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  • This quote:
    "The subwoofer was never meant to be weaponized."
  • When he gives the Pool Cleaning Robot from Paranormal Activity 2 Best Character of the Year in his 2010 Moviebob Awards Video.
  • His video review of Downsizing. To say anymore would only spoil the humor.
  • In "Can Justice League Fix Batman V Superman", Bob imagines a retcon for the Granny's Peach Tea moment.
  • His disgust for the movie Pixels:
    "Is this what cavemen felt like the first time they saw what, to them, must've looked like something literally eating the fucking sun? Is this that existential horror thing Lovecraft was talking about (in between all the super-uncomfortable anti-semitic stuff)?"
    • He finishes the review with a barrage of insults to the actors and the audience that likes this film that Crosses the Line Twice.
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  • His review for Pacific Rim: Uprising begins with an introduction in Mandarin thanking Chinese audiences for making the first Pacific Rim film profitable enough to warrant a sequel. However, he refuses to thank them for doing the same to Warcraft.
  • His review of Rampage (2018), which begins with mentioning how many games of the original arcade could've been played with the film's budget. Then he breaks into an explanation of what arcades were for normal viewers, which gets weirder as he goes deeper into what certain terms meant, apparently worried an apocalypse might break out before the video is released. Then he gets to the actual review, which is only about twenty seconds long(he likes it. A lot.) Cut to credits.
    • Okay, he has to make a real review of the movie, which he kicks off with Schadenfreude-like glee that one of the best Video Game movies he's seen in years isn't about some "cinematic" AAA modern game, but an old-school arcade game with an Excuse Plot at best.
      "(laughs) Remember when someone thought Assassin's Creed should be a movie and Michael Fassbender was in it? (laughs) They tried to make Hitman twice! (laughs) We still haven't had a Zelda movie! (laughs) Did you see that last Tomb Raider? (laughs) Not according to the Box Office, I realize! (laughs)'' I'm sorry guys, it's just that we get Justice so seldom I almost forget what it feels like!"

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