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  • The overall high level of snark makes the occasional Pet the Dog moments all the more powerful. When Demian recaps the Harvelle's death scene in Supernatural seriously, or Deborah gushes over the brilliant Season 2 finale of The West Wing, you know they really, truly mean it.
  • Speaking of which, Sobell reviewed the Sons of Anarchy episode "Sweet and Vaded" and because of the content, offered phone numbers to law enforcement and the FBI should any readers come across this in Real Life.
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  • During the last few weeks the forums were open, there were many posts about how much people were going to miss the boards and the other posters, including plans to meet up on other boards and numerous comments along the lines of "I may not have agreed with your opinions, but I enjoyed discussing things with you."
  • Strega hated Angel when it first started, but around season three she starts to enjoy it and while she's disappointed plenty of times, she ends the Grand Finale recap with "Five years ago (good lord), I'd never have thought I'd wind up liking the show as much as I did. Shh, don't tell anyone."


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