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Brooke 'Dodger' Leigh Lawson Thorne (AKA Presshearttocontinue, AKA Dodger, AKA Dexterity Bonus) is a formerly The Game Station-affiliated and Polaris affiliated Youtuber and streamer known for her happy-go-lucky vlogging style, as well as her love of foxes, cats, and coffee. When she isn't vlogging, she is the main personality on Polaris' news show Daily Byte, as well as producing her own DIY content with "Swords and Stitches" and subculture introduction videos called "Welcome to the Fandom." She also does the occasional Let's Play on her Twitch stream of more traditional games, with her main channel gaming content consisting of dating sims or other "stupid anime games."

Has two channels: "Press Heart to Continue" for variety content on geek culture and "Dexterity Bonus" for her old "Coffeh Time" video blogs and VODs of her Twitch streams. She also has two cats, named Sherlock and Watson but typically referred to as Sherlockcat and Watsonkitty, who make guest appearances on her channel and streams.