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  • Broken Base: Long term Power Rangers fans aren't always happy when a person is brought into the franchise via HOPR over actually watching the show, due to said fans having a tendency to spout Linkara's opinions (something he's spoken out against). This ranges from Ninja Storm going from a well-liked season to being OK, Carter Grayson suddenly being a badass on par with Tommy Oliver, and Mystic Force also dropping in popularity.
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  • Canon Fodder: While Lewis doesn't directly engage in this for the show overall due to it being a serious review show, he does do this for Power Rangers as a whole, with speculations about the existence of Scorpius's forces if Zordon's energy wave was supposed to "destroy all evil", the physics and length of a year for the Power Rangers universe, why aliens came to be accepted on earth so easily in less than 20 years, where RJ got the morpher technology from, and other matters that crop up thanks to having a shared universe.
  • Growing the Beard: While fans generally disagree as to when HOPR officially hit its stride, most can agree that the first episode, covering Mighty Morphin Season 1, really wasn't that good, since it skipped Character Development for anyone who wasn't Tommy, Bulk, or Skull (not even giving analysis for the villains), skipped the season's originally intended finale ("Doomsday") barring a passing mention, and didn't even bring up characters like Titanus or Scorpina. He eventually did release a re-edited version of season 1 over a month after his video on Megaforce, and addressed many of these criticisms.
    • It's possible that his videos began to get really funny with his Turbo review, but he only really cut loose in his analysis and background research during In Space, and only kept growing it from there.
    • Other fans claim HOPR really came into its own at Lost Galaxy, as Linkara's Nostalgia Filter was finally officially off the table, and with the lack of Bulk and Skull, Linkara instead focused more time to individual Ranger analysis, which many fans thought was sorely lacking in his previous reviews.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • When he got to Billy leaving Zeo, he said he hasn't been able to find much information on why it happened, but he's heard it was because David Yost was hard to work with. Shortly afterwards, Yost finally did reveal why he left: he was constantly subjected to shocking verbal abuse over his homosexuality. In the next video to go up, Lewis confirmed that he'd seen the interview and will add it into the Zeo review in the future (which he did when he redid the video for YouTube, saying that he believes Yost).
    • In the wrap-up for RPM he makes a meta joke about Ziggy and Dr K's actors getting married. They broke up in early 2016.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!:
    • Every video is met with some comments calling him an idiot because his opinion is different from theirs, or because he has zero interest in Super Sentai other than for background information relevant to the adaptation (like the weirder parts of Turbo spawning from Carranger being a parody) or if people bug him enough about a certain part (The Legend War (note he did say that he watched the Legend War movie and agreed that it was awesome)).
      • As of recent, though, this seems to be subverted, since he has reviewed episodes of Zyuranger and Gokaiger as Patreon requests, and he gave them positive reviews, and odds are that with Saban skipping series as of late, he very well might end up watching the skipped series on his own.
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    • He took steps to avoid it while reviewing Operation Overdrive, stating several times that he doesn't think less of anyone who likes the series and everything he's saying is just his own opinion.
    • While discussing the spoof film "Power/Rangers" in RPM, he makes sure to clearly say twice that it's perfectly fine if you liked it more than him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the Power Rangers in Space review, Linkara joked about the "anti-virus technique of hitting the monster with a sword". In a recent ad for a computer, which used video clips to explain its features, the anti-virus was demonstrated by... the original Megazord whacking Goldar over the head with a sword.
      • Speaking of his review for In Space, he notes that the promotional materials Saban had been given for Denji Sentai Megaranger showed a space-themed series...but the what they actually got was a video game- and device-themed show. If Saban had just waited 20 years, they would have gotten a series that was actually space themed.
    • He says a couple of the Rangers' suits from Jungle Fury look too much like track suits, apparently unaware that they actually were designed by a sports company in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.
    • The day after Linkara posted the first of the Remastered episodes of HoPR, Elizabeth Banks was announced to play Rita in the reboot movie. Likewise, production on the movie starts as he released the Remastered videos for season 3.
    • He has a Running Gag of discussing the various Ranger Super Modes and concluding that "At least it isn't glitter" because of the third season Metallic armor that was just the regular suits with a thick layer of color appropriate glitter on them (which were not only underwhelming but the suits are so brightly colored anyway you often couldn't tell it was different). The reboot movie featured close-ups of the new suits and helmets and comparisons to glittery rock candy came up.
    • Any time he complains about the Megaforce rangers getting too many Zords is this if you've seen Goseiger and know that there were Zords that weren't adapted - said zords are the Exotic Brothers, Mystic Brothers, and Datas Hypernote , as well as a ranger that wasn't adaptednote .
    • In the Jungle Fury episode, Linkara complained that the Rhino Ranger didn't use the horn on his helmet as a weapon. Come Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, and the yellow ranger used his pointy visor as a weapon in the first episode.
    • In his Wild Force Review, he jokes that it would be odd if Zordon had Alpha beat up the Rangers until they agreed to do the job. In the 2017 movie, Alpha actually does toss the rangers around a bit until they agree to follow him to meet Zordon.
    • In the Dino Charge Review, he mentions that adapting Tokumei Sentai Go Busters might have been difficult as the suits were not spandex. Fast forward to 2018 as Power Rangers: Beast Morphers was announced at 2018 Toy Fair. Linkara himself points this out come his review of Ninja Steel, pointing to that line in particular when briefly discussing Beast Morphers.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "When's the next History of Power Rangers coming out?"Explanation 
      • Lampshaded during Nash's March Megastream, where every TGWTG contributer aside from Linkara that showed up was asked this. Everyone gave snarky replies.
    • Linkara's review of Lightspeed Rescue created the "Carter Grayson is a Badass" meme.
  • More Popular Spinoff: For some, HOPR is in a lot more demand than Linkara's main video project, Atop the Fourth Wall. Even so, Linkara has said AT4W almost always takes priority over HOPR (helped by the fact he can only make HOPR episodes when new seasons have been released with their official DVDs).
  • Reviews Are the Gospel: In contrast to the He Panned It, Now He Sucks! above, people who get introduced to Power Rangers through HOPR tend to treat Linkara's opinion as law, something that Linkara has spoken against.
  • Spiritual Successor: His Atop the Fourth Wall review of episodes 17-22 of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (the episodes that were used to make one of Linkara's favorite arcs from Mighty Morphin, "Green With Evil") feels a lot like a mini-episode of History of Power Rangers. Linkara even has the chance to highlight the villains of this Zyuranger (something he neglected to do in Mighty Morphin), mentioning that Witch Bandora was actually kind of a badass in comparison to Rita Repulsa, and being able to actually acknowledge Lamie's existence, after forgetting to mention her US-counterpart Scorpina in his original HOPR review.
    • He also reviewed the first 5 episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger from a Patreon request, same as Zyuranger, which allowed him to gain some insights on the differences and similarities between it and Super Megaforce and see why people like it as well as how it's far superior to Super Megaforce, as well that Super Megaforce copied Gokaiger wholesale for a lot of its episodes without very much reason or meaning behind the adapted episodes.
    • He also later reviewed the first four episodes of Kamen Rider Fourze as requested by another Patron and therefore was able to provide insights into Super Sentai's sister series.


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