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     Dude Soup 

     Open Haus 

  • Bound to happen in every Open Haus.
  • James' discussion about how to do oral sex on women.
  • Adam's Ygritte impression.
    • When asked which members of Achievement Hunter they would date, James and Adam demonstrate how they would Eiffel Tower Michael by using Peake's 50lbs bag of oats lovingly named 'Groaty'. And just to make sure there's no problems, they ask their editor to add the disclaimer that the bag isn't Michael.
      James: Make sure to put a note on the bottom saying this is an oat bag, not Michael.
      (note on screen reading '*NOT MICHAEL' beneath the bag)
    • The later addition of a fez, wig and beard to the oat bag.
  • The Running Gag of the Game of Thrones question of the week and it's various different names.
    • The later Running Gag of Peake avoiding spoilers for the show during this question.
  • Elyse imitation of Spoole.
  • Any time someone complaints about how they do things only for them exaggerate that same behavior.
  • The look on James' face when Elyse, his wife, was added to the show.
    James: You gonna hire my dog now too?!


     GTA Online Expansion Gameplays 

    • The video in it's entirety is about Lawrence's busted up car getting stuck in some stairs so the team tries to get it out by getting more cars and a helicopter in there stuck too. At the end the car is blown off but at least they got it out.
  • LIVE DIE REPEAT - GTA 5 Gameplay
    • The team keeps dying in this mission, over 15 times. mind you, not at the hands of other players or violent NPC's but due to their own stupidity since they keep killing themselves trying to get out of the helicopter that gets them to their mission, or trying to get INTO the helicopter sometimes.

     Other Gameplay Videos 

     Demo Disk 

  • GRAB MY WOOD - Demo Disk Gameplay
    • During their playthrough of The Vampire: Masquerade, the guys mock the ridiculous dialogue and animations.
    • The 'Golden Bear Challenge', which contains a Running Gag of Jack Nicklaus constantly shouting golf advice.
      Bruce: Do you think that, whenever I do something cool in real life, I could have that music play?
      James: Absolutely not. but yes.
      Bruce: I could make dinner and be like -
      Nicklaus Tips: I've always felt that my middle iron -
      Bruce: Fuck off, Jack!
  • HITLER IS ALIVE? - Demo Disk Gameplay
  • ACHIEVEMEN HUMPERS - Demo Disk Gameplay
    • The guys start searching up Rule 34 of some of the Achievement Hunter members, prompting a genius Funny Background Event from Spoole:
      Spoole: Yes, HR? This is Spoole... yes, it's happening again...
    • Once they start playing a Heart of Darkness demo, they note that the kid's helmet looks like it has a vibrator taped onto the side.
      Adam: Mom, I'm taking your magic rod!
    • Them making fun of the goofy walk cycles in the Terra Victus demo. At the end, James imitates it in real life.
  • STUPID SEXY DEER - Demo Disk Gameplay
    • Pretty much the entirety of their discussion on "scrobbles".
  • PRANKED YA - Demo Disk Gameplay
    • Bruce tries to call the Myth 2 tipline and finds that it's been taken over by a "Free Cruise" hotline. So he calls the hotline operator bugging her for Myth 2 tips.
  • ADAM'S MAGIC WAND - Demo Disk Gameplay
    • At the end, while looking for Rule 34 of Kane & Lynch, they end up finding Rule 34 of Adam.
      • The split second before they click on the image.
      Bruce: That one looks like you Adam.
      Adam: It is me.
  • WE GET SUED - Demo Disk Gameplay
    • Them playing Guitar Hero Metallica, with Adam and James pretending to play the plastic instruments in funny get-ups while Bruce attempts to sing songs he can't even hear. And casually discussing getting sued the whole way.
    • Jon Smith, feeling bad about his previous appearance on Demo Disk,note  brings a fanny pack full of goodies for the gang containing some Hershey's Kisses, what appears to be Jon's lunch, a safety vest (which Bruce and James both attempt to put on themselves at the same time, with Jon nodding in approval), and a taser.
  • WET AND FURRY - Demo Disk Gameplay
    • Partway through the video, Jon shows up with a blender and creates what he calls a 'Demo Disk Smoothie'. The ingredients consist of 2 cups of ice, a banana, 10 ounces of liquid, tobasco sauce, tequila, the disk itself, an unopened bag of corn nuts (bag included), kale, strawberries, some leftover chicken, cheese curds and an entire squash. Needless to say, the mere smell of it is enough to make Jon (and anybody near it) almost vomit.
    • The kicker? It's cause the leftover chicken was old.
  • Every time they look up any kind of sexy flash game.
    • The fact that newer demo disc episodes now seem to include more sexy flash games than demos.
    • The fact that they don't even look at flash games anymore. They just go straight to Rule 34 to pass the time spent waiting for games to download.
    • Anytime Bruce claims "We can show that." in response to Rule 34 images.
  • Bruce breaking discs.
  • The Running Gag where the group pulls in editor Jon Smith to break discs in increasingly dangerous and ridiculous ways. In one episode, he manages to saw through a disc using another disc.
  • The whole "Mothers Be Aware" gag. When going through the demo of Dance! It's Your Stage Bruce saw the name of the song in the demo and had Adam buy the game so they could play it, only to find out the song was locked. Then for the next few months they'd try to get progress on unlocking the song. They even got the blessing of Florian Danklmaier, the songwriter for the game.

     Funhaus Shorts 

     Art Haus 

  • WE LOVE CARTOONS - Art Haus!
    • Spoole shows up at the end of the episode late for work and they all part to let him to his desk. Kind of. There's a camera in the way.
      Spoole: But the camera's blocking my-
      Bruce: Just sit down where you are.


     Funhaus Comments 

  • ARE WE GAY? - Funhaus Comments
    • As a Running Gag throughout the video, whenever they put on a snapback hat they try to appeal to the kids. When it comes to Peake's turn he refuses it.
      Peake: I don't- It's okay. You keep it.
  • The Running Gag of Peake reading the comments on his phone, instead of printing them out like the others and the lengths the others go to point this out.
  • DID YOU MAKE A WISH? - Funhaus Comments
    • James entire act as a crippled Sonic fan, mind you, he's not crippled, he's just a regular Sonic fan.

     1 Dollar 1 Hour 


    • During Steve Jackson's Space Traveller, Adam manages to roll a 1 on all four stat dice during character creation, prompting James to act out his character as a paraplegic.
    • While plying Drift Streets Japan, Adam starts to fishtail slowly over and over to drift, all while Bruce and James cheer him on to "Stack" his drifts. Oddly, the game gives him tons of points for this.
    Bruce: Billy Graham...? Oh, he's a Christian! Malibu loves Jesus!
  • SEXY SPINNERS - Wheelhaus Gameplay
    • The episode in its entirety is hilarious but James' bad luck while playing LIFE effectively describing how his LIFE is shit will leave your sides hurting.
    • While waiting for a game to download, They decide to look up a video of a girl playing with her Elsa and Anna dolls and they see that the video got over 86 million views.
      Adam: JESUS FUCK!!

     Live Streams (with fans) 

  • In a YouTube Primetime video the Lawrence, Adam, and James started dorkly talking about MGS only for Bruce to ask them about the first time they kissed a girl, and then mentioning how his first kiss was a little boy's penis when he was 4. The expression on everyone face was enough.

     Other Funhaus related content 

  • The Cult of Peake and Matt Peake's nonplussed reaction to all of it.
  • At the RTXAU 2016 panel, they thought it would be a good idea to throw Boomerangs into the audience. Cue an audience member being beamed in the head and another diving onto the floor in order to claim the same boomerang.
  • Alanah had bought the Inside collector's edition, which came with a collectible silicone blobby Huddle made by a sex toy company. She and the rest of the Inside Gaming crew became more entertained with slapping it around.


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