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Funhaus (pronounced "Funhouse"), is a division of Rooster Teeth which features members of the former division Inside Gaming. The channel focuses on both gaming news and gameplay, similar to The Know and Let's Play respectively. Funhaus is based in the Los Angeles, California offices of Rooster Teeth Productions. The channel officially launched on February 16, 2015. With the disentegration of Machinima in early 2019, Rooster Teeth bought the Inside Gaming label, and the show now runs concurrently with Funhaus, starring the same (and original) cast. note Funhaus produces many shows such as "Open Haus" (Q&A), "Art Haus" (a fanart showcase), "Dude Soup" (a podcast), and gameplay series such as "Demo Disk" (gameplay of video game demos sent by fans) and "Wheelhaus" (gameplay of Steam games randomly chosen from a spinner).

Core members include Adam Kovic, James Willems, Elyse Willems, Lawrence Sonntag, Matt Peake, and Alanah Pearce. Members of the editing pool—Omar de Armas, Jacob Fullerton, Daniel Schneider, Don Casanova, Adam Brouillard, and Jon Smith—also make occasional appearances. Former members include Sean "Spoole" Poole (who left in February 2016 to move to Seattle), Joel Rubin (who left in April 2016 to work at SourceFed), and Bruce Greene (who left in September 2019).


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