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  • His Big Picture episode that has him defending Family Guy, saying that the post-cancellation era, which many say is the show's nadir, actually turned the main characters from stock sitcom archetypes into their own personalities and allowed the show to become more original, outrageous and willing to take risks. He goes on to praise the Banned Episode "Partial Terms of Endearment" with willing to take a stance on abortion, and about the Very Special Episode "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q.", while he didn't feel it accomplished anything, commended the writers for at least trying to tackle the sensitive issue of domestic violence.
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  • In his review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), he makes a speech at the end calling out people who dismiss negative criticism on kids movies as just being "for kids" and feels that kids are smarter than people give them credit for and deserve movies that respect their intelligence:
    "Now, I'm sure that fully negative reviews like this will be waved off as being too married to nostalgia for one or more previous versions of this. After all, this isn't for me, the 30 year old critic, it’s for kids. And I’m all for that, in theory. The kids of now who mainly know and love the Turtles from the new Nickelodeon cartoon absolutely deserve a movie that belongs to their generation, not just a reheated plate of MY Turtle nostalgia. But, you know what? Kids also deserve movies that are good, that don’t talk down to them, that don’t just assume they don’t need an original story or a good script or compelling characters or a sense of real fun or anything that speaks to them on a human level. Kids’ stuff shouldn't mean that there is no meaning, kids’ stuff MATTERS. The stories and characters and yes, lessons that we absorb as children can and do hugely inform the people we’ll become for the rest of our god damn lives. Saying “we’re making a kids movie” is NOT a licence to slack off, it’s accepting a responsibility to try harder, to do your best. And they didn’t. They fucked up. Michael Bay, Jonathan Liebesman, Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Evan Daugherty (yes, apparently it took 3 people to write this crap), Paramount Pictures, Platinum Dunes, Nickelodeon, you fucked up. The kids deserved better than this and You. Fucked. Up. Shame on you."
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  • His entire video on the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He's absolutely overjoyed and near tears over the show actually being back, and declares it to be just as good as ever and exactly what the whole world needs right now.
  • He added a Foreword to his Really That Bad review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice emphasising that he has nothing but respect for Zack Snyder and sympathy for him and his family in light of his daughter's suicide. He also mentions that he heavily delayed the episode's original release date as distancing from current events when they were still in mourning.
    • He also emphasizes that even though he hates Batman v Superman, he considers Zack Snyder a genuinely great director, without any caveats or backhanded compliments.
  • His video essay on Bob's Burgers, where he presents a theory about why the show resonates with people the way it does. It's a show about a family of lovably quirky misfits with strong creative inclinations, but it doesn't portray them as "better" than their less-quirky brethren, and it doesn't feel the need to give them the standard Wish Fulfillment story where their creative drive leads to fame and fortune. The Belchers really are just a working-class family of lovable weirdos, and their creative pursuits are valid because they bring them joy.
    "Bob probably isn't going to end up as a world-class chef, Tina's erotic friend-fiction probably isn't building up to her becoming the next J. K. Rowling, Linda isn't secretly a Broadway-level talent, Gene is not the next Andy Kaufman waiting to happen, and Louise is almost certainly not going to live up to her own vaguely megalomaniacal ambitions. And according to Bob's Burgers, that's just fine. They love each other, support each other, and affirm each other's value because they—and by extension, the show—accept this as a truism: you have value even if you're not "special" in some way that the world can put a commodity value on. And ironically, I would say that this passive rejection of exceptionalism as a be-all end-all makes Bob's Burgers very exceptional indeed."
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  • ''MovieBob reviews the Entire MCU: Gets to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (he put it at #4) and then:
    Bob: ''removes sunglass. Beat So I, ah, actually lost my father about, ah, seven months ago and ah, I'm just gonna move on to the next movie
  • Bob's What I'm Thankful For video released just before Thanksgiving 2019. Too sick to make a normal video, he instead says how thankful he is for things in his personal life, especially his family's health. He also reminisces about early online "geek" culture and gives a shout-out to the many friends and colleagues he's met during that time.
  • A person who shall not be named decided to put up a snarky reading of Bob's book where they mock the passages about the death of Bob's grandmother. As soon as people found out, both fans and critics of works came to his defense and called out the creator for exploiting a man's tragedy for money.

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