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"Yeah, stealing and killing may be the sexy, cinematic crimes, but what else are people doing? Are hackers and black marketers doing all their work during The Purge? Do small-tier retail stores no longer exist because only big box franchises can possibly afford the private armies necessary to keep their inventories safe? Would this not be the perfect moment for a foreign army or a terrorist cell to attack the United States? Is Vegas taking odds on everything? Are scientists getting together to conduct as much banned research as they can in the twelve hours? And yet, amid all these questions it opens up for exploration, the film only chooses to focus on one. What happens... when an army of masked psychopaths attack your home?
— Moviebob's rant of what COULD be done with the first Purge film's plot. Thankfully, the other movies pick up this one's slack. THE PURGE (Escape To The Movies)

"Ooh, Smithers. What made a lot of money in Hollywood recently?"
"Excellent. Well, I own The Lone Ranger, so let's put Johnny in a stupid hat and play Tonto."
"Ummm, what else should we put in the movie, sir?"
"Oh, you know the drill, Smithers. Make it an origin story so we can call it a re-imagining, throw in some unnecessarily-convoluted claptrap involving mystery to it looks smarter than it is, make a bunch of snarky pot-shots at the original so the audience can feel hip, and make everything as overly-crowded and grim as possible until people can't tell if they're numb or just bored."
— Moviebob's impersonation of Mr. Burns and Smithers detailing how he feels the Lone Ranger's inception sounds like a Simpsons satire. THE LONE RANGER (Escape To The Movies)

"If this isn't the best movie about fish-fucking you've seen this ENTIRE year, I do NOT want to see your DVD collection.
— Moviebob's opening line for his review of The Shape of Water. Moviebob Reviews: The Shape Of Water (2017)

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