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  • The very first episode of immersion does an Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking and plays it straight.
    The following video contains stunts performed by trained professionals on a closed course under strict supervision. Any attempt to recreate these activities could result in (wait for it) injury, death and significant damages to personal property. And you would forever be known as the person who died trying to imitate something from the internet. Don't try this at home.
  • The concept of "Online Gaming Distractions" is to see how an actual soldier would fare on a firing range while a standard group of CoD hecklers (represented by Mega 64) scream in his ear. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Shane may not be all that fazed by the taunting ( In fact, his score actually improves from the control round), but he still can't resist Flipping the Bird at them.
  • During the Video Game Girl Clothes, said clothing start coming apart, causing Burnie to dub their fighting style as 'Bashful Panda' as the girls try to preserve something resembling their modesty.
  • During the inventory test, Geoff manages to carry everything to the goal without stopping and wins the race. Then again, it would have more challenging if Gus hadn't missed his footing and fallen on the ground like a turtle before he even started.
  • Monty and Frank dressing as Yakuza members and kicking the shit out of Gus and Geoff.
  • How Burnie prepares Geoff & Gus for the "Video Game Foods" challenge: by getting them completely drunk, then waking them up at 5 AM.
    Geoff: I fuckin' hate all of you.
    Burnie: I think it's amazing that you guys can roll out of bed and immediately start drinking.
    Gus: I didn't stop drinking! I, like, took an hour break and laid down!
    • As soon as they see the massive meal set up for them, they immediately go for the beer.
    • The challenge is decided by one bite of pizza that had earlier been described as "smelling like cat food," "smelling like a cat's ass," and "tasting like a gym floor." Gus pretends to take a bite, and Geoff does (thus winning)... then immediately throws up.
      Geoff: You guys are assholes.
  • Gavin and Michael trying to beat a genuine racecar driver by racing him in a videogame (while he's driving them around in the real thing) and still failing.
    • At one point, Michael gets disoriented and drives the wrong way, setting them back about a quarter of a lap. Gavin also gets disoriented when he takes over and, somehow, turns them around correctly.note 
    • Gavin being screamed at by Michael for not getting back in the car quickly enough.
    • Michael throwing up in the car, then throwing Gavin off by putting the vomit in his face. Then chasing him around with the bag after the race is finished.
    • Gavin's (empty) vomit bag flying out the car window towards the end of the final lap. Fortunately, he doesn't need it.
    • "You ever drink milk and eat Cheetos before a race?" "Oh hell no."
    • After throwing up, Michael gives his "last wishes":
      Michael: Tell my family I hate them, tell Lindsay that she was okay, it was a good run, uh, but... I don't want to leave her anything, I don't want to leave her anything, I want everything to be buried with me.
  • Gavin and Michael are using each other as target practice to determine whether or not split-screen looking would be a legitimate strategy in real life combat, but in this situation, Michael manages to fall down the same hole on THREE separate occasions.
    • The paint grenades.
      Michael: I grenaded myself!
    • Some of Gavin's running during the test is pretty damn funny too.
    • The second round includes NPCs as played by Lindsay and Barb in the watchtower. Neither Michael or Gavin know this until they're shot by them. Gavin then gets shot in his "nob" by the NPCs.
    • At one point Gavin is hiding around a corner and can see from Michael's point of view that his fellow Lad might be lurking on the other side of it. How does he safely test whether this is the case? By sticking his leg around the corner.
    • After the test Michael asks if he's allowed to shoot the girls now the test is over. Burnie says yes and both Lindsay and Barb flee as Michael comes after them with his paintball gun.
  • Immersion brings the world of Fruit Ninja into the real world, launching various fruits at Gavin and Michael using manpower and a giant slingshot. At one point, Gavin gets hit in the sack with a bunch of grapes, and the screen displays a "NUTSHOT!" graphic. Gav's response is to drop to his knees and crawl away from the edible onslaught.
    Gavin: Ow, my knob!
    Gus: People like grapes, Gavin!
    • Before they enter the arena, Team Nice Dynamite is led through a training montage by Monty, describing himself as "Rooster Teeth's resident Asian."
    • Gav's rant at the end of the episode.
      Burnie: All right, well, today I think we learned a lot about fruit management...
      Gavin: We didn't learn anything!
      Burnie: What are you talking about?
      Gavin: These are getting less scientific every week! This is how this one happened:
      Burnie: Lotta science. Lotta science.
      Gavin: "Let's throw fruit at Michael and Gavin. What game's that like? Fruit Ninja? Yeah, alright."
      Gus: To the layman, it may appear that way.
      Gavin: Bollocks!
  • "Pac-Man":
    • Gavin and Michael on how they keep ending up as the shows lab rats.
      Michael: Do you just go to sleep and you wake up here too?
      Gavin: I have a headache.
    • Barbara's perky "Hi!" right before she and everyone else begins whaling on Michael with their wiffle bats.
    • The introduction of the..."ghosts"..
    • During one of Gavin's runs, the ghosts are beating on him and eventually chase him out of the maze. The hilarity is compounded when Michael also runs up and kicks him before running away. This is made even better by Gus and Barbara treating the beating like a gang initiation, (with Michael joining in for a moment).
      Gus: West Side Ghosts!
      Barbara: We own this city.
      Gus: You're one of us now!
    • Gavin, at one point, quits doing the Pac Man 'wakka wakka wakka' and starts saying "Bollocks bollocks bollocks".
  • Michael's introduction in the Mario Kart video. Dressed in a Mario outfit, he gives a cheerful "It's-a me!" before slamming into the side of Gavin's go kart and rolling over it.
    Michael: Considering this might be my last will and testament, tell everyone I go fuck themselves.
    • During his first run, Micheal drifts of the track and:
      Gus: He took out a cone, though.
      Burnie: I think that's because he's an asshole.
      Gus: I think he aimed for it.
    • The debate about whether his flipping the cart was because of the bananas... Or just he because of his reckless driving.
    • Even funnier is Gus and Burnie's immediate reactions to the flip.
      Burnie: ...Gus, you killed him.
      Gus: (High-tails it out of there)
  • Michael starts off his Trials Fusion bike ride by... losing control of the bike and chasing it round and round in a circle while keeping hold of the handlebars.
  • During the first part of their Open World adventure, Gavin is attacked by radroaches (RC cars with 'roach' shells chasing the lads) and gets radiation poisoning. Fortunately an NPC in a nearby shop is happy to give them some RadAway in exchange for completing a mission. As soon as they get the RadAway, Gavin accidentally shoots the NPC. For bonus comedy, this is right after he purchased and drank some rum, which was actual alcohol and not a prop, and the onscreen text lists his stat change, including his Intelligence going down.
    • Oh, and the effects of said radiation poisoning? Lindsay shows up and attaches a plastic sheet over Gavin's face, to blur his vision and lower his depth perception. He constantly stumbles around and keeps checking how close he is to stuff by hitting it with a melee weapon rather than, say, sticking his arm out. And this is after Gavin contracts only five rads and is immediately sick with radiation poisoning. Fallout fans were either laughing hysterically or just facepalming (it takes about 200 rads in-game to get even minor rad poisoning).
    • This is after Miles and Blaine's over the top portrayal of Tunnel Snakes (think 50's greasers). And while dealing with them, Michael and Gavin have (but don't use) the dialogue option "Why do you have a comb?" only to discover after the fight that said comb is also a knife.
    • Gavin picks said comb up, and while Michael keeps beating the Tunnel Snakes up, he calmly brushes a bit of his hair with it.
    • It's unknown if this was their intended portrayal or if Miles and Blaine just really didn't like what was going on, but the Tunnel Snakes end up cowering in fear and whimpering, even having a sort-of Security Cling as Michael and Gavin walk away, though Blaine still finds the stones to (in a clearly fearful voice) call "Tunnel Snakes rule!" after them.
    • Watching Michael try, and fail, at playing the piano is pretty funny by itself, but watching Gavin dance is even better.
      Michael: Still got it.
    • Oh, and how does the episode end? With Gavin shooting the bartender (Coe) AFTER getting the Rad Away and accepting his quest.
  • Part 2 of their Open World adventure is even better.
    • It starts off with the lads approaching the raider band. They get attacked from behind and lose their weapons as well as having a limb each disabled.
    • And the heal for their disabled limbs? Brown water from a toilet.
    • Ghoul Gus.
    • When Meg's character pleads for her life the guys have a decision to make. Gavin says they shouldn't kill her because "this one's hot." After twenty seconds of discussion, Michael shoots her and hits her in the face causing Meg to break character.
      Meg: Ah, my eye! You bastard!
      Gavin: She's still not dead.
      (Michael pumps more foam darts at Meg while she lies down laughing)
    • Michael's face upon sipping a Dusty Beer.
    • Shannon having a blast as the villain.
  • During the Five Nights at Freddy's episode, we got:
    • Burnie brandishing the cattle prod, freaking Gavin and Michael out.
    • Burnie and Barbara showing off the controls. As Barbara hits the red light, Burnie gets spooked by Lindsay behind the window waving at him.
    • As Gavin and Michael get settled in, Gavin squees at seeing a filofax, which Michael corrects as "rolodex". "Cultural differences."
    • They watch the video tape from Gus, making Gavin question "When was the last time you saw Gus?"
    • Night One comes to an end as Gavin shuts off the ventilation from Mr. Diddles, then tells him to "Piss off, you're not welcome!" At the end, Michael admits that a little bit of poop might have come out then.
    • Night Two has, in the middle of panicking, Gavin deciding to check his heart rate.
    • At another point, they find an old pizza in the office, and after discovering it inedible, Gavin sticks one slice into the slots of the vent behind them. A few minutes later, a noise startles them, and they discover the slice is gone.
    • As they reach the end of the night, they're confronted by the Ursa Grimm, the two scream in panic before Gavin calmly asks "What is that?"
  • The HITMAN episode requires lab rats Michael and Gavin to assassinate a politician named "Mike Hawk", so the episode is filled with innuendo.
    "Mike Hawk": ...and I'm here to tell you that Mike Hawk stands firmly for all of you!
    • When it's Gavin's turn to be the Hitman, Burnie's shocked at Gavin's disguise, saying that if his bad wig doesn't give him away, his nose will.
    • At the end, Michael, Gavin and Burnie celebrate their victory with the second run. Gavin ends up sticking Burnie with the poison sticker, killing him.
    • In the bonus episode, Chris disguises himself as a woman. And stays completely in character the entire time. He gets recognized by one guard, but kills the guard and completes the assassination successfully.
    • When Burnie is commenting on Chris' run, it takes him a while to realize the Chris is dressed up as a woman and then remarks that Chris's disguise is "oddly attractive".
  • The Resident Evil episode puts our lab rats through three different video types and it's heavily disorienting.
    • When Burnie asks Michael and Gavin how their zombie-killing skills are, Michael boasts "Great" and Gavin boasts "Awful!" at the same time.
    • Burnie reveals that he gave the zombies tasers.
      Michael: Again with this? Why? When did this start?!
      Burnie: We got the budget for this now!
      Gavin: A budget?! You just bought one and you bring it everywhere!
    • After Gavin runs into a wall:
      Burnie: (chuckling) Gavin's depth perception is terrible! But he's gotta get used to it pretty soon, right?
      Gavin: (charging towards the door with the key) Oh, God! Ugh! Is this the key? Is this the door?
      Michael: I think so...
      Gavin: (runs into the door) GAH! BLIP!
      Burnie: Ah, spoke too soon.
  • At the beginning of Destructibles in Real Life, Burnie's giving Michael and Gavin the rules of the course, then gives the two a real C4 with a timer set to ten minutes. The duo is shocked at the fact that Burnie's giving them explosives now.
    • They spend five minutes in the first room doing everything they can to break the box, including stomping on it, hitting it with a metal chair and even dropping it. Burnie mentions maybe they should have given them half an hour instead of ten minutes.
    • When they do break it, Gavin fiddles with the key. Michael just walks around.
    • When they get to the Rainbow Six room, Michael tells Gavin to hold the door open. Michael charges through and... bounces off of planks.
    • When they go back and end up finding a sledgehammer, Gavin shouts out "PETER GABRIEL!"
  • In the NBA flaming balls challenge, Gavin, for a moment, does catch fire (on the outside of his fire suit). After a moment concern, word that he was fine allowed everyone to enjoy the ridiculiousness of the moment.
    • In the member's bonus video, one of the guys had commented that trying to play basketball in the suits was like "being Ray Charles while on fire."
  • Space Invaders in Real Life has Gavin relishing his new role as the Scientist.
  • In the Metal Gear Solid experiment, Kerry and Miles are the Lab Rats this time around and Gavin joins Burnie in the setup. His introduction? Falling out of a cardboard box.
    • The Lab Rats's penalty for getting caught is getting shot with a paintball gun, which Gavin demonstrates. Kerry and Miles are not pleased.
      Miles: That went through the box!!!
    • Each of the guards sport different face paint. Gus has cat whiskers while Jon Risinger has a lightning bolt and applies chapstick while glaring at the camera.
    • Kerry and Miles' reward for getting captured? Gavin and Burnie get to shoot them with the paintball guns. Burnie was kind enough to give them a 5 second head start.

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