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Heartwarming / Off the Page and into Life

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Chapter One

  • Gail getting Henry a toolkit for Christmas.
  • Gail and Henry's first kiss.
  • Megan's new year resolution is to spend more time with Matt. She really does care!
  • Gail and Henry plotting Madame Blue's murder is both hilarious, horrifying, and kinda sweet, in a psychotic way.
  • Frederick's attempts to bond with Gail.
  • What's the first thing that makes Sherman decide Gail might not be so bad after all? Her similarities to John. Awww.
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  • Henry, discussing Gail.
    "And well… I guess… because… she’s nice to me… and she talks quietly, and her smile is pretty, and she’s really adorable? Also she always smells like green apples and I like that."
  • Henry tells Gail he loves her, but promptly runs off. After the shock wears off, she texts him to say she loves him back.
  • Emily admitting she became a teacher because of Gloria.

Chapter Two

  • At Irene's masquerade ball, after Maurice seems to have lost all his friends.
    Maurice: 1 new TXT from: The Storyteller
    The Storyteller: You okay?
  • Evangeline and Eric getting together.
  • Henry warning Gail not to lie to Jackson, ever.
  • Grant's letter to Eric, finally confessing his love. Which only makes what happened next even worse...
  • Following Grant's death, Jackson is unsure of how to cope, and Henry and Terrence are no help. Who is some help? Gail, Jackson's ex-girlfriend. The two of them talking about what happened together is very nice.
    Gail: (hugging Jackson) I'm so glad... you're okay.
    • And when Hank dies, Jackson returns the favor.
  • After the tornado and learning that Gail's home was destroyed, Irene's immediate response is to invite her to stay over at her house until hers is rebuilt.

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