 4 EVER
    • Ray's incredulous reaction upon being told that Trevor is now the head of Achievement Hunter. Not only does it make the entire camera crew burst out laughing, Geoff literally has get up out of his seat and walk off-set for several minutes to contain himself. The loud cackle heard off-screen was confirmed to be Kdin herself, who was watching off-camera.
    Ray: Trevor? Game Kids Trevor!?
    Ray: What happened!? How'd you let that happen? Wasn't there like a tierlist?
    Jeremy: Yeah, one more thing we're gonna drop on you: Caleb is CEO now.
    • Just the fact that aside from the crew catching up with each other, it's like Ray never left.
      Michael: Dude, Fiona was going at me hard today during the Smash stream. They added that Joker... Persona-
      Ray: Batman, yeah.
      Michael: Yeah, and I was like "What was he, uh"...
      Ray: "How'd I get these scars", yeah.
      Michael: (Beat) ...I missed you, Ray. And I was just like-
      (Gavin and Jeremy laugh)
    • The cast discusses Jack's tendency to throw around ideas that nobody wants to do, which Gavin describes as being like whack-a-mole in that sometimes they miss an idea that gets turned into something. Jack shows up later and airs his greivances with them, having heard the whole thing.
      • During Jack's tirade, he makes a brief detour to complain about having just spent fifteen minutes cleaning his desk because Gavin covered it in glitter, nearly causing Gavin and Jeremy to do a Spit Take.
  • #180 - Eyebrows With A Face Around It
    • The title is in reference to Jeremy, who during a previous recording of Ready Set Show shaved all of his facial hair off, and who now looks completely different. Nobody's particularly pleased by the amount of face, least of all Jeremy himself. Jack, whose usual look sports a Badass Beard, compares it to the one time in the last decade when he shaved his beard off, went 'nope' and grew it back again.
      Youtube Commenter Lopeza: There's a thumb with eyebrows hosting Off Topic this week.
  • #187 - Dune Buggy Disaster
    • The podcast opens with Achievement Hunter's official body pillows on set and the gang just off-camera pretending to voice the pillows.
    • The title comes from Geoff as he regales the gang with his vacation hijinks. He and his new girlfriend couldn't figure out how to use the new camera they bought, and when they went dune buggy riding with Millie, they just kept getting stuck, to the point where they returned to the station two hours after the station closed.
    • Michael and Geoff tease a new D&D show they were testing, and Fiona spoils the surprise by excitedly showing off her new bag of dice. Broadcast doubles down by briefly cutting to black.
    • Gavin and Jeremy ride the custom Achievement Hunter designed bicycles onto the set, and Broadcast plays a sound effect of a car crash when the camera pans to Gavin.
  • #200 - Celebrating 200 Episodes of Chaos and 0 Lessons
    • 200 Shots (169 + 31 on the post-show). Let's just say that except for Geoff and Ryan, everyone in Achievement Hunter got wasted. Someone even made a tally sheet.
    • Eight minutes in, Eric pops up above the set from a ladder and demands a shot. Even funnier? He taped his Twitter handle onto the set. Jeremy threatens to tackle him and runs behind the set, and in the scramble, Jack actually thought Jeremy climbed the set.
    • Geoff introduces Jordan Levin, RT's new General Manager and the guy not only does a shot, he then walks away with the whole bottle.
    • At one point, Gavin suggested that Jack bring the TV that streamed the livechat onto the set. While he does so, the camera pans to Jeremy, who makes a face. Fiona barges in front of him and mugs for the camera, she then gets cut off by Alfredo's goofy grin as he barges in front of her. The camera then zooms behind to Lindsay making a face, Fiona barging back out in front to mug for the camera, and then Gavin shows up, filling the screen with just his eyes and nose.
    • The incredible sight gag of Jeremy dangling off the shoulders of Trevor and Alfredo.
      Alfredo: Just three tall guys hanging out!
    • One of the sponsors for this week was "Dough for Dough", a company that doesn't exist. In reality, Lindsay bought ad space for this week's Off Topic, just to promote her own cupcakes. And Michael had to read the advertising spiel she wrote. And once completed, Michael noticeably deflates.
      Michael: (defeated) She bought an ad. I paid for part of this.
      • And the special deal they provide? 100% off your first order, with promo code GOFORDOUGHFORDOUGH, which barely anyone can read through in one go without laughing.
    • One of the people that shows up to partake in shots? Achievement Hunter's lawyer.
    • In the post show, Jack was so drunk that he climbed on top of a lazy Susan on the table, leading Gavin and Lindsay to spin him around. It becomes the episode thumbnail.
  • #218 - Lindsay's Microwave Distraction
    • About 25 minutes into the video, Lindsay relates an event that happened the day before the recording, where as she was coming out of the bathroom using her phone, and stood next to the microwave that's there (for some reason) somebody said hello to her. This being Lindsay, she immediately went into social panic mode, and her description of her chain of thought provides valuable insight into the mind of a Cloudcuckoolander:
      Lindsay: Oh, fuck, I'm next to the microwave but I'm not microwaving anything and like they know that I'm just kind of like standing here and I'm taking up space by the microwave, I should, I should microwave something but there's nothing in there, I should just push it, push— START THE MICROWAVE. So I just pushed the 30-second and it was like microwaving nothing for thirty seconds.
  • #219 - We're Grounded: Always Open Takeover
    • The video title comes from late into the episode, when a very drunk Fiona decides to call Jack. After some conversation which is somewhat masked by everybody else being loud, Fiona manages to fumble speakerphone on just in time for Jack to ground everyone and hang up. (It later turned out that he was filming AHWU at the time, so the rest of the Hunters were privy to Fiona asking Jack to come and 'pick her up from school'.)
  • #222 - Jeremy Discovers Anime
    • Michael, Lindsay, and Fiona attempt to explain the world of My Hero Academia and anime to Jeremy. Jeremy's thoughts immediately turn to Power Perversion Potential and they starts discussing which characters they would be, with Michael and Jeremy as Bakugo and Kirishima, respectively, and casting Alec as Mineta. They also attempt to sway Jeremy into watching other anime shows but he remains confused as ever and preoccupied with how anime characters have sex.
  • #229 - Red Dot Dooley
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the gang have been recording from home since March, so Michael bought a green screen so he could hide the background of his house. So Broadcast decides to have some fun with it by keying in Matt's camera. The boys take this and run with it, as Matt makes faces and pretends that he's Zordon.
  • #263 - Let Me Buy Your Games!
    • While Michael is the middle of ranting about the difficulty about obtaining a Playstation 5 and new consoles in general, Iris and Luna can be heard in the background screaming their heads off and interrupting him. Michael stares at the camera in resignation as the screams go on and a muffled Lindsay is heard telling them to stop.
      Youtube Commenter Taylor Carriage: Iris is just Michael in miniature and he's gonna have to deal with that for the rest of his life.
  • #271 - The Internet Doesn't Know Us
    • The title stems from the discussion of how certain biographical websites get very basic information wrong. Madness comments that one site listed his age as 51 and is outraged when Tyler Stab throws up a name card of him with 51 as his age. Jeremy is more offended that one website listed his height as unknown since his 5'4" height is his defining characteristic. Ify, who has never met Jeremy in person, is blown away, as he assumed Jeremy was 6'.

    Ready, Set, Show 
  • Pilot (under working title Morning Show Show)
    • Jeremy and Trevor make a pair of godawful smoothies. Jeremy's smoothie is called "Drunk Night in the Gutter" and consists of bugs, beer, brownie mix, muenster cheese and buttermilk ranch, while Trevor's is called "Fancy Party" and is made from Cheez-its, salmon spread, more brownie mix, apple sauce and liver. Unsurprisingly both of them are left thoroughly squicked out.
    • This episode involved Jeremy's shave, as part of a process taking a "You look like..." comment way too far, turning Trevor and Jeremy into horrific real-life caricatures of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. Then they go around the office scaring people. Barbara is especially unnerved.
    • Ryan keeps muttering "stay away" until Trevor gets too close and he hurls a moonball at his chest.
  • 40 Things to Do At Home
    • It's the first Ready Set Show filmed under 2020's coronavirus pandemic 'lockdown', so Jeremy and Trevor are giving suggestions as to things viewers could do with their time. What follows is basically eight minutes of both men gradually going crazy.
    • One of Jeremy's suggestions is, reasonably, exercising (to a clip of him using a punching bag). Trevor's version of that is to ham up weight training with some ridiculously small weights, right up until Barbara (who's holding the camera) starts Corpsing.
  • From the Fake British Slang Quiz:
    • Gavin pretends to lick Jeremy's ear when Trevor is explaining how the game works.
    • One of the rounds includes a list of names, one of which being "John Thomas".
      Jeremy: Is there such a person as John Thomas? Did he exist at one point?
      Trevor: Yeah, he was a real dickhead.
    • Jeremy, Gavin, and Trevor trying marmite at the end of the video. Gavin is happily eating his snack, Trevor isn't a fan, and Jeremy is just not having a good time at all.
      Jeremy: Oh...Gordon Bennett...
  • "Fake British Slang Quiz 2":
    • Jeremy calling the game the "Gavin-isms Game" can elicit a few chuckles.
    • Jeremy and Trevor's confusion/anger at the phrase "Cornish flipper".
      Jeremy: What's annoying is that if we don't do Cornish flipper, and if it is Cornish flipper, he's got away with Cornish flipper! That's what's annoying!
      Trevor: He threw an adjective on a nonsense word! "Oh, I'll take a flippy!"
    • Jeremy's reaction to "Billy No Mates"
      Jeremy: (laughing) "Billy No Mates"! That's so insulting! "Oh, look at Billy No Mates not hanging around with anyone!"
  • "Trying Terrible Drink Combinations":
    • Jeremy reading off a suggestion from one commenter with an unusual name:
      Jeremy: From "Titty River", which uh, that's a river I wanna float down.
    • One of the suggestions comes from someone called "ToiletDuck64" on Twitter ,and Trevor isn't very trusting of the name.
      Trevor: You trust a man or woman named "Toilet Duck" with your beverage?
    • Trevor's extremely perturbed facial expressions after trying the Merlot/Coca-Cola Zero/orange juice combination.
  • "Lip Reading Random Words" has Trevor and Jeremy trying to guess what the other is saying while wearing noise canceling headphones, with varying degrees of success.
    Jeremy: "Magnetic".
    Trevor: Back?
    Jeremy: (Drawing the word out) "Mag".
    Trevor: MYATT.
  • "Fake British Slang Quiz 3":
    • Jeremy immediately singles out "Bunty Shuffler" as a potential fake phrase, mainly just because of how weird it is.
      Jeremy: That's just a Worm! That's a Gavin Worm name!

    Shenanigans and Between the Games 
  • In the middle of The Patch #83, Geoff walks up to Ryan with a controller and asks him to press the A button. After hesitating, Geoff tells Gus to do it - he does, and changes Ryan's Gamertag.
    Meg: You just bought, like, two systems or something.
    Ryan: No, no, I'm sure it's something worse than that.
    • What's even funnier is that Geoff runs back into The Patch set and tells him; a little bit later, Ryan tells the listeners that he's coming in early the next day and none of them will have a Gamertag anymore.
      Ryan: Internet, I'm gonna tell you right now. If you go tomorrow and try to get any of their Gamertags, it'll be available.
  • We later get to see the making of the prank. Highlights include:
    • Jack, who was absent during these events, comes into the office after the name change, looks at Ryan's computer monitor, and calmly lets out a quiet "oh no." When Kerry finds out about it, he turns to the camera and pretty much begs Ryan to understand that it wasn't him that did it.
    • The guys are then flabbergasted that news of Ryan's "name change" was on the Rooster Teeth Subreddit mere moments after Geoff had finalized the change.
    • Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Gavin are absolutely terrified when Ryan calmly walks into the AH office swearing revenge, in very different ways: Gavin claims that he was just filming the prank, Geoff starts blaming others, Ray desperately tries to backpedal from the prank (which he inadvertently suggested) and Michael spends the video giggling uncontrollably wielding a golf club.
    Gavin: Oh man, my heart hurts.
    Matt: That's fear, Gavin.
    • What makes this even funnier was that they knew Ryan would be angry and they still did it, despite Ray trying to desperately backpedal even then.
    • Ryan's return to the office - Ryan is one of the calmer members of the main group, so it's unnerving to see just how pissed off he is from the moment he enters the room, as well as how calm he is when threatening the others. Add to this Michael and Geoff dying of laughter in the background, and the entire reveal is hilarious.
    • When Ryan first does enter the office, he immediately squashes all pretense.
    Geoff: Hey, what's up?
    Ryan: Hey. You guys are all fucked, you know that, right?
    Geoff: How was The Patch?
    Ryan: Oh, I know. You leave for a second, you're fucked.
    • At the very end of the Behind The Scenes, Gavin and Michael are discussing how much it actually costs to change your gamertag. Ryan caps it:
    Ryan: It's 10, yeah. $9.99. [holds up his phone] I got the receipt.
    • One comment sums up everyone's roles in the video rather neatly:
    Ray bought the gun.
    Gavin aimed the gun.
    Geoff loaded the bullet.
    Michael called the ambulance.
    Gus pulled the trigger.
  • Shenanigans - Fake Versus, or to be more accurate "The hazing of Jeremy". The gang pranks Jeremy in a fake VS. episode by doing an eating contest and just watching Jeremy messily gobble down food while Jack calmly snacks and everyone else helps themselves to the food as well.
    • While the prank itself is funny enough, even better is the rest of the Hunters taking the chance to ham it up to massive extents.
  • Shenanigans 3: Cleaning Out. Breaking In.
    • The entire premise of the episode. Cleaning up all of Gavin's stuff and breaking into his office to leave it there.
    • Michael having to buy a lock picking kit because they can't unlock it through normal means.
    • Trevor, Matt and Kdin attempting to lock pick the door. Trevor accidentally unlocks the door but no one knows until Matt puts in the tension rod and just turns the knob.
    • Michael telling Lindsay to be gentle with Gavin's stuff just before smashing a box of Gavin's stuff into the door trying to open it.
    • Michael pouring soda all over Gavin's desk and then blames the absent Brit for it spreading all over his desk.
    What'd he do spill soda all over his desk? Fucking idiot.
    • Later in the video, he pours water all over the floor and continues to blame Gavin for the spilt soda
    • Ryan holding a book open so Lindsay can stab it. She warns Michael to watch out.
    Ryan: Watch out Michael!?
    Michael: Yeah, she's gonna kill your ass.
    • When Michael suggests that Gavin go fetch the parcel a fan sent from his desk in his office Gavin immediately knows something's up and asks first if the desk is on fire, and then if it's even still there.
  • Cleaning Gavin's desk. Jeremy axe kicks Gavin's desk. The only two who are completely dumbfounded about what happened next are Jeremy and Gavin; everyone else was either stunned that they went through with it, or are keeping their calm.
    Michael: Remember when I said it was gonna break?
    • For a full explanation: Jeremy randomly asked Gavin if he could axe-kick Gavin's desk. Gavin was hesitant until he stood on top of his desk and thought it was strong enough, despite it noticeably bending under Gavin's weight (who is 150 pounds soaking wet). Michael points out that this is a bad idea. Ryan points out that this is a bad idea. Matt points out that this is a bad idea. Gavin and Jeremy go through with it anyway, and Jeremy almost-literally cuts Gavin's desk in half with his kick. Cue this expression from Michael and him later slipping into his Rage Quit persona as he chews Gavin out for agreeing to this in the first place. On closer observation, the desk was little more than four thin walls of wood with cell-structure cardboard supporting it, so of course the desk was going to break!
    • Ryan keeping calm during the whole ordeal only adds the the hilarity.
      Ryan: Okay, we're gonna need a desk. Probably tomorrow.
      (After checking the damage)
      Ryan: Oh... That monitor's done. So we need a monitor and a desk.
    • Exactly like Ryan punching the pumpkin on an Off Topic not long before, Gavin's idea of "keeping a grip on the monitor to keep it from falling" is to place three fingers on top of it with no grip on the monitor whatsoever. Sure enough, when the table splits in half he has no ability to catch it and it breaks.
  • Lil J's Lil Desk. Both Michael and Gavin decide to take off the legs and support of Jeremy's desk as punishment for being too comfortable in his new position at the time, leaving nothing but the flat top of the desk with everything on it and functional no less. When Gavin Mentions that they should also do the same with his chair as well, Michael just gives the biggest shit eating grin you'll ever see.
  • Jeremy Gets a Raise. In the followup to "Lil J's Lil Desk", Achievement Hunter proceeds with their most expensive video yet by raising his desk up to the ceiling.
    • During the preparation, Geoff warns against Ryan unplugging any of his (Geoff's) cables while they work. He then turns his back, and immediately Gavin pulls out several cables from Geoff's computer.
    • When Gavin and Geoff tell Michael of their plan four months earlier, he gives them a look that just reads "I am so done."
  • In another edition of pranks with Jeremy, Hanging with Lil J (though with his willing participation this time). Half of the crew is busy with recording an episode of Heroes and Halfwits, so Jeremy, Gavin, Jack, Matt and Trevor decide to duct tape Jeremy to the wall of the office, then move stuff in front of him so nobody notices.
  • Michael's Segway Tour. Michael goes on a drunken tour of the Rooster Teeth offices.
    • He gets to the Rooster Teeth Productions bungalow, and there's nobody there, so he takes an armful of snacks from a storage room and throws them all over Jon Risinger's desk.
    • When Michael decides to put the Segway onto a table, Gus comes by and barely attempts to maintain looking like the boss as he watches Michael roll off the table into a bean bag chair.
    Gus: Should I dial 9-1?
  • Monster Mac: Has the AH crew trying to construct a massive burger out of McDonald's.
    • The preroll shows Lindsay going to McDonald's to order everything. It's a massive order as expected.
    • The original idea was to put a Mac Junior inside a Big Mac inside the Grand Mac, but things rapidly got out of hand.
    • Ryan and Michael proceeding to argue over the math of how to construct the burger (Ryan didn't like the 1-2-4-4 progression) and Michael has to show Ryan how you can't fit 16 nuggets on the burger.
    • The "Monster Mac" or the "Potentially Insane Mac."
    • The burger is so massive that they actually need to skewer it with two skewers in order to keep it together and it has to be eaten horizontally due to the size.
    • Ryan and Jeremy calculate the total amount of calories in the Monster Mac. It's almost 4000 calories!
  • Gavin's Sweet Revenge has Gavin getting back at Trevor by smashing 5 pounds of Smarties candies and pouring them on his desk.
    • As first, they try to smash the candies using a cement block and a replica of Thor's hammer. All that leaves is an uneven mess and a candy-covered hammer.
    • When they opt to use a blender instead, Gavin's lead to the blender and the person who leads him there goes to leave a note to order a new blender. When they're all said and done, Gavin writes on the leftover candy dust "Ryan did this".
      • Also, they go to two separate offices asking the people there if they have a blender. Only when it's pointed out by the people in the second office do they think to use the blender in the kitchen.
    • When Gavin pours everything in, Ryan gets Matt to take a whiff, which causes him to gag.
    • As it turns out it was accidental Disproportionate Retribution: Trevor just laid an open pack of Smarties on his desk. Gavin's quite embarrassed.
  • Loot Box Looters: Matt Bragg is very much annoyed that Larry (one of their lead editors) plays Overwatch a lot, but has never opened a single loot box he has received in-game, leaving 214 of them sitting on his account. So he takes advantage of Larry's absence while on the Let's Play Live tour to open (almost) all of them. He even recruits the entire AH support team to help out.
    Matt: Pachimari even opened one note . You got betrayed by your desk toy.
    • Before doing this, however, Matt taunted him on Twitter with a (Photoshopped) picture showing a complete lack of loot boxes. Larry was not amused.
    • When Larry returned to the office, he couldn't log into Overwatch right away because Blizzard was doing routine maintenance on the servers.
    • After logging into the game, Larry's reaction to seeing a grand total of 6 loot boxes remaining (one for each of the game's major updates) was priceless.
    Larry: "Matt Bragg, what did you dooooo?!"
    • Upon finding out that everyone in the office had helped open the loot boxes, Larry was not happy.
    Larry: (pointing at Matt) I don't like you... (pointing at Andy) I don't like you... (pointing at Neal) I don't like you... (about to point at Trevor)
    Trevor: (pointing back) I'll fire you.
    Larry: Oh shi- duly noted. (pointing at Kent) I don't like you... (pointing at Ashley) And I don't like her!
    • And the icing on the cake:
    Matt: You don't have all those loot boxes, but you know what you do have?
    Larry: What's that?
    Matt: A video to edit.
    Larry: Go fuck yourself!
  • Gavin invents a new game called Flinchless Kicky-Doo, where one participant kicks a foam ball at the others while they attempt not to flinch. Gavin takes his shot and misses. Trevor takes his shot and misses. Jeremy takes his shot... and nails Matt, who's standing behind the camera. A little HP bar pops up to show that Matt's been hit.
  • Smoked Out: Some bright spark decided to send the Achievement Hunters some smoke grenades (see the AHWU section above). Naturally, they decide to test them out by lobbing one in the stream room, shutting down the support room next door for about an hour.
    • The second part of the video takes place during a recording of Let's Watch: Prey. Geoff's childishly giddy with excitement.
      Geoff: I wanna throw a smoke grenade real badly.
      Jeremy: It's pretty fun.
      Geoff: I wouldn't know! You won't give me one!
      (Michael shows him the first half of the video)
      Geoff: Ohhhhhh!
      Michael: And that's I didn't give it to you.
    • Then the discussion turns to what to do with the rest of them. Geoff first suggests throwing all of them at once, then under somebody's car.
  • Dicking Around: The Achievement Hunter crew vandalizes their office with the two dildos that fans sent them.
    • In the first part of the video, the first dildo has a sucker-cup on the end, so they try to throw it up and get it stuck on a ceiling fixture. After a couple of failures, Jack has a go, and immediately gets it stuck poking out of the ceiling tiles.
    • Ryan attempts to throw the second one into a hole in another ceiling tile. He ends up knocking the ceiling tile out completely.
    • The second part of the video involves Jeremy trying to literally shake the second dildo in half after he went to town on it with a sword.
    • The third part involves various Hunters throwing the decapitated bell-end at the walls to see how well it bounces; as it turns out, extremely well. Jeremy knocks one of Geoff's monitors over, Gavin knocks out an expansion slot panel on Michael's computer, then Trevor comes along and smashes it straight into one of the big office lights. This last one was immediately after he'd had a close call where the head bounced behind the light.
  • Lads Action Cab: In a section cut from AHWU, Team Lads break in the Rooster Teeth mailcart while taking the trash out. Said breaking in involves Trevor pushing Jeremy in it in top speed through the offices, Michael and Lindsey pushing both Trevor and Jeremy in it across the parking lot and down a small slope, everybody pushing Burnie to meet with Marcus, everybody pushing Chris up some stairs, and finally Jeremy spins Trevor around in the parking lot again.
  • Ceiling Ball: The office continues to get vandalized as everybody tries to kick a ball up into the ceiling panel gap Ryan made in Dicking Around. Nobody manages it, although Geoff does manage to knock out another tile. The ball bounces down and knocks a bottle of water, launching it into Jeremy's crotch.
    • Jack's kick loses another one of the spherical lamp shades, which falls off intact. Trevor wears it for the remainder of the video.
    • One kick knocks the controller off Michael's desk. Shortly afterwards, unnoticed by everyone, Crash Bandicoot starts repeatedly suiciding off the side of the level on Michael's screen.
  • The Bounce Castle: Take one child's bouncy castle maximum recommended weight 50lbs. Add six Achievement Hunters and seven people from their support room and what do you get? A Between the Games video.
    • After everybody's vacated the castle, Jeremy jumps in and lands flat on his back. There is no bounce.
    • The video ends with the office in the dark, and Trevor (who wasn't in the first part) comes in, climbs into the castle, bounces a bit, then leaves again.
  • For editor Larry's birthday, the support crew decided to prank him. Naturally. They did this by taping an air horn under his chair. So, when he sat down, it blasted loudly. Larry could not figure out where they had put the air horn until he finally kicked the chair over.
  • AH HAP Battle: Gavin challenges Jeremy to re-record his verse of the AH Rap Battle but with words and phrases edited out and replaced by his signature HAP PAP sounds. By the end it's just a mess of Jeremy noise.
    • Burnie turned up 20 seconds before they started recording and rolled off the intro like it was his idea.
  • Trevor Gets Zipped: It's Trevor's turn to be attached to the Achievement Hunter Office Wall, only this time with zipties. They have to get the zipties first, which means going to see John, who still isn't happy about the damage done by the grappling hook.
    • Jeremy, Gavin and Trevor get the zipties and then immediately get distracted by a pile of beanbags, with Jeremy jumping off a chair onto them, trying (and failing) to surmount a huge pile, and then Trevor jumping on, Jeremy jumping over Trevor and Gavin attempting to jump over both of them.
      Gavin: (as one might say 'Geronimo') Injuries!
    • Jack enters the office, sees the zipping in progress, and starts helping without a word.
    • Jack grabs a cushion for Trevor to land on just in case, Michael points out that Jack casually brushed a drawstring bow off it, and then Michael immediately leaves a open pair of scissors on it so he can prod Trevor with a dildo bat.
    • Jeremy makes a comment about zip-tying a giant gummi bear to somebody's face and making them eat their way out.
    • When Trevor eventually gets down, he shows a picture he was sent by John while he was up there - of the chair from the beanbag distraction. They broke it. Then Gavin suggests that maybe some of Achievement Hunter's budget should be allocated to repairing the damage they do to the rest of Rooster Teeth.
      Michael: What else are we gonna spend it on?
  • Super Dump Bucket: Geoff bought 2,000 bouncy balls. Things go predictably.
    • Trevor and Alfredo get volunteered to stand underneath the bucket.
    • After the dumping, everybody tries surfing on the scattered balls using the lid of a box. It sort of works. Then Geoff has a go, and immediately lands on his ass.
      Geoff: My coccyx!
  • Flinchless Bouncy-Doo: A return to Flinchless Kicky-Doo only with bouncy balls. Pain happens.
    • There's no Matt standing behind the camera this time, but that doesn't mean the camera doesn't take a couple of hits. At one point Trevor, who's manning the other camera from the other side of the office, gets too close and gets hit himself.
    • Trevor offers up the original foam ball as a bonus round. Jeremy kicks it, and the only thing it hits is his own desk.
    • Jeremy does some incredible Tempting of Fate. He says to Jack, "I want to see it coming"... and the ball promptly bounces off his bald head and into the ceiling. Jack, Gavin, and Michael all die laughing, while Jack falls onto the floor laughing so hard.
  • Smash Bowl:
    • Even more vandalism to the office as the hunters play around with a bowling ball and a trampoline. Trevor comes in from the support room to investigate and immediately joins in without questioning.
    • Gavin tosses the bowling ball onto the trampoline and immediately breaks a bottle of barbecue sauce on the floor. The rest of the support room comes over to see what the hell is going on, sees the mess on the floor, and Neal immediately grabs a bottle of alcohol off another shelf and starts pouring out drinks.
    • Michael, who had gone on the lunch run, comes back, sees the mess, and immediately starts yelling at Gavin. He proceeds to clean it up while the others film a Trivial Pursuit Let's Play.
  • Flappy Dack Stack: More fun with a dildo with a sucker cup end.
    • The aim is to throw it at the wall and have it spin once before sticking. After everyone else has trouble with it, Ryan naturally comes along and does it on the first try without even looking.
    • Alfredo eventually sticks it high on the wall in the support room, so high that to get it down Gavin has to use the shelves as a climbing frame.
  • Wall Mayo: In an exceptional display of childishness, Jeremy (after Gavin fails) pops a tube of mayonnaise all over the wall of the office while pretending that he's ejaculating.
    • Lindsay then licks it.
    • Cut to a while later - and the dried splodge of mayo is covered in ants. Ryan laughs evilly whilst vacuuming them all up.
  • Flinchless Moony Doo: Now it's time to throw the moonball at the wall, with the objective being for the thrower to hit themselves on the forehead. Jack takes the second shot, and instantly hits himself in the crotch.
    • Gavin follows it up with a self-nutshot later on.
    • Jeremy takes a throw and immediately says "sorry" before it bounces and it, as Gavin described it, pinched his scrotum against his leg in the way it hit. It's not just the Groin Attack that gets you going, it's the quick "sorry" that Jeremy quips as if he knew Gavin was going to be hit there.
  • Biggie Keepie Uppie: Nine people try to keep a massive beach ball in the air. Chaos naturally ensues, starting with Geoff jumping onto it.
    • The fact that they kick the ball into the ceiling and confetti falls down for no reason whatsoever.
    • As the ball starts to deflate, Jeremy runs into it and Michael tries to jump onto it.
    • The hole in the ball keeps growing, so Trevor literally runs into it and succeeds in landing inside the ball. He pops his head out and hops around the room, while claiming he had a meeting to get to.
    Trevor never made it to that meeting. Some say he's still hopping to this day...
  • Flinchless Alfredy Doo: Gavin and Trevor use Alfredo as the hoop to which they throw the moonball through to hit each other in the crotch. Naturally, this results in some crotch shots.
    • Alfredo conspires with Gavin (via some not-so-subtle baseball-type gestures) to jump out of the way so Gavin has a clear shot at Trevor. Unfortunately, Gavin completely forgets that gravity exists, tries to throw the ball directly at Trevor, causing Alfredo to jump into the Groin Attack. Everyone collapses to the floor in hysterics.
  • Glow Job: Gavin get the bright idea to get splattered with glow in the dark paint. Much to his delight, it works out exactly as he imagined and describes himself as "the crab from Moana." Unfortunately for Jeremy, the paint also splatters his and Michael's desks.
  • Moon Ball War
    • The long awaited moon ball war finally happens, with The Gents and Jeremy on one side, and Michael, Gavin, Alfredo and Matt Bragg on the other side.
    • Despite being huddled in the corner holding the camera, Trevor still gets hit by several moonballs.
    • Gavin loses a shoe scrambling to pick one up, while Geoff just huddles into another corner as he watches the others.
    • One of Alfredo's pitches hits one of the lights and another pitch from Ryan hits Michael right in the knee.
    • Ryan escalates by invoking dodgeball rules, where being hit or catching the ball takes the pitcher out of the game. Naturally, Gavin is the first one out, and Matt wins by catching Jeremy's pitch.
  • The Big Suck-Up: The challenge is to try and drink a cup of water using as many straws as possible. The video basically consists of Michael, Gavin, Trevor and Matt drowning for five minutes while they try to be as quiet as possible because there's some other Rooster Teeth recording going on nearby.
    • Gavin's first major attempt leaves him coughing and belching for a solid thirty seconds.
    • And as usual, they leave Michael to clean up the mess.
  • Breaking the Door: John said something to Trevor about a new door for the AH support room. Trevor naturally takes this to mean he can break the old one. He nearly breaks it in half.
  • Ceiling Spelunking: The crew are running out of moonballs, so they decide to enact a search-and-rescue operation by sticking a Gopro up to see how many things are stuck on top of the office tiles. They do so by taping together two metal poles and a kendo stick, and then taping the Gopro to the top. They also put together another pole with which to poke the ceiling tiles and hopefully knock stuff down, which consists of a pole duct, a hockey stick and a battleaxe.
    • And then later, in an attempt to appease Geoff by making safe the tile directly above his desk, Trevor breaks the battleaxe.
    • Meanwhile, Michael is off-camera loudly complaining about the amount of clutter and garbage in the room.
  • Lava Chicken (The Floor is Lava): It's Exactly What It Says on the Tin - three (allegedly) grown men playing The Floor is Lava while crossing the Achievement Hunter office. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues (as do breakages).
  • Shattered Dreams, Shattered Glass - Lava Chicken Round 2: Time for Geoff, Trevor and Matt to make their runs. All three of them burn up in the lava.
    • Geoff: Round 1 - Ryan hits him in the face with a nerf dart, and he takes 6.4 seconds to hit the floor on the jump to Jeremy's chair. Round 2 - He takes 5.18 seconds to do the same and breaks Jeremy's pop filter in the process, while Trevor hits Jeremy in the hand with a moonball.
    • Trevor: Round 1 - Falls at the same hurdle as Geoff in 4.96 seconds, and knocks the cover off of Jeremy's computer. Round 2 - Breaks Jeremy's glass boot on the way to knocking Ryan's chair over and hitting the floor after 9.23.
    • Matt: Round 1 - Takes two moonballs to the head and misses Jeremy's chair in 8.69 seconds. Round 2 - Tries to skip Jeremy's chair completely but just ends up drop kicking Michael's desk after another 8.69, sending Geoff into hysterics for at least 20 seconds.
    • Between Trevor's rounds, Jeremy reveals that when he learned about this idea, his first thought was "Finally, at least it won't be my desk."
  • Not the Monitors! - Lava Chicken Round 3
    • The first half of the episode consists of Ryan and Achievement Haunter director Daniel making it on their first attempts. Then Hurricane 'Fredo arrives.
      • To be more specific: On his first attempt, Alfredo attempts a daring leap from the couch onto Jeremy's chair, which predictably goes out from under him, taking with it a load of stuff that was piled next to the desk as well as the F1 key from Jeremy's keyboard. The camera quickly pans to see Jeremy with his head in his hands, and he sinks to his knees. The second attempt? He jumps from the chair to Michael's desk, knocking everything including the monitors over, moves to Jeremy's desk, knocking a monitor over there too and opening a dozen tabs in Microsoft Edge, does the splits between Jeremy's desk and his chair, recovers, then re-ruptures Geoff's superglued Diet Coke and jumps to Lindsay's chair, which then overbalances and leaves him on his back. Jeremy's left hugging his fallen monitor in silence over fear it had been broken, while Michael is just dumbfounded at what just happened to his desk.
      • Everyone then realizes that the only main Hunter left to attempt to course (excepting Lindsay, given that she's pregnant) is Jack.
  • The Great Bacon Jam Toss
    • Gavin got bored waiting for Trevor to download Worms, so he started playing hot potato with a jar of bacon jam, and the idea occurred to toss it up into the hole in the ceiling tiles so it would be sitting there just in view. They blame Trevor. Then one of Ryan's throws hits one of the ceiling poles, bounces back and shatters on the floor. It looks like that's the end of it... then Ryan finds more jars.
    • Jack then gets a jar up through the hole! He forgot that they were aiming to get it just on the edge, though. They throw up two more trying to get one visible. Then they realize that, funny as it is to potentially leave a present for the next occupants of the office, they have to get them all back down again or it's a timebomb waiting to fall on Jeremy and/or Geoff.
    • Eventually, Jack has to go and sit down because otherwise he's going to die laughing.note 
    • Gavin tosses his beloved cricket bat over to Trevor and accidentally turns off half the lights in the room. Everyone is in hysterics, and Jack turns red from laughing so hard.
    • One of the 'rescue attempt' moonballs hits Alfredo, who isn't even part of the video and is just sitting in the back of the room trying to do some work. Matt later takes one in the back of the head and Gavin gets hit in the knee.
    • Gavin starts using a cricket bat to try and get some more oomph on the ball. He then runs out of patience and throws the bat. Although Gavin does manage to hit the tile, the force causes it to completely miss the jars and exit out an adjacent tile!
    • In the end, they are successful. This is very obvious to them.
      Jack: Alright! We've successfully gotten everything down from the ceiling, clearly there's nothing else up there, *Corpsing* because there's no ceiling!
      Ryan: Remember when we had a ceiling?
    • It's the Hunters filling up and then releasing a load of sausage balloons simply for Rule of Funny. They decide that they're not going to clutter their office any further and instead let them all go in the support room.
      Gavin: We're here to disrupt.
    • Throughout the inflation procedure, one of the do-it-yourself poles from Ceiling Spelunking is just hanging from the ceiling, and nobody bothers to explain it or pays it any attention at all.
  • MATT MOVES IN - Shenanigans
    • Despite being considered a main on-screen member of Achievement Hunter, Matt Bragg's desk has been in the support room since his hiring. So the gang decide that it's time to move his desk into the main room, but unfortunately, the space where his desk would be has a pillar and the emergency exit in the way, so they have to figure out a workaround.
    • Michael, Trevor, and Alfredo plot out a spot on the wall where a moonball can hit Matt in the head. Trevor discreetly marks the spot and writes Matt's name on a lower spot with an arrow pointing up.
      • As a Freeze-Frame Bonus during this, it can be seen that the whiteboard at the back of the room is now completely full, with items such as "Who took the dick?", "Rules for Sarah - 1: Don't." and a running count of how many fuses the Hunters have blown.
    • Michael and Trevor discuss their plan with Marcus, who helpfully designs two comically tiny shelves with a spot for a doughnut and controller. Trevor then suggests making it a tiny standing desk, except Michael shoots that down on the grounds that Matt would quit if he was forced to stand.
      Michael: Only to Matt Bragg would a standing desk be a prank. Those things are expensive as hell.
    • Geoff is indignant that Jack sledgehammered a hole in Jeremy's desk, so he goes to deface Jack's desk in his stead. Trevor points out that Jack built his desk with his dad, which gives Geoff pause and even more reason to deface the desk. He even carves Jeremy's initials into the desk so Jack could blame him instead.
      Trevor: Who the hell is "J.D.?"
      Geoff: Jeremy Dooley! [Michael cackles as Jeremy groans]
    • Marcus shows off the two options for Matt's chair: a portable travel stool that looks like a tube on a stick, and a cane with folding stool.
    • After the gear is brought in, Michael and Trevor pull up Matt's desktop... and everyone is appalled that his desktop is completely full.
      Michael: This is Matt Bragg's life in a nutshell!
      Jack: Kill it! Kill it!
      • Ryan proceeds to clean up Matt's computer by moving all the icons to a folder labeled "You Suck" and turning all of his startup programs off.
        Ryan: He's an animal.
    • Trevor attempts to finish hiding Matt's desk for the reveal and begs Matt to not eat the doughnut on the desk. Unfortunately for him, Matt's early to work and the comically large bow he put on the desk fell off, so Trevor blames Sarah instead.
    • Matt is surprisingly unfazed by his new setup, being mostly impressed with the doughnut spot and that the portable camping stool can get uncomfortable. He also unsurprisingly eats the doughnut that Trevor left on the shelf.
  • Dusting Jeremy
    • Steffie brought in lots of multicolored pyrotechnic dust. As the title implies, everyone decides to empty them over Jeremy.
    • Eventually, Jeremy goes outside so he can be dusted down, and he makes the mistake of turning his back to allow Gavin to brush off the back of his shirt. This being Gavin, he does so... while at the same time emptying another bottle over Jeremy's back. Jeremy is completely clueless. After a moment the audience is given a great view of the sky as Geoff holding the camera rolls around on the floor laughing.
    • Then two bags of orange and purple powder are produced in the hopes of transforming Jeremy into Rimmy Tim. He takes them from behind, and when that doesn't look as cool as anticipated, he takes them from the front. While yelling. Lots of it goes in his mouth.
  • The Moonball Incident - RT Life
    • While it's not strictly an Achievement Hunter video, it is Achievement Hunter's fault - Trevor had the bright idea to throw a moonball into the main Rooster Teeth office's ventilation system, where it predictably gets stuck. He's then asked to recreate the throw. Number of moonballs in the vent: 2.
    • The second one comes out fairly easily. The first one then comes back out while they're not paying attention, and it still hits Matt on the head.
  • 25 POUND GUMMY SNAKE - Between the Games
    • Someone mailed in a 25-pound gummy boa constrictor, and Jeremy spends the entire episode singing and dancing around the entire company offering people bites of it. While it's wrapped around his shoulders like a scarf. By the time he gets back to the AH office it looks like it's been assailed by piranhas.
      • Special mention goes to Geoff and Max's reactions; Geoff stares at it with undisguised disgust, and Max nearly throws up from the concept of it alone. Everyone else who eats a piece of it compares it to Fruit Roll-Up.
      • Kdin proves that despite no longer working in the division, she's still an Achievement Hunter in spirit as after wondering what the thing around Jeremy is, she has no qualms about taking a bite out of the head. She then comments that with the rest of the room taking a bite, that's how fanfics start.
    • The weight of the thing is not understated. Lawrence from Funhaus slams its tail down on a desk and rattles the whole table, and both Alfredo and Bruce take turns trying to squish the head with a sledgehammer, which does nothing. Even Bruce chopping it with an axe only manages to get halfway through it, and it takes three attempts to behead the beast.
    • Even though it's been beaten with shoes, smashed with sledgehammers, bitten into by at least 30 people and laid on the floor by the end of the video, Michael believes Matt Bragg would still probably eat the snake. Jeremy then hoists the beheaded body and plops it on Matt's desk. While he's still working at it.
  • HOW TO GET SWOLE - Between the Games
    • Michael and Jeremy make a workout video. Said workout video consists of three and a half minutes of the two of them basically having seizures and humping the air while holding weights, followed by Michael scooping cottage cheese out of a tub with his hands and cramming it into his mouth, all while the editor goes to town with SFX.
      Jeremy: We're legally required to say don't try this.
      Michael: *mouth full of cottage cheese* What are you, a fucking idiot?
      Jeremy: But you should.
      Michael: *Gavin-esque throat rattle*
    • Trevor and the boys get the bright idea to paint a moonball black and turn out the lights. Chaos, nut shots, and Hilarity Ensues.
    • Jack throws one and it lands right on Jeremy's head, bringing everyone to hysterics. Matt, who's not participating, comments that he saw the ball literally bounce off Jeremy's head.
    • Jeremy calls his shot to the tune of "Hotline Bling" and it nails Jack in the chest.
    • While Matt isn't participating in the shenanigans, he does throw the returning ball...and it lands right in Jeremy's crotch.
    • A Geoff pitch directly hits Gavin in the crotch, and he just crumples to the ground. Another Geoff pitch bounces off the shelf and hits Jeremy in the back of his head.
    • Another Jeremy pitch hits Alfredo in the side, sending him to the ground as well. Another Jeremy pitch hits poor 'Fredo in the crotch and he crumples to the ground again.
      Gavin: We're dropping like flies.
    • Trevor tries to aim for Jeremy and nails poor Alec, who's manning the camera, instead.
    • Alfredo's pitch hits Trevor in the face. Good thing he had safety glasses on. Another Alfredo pitch hits himself in the forehead.
      Trevor: This is so dumb! [turns off the lights anyway]
    • A hilarious Call-Back to the previous Flinchless with Jeremy taking another head shot...and not just after he took a ball to the head on the second throw:
    • Gavin starts off the video by delivering 'lunch' - which is just spoonfeeding Sarah with peanut butter. Then he gives up when Fiona rejects the offer. Not to be deterred, he then starts having a peanut butter foodfight with Trevor.
    • They then decide to make the peanut butter easily accessible, by pouring some into a novelty nose soap dispenser that some fans sent Gavin. They have to heat it up to make it easily pourable, and then Gavin trolls Trevor by pouring much more into the styrofoam cup they're using as a funnel than either the nose or the funnel can hold.
    • It turns out that the suckers on the back of the nose are so strong that when Gavin tries to adjust the nose's position the suckers just break off.
    • Eventually they resort to putting bread on the floor directly below the nose, now stickytaped to the support room door, and once they manage to get peanut butter on it, Michael picks it up and eats it, despite the bread having apparently been on two bathroom floors as well. He tries to justify it by saying that he's got germs anyway, and it's not feces, so it's alright.
    • Gavin had the bright idea for a challenge while they wait for Minecraft to download: balancing a plastic cup of water on the end of a baseball bat, with the bat itself balanced on the challenger's hand. In the office. Next to all of the computers. Despite this, he does pretty well, until he unbalances and dumps the contents all over Michael's chair.
    • After Alfredo has a go, dumping the water over Gavin's chair, Gavin leaves to refill the cup. Then there's a loud THUD from outside as he slips over.
    • Then at the end of the video for some reason Alfredo fills a cup with boiling hot water, so hot that it's actually warping the cup. It ends up splashing onto Gavin's leg.
    • As the name implies, the crew inducts Fiona into another round of Keepie-Uppie with a Socker Bopper as a ball and the goal of reaching ten hits. By midway through the video, she hits another notch on the Achievement Hunter belt - rolling around on the floor laughing.
    • The game basically forms around Jeremy as he's trying to reorganize the RouLetsPlay spinner. He spends most of the early game squealing and ducking around the ball as it gets flung at him from all directions, barely managing to duck Trevor's foot at one point.
    • Gavin and Jack lunge for the ball at the same time and Jack gets kicked in the shins.
    • The ball gets stuck in a crook just below the ceiling, so everyone tries to dislodge it with a Moonball and - when that fails - Gavin throws a pair of shoes at it and almost hits Michael. Michael questions whose shoes they are but never gets an answer.
    • The ball then (naturally) gets stuck in the ceiling. Cue the AH Crew hurling Moonballs and "Shoeballs" at the ceiling.
    • Matt leaves a can of soda on Geoff's desk that gets knocked over early on, so he decides to carry it while jumping and kicking the ball around the office. He puts it back on the desk after this is pointed out where it gets knocked over two more times.
    • Gavin and Andy had a lightsaber battle in the support room every day for a year. This video is a compilation of what happened. Highlights include knocking over the Christmas tree, using pool noodles instead of lightsabers and smashing things on the shelves, before the video ends with the two of them splitting Andy's desk in half.
    • Following an earlier video where he covered Matt's desk with linoleum, Trevor continues his campaign of office beautification by tidying Gavin's desk, except this time, there's a theme - Geoff suggested that the desk space be done up like a New York minicab. Trevor does so, so by the end of it, Gavin's desk is clean, covered in leather, and there's a working credit card machine mounted on it.
    • During his cleanup, Trevor finds an unplugged Playstation 4, and tuts about it. When Gavin reacts to the finished product, it turns out he had no idea it was on his desk at all.
    • Gavin's No-Sell reaction. The second he steps into the office, he immediately notices the camera filming him, but he absolutely does not even notice his cleaned desk. When it's pointed out to him, he just blinks in confusion.
      Gavin: Did my desk hit puberty?
    • A lot of people work at Rooster Teeth, and nobody is employed to deliver drinks to anybody. Gavin and Michael decide to fix that... by having Michael ride on the Achievement Hunter mail cart and stealing drinks from the set of Always Open. The actual theft is meant to be as quiet as possible, so as not to arouse Broadcast's suspicions; this is already pretty difficult as Gavin keeps Corpsing, but just when they've finished, Gavin sits on a shelf behind him and makes a lot of noise. Trevor, who's filming, can barely keep his composure.
    • Then they go over to the bungalows and start delivering. They even get paid (a dollar) which at the end of the video gets framed and put on the Achievement Hunter office wall.
    • The whole point of the episode is actually creating a new business on Google My Business based around the hot dog cart Achievement Hunter has. After creating it, they think about writing a review for it, but this devolves into a debate on whether it would be conflict of interest. Then a review pops up - from Larry, who rated it four stars. Michael, Trevor and Jeremy proceed next door to 'persuade' Larry to change his review to five stars.
      • For Trevor the effect is ruined, as he gets stuck on the door to the support room, then when he attempts to lift the axe he has with him threateningly, the head flies off.
    • The title says it all: after smashing through some tables with weapons, Jeremy decides to see if he can bust through the tougher table the DHD machine is on with his head. Unlike Gavin's desk, this table puts up a fight. Meaning the video is essentially 8 minutes of Jeremy bashing his head on a desk, and he only manages to dent it. Michael takes pity on him and do it as well, but he doesn't get much further.
      • The pain Michael goes through is Laser-Guided Karma - just as Jeremy was about to give up with everyone else being concerned over the possibility of a concussion, Michael walked in and insisted that Jeremy follow through to the end.
  • Rollie Pollie Dooley Wooley - Between the Games
    • Jeremy tries to do a forward roll in an inflatable bubble-ball suit but gets stuck upside-down and has to be pushed over. They then go to disrupt the Support Room only for Jeremy to meet his match: the doorway.
      Jeremy: We're here to take names and bounce! (tries to roll forward, gets stuck on his head again) AAAAAAUGH!
      • Gavin gives him the idea to pick a fight with a stack of cardboard cutouts. Jeremy loses.
    • At one point Alec walks through the group after Ryan has sent Jeremy sprawling onto the floor after charging at him in the other suit, completely unperturbed by everything.
    • Super Monkey Ball-esque rolling is eventually achieved when Jeremy manages to tuck his legs into the ball mid-jump. Michael rolls him down the hallway to make it to the On the Spot set in another studio, only to be thwarted by another door.
  • The Microwave Heist: Team Distraction - Between the Games
    • John Mace promised Chad a microwave, and didn't deliver, so the Achievement Hunters get roped in to distract John while the bungalow team steal Stage 5's microwave. Everything is meticulously planned out... but then John just No Sells the attempted distraction, so they have to physically wheel him outside on his chair.
      • If they weren't so obviously-shifty about it, John might not have had any suspicion since the proposed "plan" was completely in-character for the office; they tried smashing a bunch of Bic lighters to fill up a flamethrower with the fluid inside. As they discover, smashing them with a sledgehammer just causes them to explode.
        Jeremy: So if we walk in with this [bucket]-
        Jack: And a flamethrower.
        Jeremy: -and we're like, "We didn't have fuel, but... we found some."
        Alfredo: These two walk up, they don't distract him, they go "ca-CAW!" and [Michael] comes around the corner with a flamethrower.
    • There's a scene in this half of the heist that was absent in Core's version: When Chad and Barbara attempt to lock Hector in the equipment cage in their version, aside from a little scuffle, everything goes fine (aside from Hector actually refusing to get locked in the cage). In actuality there's a loud crash followed by shouting and giggling as Hector manages to get his foot in the door, to the confusion of both John Mace and the distraction team.
    • Then at the end, everybody's winding down... then suddenly Chad bursts in and demands "Where's my [BLEEP]?" Cue a rewind to the very beginning of the video where Gavin's explaining the premise, only with an added line that didn't appear the first time around:
      Gavin: He has enlisted our help to distract John Mace so Core can steal Stage 5's microwave. Which we agreed to... but we didn't stop there, did we, Ryan?
  • Shenanigans - The Heist Double-Cross
    • The third layer to the Microwave Heist is revealed: Chad had declined a taco from Michael because he had lunch plans with other people. So the Hunters decide to steal his entire desk. They proceed to remove almost everything from Chad's office and hide it in the storage cupboard opposite the AH office.
    • A few of the comments timed how long the Heists took. While Core took 6 minutes to steal a single microwave, AH stole an entire desk's worth of stuff(as well as the desk) in about 2 and a half minutes.
      • Not only that, but the raid itself only took 1 minute and 6 seconds.
      Geoff: If we were a chop shop on our end, we would've disassembled an entire Lamborghini in 30 seconds.
    • Everyone puts on masks for the heist, but Gavin couldn't find one that fit his nose, so he pokes some eyeholes in a paper towel and tapes it to his face.
    • While everyone running from the bungalow with their arms full of equipment is funny in itself, there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus shot of Alfredo riding Chad's stolen skateboard.
    • Trevor sneaks into the empty bungalow and watches as the Hunters run towards the bungalow and gets distracted by a bird flying by them.
    • Drew walks into Chad's office to set something down, and it takes him a good five seconds before he notices that the desk is missing.
    • Long after the desk has been discovered, Jack calmly walks back into Chad's office and steals the last object in the room, a picture on the wall, before calmly walking back out. Nobody tries to stop him.
    • Those who didn't watch the Rooster Teeth side of the story don't get the context to Michael casually walking through the parking lot with a flamethrower.
    • After filming Chad's reaction, Gavin and Trevor sprint out of the bungalow for the AH office, arms outstretched to not spill the glasses of water they're carrying. Gavin (who's got the camera) cracks up at how ridiculous they both look.
    • After the successful heist, the group casually decides they have enough time to film a TTT just before Chad storms into the office.
  • Extreme Hydration - Between the Games
    • Gavin brings a gallon of water to the office, and their idea of what to do with it is essentially waterboard each other.
    • After seeing Geoff nearly drown on dry land, Gavin asks if Michael's next. Michael declares he's not doing that. Gilligan Cut to Michael doing that.
    • Their first idea is to just drink as much as possible in one go with their lips to the gallon. Their next idea is to have it poured into their mouth. When Michael sees Gavin try it, he straight up calls it waterboarding.
    • Trevor walks in and sees what they're doing, and not only immediately recognizes what they're doing as waterboarding, but also correctly calls out that it was Gavin's idea. He still participates anyway.
  • Taste Testing Rattlesnake Meat - Between The Games
    • After everyone in the office tastes it, they decide to go around to get others to taste it. The first person they stumble upon is Geoff, who looks so happy to see them. It takes Trevor until the last possible moment to realize that Geoff is afraid of snakes. He still tries to make him eat it anyway.
    • Seeing Chad eat the rattlesnake lead to several jokes in the comments about how he learned from last time to never turn down food from Achievement Hunter.
  • Take the Taco - Between the Games
    • To commemorate their new Take the Taco shirt coming out, Michael goes to deliver one to Chad, along with a taco, to see if he's learned his lesson. He has; he puts the shirt on and eats the taco. Then Gavin wheels in 99 more tacos. Fortunately for Chad, he's only made to eat about a dozen of them while they wheel the taco cart around the entire company. Even funnier? As he's taking a bite out of his first taco, Chad laments that he independently already had tacos for lunch.
    • Their reputation is further cemented by several skeptical declines, but then taking them after Chad begs them to. One of them even ends her phone call with "I gotta go, Achievement Hunter's here."
    • Geoff pops out of an office in the bungalow to grab some. A little later, they encounter him at the back of Stage 5, where he grabs some more.
    • When Chad comes across Max, Max immediately bolts when Chad tries to convince him to take a taco. Chad then gives chase.
    • Some hot sauce is obtained from the AH support room. As soon as they get to the bungalow, Blaine takes all of it, and they have to continually apologize to anyone else who asks for some.
  • Bloopers and Behind the Scenes of AH: The Musical
    • While changing into his heist clothes for "Good at Being Bad", Jeremy's penis nearly came out again.
      Trevor: Once is an accident, twice is suspicious, three times is an HR report.
      • Then he relates that he'd walked out of the house in that outfit a couple of days prior because he thought they were filming it then, and Kat saw him on the cameras and just texted him saying "Oof".
    • Gavin is given one line to say in the "Gavin is a Prick" segment. He cannot get through it without Corpsing.
  • Pranking Each Other with Tabs - Between the Games
    • Trevor pranks Jeremy by cutting open an inflatable doll, putting a can of Tab inside it, sealing it up and suspending it above Jeremy's desk. Jeremy then retaliates by slicing into the back of Trevor's chair and hiding the can in there. Simple enough, right?
    • Three months pass. Jeremy finds another can of Tab that was hidden inside his chair's headrest - and had been sitting there when he had the idea to put the one inside Trevor's. Another look at the first segment shows everybody grinning behind Jeremy's back when he thinks himself so clever for coming up with it. Jeremy then retaliates by taking the disc drive plates off of Trevor's computer and hiding the can in the drive slot.
      Gavin: (of Trevor) He's gonna feel like a CHUMP. note 
      (Michael bursts out laughing)
    • Two more months pass. Trevor finds the can inside his chair.
    • Another four months pass. Trevor sees a can of Tab inside his computer by looking through the side plate. He opens it up... and there's two cans in there. He then opens up his other computer and there's another two cans.
  • Jenga: The Movie
    • During a 12-hour long livestream to replace the Let's Play Live shows that were canceled by the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic, the gang pairs up to replay Jenga with the electric shock device from VS. Jack and Gavin's round goes on for so long that they decide to cut it from the VOD and upload it as a stand alone movie.
    • While everyone is in hysterics from enjoying Jack and Gavin's misfortune, Steffie in particular, is quite enjoying it because she's holding the controller.
      Gavin: Christmas cards are out of the question!
      Steffie: You've never given me a Christmas card. (Gavin and Jack scream in agony)
  • The Fake AH Escape Room - Between the Games (AH Vault)
    • There was an Achievement Hunter-themed escape room at RTX 2017. Footage was recorded but never uploaded until now. And the reason is fairly evident: even in a group, the Hunters aren't particularly smart.
    • Jack, who is Mission Control, is extremely unimpressed with the way they immediately ruin one of their own clues by pulling darts out of a dartboard, and then they smash a clock which had absolutely nothing to do with any of the clues whatsoever.
    • After unlocking a side room, they find a door with a barred window and four padlocks. Gavin immediately decides to break the fourth wall and gets Ryan to boost him up to see over the top of the wall. It turns out that Max is in there.
      • Later, as the others are trying to work out which bundles of money are counterfeit, Michael manages to lock Gavin in the room, telling the others that even if they don't get the money, he considers it a win because of that. It doesn't last though because Gavin just climbs over the wall.
  • Cheese, Salami, and Pickle Juice - Between The Holes
    • During the filming of the Hardcore Mini Golf finale, Michael is suffering from his lactose intolerance because he's been eating cheese all night and had forgotten his Lactaid. Everyone is both amused and slightly terrified that he might soil himself.
      Chef Mike: No joke, Michael's going to poop out a log of provolone.
    • Chef Mike brings a cheese plate around and feeds everyone, including Jeremy hiding behind a palm frond.
    • Michael's suffering continues but he doesn't stop eating from the cheese plate, much to Lindsay's ire.
      Lindsay: You need a cheese cork in your ass.
      Michael: But it's funny.
    • Caiti saves the day with Lactaid and Michael starts to feel better, but Chad is skeptical.
      Chad: Ask Lindsay for the real update.
  • The Making of Garboman
    • The boys explain the origins of Garboman, completely deadpan, in a BBC-style documentary. Gavin is credited as "Camera Man & Garboman Visionary", while the "Anonymous Source" is very obviously Jeremy, given his purple and orange background and light panel with his initial.
    • Trevor sums up the creation of Garboman as such:
      Trevor: That moment when you are about to take the biggest crap of your life, that's what we all felt at the same time.
    • Gavin's footage all but confirms that Garboman is in fact Michael. Cut to Michael denying it.
      Gavin: From that point on, Michael and Garbomman, they became two people.

  • Part this, part Tear Jerker. Geoff tries to watch the Dead Island trailer and can only manage twenty seconds. That's the TJ part, the funnies are when he shuts it off he lets rip on his feelings on the video.
    Okay fuck this. Maybe the people of Techland don't have a fucking heart. What a bunch of assholes.
  • RTX 2013:
    • X-Ray and Vav turning up in costume at RTX.
    • Jack doing the Truffle Shuffle.
    • Mogar versus the Slender Man during the Achievement Hunter panel.
    Michael: Don't worry, you'll get your fifty bucks at the end of the panel.
    • Also, Geoff asks the audience for a carton of beer.
    • Finally, a great moment from Ryan:
      Audience member: Free Edgar!
      Ryan: NO.
  • We finally see Gavin, on camera delivering his famous line from Game Night.
  • A fan sped up one of their Let's Play Minecraft episodes ("Clouds" to be precise). The result? Absolute hilarity.
  • Achievement Hunter accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge... by taking it Up to Eleven with the Ice Trash Can Challenge. Michael does not like the cold, while Ray takes it like a champ. Kerry... is still The Load.
  • The grand finale of Let's Play Live features the crew performing Bohemian Rhapsody in Rock Band. While the whole thing was an amazing spectacle (with fake pyrotechnics, the entire crowd singing along and Team Building Exercise and the Funhaus crew coming on stage to join them part-way through the song), there were still a few funny moments.
    • During the guitar solo, Ray misses a few notes and swears loudly each time.
    • Apparently, the crew was not informed about the pyro, as they all visibly jump when it goes off.
    • The crowning moment comes during the hard rock section. In true Achievement Hunter fashion, Technical Difficulties ensue when Michael's guitar controller disconnects half-way through and stops the song, much to the amusement of the crowd. Michael then proceeds to smash the controller on the stage as everyone cheers him on and storms off to end the show.
      Lindsay: "That's my husband!"
      • As the crew is thanking the crowd and exiting the stage, Ray casually tosses his own guitar controller on to the stage and stomps on it pathetically before holding it still so that Millie can get a few stomps of her own in. Eventually, they just break off the neck of the controller and toss it to a fan in the crowd.
      • Geoff, who had had quite a bit to drink throughout the course of the show, trips and falls over one of the gaming stations on stage.
  • When Jack and Ray attended PAX Australia, they appeared on stage doing the Thriller dance.
    • Later on, during a Q&A, one question asked is if Achievement Hunter had plans for the upcoming RWBY game. The clincher comes at the end:
      Ray: What was your name? That was your idea.
      [Guy gives his name]
      Ray: Now it's my idea, thank you.
      • If you listen closely, you can hear the guy say "Oh, fuck you, Ray,"
  • After drawing everyone in about the mystery of WHAT NandyRewman was a password for, on May 15th 2015 an Achivement Hunter hi-jack of the Rooster Teeth store occurred. The Rooster Teeth and Achivevement Hunter Twitters "argued" about it and many products got special bonus 'Easter Eggs' added to the model photos.
  • Couch Potatoes. A short quick video involving Battlefield and a couch.
  • It's Not Unusual. Matt dances his way across Destiny. He gets crushed and Geoff slow claps.
  • Matt sings "99 Red Balloons".
  • Deformers apparently has some unused audio.
  • The Pleasures of Cooking with Link.
  • "The First Achievement Hunter YouTube Channel Video!"
    • When they're showing off the new office, Gavin runs around with the cameraman following. When Gavin returns, he nearly wraps Michael's neck with the microphone wire.
    • When they mention the goal for 1.5 million subscribers (Geoff getting a tattoo of Gavin's nose), Michael mentions that Geoff started farting, like, five times in a row, a picture of an atomic explosion superimposed in the green-screen background.
  • RTX 2015: Funhaus vs. Achievement Hunter in Rainbow Six Siege, after a particularly embarrassing death on Gavin's part, moderator Ashley had this to say.
    Ashley: Gavin, I'm not entirely sure your strategy of going dick first worked.
    • The game opens with Gavin team-killing Ryan by accident, and he would go on to kill Jack in a later round. Not to be outdone, Spool from Funhaus starts throwing grenades accidentally in yet another round, and Ashley wonders what would happen if Gavin and Spool switched teams.
  • AH & FH Survive House of Torment has Geoff, Ryan, Michael and Lindsay bring the Funhaus crew to go through a haunted attraction. Geoff is outright terrified. Ryan doesn't give two shits.
    • As Michael goes through a cushioned wall, he cries out "I'm going through a giant vagina!" and starts pulling the other Funhaus crew with him.
  • This exchange during the Smartie Party video, before Michael snorts a line of powdered sugar:
    Gavin: Are you going to do a line?
    Michael: (smashing candies into powder) Yeah.
    Jack: (laughing) We're role models!
    (Editor inserts a message reading "No, we're not. Don't do this.")
    Gavin: Don't do coke.
    Editor: See.
    Michael: Unless you film it.
    Editor: No. No. No. No. Don't do cocaine.
  • Let's Play Live 2016 video in which the event is announced... as a street brawl between the RT factions, all done as an homage to the five-way street fight from Anchorman. See also Funhaus's version... and ScrewAttack's... and The Creatures'... AND Kinda Funny's!
    • Jeremy wearing the AH flag as a cape.
    • When Craig and the rest of Screw Attack shows up (except in their own video), he declares that "You can't have a Death Battle without Screw Attack!"
    • Jack saves Lindsay by tearing off James' arm and beating him with it.
    • Bruce strangles Geoff with his mace and declares "Screw Attack sucks!" Geoff agrees, then punches him.
    • What finally stops the fight? The arrival of their moms.
  • The entirety of Uno: The Movie, a TWO-AND-A-HALF-HOUR-LONG UNO LET'S PLAY.
  • The introduction of the "Tea Party" series, created by the combination of one half of the Play Pals (Gavin) and one half of the Battle Buddies (Jeremy) while everyone else is filming Heroes And Halfwits and Jack went off for lunch. And the actual intro has Gavin trying to make a cup of tea before Jeremy destroys it.
  • The AH Rap Battle is equal parts hilarious and awesome. Gavin's verse even includes his infamous Angrish noises.
    Geoff: I'm busy running Let's Play. Have you heard of it?
    Jack: The ninth person hired - and the first that was useful.
    Ryan: I was making you money and all the comments read, "Wow, when did Jack get funny?"
    Michael: I'm the leader of the Lads, fuck whatever Gavin says!
    Gavin: I'm more famous than all of you combined, so suck it!
    Jeremy: Now I admit you guys clearly had some good rhymes today, but remember one thing: I wrote them all anyway.
  • The support crew got brand new work chairs, so what do they do with the old ones? Destroy them Office Space style. Andy, in particular, starts going to town on the chair with his knife until Neal and Ashley drag him away. Kent brings out a grenade launcher before Andy tells him to put it away.
  • Achievement Hunter: Moon Ball War. A more-or-less shot by shot parody of the Avengers: Infinity War trailer.
  • The Joneses present their version of the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer...with Jeremy as Cassie.
  • Jack reviews the show floor at E3 2018. As in, he literally reviews the floor. He's very pleased with the carpet in Sony's booth and the grass in the Tomb Raider booth.
  • The trailer for the Achievement HEIST card game, including:
    • The character cards, based off Achievement Hunter's characters from GTA V, which includes Jack's female avatar, Ryan's facepaint-adorned avatar and Rimmy Tim.
    • Michael lists the Getaway Phase as the "Escape Phase". The video even corrects itself.
    • Jack and Gavin crash the party partway, and Gavin has a strange contraption involving a handheld vacuum cleaner and a rubber chicken head.
  • At the Let's Play Live event at RTX 2018, one of the interstitial bits is Lindsay interpretive dancing with a stuffed Garbo Man and trash can to Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball."
  • Achievement Hunter share their thoughts on the Bowsette meme.
    • Once again, Alfredo puts virtually zero effort into hiding the fact that he’s a raging horndog pervert.
    • Jeremy doesn't help his case of being mistaken for a furry when he pulls up a more animal-like depiction and asks why that depiction isn't more popular.
  • Stemming from AHWU #441, we have Hentai Roulette, where Jeremy attempts to figure out some semblance of a plot, and then the guys try to open to a random page without porn, with Alfredo being the only one who manages to do it.
  • Five years later after Achievement Hunter KiDz!, we have Family Friendly Gaming in Rainbow 6: Siege.
  • Achievement Hunter's Best Day Ever. The marketing department apparently and foolishly gave Trevor money to make a video to promote The Merch. However, he and Alfredo spent the money on a Ferrari and snazzy suits for themselves, so he whips out the blurred out company credit card and tells the gang to go nuts on their best day ever.
    • Geoff's is simply a day of much needed peace and quiet with nobody else in the office.
    • Lindsay spends her day joyfully playing with the cats at a local shelter.
    • Ryan heads to a fancy Brazilian steakhouse and eats as much steak to his heart's content.
      Ryan: [as he eats] Next year, it's gonna be like bury me in a vat of cheese puffs, and I have to eat my way free.
    • Jack simply buys as much Lego as he can carry.
    • Michael also indulges his appetite, as he digs into as much fast food as he can, escalating in putting it all (fries, milkshake, and soda included) in a blender and then a "Lunch Gun" and getting Lindsay to shove the disgustingly lumpy mess into his mouth.
    • Matt rented a theater room just so he can play video games and eat donuts by himself.
    • Gavin being Gavin, just suits up to get blasted with glow in the dark paint underneath blacklight.
    • Jeremy lets out some much needed steam and aggression by destroying equipment, like monitors and the office's water cooler.
    • And the end of the video, Trevor attempts to steer the video back to the original point of selling The Merch.
      Trevor: Let's not forget about why we're here.
      Alfredo: Exactly! Cocaine and Alcohol!
    • They later released a Behind the Scenes video for Michael and Gavin's segments. Michael's section mostly focuses on Gavin and Trevor alternately being amused and disgusted, while Gavin's section is almost a comedy of errors, including misfiring the paint cannon, overfilling the paint cannon, Alfredo trying to get some work done whilst underneath the protective sheeting, Trevor nearly forgetting to hit the record button, and nobody being able to keep their laughter in long enough to allow Gavin a silent moment to exit.
      Michael: Another day at work!
  • While primarily being a sponsor video for Civilization VI, REALITY vs GAME - The Eiffel Tower has a couple of moments, such as Alfredo apparently having a go bag by his desk at all times, forcing Matt to eat escargot pizza, and Matt also not getting any sleep because of a demon sculpture in his hotel room.
    • REALITY vs GAME - Big Ben runs in a similar vein - forcing Matt to eat calamari, a focus on a random tradesman's van with the name Gavin Jones, riffing on the fact that they managed to build the tower in the game much faster than in real life,note  and Matt getting lost in the hotel.
  • In hype for gen:LOCK's premiere, Achievement Hunter presents their version of the official trailer.
  • Checking Out The Shining Hotel
    • While visiting the Stanley Hotel to promote the Doctor Sleep film, Trevor and Alfredo re-create the twins scene from The Shining.
    • Because the hotel is said to be haunted, Alfredo spends the whole trip afraid of ghosts.
    • Trevor hands Alfredo a pinch full of dirt from the tunnels under the hotel to keep as a souvenir. The tour guide explains that people who take rocks from the hotel start seeing ghosts in their own houses, and Trevor starts trying to shove as much dirt and rocks as he can into Alfredo's clothes while Alfredo panics.
      • Trevor later hides a pebble inside of Alfredo's hood. Alfredo finds it on his hotel room floor in the middle of the night, and places it in the hallway.
      • Trevor also runs into Ryan and Shane, and after greetings, hands them a rock.
    • During the event's scavenger hunt, the boys find an open door near where they're searching for the next clue. They search the room unsure about whether it's part of the scavenger hunt, or if they're just invading someone else's hotel room.
  • One behind the scenes clip posted to the AH Twitter was as a result of his voice chat app glitching during a team meeting, Gavin's voice is unnaturally deep and distorted. This sends everyone into hysterical giggling, with Jeremy even joining in with his Trivia Murder Party voice filter.
  • A Jack Bag of Iconic Memes - This Just Internet
    • Jack offers to show Fiona some classic Internet history and even compiled them into a Google Doc for her. The first one she clicks? The Rickroll. She gets rickrolled three more times afterwards.
      Matt: That went through like the full Rickroll lifecycle to me, where it's like "This is Rickrolling. I'm confused", "This is funny, I got it, that was funny", "Still funny", and then the fourth time: "Alright, whatever".
    • Ryan is especially distressed by Charlie the Unicorn because it reminds him of his own kids trying to get his attention.
  • As a joke riffing on "Shark Week", Achievement Hunter decided to make "Crab Week", where they played games with sea or crab motifs, even briefly replacing the joystick in their logo with a crab. Their Twitter account then posted a thread comparing each member to various crab pictures. Gavin's picture is simply a bird in a crab hat.
  • This Just Internet - We Break Alfredo
    • Fiona shows the gang a Tik Tok of a boy being woken up as a prank and his confused reaction causes Alfredo to break down crying and wheezing from laughing so hard. Even the Achievement Hunter Twitter account posted the isolated clip of his laughing fit.
  • Naughty or Nice Confessions - F-ing Around with Ify and Fiona
    • Ify and Fiona are respectively Santa and Fringles the Elf and they're listening to Christmas confessions. Hilarity Ensues as Fringles gets increasingly drunk and belligerent in response to some of the confessions.
      • "Jeremy from Massachusetts" confesses to introducting lobsters to bath salts. Santa responds that the lobster better be stabbed about five times.
      • "TCP from College" calls Fringles "Fingers" and claims to know them from Elf College, but Fringles is not having it. TCP claims to be stealing drugs from nursing homes and supplying them to the elves. After TCP hangs up, Santa decides to send his Special Forces to arrest him and convert him to an Elf on the Shelf.
      • "Jon from Texas" just wants Santa to hook him up with Henry Cavill, Oscar Isaac, Keanu Reeves, or just any hot geek figure to satisfy his lust.
      • Gambo calls in from Hell because they want to talk to Santa and be an elf. Fringles decides to call Gambo's mom to get them and protests that Santa might considering hiring Gambo.
      • "Brad from Texas" confesses to sneaking performance-enhancing drugs and Viagra and getting kicked out of gyms for masturbating while lifting. He also claims that "Jon from Texas" is one of his friends, causing Fringles to call them creeps and Santa to gift Brad a squat rack just so he stays home.
      • "Derek from Texas" wants to stay anonymous, but confesses to putting his skin flakes and hairs into the food he picks up for his middling food podcast.
      • A belligerent voicemail angrily rants about being put on the Naughty list for their Kingdom Hearts and My Hero Academia rants. Both Santa and Fringles are appalled at the opinions expressed and unanimously agree they belong on the Naughty list.


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