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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: By his own admission, Linkara is not familiar with Super Sentai, and any knowledge he does have of it tends to be rather peripheral. As such, it's not uncommon for him to make errors in regards to Sentai information. Downplayed since his goal is to review Power Rangers in isolation, with any mention of Sentai info only being related to minor production trivia at best.
    • Power Rangers Turbo:
      • Turbo did not almost end the franchise. Ratings were down since the third season of Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers in Space was being planned before the second half (where the ratings started to go up for the first time since the decline in season 3) even began filming. The updated review removed this line.
      • In the revised version of the review, Linkara questions why Saban couldn't just skip Carranger and just adapt one of the pre-Zyuranger seasons, pointing to Jetman as a possible candidate. The deal Saban, now Hasbro, has with Toei states that they cannot skip a Sentai season (save for one) regardless of what that season contains. The reason why Saban/Hasbro can't adapt pre-Zyuranger seasons is because the agreement was for Zyuranger onward, and even if the deal had allowed them to use a prior Sentai, they would've still had to use Carranger footage at some point if they wanted to move onto Megaranger footagenote . The later Power Rangers RPM basically got around the issue of an unsuitable Sentai by ignoring the Sentai footage as much as possible.
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    • Power Rangers Megaforce:
      • In his video, he claims that the pre-Power Rangers suits used in the Gokaiger footage that was used in the episode "The Wrath" were from the first five Super Sentai series. While VulEagle (the only one to be replaced in that scene) was from the fifth Super Sentai series, the rest of themnote  were from later seriesnote . Super Sentai fans were not happy with this mistake. note 
      • He also states that Octaroo (rather his counterpart Shitari) appears in the Shinkenger tribute episode. That's inaccurate. The Gokaigers have a cameo in the Goseiger vs. Shinkenger movie (a common tradition to introduce the next team in the team-up movie) where they show off their powers by killing Shitari. The main series welded in this cameo by revealing that they traveled back in time thanks to Time Yellow.
      • At one point,, the team morphs into the core MMPR costumes, but gets their asses kicked by the monster of the week. Linkara calls it an embarrassment to the original team, but it was direct footage of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger — which wasn't supposed to be celebrating the anniversary of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger or MMPR anyway — meaning it was just another Gokai Change. note 
      • In the review of Gokaiger's first five episodes, he questions why the Gokaigers' transformation into the Magirangers in their respective tribute episode had an elaborate sequence when they already transformed into the Magirangers in the first episode with little fanfare. The more lavish and show-accurate transformation sequences into past teams are usually reserved for tribute episodes, even if they've transformed into a them before.
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    • He claims that "Powers from the Past" from Power Rangers Dino Charge is the first episode of Power Rangers to have zero Sentai footage. This is false, as the show had twelve Sentai-free episodes by the time Lost Galaxy started, and even more since then. Amusingly, Linkara acknowledged this error by making a comment pointing out the error a featured comment on the site's comments and added an annotation to the YouTube version.
  • Dear Negative Reader:
    • Although it has since been edited out upon re-release, Linkara once started an episode of HOPR talking about the fans who constantly berate him for a schedule or ask him "when's the next History of Power Rangers", going as far as to criticize Linkara's other works (like Atop the Fourth Wall) and trying to force him to only work on HOPR. He says that while he is honored that so many people are excited about this side project, it's just that, a side project, and all nagging him to get it done faster will do is make him not really want to do it at all. However, in his Megaforce review he does harken back to these fans and says while they did irritate him at the time, he really is thankful to them and all of his fans for supporting him to much and showing so much love to what is basically a grown man looking for deeper meaning in a children's television show.
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    • In the RPM examination he quotes a critic/troll on the forums who mocks him for spending so much time looking for deeper meaning in a lighthearted kids' show, and he points out the truly dark and deep elements this season has while still being a fun, overall lighthearted kids' show.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • This has sort of happened to History of Power Rangers itself; Linkara has said that as a result of him joining the Power Force (a group of officially-endorsed fans), Saban has requested he only use clips from official sources, meaning he can't use rips of TV broadcasts (as evidenced by logo bugs in the corner of the footage). This is part of the reason for the delay of the Operation Overdrive review, as he had to wait for the Shout! Factory DVD release. On the bright side, this means the quality of the footage used in his reviews very much improved, and Linkara got the time to go back and re-edit the previous HOPR episodes with the official DVD footage.
    • Thanks to YouTube seriously cracking down on copyright claims, and the fact that it's about the only reliable video hosting site left (this after four previous hosting sites Linkara tried to use all went under) the Updated Rereleases of the episodes all feature significantly less footage than they previous had. While the rerelease of MMPR simply cut a lot of scenes to under the 10 second mark, the rerelease of Operation Overdrive saw many clips completely removed, instead being replaced with a lengthy still image of the scene for Linkara to talk over. This especially applies to the re-releases of In Space and RPM, which had to be delayed significantly since their original videos featured copyrighted music that Linkara was against removing completely. Instead, he decided to record original covers of said music, but that proved to take a lot longer than he originally thought it would, leading him to simply skip the two seasons get back to them later.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • The series is extremely similar in style to the reviews of SF Debris. The two reviewers are friends so this was probably intentional. Linkara asked for permission for the use of "Under Pressure" in a similar way that SF Debris did in his review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's finale for the finale of In Space. He's also been known to point people toward SF Debris' "Doctor Who" video if they have questions about where to start watching.
    • In regards to Power Rangers, the fanbase has changed its opinion on several seasons, characters, and aspects of the show following Linkara's retrospectives - for example, Carter Grayson used to be considered one of the more boring Red Rangers, but now has the reputation of a Memetic Badass.
    • History of Power Rangers in turn inspired Dragon Ball Dissection, due to its creator Mistarefusion following the trend. As a coincidence, both are series are related to Toei Company.
    • Another show that was inspired by History of Power Rangers is History of Kamen Riders created by Marcosatsu. Even the credits lampshade it by saying that the show was inspired by History of Power Rangers.
  • God Never Said That: Fans got upset when they heard (from the TV Tropes HOPR main page) that Dino Charge would be Linkara's last video and that he had no intention of covering any of the future seasons thereafter. Finally, Linkara had to make an official post on Tumblr calling the editors of TV Tropes out that they had misunderstood his "State of the Wall" post, and that all he meant is that with Dino Charge he will be completely done with the series for now, since he very well can't cover any of the new seasons until they air in full and the DVDs are released, which could mean a break between HOPR episodes of around 2 years plus each. In fact, Linkara has even stated that the only way he'd stop doing HOPR episodes was if either Power Rangers was officially cancelled or if he stopped making any videos (even Atop the Fourth Wall) altogether.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Not at the moment, but due to Vidme (the site Linkara uploaded episodes to) shutting down, Linkara effectively announced that he was going to invoke this trope in regards to the original versionsnote  of all pre-Operation Overdrive episodes once the site shut downnote ; now that the scene is shut down, the only way you can watch the original or semi-edited versions is to have downloaded them/watch them from someone who downloaded them.
  • Quote Source: Unintentionally Unsympathetic
  • Schedule Slip:
    • A rather minor one, but his episode reviewing Megaforce was scheduled for release on December 24th, 2015, but due to the sheer volume of work the episode was requiring from him had to be pushed back to December 27th, instead. It's the only time this has ever happened, since it was only one of three seasons that actually had scheduled release dates to begin with. He actually makes a nod to this when he announced his remastered release of Turbo, which came out in late February, 2017.
    • The same had to happen in Dino Charge, due to exhaustion and too much on his plate.
    • He also had to delay the redone version of the In Space videos to December 2017 at the earliest, due to his work on Atop the Fourth Wall and the need to try to work Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" into the video, since the clip he used in the original was long enough that it'd get claimed for copyright on YouTube, and there'd probably be no way he'd get away with it, so he had to commission a cover instead. In the end, the redone version was preceded by the videos for later seasons Operation Overdrive (which was released on December 31, 2017) and Jungle Fury (which was released January 13, 2018) before finally being released in early December 2019, with "Under Pressure" cut altogether.
    • In a State of the Wall update post, Linkara said that RPM has the same problem as In Space as it requires a cover to the song "How Far We've Come" from Matchbox 20 and there's no official word of when that will be released. Because of that, he has decided to start back at Lost Galaxy and get those re-releases done until the covers are completed.
    • The Ninja Steel review was moved to early June while originally being slated for a May 24th release due to Lewis's busy schedule.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: As mentioned previously, part of the reason that the original versions of old episodes are harder to come by is the fact that they utilized a larger amount of footage lifted directly from the show (as well as other sources), which now runs afoul of YouTube's Content ID system. The Content ID system has also caused a couple of other issues.
    • A redoing of the In Space review for YouTube was promised as far back as 2017, but only emerged two years later [in December 2019]. When questioned, Lewis revealed that the reason for this was that he still wanted to replicate the montage of the series up to that point from the original review, but of course due to copyright could not use the original version of "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie, and instead had to find an artist to do a cover. A different, instrumental, track was eventually used.
    • The review for Ninja Steel begins with Lewis explaining that due to even further crackdowns on YouTube's Content ID system, he'll now be forced to utilize even LESS footage of the show than beforehand, and instead resort to verbal recaps and stillframes.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Linkara planned on retaining the "Under Pressure" montage for the In Space remastered video. However, he eventually decided to scrap it due to the amount of wait he had to do for the cover, and that when In Space was released, it would be without the montage. When the second part of the remastered retrospective was released, a different montage was in its place; highlighting the seasons before it mixed with an "in memoriam" to Zordon.

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