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  • Dodger's appearance on the show in Episode 52 was made of this. Not only was she one of the main reasons for Jirard starting the show (him talking about this prompts an adorable hug by the way), the game they chose was Aladdin, a game which Dodger fondly remembers playing with her brother as a kid, and starring one of Jirard's favourite Disney heroes.
  • In their New Super Mario Bros. U review, Jirard and Greg absolute love for the baby Yoshi they see in level one is undoubtedly one of the most heartwarming things in the show.
    • Not only that but they use their HyperAwareness let's them see that the baby is singing throughout the level.
      • And they even give him the nickname of "Fat Baby Yoshi"
      • Becomes a tearjerker though when they accidentally jump in a pit and kill Fat Baby Yoshi with them.
      • But become a heartwarming moment again when Greg says Fat Baby Yoshi "Always carried a song in his heart".
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  • Recently, Jirard has introduced a new segment to the show involving childhood memories of gaming, and why they hold such a special place in our hearts. The first episode? How his dad promising to buy him a huge Ninja Turtle doll and the Turtles In Time game brought a 4 years old Jirard out of a goddamn coma.
  • The Donkey Kong Country 2 episode of Why We Love Gaming. Something of an Origins Episode, explaining why Jirard says "YES!" at the start of every video, and how he grew up gaming with his mother, whom the video is a very fitting tribute to.
    • For those wondering, Jirard says "YES!" at the beginning of every video as a tribute to her, saying she always said "Yes!" because she would "called herself a 'yes-person'".
  • Just about everything between Jirard and Greg is this, which makes it more heartbreaking considering how they both had a fall out.
  • His One-Million-Subscribers celebration video, Final Fantasy X, showcasing his gratitude for his crew, his fans, and everyone along the way.
  • Jirard and the TOVG crew put on a Twitch Livestream fundraiser in 2018, raising money for Dementia research in honor of Jirard's late mother. "Indieland" was a showcase of live Completionist game play focusing entirely on Indie games. Jamie Lee Curtis helped the team raise over $55,000 by waxing Alex Faciane's arms.
    • Indieland returned in 2019 and broke the $100,000 fundraiser mark!

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