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  • His musical tribute to the Zordon era at the end of his Power Rangers in Space retrospective, set to Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" montage.
    • As an added example, SF Debris had already used the song for a similar farewell montage in his "All Good Things..." TNG review. Linkara asked him if it would be alright to do the same thing, and he gave him his blessing.
  • A small one, but in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Linkara mentions that Valerie Vernon is still alive even after being diagnosed with leukemia, and that it's gone.
  • There's something very heartwarming about him discussing the theme of Power Rangers S.P.D. on how the Ragtag Band of Misfits could be as good as the band of aces, and become true heroes in their own right.
    • It's even better that instead of just waiting during the analysis, he explains it while the B-Squad go into SWAT Mode, and kick the A-Squad's asses.
  • The way he talks about Bulk and Skull's Character Development from the original series up through their I Am Spartacus moment in the finale of In Space. He is genuinely moved by how these two have grown and the way they act in the end.
    • Also, his happiness when the duo are back together for a cameo in "Forever Red", saying that its the true reunion of the episode and that people should shut up for any inconsistencies and just be happy that they are back.
  • Even though he didn't fully recommend Mystic Force, Linkara did point out that the Stranger Within and Dark Wish arcs were very enjoyable. Also from the Mystic Force review was him explaining why Chip was his favorite Ranger from the team.
    • He also praised the mostly comic relief characters of Leelee, Phineas and Clare as some of the best and most interesting in the show.
    • On a related note, his reason why Stranger Within is so good is great because it talks about the human element under the silly plot is what makes it so great. That even in the ridiculousness, you can still have great stories with great emotions.
    • His speech in the same episode about how Camelot changed his life and the importance of chivalry in the Arthurian definition of the word.
  • The fact that even though he detests Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, if you happen to like it, "More power to you."
    • Despite not liking Dax, he shows great respect for his profession saying that you don't screw with stuntmen because of how tough they are as people to deal with the difficulty of said job.
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    • His loathing of the Overdrive Rangers compared to other ranger teams because they immediately abandon their duties when they lose their ability to morph actually comes across as this, because it comes across as him being so disappointed for not living up to his ideal of what Power Rangers should be. He then shows clips of rangers from various seasons continuing the fight even though they don't have their powers, not because they're are an obligation, but because it's the right thing to do.
    • There's also a tiny bit of heartwarming in his condemnation to Samuel Benta. Lewis has stated that IF Samuel Benta would come up and make a public apology for what he did, he'll still forgive him, meaning that Lewis is still willing to give him a chance even if his act was really unforgivable to the point many fans rightfully would never forgive him (though so far, Benta has not, so the condemnation still sticks so far).
  • His statement that Power Rangers Jungle Fury was wrong to portray beating up a bunch of bullies as evil. Keep in mind that Lewis very much looks down on the idea of revenge thanks to the influence of Camelot.
    • There's something rather sweet about the way he talks about the rangers with such positive attitudes after all the problems he had with Overdrive's characters. How he talks about Casey and RJ are particularly nice, both with RJ's being cool but wise, and Casey feeling guilty about Dai Shi, but being perfectly worthy of being a ranger because he's a fast learner.
  • As Linkara notes, Power Rangers RPM is a very polarizing type of season, with both fans and haters arguing with, and even ourtight insulting, each other for their different opinions. During his review, Linkara is very diplomatic however, stating that while he likes the season, he can understand why others may not.
    • In recapping RPM's Troubled Production, he ends the tirade of problems with a little note that the fact that RPM even was able to be finished is evidence that miracles are real.
    • His meditation on enjoying previous material, the quality of Darker and Edgier vs Lighter and Softer and actually creating mature writing is a big ball of heartwarming, especially in the fact that Power Rangers was actually able to come so far as to actually allow him to have this conversation.
    • Him pointing out that Dr. K's and Ziggy's actors got married in real life is pretty cool and heartwarming.
  • For all the flak Power Rangers Samurai had, and even Linkara saying that it's not a very good show, by the end of it, his final cents is that it's... watchable. Has its flaws, but still watchable. Good thing he never bought into the hate train.
    • Also, despite how many flaws this season's team-up episode Clash of the Red Rangers had, he applauded the effort. He especially liked the fact that despite Samurai being the first season since Saban regained the rights from Disney, that they still gave a nod to the RPM team, and that despite the fact they were from Another Dimension that what the RPM Rangers did mattered.
    • Not mentioning the Elephant in the Room regarding Rick Medina's "incident" in both this and when he brought him up in his review of Power Rangers Megaforce. And that's all we're gonna say on the matter.
    • His utter praise for both Lauren, who he felt had the character development he had wanted Jayden to have had, and her actress Kimberley Crossman, for the sheer amount of character she gave to such an underwritten role through simple body language. He also praises how, instead of going with the dynamic from Power Rangers Time Force with Wes and Alex, where one was clearly a better choice entirely, the writers instead made Lauren more complex. Which is why he hates how the rest of the team treats her horribly, only caring about Jayden leaving.
    • His praise of Bulk and Spike shows that he really does get these characters, and shows why he considers them the true heroes of Power Rangers (well, Bulk and Skull, normally, but Spike is somewhat of a Skull stand-in)- they may not be smart, or brave, or strong, or have super powers, but they will do their best to do the right thing.
    • Another moment (admittedly a bit minor but still) is Lewis calling out the Unfortunate Implications behind Jayden, a white guy having a Japanese last namenote ; he admits it wouldn't be too hard to assume one of Jayden's ancestors either married or was adopted into the family, but points out the lost opportunity for an East Asian Red Ranger (something that still has yet to happen to this very day unless one counts Hyperforce), as all the Japanese-ness of Samurai would have been the perfect opportunity for one in his opinion.
  • For all the negativity he brought to Megaforce (and it's still genuine), the ending of the video was very heartwarming, thanking everyone who supported the series, even those whining at the Schedule Slip, promising that he'll be back for Dino Charge once the season finishes, and finishing with how he's thankful he has such fans and... "May the power protect you all."
  • In the new version of the Power Rangers Zeo review, saying he does believe David Yost's explanation about why he left and not the "official" reason given by one of Zeo's producers, which was the previously rumored pay dispute. He stated the reason he believes Yost was because the 90's weren't kind to the LGBT community, and that he remained silent about the topic for several years until gay rights were more accepted by the general public.
  • After all the problems he had over the last 2 seasons, he has a LOT of praise for Power Rangers Dino Charge. Distinct Rangers and Villains, good action, good acting, good set and character design, some character layering. It's just nice to hear him sounding so positive about his rangers again.
    • Even when he is attacking the finale he does so in a way that makes it clear it isn't rage but rather just the insanity of it all. It is done in good fun, rather than a brutal takedown like with Operation Overdrive's... uh... everything.
    • Lewis also gives some credit to Megaforce, in particular with the cast and writing staff who legitimately did care for the show and wanted things to be done well (or at least passable), but Jonathan Tzachor at the time didn't care for any of the ideas (in particular that one writer wanted a veteran Power Ranger to become a sort of mentor for the team (it being David Yost) which he shot down) and simply wanted action scenes.
  • Honestly, the very existence of this series is one. Linkara is doing a full series retrospective of Power Rangers, continuing it as the show goes on, as well as dealing with multiple issues with various video hosting sites (Blip, Shockwave, Vidme) hitting him with copyright claims and, when he finally works around them, shutting down abruptly. Even when he dislikes a given season, him continuing this is a labor of love. Power Rangers, this kids show that can be accurately described as a 22 minute toy commercial, means enough to him that he sits down, struggles to get these out despite what's going on, and, even when it's clear that the people involved in the production don't care, he still does. This is a show that MATTERS to him, and, considering how popular the videos are, also matters to a lot of viewers.
  • His brief gushing over Hayley's dog Kody in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
  • In Power Rangers Turbo, he actually defends Justin, arguably one of the most hated rangers of all time, arguing that, contrary to popular belief, he wasn't a Marty Stu, but was often the only ranger written competently. When discussing "True Blue to the Rescue", he says that while Justin could be annoying at times, he was still part of the team.
    • On a similar note, as much as he hates Operation Overdrive and considers that team to be the absolute worst rangers he'd ever seen, he's disappointed they never got a team-up with Jungle Fury, acknowledging that, for all their faults, they're still the Power Rangers.


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