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Nightmare Fuel / History of Power Rangers

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  • His opening monologue on "Operation Overdrive". While Lewis has always had his angry moments in the series, his frustrated moments or the like, just the...malice present in his voice when talking about this season is rather unsettling. While he does briefly give his own "my opinion" disclaimer, you know you're in for a rough ride when he talks about how while Power Rangers Turbo had its good points, there's not a lot to like in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Almost like we're getting set to watch a train wreck of insanity.
    • His rant at the team up episode "Once A Ranger" is worse. The sheer level of hatred and vitriol in his voice rivals that of when he reviewed One More Day and Holy Terror over on Atop the Fourth Wall. Aside from first showing what previous Power Ranger teams did when they lost their powers (continue to fight, even if it seemed hopeless, where as these Rangers dropped all Ranger duties and went home), Linkara begins to rant about what a bunch of privileged douchebags they are, what a missed opportunity it is to not focus on the idea of Adam leading a team of veteran Rangers, the lack of interaction the two teams have in the episode and finally ending with what a horrible team the Operation Overdrive Rangers are, because they learned nothing in this episode and got the easy way out of things.
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  • Lewis is outright snarling at some elements present in Power Rangers Megaforce. At one point during the legendary battle, where Robo Knight is shown to be alive for no reason, it cuts to him in real life as he goes Laughing Mad, whips out a gun, and unloads a mag into something offscreen as his laughter turns into unintelligible Angrish. It's like witnessing the birth of a super villain.
  • His earlier reaction to the rangers using their Ranger Keys to transform into the Dairangers, which were never actually shown or properly adapted as a Power Rangers season, quickly diverts into a longer rant about how bad of a move this is, right down to how it's infuriating. And then he becomes aware of his ranting and wonders if viewers want him to return to explaining the story, when he yells that there is no story to this. It's very rare to see him rant this much at something in the course of HoPR and even so, his ranting about the problems in Turbo was more funny. This was almost scary, to see him beginning to break because of this season.
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  • The original rant in regards to Turbo in Part 1, with how badly everything's been done? Funny as all hell. The re-released version with better quality of the show? Terrifying. Unlike Turbo, which just felt more exaggerated and whiny (in usual Lewis fashion), the re-released version has more malice and more full bent fury, probably close up to his rant on "Once a Ranger".


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