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Cell was wrong. He did have a soul.
As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Moments from Dragon ShortZ can be found here.

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    Season 1-2 
  • Four years after Piccolo kidnaps Gohan and Gohan still calls him "Mr. Piccolo". Sweet.
    • Even more heartwarming is the fact that Gohan in the Bad Future still refers to Piccolo by this name, despite being an adult.
  • Oddly, Nappa comforting Krillin by saying that even though he's the heroes' version of Raditz, he's still stronger than their Raditz.
  • It's a minor one but in Episode 8 it is kinda sweet that while Piccolo is quite happy to watch Tien to get pounded by Nappa (even when he's begging for help), when Gohan tells him to help he immediately does.
  • "You stupid.. ugly... son of a bitch. His name... WAS CHIAOTZU!"
  • Similarly, in early episodes, Yamcha and Krillin shared a respect for each other. Yamcha suggested fighting on Krillin's behalf when under Popo's training, and Krillin avenged Yamcha's death by killing three Saibamen. Yamcha gets a glare from Tien, and Krillin gets received with disappointment (and a backhanded comment from Nappa) for the latter, but it's still kinda nice.
  • As in canon, Goku is outright pissed to discover that Nappa killed most of his friends.
  • In Episode 12. While it's mostly played for dark laughs, Krillin's frantic insistence that Gohan must keep his eyes closed and get back to the ship shows that he wants to spare him the sight of the orphans' mass suicide.
  • In Episode 15 (and later the Broly movie), when told that Vegeta would be destroyed/Broly would be of great use to Vegeta, note the order the King uses. "My son, the planet, or me?" If the King was anything like his son, that shows immense empathy on his part.
  • When Vegeta is stuck in the healing tank in Episode 17, Nappa shows he bears Vegeta no ill will by intentionally pushing one of Vegeta's Berserk Buttons at just the right time to give him the strength to break free.
    • Also, Appule’s last words have him mention being reunited with Eachpei, one of the members of Dodoria’s squadron.
  • In Episode 18. During Vegeta's bloodshot rage breakdown, looking at how the prince has bloodshot eyes, an inability to say words properly, and apparently seeing 'ghost Nappa', instead of outright backing away in fear Krillin asks him if he's okay in a concerned tone.
  • The end of Episode 20, when Team Four Star ask for help for victims of the flooding in Australia.
  • Episode 21, where Jeice and Burter talk about how they're the best of friends... followed immediately by Goku nearly killing Burter. Unwittingly.
  • Episode 21 has another moment with Gohan's reaction to Goku's arrival. Of course, Goku being Goku...
    Gohan: Dad? Dad! Oh, my God, you're here! I love you, Dad!
    Goku: That's right, Gohan. I am here!
  • Goku telling Recoome to shut up so he can talk to his son. Recoome even temporarily apologizes!
  • Guru's false Rousing Speech to Nail is this, somehow. It helps that it follows a rare moment of Guru backing him up, complimenting him on being a smartass to Freeza.
  • Ginyu's realization that all his men are dead. Really made Vegeta into more of a bastard for denying him that moment.
    • The fact that Team Four Star made the squad into a troupe of True Companions is refreshing when compared to the source material. There, Ginyu was just using his men to get a position in Freeza's army. Here, he's a reasonable, if stern, leader who cares about all of his team mates. (Barring Guldo, of course.)
  • Dende healing Gohan while saying he's the only person he respects and can really talk to.
  • Even though it was Played for Laughs, Vegeta mentions that the Kanassans miraculously repopulated.
  • Goku seems like he's just making excuses not to help while he's in the healing tank, saying that he thinks the machine will tell him when he's fully healed. Not so. He blasts his way out and flies off to find his friends the exact second the machine dings.
  • At the end of episode 27, Vegeta gives the "Super Saiyan" speech to Freeza for a third time, only now, he's talking about Goku. The incredibly pained delivery of the line as he's dying makes it all the more awesome.
    • Also of note is that while Vegeta's fighting him, Freeza's thinking of what gifts to use to break the news to the Ginyus' families, and when he can't decide between gift baskets or fine wine, he considers going the extra mile and sending gift baskets with wine. This is a guy who'll execute minions to end an awkward conversation.
      • Though Freeza does show more tolerance to the stronger of his minions. Seriously, in episode 28 he openly admits to himself that he misses Zarbon.
    • Goku's concern for Vegeta before and after Freeza kills him.
  • Vegeta's whole "keep being awesome" thing to reassure Team Three Star's victory against Freeza was kind of heartwarming since it meant he didn't intend to kill them.
  • Goku burying Vegeta after he died is surprisingly not turned into a joke, bar Freeza's snarky comments.
  • Gohan running up and giving his dad a hug after the battle.
  • Kami remarking that it's "easier than you think" to work with Mr. Popo. In spite of the fact that Popo is terror incarnate it's clear that he treats Kami a lot better than the other maggots.
    • Kami is actually the second-highest person on the pecking order, only short of Mr. Popo himself.
    • He identified himself as Goku's friend when he showed up at the hospital.
    • He lied to Bulma about what his magic carpet runs on, even though he has literally no reason to care besides the fact that it'd hurt her feelings.
    • After acting so callous about Kami's death, he turns around and tells the heroes that there is another set of Dragon Balls they can use. Granted, Popo could've done this himself, but he didn't need to mention using them to bring back those "worthless maggots". It seems Mr. Popo is shaping up to be a jerk with a heart of gold.
    • The Xenoverse Lets Play has revealed that, in the Abridged universe, the Patroller is young Popo, explaining much of his personality. His power comes not only from training and absorbing an entire universe before the game, but because he is a Demon God, and so, over time, he's gotten more powerful.
  • Despite how he's treated Krillin throughout the show's run, Goku's reason for going Super Saiyan here is still the anger he felt from Freeza killing his best friend.
  • Just like the source material, Goku still warns Freeza to get down to avoid his energy disk.
  • Despite being as bad as he was in the original, Goku only showed momentary hesitation, before giving Freeza some of his energy.
  • Parental Neglect and the ensuing Daddy Issues aside, the flashback has King Vegeta in Episode 25 ordering Nappa to escort his son off of the planet "in case things go south." Glad to see that he cares about his son's safety.
  • The Namekians killing Guru for lying to them about who caused the famine, resulting in the deaths of many, many Albino Namekians. They clearly showed their disgust and rage at Guru for tricking them into doing such a thing.
  • Seconds after being healed by Dende on Earth, Piccolo's first thought is to call out for Gohan, proving that he does indeed care about the boy.
    • And right before that. Dende asking for a hug was adorable, especially in contrast to his Creepy Child persona.
  • How about Dende actually showing that he loves Gohan?
  • While brief, when Goku arrives on Namek, he interrupts Recoome assertively by saying "sir, I'm trying to talk to my son," after which, Recoome apologizes.

    Season 3 
  • The Turtle's birthday party in episode 31. His thank you was just so heartfelt.
  • Krillin recalls the time he took Maron for a brunch with Korin and Yajirobe and the first thing she asked them was if their kids would be "Fat guys or kitties", before Krillin decides to leave embarrassed. Without getting angry at all, Korin replies that it will be "Probably fat kitties.".
  • After his "break up" with Maron, Krillin returns to Kame House, hoping that Master Roshi would let him live there again. Despite Roshi's clearly visible annoyance with his former pupil, he nonetheless offers to blow out the air mattress for Krillin. It's very likely Krillin doesn't have anywhere else to go, anyway.
  • King Cold is much more broken up about Freeza being murdered than in the original work, where he just immediately dismissed him as a weakling.
    • He also in general seems to be a bit of a Doting Parent to Freeza, much to the later's embarrassment.
  • Piccolo's Big Damn Heroes moment against Freeza, accompanied by Gohan's gleeful "Mr. Piccolo!"
  • The revelation that the Capsule Corps jacket that Future Trunks wears once belonged to Bulma.
  • Everyone's (except Vegeta of course) happy reaction when Goku arrives on Earth.
  • When Krillin crossed Goku's mind, the first thing he asked was if something happened to him. After Trunks attacked right the hell out of nowhere and Goku blocked it like it was nothing, he simply repeated the question. Nice to see Goku cares.
    • The entire conversation between Future Trunks and Goku is this. Future Trunks has already been through a lot, so it's kind of sweet that he finally gets the chance to talk with his childhood hero.
  • Before leaving, Tien genuinely says to Goku that it's "Good to have [him] back."
  • This exchange between Goku and Yamcha:
    Goku: Wait, Yamcha?
    Yamcha: Yeah?
    Goku: You're my friend.
    Yamcha: Oh, uh... thank you, man.
    • To add a little more context: He did this after hearing Yamcha would commit suicide in the future after finding out Bulma was pregnant with Vegeta's child. Given that his reaction to the idea of Freeza killing all of Goku's friends was "The dragon wouldn't be happy 'bout that one!", that means a lot.
      • Especially since he must realize the dragon wouldn't be able to bring back someone who didn't want to come back.
      • There's also the fact that he struggled to remember the details of when the androids showed up, but clearly remembered what happened to Yamcha and acted a soon as he could to try and prevent it.
      • What makes this more poignant is that this is the first episode Goku and Yamcha interact on screen and the first time Yamcha is treated well by someone he calls a friend.
    • Listen to Yamcha's reaction to it as well. After suffering as The Chew Toy for so long, he was legitimately touched.
    • Jump forward three years. Everyone's together just before the androids are set to appear. Bulma has a baby that everyone knows is Vegeta's. At worst, he seems annoyed that everyone assumes the kid couldn't possibly be his. Seems like Goku really helped back there.
    • Yamcha returns the favor by taking Goku to get medicine when he has a heart attack.
    • Piccolo gets one for him as well. After Gero puts his hand through Yamcha's chest, Krillin is sent to get him back to Bulma for a Senzu. He makes a joke about there now being two kinds of fisting in South City, Piccolo points out that Yamcha is bleeding out, basically telling Krillin to hurry up.
  • Yamcha gets his own while he’s looking for the androids. He hears screaming, and realizes the androids must be nearby. After waiting a minute, praying that one of the others will show up, Yamcha goes out to help anyway.
  • This exchange between Gohan and Goku after Goku accidentally slaps Chichi through the house walls and into a rock, which is a hilarious way of showing that Gohan cares about him and loves him:
    Goku: Oh my gosh!
    Gohan: Dad, run!
    Goku: W-what!?
    Gohan: The worst she can do is ground me, now run!
  • Goku and Piccolo have formed a genuine friendship as of episode 34.
    • Shown big time in episode 36. For a few moments, Piccolo is clearly concerned for Goku during his heart attack.
    • Goku and Piccolo training Gohan, making jokes, and driving cars together. It helps explain why Goku tries so hard to be friends with Vegeta.
    • Episode 39. Android 17 threatens everyone to stay out of Vegeta and 18's fight, but Piccolo only responds that he doesn't really like Vegeta enough to do that. He does state, however, that he would help if it were Goku.
  • After Dr. Gero attacks the city with his eye beams in episode 35, he brags that he just killed the entire population. Even Goku realizes that Gero couldn't have blasted anyone that was behind him, and is stopped from pointing this out by Piccolo. Piccolo, a former villain, showed concern for civilians.
    • When Piccolo tells Goku to shut up to avoid anymore civilian casualties, Goku shuts up, and they talk Gero into moving the fight. Goku may be dumber than a box of rocks, but at the end of the day, he still tries to help people.
  • Krillin tells Tien to get off of Yamcha's case after the latter forgets to provide important information. One Butt-Monkey has to look out for another, it seems.
  • Episode 37 has Tien and Piccolo taking jabs at Vegeta's blandly named Big Bang Attack, acting like friends. Nail notes that Piccolo's not one to talk, being Mr. Special Beam Cannon, and they exchange suggested names until Nail makes one that Piccolo admits is pretty good.
    • It turns out Future!Trunks picked up his mentor's catchphrase.
    • It's small, but the way Yajirobe cares about the possibility of Baby!Trunks being hurt by the Androids when he, the baby, and Bulma are flying out to the battlefield. It's a stark contrast to Bulma's 'meh, whatever' attitude.
      Yajirobe: [holding Baby!Trunks protectively] You do know your kid's in the plane, right!?
      Bulma: Oh, he doesn't know what's going on.
      Yajirobe: Yeah, I don't think that's the point!
  • In episode 38, Piccolo sees how Vegeta treats Trunks, turns to Gohan, and tells his student that he's a good kid...who doesn't quite grasp what Piccolo fully meant by that.
    • Also, Bulma for once acting like a mother when she expresses concern and fear over Baby Trunks after the ship got blown up and Future Trunks saved them.
  • In episode 39, Android 16 acquires a hobby: Bird watching. Heartwarming considering the rest of his personality is a single-minded desire to kill Goku. He even expresses disappointment at seeing them fly away.
    • Hell, even Android 17's reaction to him finding a hobby is somewhat heartwarming:
      Android 16: The birds flew away.
      Android 17: Oh yeah?
      Android 16: I liked the birds.
      Android 17: Good for you man.
    • Solidified here:
      Piccolo: *in response to 17's warning about interfering in 18 and Vegeta's fight* Yeeaahh, not exactly in a rush to help out Vegeta. I mean, maybe if it were Goku...
      Android 16: Did he say Goku?
      Android 17: *looks over at him* Calm down, 16, he's not here.
      Android 16: But I heard him mention Goku.
      Android 17: Just focus on your birds, buddy.
      Android 16: Acquiring birds...
      Android 17: *to Piccolo, nonchalantly* He likes birds now.
    • Really the fact that despite being complete jerkasses, 17 and 18 were actually somewhat friendly towards 16 (especially compared to their brief impressions on 19) counts. Even if they are somewhat condescending towards him. Hell, it's even the reason they decide to murder Goku... because 16 wants to.
    • In addition since KaiserNeko has revealed that Android 16 was deliberately written with some autistic qualities, 17 comes off as a supportive and loving brother who happily goes along with 16's quirks and interests.
  • Yamcha being concerned and caring about Goku while he's suffering from cholesterol problems.
    • Goku is one of the few people Yamcha can call a friend.
  • Episode 40:
    • In the previous episode, Piccolo blatantly said that he's in no mood to help Vegeta. Yet, he and Tien went into battle after Trunks did. Trunks was trying to help his dad, but they were clearly going in to help Trunks.
    • Toriyama, the bird Goku saved in the Cooler special, returns in episode 40. Apparently, Toriyama was very grateful for being brought back to life because it actually taught a dinosaur to ride a ball like Goku asked it to.
    • Krillin is too scared to help the other Z warriors fight the androids, it's when they reveal their intention to kill Goku that he tries to force himself to intimidate them. Looks like the feeling between them is mutual.
    • Korin worrying over Yajirobe and, when Yajirobe finally calls, saying he's "not mad, just concerned" much like a lot of married couples.
      Yajirobe: ...I love you.
      Korin: I love you too.
      • Which is even more heartwarming when you realize that both Korin and Yajirobe are voiced by the openly gay and married KaiserNeko. Kaiser also voices the gay Burtur (who is Heterosexual Life-Partners with Jeize), George Takei, and the Camp Straight Zarbon.
    • We see the beginnings of Android 18 and Krillin's relationship start to set in. Seeing him at least try to stand up to them, even though he's scared out of his wits, seems to endear him to Android 18, and she declares him "cute," even giving him a peck on the cheek before flying off with Android 16 and 17. And even after that, when Android 17 starts picking on her, she gets a little defensive at him. She brushes it off nonchalantly, but she's still on the defensive.
      Android 17: The hell was that? You got a thing for dwarves now?
      Android 18: What if I do? Societal definitions of beauty are BS anyway.
  • Piccolo flies up to the lookout and greets Mr. Popo and is greeted by the same, albeit as "Young Kami". Remember, most of the heroes are wary of Mr. Popo at best, yet Piccolo can just fly up and talk to him no problem. And while it's obvious Mr. Popo doesn't generally treat people with much courtesy, calling Piccolo "Young Kami" is better then the insults he calls everyone else by, and is technically correct to boot. Seems Mr. Popo puts Piccolo up pretty high on the pecking order. Further helped that Piccolo is perfectly cordial with Mr. Popo. When Piccolo isn't sure how long he's been meditating (napping) waiting for Kami to make a decision and Mr. Popo tells him it's been three hours, Piccolo offers a genuine thank you.
    • Admittedly, this is somewhat diminished by the fact that Popo was tripping out on a gallon of LSD at the time.
    • On that note, Kami acting as Mr. Popo's "babysitter" while he's tripping out. The two have a strange relationship, stemming from whatever nonsense Mr. Popo is getting into at the moment or whatever evil he's doing in "Eldritch Abomination Mode," but it's pretty heartwarming to see the moments where they do get along and see eye-to-eye on things (like when he allows Popo to grow pot on the Lookout because "That shit's great for [his] glaucoma"). The fact that Kami cares enough about his friend to make sure he doesn't hurt himself while on LSD really says something about their friendship.
      • Though it should be noted that he might be keeping an eye on Mr. Popo because of his in-series status as an Eldritch Abomination, to make sure he doesn't do something that might destroy all of reality as they know it.
      • It should also be noted that, since we have no idea just what Mr. Popo is capable of, we don't even know if he can get hurt. It's still nice how Kami is taking care of his emotional well being.
  • Though it's a small one, Korin's comment that even though Piccolo was rude to him, he's still invited to Sunday Brunch because Korin and Yajarobi enjoy his company is heartwarming when you consider that at the beginning of this show, Piccolo was willing to risk his life against a stronger warrior just to get a Myspace friend.
    • Also even more heartwarming when you remember that Namekians don't need to eat, so he's just going to their brunches for the company.
  • The scenes with the Androids in episode 41 are nice; 18 aside, they're just having a fun road trip.
    • 17's brotherly encouragement of 16 is particularly nice.
    • 18 admits that messing with the police officers actually was fun, taking back her earlier complaints.
  • Piccolo actually expressing remorse and empathy for Kami's situation when Kami spells out why he's so reluctant to fuse with him. When Kami finally snaps and exclaims that he might consider the Earth being destroyed to be preferable to becoming on with Piccolo once again, Piccolo immediately finds it understandable, tells him "no, no, it's fine" when Kami realises he may have gone too far, says him it's entirely understandable (considering how evil Piccolo used to be) and is shocked to hear how trapped and powerless Kami feels as the Guardian. Considering, again, Piccolo used to be pure evil, this underscores how much he's developed into a genuinely kind and empathetic person.
  • Kami bidding Mr. Popo goodbye as he begins to fuse with Piccolo:
    Kami: Well then, Mr. Popo. I suppose this is goodbye. It's been... a trip.
    • Likewise, the way Piccolo and Kami seem to reconcile (or at least come to an understanding) before they fuse is pretty great in itself. Especially because it leads to Piccolo acknowledging the Namekians as "their people".
      [Piccolo places his hand on Kami's chest]
      Kami: All right, now. Lower.
      Piccolo: [smiling] Yeah, not falling for that.
      Kami: [chuckles] Hmm, I didn't think so.
  • Krillin can't stop gushing over Android 18, and when Master Roshi presses the subject of her boobs, he asks if that really matters. It really highlights the difference between his attraction to 18 and his attraction to Maron (where he was constantly talking about her body and how he wanted to sleep with her)
    • And comparing the comments he makes about the two women, it's clear he respects 18 a great deal more than Maron. While Krillin focuses on the sexual aspects of Maron like her "heart-shaped pillow of an ass" and her "boobs that are as big as [his] head", the aspects of 18 that enamor him are her beautiful blue eyes, her quirk of brushing her hair out of her face, and her stunning confidence.
      • Even sweeter five episodes later when it's revealed Krillin thought she didn't have a vagina and wasn't even CAPABLE of having sex.
  • Gohan and Trunks investigating the abandoned time machine is pretty cute. Despite him now technically being younger than his future student, Gohan takes the lead on the search for clues, enjoying the chance to solve a mystery. At the same time, he notices Trunks uses the phrase "Crap baskets" just like he does.
    • What helps is that it's one of the few times that Gohan gets to act like a regular kid. You can even see a bit of his father in him when he asks to keep the giant molt from Imperfect Cell, thinking it's a regular insect molt.
  • While it seems weird in Gohan's POV that Trunks is staring at his arm, it makes sense to Trunks as in his timeline, Gohan loses his arm in the battle with the androids. So he's being Crazy-Prepared to make sure that doesn't happen to his future mentor.
  • Definitely one-sided, but there's a chance that Cell of all people has a soft spot for pandas.
  • Piccolo apologizes to Tien for his dad killing Chiaotzu. Well, technically him, but this mellows him further. Also Tien takes it in stride.
  • The fact that Android 16 was based on Gero's son. Showing that even a bitter old man like him had loved ones.
    • This is also canon. Word of Toriyama-sensei says that Dr. Gero modeled Android 16 off of his son after he was felled by a bullet.
  • In episode 44, when Future Trunks questions Krillin about his making laser noises as they blast away the rubble of Gero's lab to search for the basement. Krillin is totally unashamed of it... and then Trunks joins in. Glad to see he's getting in some fun in the past, at least.
    • It's preceded by this line from Krillin as Trunks begins blasting:
      Krillin: You know, I sometimes complain about our lifestyle, but honestly, shooting lasers is fun.
    • Then as a nice little cap to the whole blowing-up-the-lab escapade:
      Krillin: That was fun. We should hang out more.
  • In Episode 44, Trunks was perfectly willing to spare the unborn Cell on the premise that it had not done anything wrong. While Krillin ruined it by dropping the pretenses and doing the deed, it is nice to know that Trunks has a heart and doesn't hold grudges for future actions, preferring to judge on past and present actions
  • When Goku announces his awakening by firing a Kamehameha into the open ocean, the resulting house shaking makes Chi-Chi believe the Androids arrived and are beginning their attack. And what does she do? Runs right to Goku's room and tells the Androids to bring it. Even knowing they'd be a fight way out of her league, and her general indifference to Goku being in agony from his heart condition the last several hours, she was still fully ready to throw down to protect what she thought would be her unconscious, defenseless husband.
    • Her utter glee at discovering that he's actually recovered counts as well. She jumps out the second story window just so she could run up and hug him. And Goku even lifts her up by the waist when they're reunited.
  • In episode 45, Goku comments that Popo doesn't really seem like himself today. Popo responds with a noncommittal grunt, and it cuts to his POV as he pictures Kami standing next to Goku. No words are spoken, but the message is clear: Popo misses Kami.
    • Piccolo has revealed that fusing with Kami has neutralized the Dragonballs. Krillin starts to freak out now that the team's safety net is gone, asking we they don't have Goku. Then Goku suddenly teleports in, takes Gohan and teleports out just as suddenly. After a beat from all four characters on the ship:
      Piccolo: ...Good news, we have Goku.
      Krillin (now completely calm): Bitchin'. Let's go hang out at Kame house.
    • Android 17 gets indignant on 16's behalf after 18 destroys the forest in front of them to make a flatter road, calling it a "dick move." 18 proceeds to try and make up for it by claiming she'll take 16 to the zoo afterwards, which he begins to look forward to.
  • Chi Chi's behavior throughout this episode. She shows concern for Goku when she hears commotion from his room, is willing to fight Super Saiyan backstopping androids for him, is absolutely overjoyed when she learns Goku woke up, brushes off getting thrown into space and burning up in the process, and is fine with Goku taking her son to fight evil. Her only condition is that they expand their family by having another child. It's like she took over 9,000 levels in kindness, though it may or may not be an effect of having been in deep space.
  • Goku himself got a nice moment when Chi Chi hugs him after he wakes up.
    Goku: Aw, hugs are nice.
  • Despite being as politically incorrect as always, Dr. Briefs seems to have nothing but love for his illegitimate, half alien grandson. You'd think the whole not being fully human thing would get to him, but being told that he won't get to hold baby Trunks is an efficient threat.
    • It probably helps knowing that Bulma got nailed by a prince. Trunks is his royal illegitimate, half alien grandson.
  • Android 16's development. Culminating in episode 47, where he tells the other Androids how the time they've spent together has made him appreciate the beauty of Earth. His speech is enough to convince 17 and 18 that they should give up on their plans of world conquest... but he still wants to kill Goku.
  • Goku stopping Gohan from flying to certain death after Piccolo is taken out by Cell. Despite some questioning his parenting skills, Goku does care for Gohan.
    • It goes a bit deeper than that. It would've been all too easy for TFS to depict Goku punching Gohan out like he does in the show to continue the "Goku is a bad father" meme. He doesn't do that here, instead he simply grabs Gohan and holds onto him until the boy calms down. Abridged!Goku might be a complete idiot who lacks in parenting skills, but even he knows better than to resort to violence against his own son when all he has to do is simply keep him calm and reason with him.
  • Nail's telling Piccolo and Kami that It Has Been an Honor when Piccolo's had his neck broken and a ki blast through his torso and is now sinking into the ocean.
  • When Android 16 reveals he can perform rocket punches, the coy admiration 17 shows turns into outright gushing to himself over his adoptive sibling's arsenal.
  • As Android 16 is telling the other two to run, he points out that if Cell manages to absorb them, he'll wreak havok upon the world. 17 points out that that's what they were going to do. 16's response? "Yes. But I like you.". It even makes 18 blush!
  • The first thing 18 says directly to Cell in episode 48 is to demand he give her brother back.
  • Bulma's display of concern towards Krillin after she accidentally hits him with her ship is a definite moment, considering how much of a bitch she can be to him.
    • And back at the beginning, there's just something sweet about Baby!Trunks saying "Krillin" when he spots the latter flying towards them.
  • Episode 49 has a few.
    • Bulma reading the disclaimer with a little help from Baby!Trunks.
    • The running joke of Korin asking someone to pick up Yajirobe and saying that he misses his bean daddy.
    • Spotting Bulma, Gohan runs over and plays with Baby!Trunks. The little one looks and sounds absolutely delighted that Gohan's there (which, oddly enough, serves as neat foreshadowing of their close mentor-mentee relationship in History of Trunks).
    • The first thing Vegeta does on getting new armor from Bulma is to compliment her, albeit insulting Baby!Trunks in the process.
    • Goku saying to Gohan that it's nice of him to join him even though Goku did kind of take him there. Then Goku tells him that he believes in Gohan and that he'll be able to become a Super Saiyan.
  • In Episode 50, Goku and Gohan take a bath together with Gohan admitting it's been nice training with his dad. Since he doesn't like training, that means he's mainly enjoying being with Goku. Goku tells him they can't hold back from training even during bathing and launches a "splash attack". Cue the two of them playing like little kids until Goku takes not holding back too seriously and uses the Kamehameha.
    • Earlier, Bulma tries to come to Vegeta's defense when Tien and Piccolo bad mouth him. Though she admits that he is in fact a Jerkass, it's still a good effort on her part.
    • It's implied that what ultimately triggered Goku's transformation into Super Saiyan was Freeza threatening to kill Gohan. With each episode, TFS is showing how much Goku cares about his son; he is just not really good at being a father.
    • Also from episode 50 Vegeta's been nothing but an ass to Trunks the entire series the infamous "I don't listen to bastards" line being one example. After kicking Cell's ass he has this little moment.
      Vegeta: If that's wracking your brain try drinking this in. It may pain me to say it, but the boy over there is almost as strong as I am. Then again, unlike you, he's half me.
  • Goku's absolutely ADORABLE song about turning Gohan into Super Saiyan... to the tune of "Giant Woman" from Steven Universe, no less. And Gohan seems genuinely touched by Goku's continued devotion even after 3 months of failure.
    • What makes this even more heartwarming is that unlike the original song's theme of childish curiosity, Goku's version stems from his desire to help Gohan become strong enough to stand a chance against Cell, all while being perfectly in-character.
    • During the song, we see Goku giving a sleeping Gohan a piggyback ride, tucking him into bed, and in his own words, watching over him like a papa-hawk.
    • What cements this is the fact that right after entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Gohan was visibly distraught at Goku for being, well, Goku for so long. After knowing his father still has such faith in him, Gohan may very well have forgiven Goku (at least a bit) for all idiotic things he's done so far.
  • By this point, after being partnered up together for so much of the arc, it's clear that Tien and Piccolo have moved past their previous... issues and have genuinely become friends over their shared Only Sane Man and Deadpan Snarker status.
  • Tien betting that Vegeta is more likely than Krillin to screw up in the plan to defeat Cell. Although it's qualified by him admitting that Krillin is "a total bitch", Tien nevertheless notes that Krillin always steps up when times call for it. Which makes his later reaction to Krillin's decision to crush the detonator underfoot all the more hilarious.
  • Vegeta admitting that he's actually proud of Trunks... even if it's covered up by crazy amounts of rage.
    Vegeta: Huh. This is a new feeling: pride in someone else.
  • A whole plethora of 18 and Krillin moments:
    • Krillin's realization that his affections for 18 go farther than a simple crush.
    • 18 referring to Krillin in her head as "The Cute One" and generally treating Krillin with far more respect than almost any other character.
    • 18 promising (in her head) to "rock [Krillin's] four foot world" for repeatedly trying to save her.
    • Krillin repeatedly trying (and failing) to keep 18 safe from Cell, even though he knows he's vastly outmatched - the Krillin Owned Count ticked up twice in short succession, but wasn't all that funny due to this being the driving motivation.
    • 18's last wish to 16 is that he "Keep the little guy safe".
  • When Trunks orders 18 to "blow herself up or leave", it's an overlooked moment, but Trunks was more than capable of ending her right there to prevent Cell from achieving his perfect form, and given his cruel history with the Androids, he had more than enough motive to do so. Instead, he chose to spare her since she's a victim in all of this, despite his clear hatred over anything Android related.
  • In Episode 52, Goku's utter glee when he sees Gohan finally reach Super Saiyan is a combination of this and funny.
    • Goku admitting the blast he used to make Gohan turn Super Saiyan was actually half strength.
  • In a way, Trunks holding back his strength to spare his father's pride is this. Despite all the abuse from Vegeta that Trunks has had to put up with, including a year of training devoid of positive reinforcement, he still tries to spare his dad's feelings because he knew how much the truth would hurt him. This was before he realized Krillin's feelings for her as well, so he was willing looking past his own feelings just to try and keep her safe.
    • A small moment: just before Trunks explains why he's been holding back, Krillin says that he likes Vegeta.
  • Vegeta gets a very minor one in that he didn't seem to intend to destroy the Earth with the Final Flash. Seems like he's getting better.
    • A small bit of fridge heartwarming, Vegeta would've had to deliberately angle his attack away from the Earth. Had he not cared, he could've done more damage to Cell (possibly even kill him, given that he vaporized his arm). Vegeta, at least subconsciously, wouldn't destroy the entire world just to kill Cell.
  • The Stinger for Episode 52 has a small moment where Gohan's blast-cooked meat (prior to it disintegrating) reminded Goku of his grandpa's cooking.
    • While Goku does eat a lot of food, he made sure to save some and even lets him use his ki to cook it. When it disintegrates however, Goku talks to Gohan like he accidentally broke something relatively minor (despite his head being on fire). It's a lot like this Goku is FINALLY being a parent for once in this series.
  • Given their relationship up until this point, it's extremely nice to see Goku and Gohan legitimately bonding in the intro to episode 53. Even if 95% of their time together has been spent training, it's still quite refreshing.
  • In Episode 53, Bulma proves she doesn't care which Trunks it is. She loves both.
    Piccolo: On the other hand, Trunks is about to fight Cell.
    Bulma: What!? But he's just a baby!
    Bulma : Oh right....the future one... but he's just a baby!
  • In a deranged way, Cell implying that he's still attempting to bond with 16 by saying how fun it would be to kill Goku.
    Android 16: That still doesn't make us friends!
  • The Stinger for Episode 53 has Krillin and Vegeta laughing together as if they were actually friends. Until Krillin suggests to Vegeta that maybe he should just retire and gets punched in the face.
    • On waking up, Vegeta initially puts on the bravado before Krillin informs that he's the only one there. Vegeta immediately drops it and sounds like he's on the verge of crying, prompting Krillin to sympathise and try to cheer him up.
      Krillin: Dude, come on, it's just me.
  • Episode 54, when Tien and Piccolo tell Bulma about the outcome of the battle with Cell, she is concerned about Trunks's safety and they tell her he is fine. Her next question is more frantic and is about whether Vegeta was killed instead.
  • In episode 54, not only does Yamcha have a victory for once in his life, but after his brutal comeback against Vegeta, Vegeta didn't even seem angry. He just casually gave Yamcha a five minute head start, almost as if he was impressed Yamcha grew a pair.
  • Also in episode 54, a cute mother-to-son moment between Bulma and Future Trunks. It's taken many steps to get there from when initially, they both had to deal with the awkwardness ensuing from their first encounter, with Krillin not helping matters. They've gotten past the early weirdness to the point where the only thing on Bulma's mind must be what drink her son from the future would like as they meet again.
  • Another from episode 54: 16 bonding with Dr. Briefs' cat.
    • Not to mention Dr. Briefs just casually offered to fix 16 himself, stating he's capable since he taught Bulma everything she knows.
  • We finally find out the reason behind Chichi being so smothering. She doesn't doubt Gohan's strength, she just doesn't want Gohan to follow the same path Goku went by barely getting by on past tournament winnings and mooching off her dad.
    Chi-Chi: Now I know that I can't stop him, but if he fights and gets hurt... or God forbid dies, and any of you could have stopped it? There's no dragon in this universe that will save you from me.
  • Krillin helping 16 up and offering him his friendship, for no other reason than he was close to 18.
  • It's very easy to miss, but Cell opens his address to the world with "Ladies, gentlemen, boy and girls, and that technicolor rainbow in between..." Who knew an Omnicidal Maniac like Cell was all for acknowledging non-binary/transgendered folks?
    • Coupled with Fridge Brilliance: Being a lab creation and therefore the only one of his kind (not to mention part Namekian), Cell's essentially non-binary, too.
  • Vegeta's pure outrage over Cell's Your Mom joke.
    • And before that, he's easily the closest to Trunks he's ever been, starting to commiserate over how they both had their asses kicked by Cell before catching himself, and then genuinely laughing at one of Trunks' wisecracks.
    • Vegeta saying hello to Ms. Brief. Remember, this is Vegeta we're talking about.
      • Even though he did call her "MILF", he apparently did so on her request and while believing it was Earth "culture" to do so.
      • Not only that, remember that this Mrs Brief is essentially Vegeta's mother-in-law, even if he and Bulma aren't married at this point in time. So he's still showing a great amount of respect (by Vegeta standards) to his child's grandmother.
  • Master Roshi telling the others to quit picking on Yamcha.
  • In episode 55, instead of asking Piccolo to make him another gi, Gohan asks for a set of clothes like Piccolo's. And then there's Piccolo's reaction:
    Nail:...did our heart just skip a beat?
    Kami: That is precious!
    • Vegeta misremembers fighting Piccolo and in doing so let's slip a hint of respect for Piccolo as he assumed that he had to be the one to kill Piccolo, not Nappa.
    • It's subtle, but Vegeta's demeanor and general mannerisms around the group have begun to become almost... friendlier. A year with his son must have mellowed him down, even if a little bit.
    • A little earlier in the episode, when Goku asks Mr. Popo for his Gi back. This is right after warning Vegeta not to call him 'Black man'
    Goku: Yo Mr. P, hit me up.
    Popo: Bitch, you're lucky you're endearing.
    • Goku's pride in Gohan for reaching Super Saiyan and how much their relationship has improved in the time they were in the chamber together.
    • While Goku is talking about how handsome Perfect Cell is, he notes that he would still never cheat on Chi-Chi.
    • It's a small one, but Nail and Kami talking with Piccolo about starting a clothing line is this, when you recall that the first obstacle to getting a house that Piccolo cites is that he has no money and won't be able to get a job. They're helping him solve that problem so he doesn't have to spend all of his time in a wasteland (of course, he might just be a bit of a shut-in instead, but hey, at least he'll have something to keep the rain off and a cozy place to sl-meditate.)
    • Cell's affable attitude with Goku. Although he's usually mocking people and dishing out breaking speeches, he shows nothing but respect and fondness for Goku.
  • Episode 56 has bunch.
    • Embedded in Android 16 is a brief scene of a recording from Gero's son, the man that Android 16 was modeled after. It's a small, quiet moment not played for laughs in the slightest, and shows that before he became a madman Gero had a son that he deeply cared for. But, naturally, it ended in tragedy.
    • Also Kami and Nail try to encourage Piccolo to try talk to Trunks and make more friends. Both turn out to be really bad and awkward, but the effort is still appreciated.
    • Throughout the episode, we see Goku and Krillin having casual chats about their sex lives (or lack-of in Krillin's case), confiding with and giving advice to each other. It's nice glimpse of their friendship when they aren't fighting for their lives.
    • Goku reveals to Bulma that Chi-Chi is pregnant, and Bulma just squees as she congratulates the two.
      • Bulma is the first person Goku tells. A nice reminder of just how much he values her and how much they've been through as friends.
    • A small one, but Piccolo flat-out tells Dende that he's been missed. Unfortunately, Dende does not return the sentiment.
      • Though he does casually refer to Piccolo as Nail after Piccolo asks why they can only get two wishes from Earth's new dragon. Since there's not a lot of people who even knew Nail fused with Piccolo at all, not even Guru, it says a lot that Dende can still sense his old friend.
    • Speaking of Dende, after telling Mr. Popo off for calling him Little Green, Popo just smiles and says he likes him. Considering his usual attitude, it's sweet in a twisted way.
      • Special mention goes to the fact that this is the first time Mr. Popo ever smiled since Kami left the physical plane to fuse with Piccolo.
      • This also implies why Mr. Popo liked Kami, too - both Kami and Dende might have reacted the same way to the nightmare that is Popo: "So?" Which would mean that they're the only two people Mr. Popo has ever respected. Also consider that he puts Kami very high up on the pecking order, only just below himself.
    • Credit where it's due, Goku calling Chi Chi his "hot Asian wife."
    • At one point Gohan realizes that they actually are living in a world without Dragon Balls, and Trunks makes a sarcastic comment about how sorry he is about that, since he spent an entire life without Dragon Balls to help his world (as Piccolo was killed by the Androids in Trunks's timeline). Gohan doesn't pick up on it and Trunks just takes a deep breath and says "I can't be mad at you."
    • Cell for the most part is actually reasonable with the reporter that wants to interview him and learn his origins. Telling him a summed up version of the events Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z to that point with the reporter actually being very impressed and amused by the story and anticipating what happens next. Until the end where Cell blasts the reporter for calling him "Perfect Cell" instead of "Mr. Perfect Cell."
    • Despite Dende flirting with Gohan hard and him not noticing at all, it's clear that Dende is still fond of him after being three years away from each other and Gohan is still treating him friendly.
  • In Episode 57, Krillin and Sixteen are still friends, with the former commenting on how he looks better and the later refering to Krillin as "little duckling."
    • Even though Abridged portrays their relationship as (hilariously) rocky, Chi-Chi and Goku have the closest thing possible to a heartfelt talk before Goku goes to the Lookout. Chi-Chi explains that she's fine with Goku risking himself as a fighter and that's why she fell in love with him, but she can't bear the thought of Gohan dying. The more striking thing is that in spite of Goku being Goku, he tries to comfort her and even admits his shortcoming when it comes to these things. And though Goku leaves in his typical manner, Chi-Chi becomes indignant when the Ox-King suggests that Goku and Cell might just kill each other. In stark contrast to the Broly movie, this episode establishes that They Really Do Love Each Other. This likely proves that the films are not set in the same canon as the main series.
    • Gohan seems genuinely upset that people are dying and they're just standing around. At this point, he's basically The Heart of the group.
    • When Chi-Chi expresses concern, Goku just says if Gohan dies, the world is doomed. At first it just seems like another dumb thing to spill out of Goku's mouth but then you notice he really does have that much faith in his son.
    • When Goku sees the rest of the Z Fighters with serious looks on their faces, his first reaction is to ask if someone died, and then he asks them if anything happened to Yamcha.
    • Cell being remarkably civil to Yamcha, while it was mostly to throw even more shade at Vegeta it's nice to see Yamcha not being picked on.
    • Also Yamcha pointing out that Tien has a "Mutual Hate-Boner" for Vegeta comes across as this, considering that Yamcha is the one with more personal reasons to hate him (we're talking about the guy who left his ex-girlfriend as a single mother and was the reason he died the first time), and still (despite of being terrified of him), Yamcha is consistently cordial towards Vegeta.
    • Finally, the fact that Yamcha showed up with towels and water bottles. Even though Team Four Star were clearly trying to compare him to a water-boy to emphasize how weak and ineffectual he is, the fact is he still showed up to a fight waaaaaay out of his league and is still trying to be helpful for the others in whatever way that he can.
      • Even Cell points this out himself, though mostly to snark at Vegeta.
        Cell: And like that, you already contributed more than Vegeta.
    • Also during Cell's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Satan, Cell questions if he has anyone who genuinely appreciate him outside of his fame and money, to which Satan weakly answers that he has a daughter. Considering how close he and Videl are in canon, it's a good thing that TFS is implying to keep their relationship healthy, in contrast to how Goku and Gohan's bond started damaged.
  • In episode 58, Hercule advises that all children be turned away when Goku starts fighting Cell and hurriedly advises kids to not share needles when he explains how a stunt man died from AIDS. Now consider that Videl's watching the fight.
    • Around the time where Piccolo states how they can follow the action better, the English (Canada) subtitles on YouTube refer to him as "Gohan's Dad" instead of "Piccolo" With everything Piccolo's done for Gohan since they met, it's hard not to think of him as such.
    • When Tien gets in a quick, subtle rib at Yamcha's Butt-Monkey status, it's Cell who jumps to his defense and tells him not to take it. Maybe it's just his sincere hatred for Tien, but between that and his earlier very warm greeting, one could get the idea he has a soft spot for the Z-Warriors' weakest member.
  • In episode 59, when Trunks starts questioning why Goku isn't using a senzu bean despite being at a disadvantage fighting Cell, Vegeta actually backs Goku up, confident that he would finish the fight without any outside help. It doesn't last, given that Goku immediately gives up after he says this, but it's still pretty big coming from Vegeta.
    • When Goku reveals his plan to have Gohan fight Cell, as he's their strongest fighter, we get this exchange.
      Goku: Oh, Gohan, you're just being insincere.
      Piccolo: Insecure, and no he's not, he's eleven years old!
      Krillin: Goku, we're not gonna tell you how to be a parent right now-
      Piccolo: I am!
      Krillin: But how do you think Chichi's gonna react to this?
      Chichi: I am going to castrate him!
    • On that note, Goku has nothing but encouraging words for his son. Even if Cell was kicking his ass.
      Goku: Gohan, wait. Before you go.
      Gohan: What?
      Goku: You're so much stronger than you think you are.
    • After Yamcha makes an Incredibly Lame Pun over Cell's torso, Tien for once decides he is going to let him have his moment. Sure, Vegeta ruins it seconds later, but at least he tried.
    • Dende and Popo bond some more over Popo's pot grove.
    • Videl, as she watches the Cell Games, sees Gohan. And she likes his hair.
      • Speaking of which, if you look on Videl's wall, you can see a Harry Potter poster, meaning Mr. Satan not only wasn't fibbing about her being a fan, but also clearly shows he's close to his daughter and she's rubbed off on him.
  • In Episode 60, Satan is willing to carry 16's head into the middle of a battlefield because it's a chance to save the world, and with his daughter waiting at home, he can't do any less.
    • When Piccolo finally sees Gohan dodging, both Kami and Nail comment on how Piccolo must be real proud of the boy and sound genuine about it.
    • And then there is Gohan's first time going SSJ2. The crew at Team Four Star know just how pivotal, important and meaningful this event is to many, many fans of the Dragon Ball mythos, themselves included. Instead of cheapening the moment with silly hijinks, they play the sequence completely straight, and they freaking nail it!!!
    • In the middle of his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gohan, Cell takes a moment to acknowledge that everyone else is fighting their hardest despite knowing they have no chance.
    • When Yamcha gets beaten up by Dameon, Cell thinks that he doesn't deserve it. While Cell doesn't step in to stop it on the grounds that it's still funny, the fact that he actually cares for Yamcha's well-being is nice, especially when you consider how Yamcha usually gets treated.
      • Must be some of his Goku cells messing with him.
      • Going off that, Cell is basically the only villain in this series who actually likes Goku and has shown some of the Z-Fighters respect. Makes you wonder if it's because he has their DNA, or it's genuine.
  • While Gohan’s Tranquil Fury is mostly just scary, he does takes a little time out of Curb Stomping the Cell Jrs to calmly comfort Krillin.
  • Piccolo is the first to point out that something is very, very wrong with Gohan after reaching "Super Duper Saiyan". No doubt, no hesitation, he knows that something is off.
    Piccolo: Red flag!
  • As Cell is about to explode, Goku pops in and apologizes to Gohan, explaining that he was only trying to share one of the greatest joys of his own life with his son, but even that paled with the year they spent training together. For once, Team Four Star drops the gag and acknowledges that yes, even their comically-exaggerated version of Goku truly loves his family.
    • Goku taking Cell to King Kai's planet was only for help in disposing of Cell elsewhere, only for him to detonate at that moment. Unlike in canon, where Goku brought Cell to King Kai's planet on purpose.
  • What's Krillin's first reaction when 18 comes out of Cell? Tries to rush out and get her. While Piccolo stops him (though more because she was covered in Cell's bile and other vomited fluids) and Vegeta threatens him, it's not hard to tell that Krillin still cares for 18 a lot.
    • More to the point, when he finally is able to get her, and announces he's taking her to Bulma, Vegeta tells him to put "The Realdoll" down and Krillin refuses to do so. When Vegeta says he could kill Krillin, Krillin just admits that's true, but it's clear that's not going to stop him. This actually manages to impress Vegeta (though he's still clearly angry about it).
  • Krillin again, as he approaches a crying Gohan and comforts him with the gentle reminder that they have Dragon Balls and can revive Goku. Even when Gohan continues to beat himself up over messing up in the first place, Krillin brushes it off and simply tells him that he's now one of them since they've all screwed up in the past.
  • Despite usually portrayed as a Jerkass at worst and unsympathetic at best, King Kai is genuinely saddened by Goku's death and calls him his friend.
  • Doubles as a tear-jerker but Gohan's reaction to Goku's sacrifice could count as this. After years of portraying Gohan as being resentful of his dad both justifiably and unjustifiably, being more distraught at Piccolo and Krillin dying in the History of Trunks special and generally preferring Piccolo, Gohan is truly distraught at his dad's death which is a reminder that for all his bitterness at Goku, Gohan still cares for him when it all comes down to it.
  • Vegeta's reaction to Trunks' death is this melded with a Tear Jerker. It even serves as a nice Call-Forward to his reaction to Beerus hitting Bulma.
    Vegeta: MY BABY BOY!!! (Goes Super Saiyan and tries to fucking murder Cell)
    Gohan: Vegeta, no!
    Vegeta: VEGETA, YES!!!
    • Also, when Gohan snaps at him for doing nothing other than requiring rescue and getting Gohan's arm broken, Vegeta says he's sorry. It's taken as a sign of how utterly fucked they are, but credit where due, it's the first time he's ever sincerely apologized for anything.
  • Gohan's reason to instinctively save Vegeta, even though this results in getting his own arm broken? He resolved to not let Cell kill anyone else. Keep in mind that he does this while in his Super Saiyan 2 form.
  • When it seems they're all going to die, Yamcha tells Tien that he's the biggest asshole he's ever met... and his best friend. Tien reciprocates his feelings.
    • This makes Tien's earlier singing of Yamcha's cat jingle heartwarming in hindsight.
  • Goku's entire Rousing Speech to Gohan, culminating in the famous Father-Son Kamehameha. The most stand out bit is this though.
    Goku: You're more than just my son! You are Son Gohan! Now plant your feet, grit your teeth and EAT THAT HORSE!
    • Just before that is another great example, as Goku fully acknowledges his son:
      Goku: Gohan. I want to tell you, that if you don't do this... Piccolo is gonna die. Your mom's gonna die. Everyone is gonna die. But before all that, if you don't do this... You're gonna die. And you're better than that! You're better than him! You're better than me!
      • What really sells it is Gohan's reaction to this part of the speech. Being told he was better than Cell, and better than being killed by Cell was no doubt encouraging, but it was when Goku said Gohan was better than him that really surprised Gohan and gave him the strength he needed to start to overpower Cell. Despite having resented his father to varying levels for so long, it's clear that Gohan never doubted the strength Goku had, looking up to him in that aspect at least. He was legitimately bolstered and touched by that one acknowledgement.
  • After Piccolo pokes fun at Vegeta saying "we'll bring back your baby boy", Vegeta just sits there and quietly says "You fucking better." The sense of quiet conviction in that threat is oddly heartwarming.
    • It's also a big case of Adaptational Nice Guy for Vegeta. In the original series he was wallowing in self-pity over falling behind both a low-class Saiyan and his mongrel son, and then he was lamenting about missing his chance to kill said low-class Saiyan himself. Here he's quietly mourning his own son's death.
    • Take notice of Vegeta's face when he says "fucking better", he doesn't have his usual arrogant scowl, but rather a mixed expression of anguish and regret.
    • You can hear it in his voice. He's trying to sound like his usual tough self, but he's clearly hiding the fact that he's relieved his son is going to be okay.
    • Not to mention Piccolo noticing that Vegeta is still up in the sky alone, rubbing at his face and exhausted from his brutal beatdown by Cell. That's when Piccolo decides to linger behind and reassure Vegeta that they'll bring Trunks back.
  • Mr. Satan has a better reason to lie about having personally defeated Cell. Rather than self-aggrandizement, he did so to calm the rioting populace. He even was going to tell the truth, until Jimmy hinted that this would be a better way of reassuring everyone.
  • When Goku says that he plans to stay dead to keep the Earth safe, he immediately tries to justify himself to Gohan, most likely wanting to apologize for not being the best father he could be and never being around for him. But Gohan, instead of getting angry at his father for leaving him once again, tells Goku that "It's okay.", implying that he understands and accepts his reason for why he's doing this. For all the issues Gohan has had up to this point concerning his father being an Idiot Hero, giving him a ton of Parental Neglect and his general Disappeared Dad status when it comes to being in his life, Gohan shows an immense amount of maturity here, finally accepting that while his father isn't the best and has his flaws, Goku really does care about Gohan and their family; he only wants the best for them, and to keep them safe. Knowing this, Gohan tells Goku that he can take care of all of their friends and the Earth in his stead, only asking that Goku calls to talk with him every once in awhile. Goku happily responds that he definitely will, and asks him to say hi to his little brother that's on the way. Goku and Gohan finally reconcile their rocky relationship in a beautiful character moment, and this finally gives Gohan the closure he needs to move past his resentment towards his father, changing the original future that ended with him being bitter towards his father's actions even into adulthood. The dialogue between the two really sells the moment.
    Goku: I'm just thinking maybe...It would be better, if I stay dead.
    Goku: Gohan, I know I-
    Gohan: Dad, don't. It's okay. Because you were right about one thing. I can take care of us. Just...Promise you'll call every once in awhile.
    Goku: 'Course!
    Goku: Whoops, I gotta go here! Getting some interference. Take care Gohan, and say 'hi' to your little brother for me.
    Gohan: Wait, Mom's pregnant?
    Goku: Bye sons! ...Now, where's the off button?
    Goku: Boop!
    King Kai: AUGH, MY EYE-
    Hang-up Tone
    Gohan: ...See you later, Dad.
  • Krillin wanted to turn 17 and 18 back into normal humans because Gero stole their lives away and he wants to make things better for them, and instead wishes to remove their bombs when his first idea wasn't doable. Even though he thinks they'll never know about it, it's still the right thing to do, so he does it.
    • The reason is also explained in the episode breakdown. He wished that the bombs were removed because he felt like it was the right thing to do. It could have been easy to write in on how he wanted them to owe a favor, but thankfully the reason was "it was the right thing to do."
  • Tien's departure from the Lookout has him give Gohan a well deserved attaboy for saving everyone and gives Trunks some encouragement towards killing the evil Androids of his timeline.
  • Dende might be getting a little clingy towards Gohan, but he's clearly frantic when his broken and unconscious body is brought back to the Lookout.
    Dende: GOHAN! What did you idiots do?
    Yamcha: We just asked him to fight Cell.
    Dende: ALONE!?
    Yamcha: Well, yeah, that's...(trailing off) just kind of how we do things...
    Dende: Just give him here, you mook!
  • While he did it so Gohan would visit, Dende still offers Piccolo a room on the lookout, the latter admitting he's never had a room before.
  • This is a little bit of a Tear Jerker too, but like in canon, we see Chi-Chi crying over Goku's decision to stay dead. Temperamental and overprotective she may be, but she does love him.
    • It also thankfully discredits the ending to the Broly special, where Chi-Chi's frustration with Goku made her flat-out want a divorce.
  • When Trunks looks at Vegeta before heading back to his own time, Vegeta flips him off. Trunks responds by flipping him off back, which Vegeta smiles at as if to say "That's my boy".
  • When Krillin wishes for 17 and 18's bombs to be removed, he says it's just so they can live lives as normal as possible, but he wishes he could see 18 again. Turns out, 18 was just hiding.
    Gohan: I think it's sweet. You're a good guy, Krillin.
    Krillin: Thanks. Too bad Android 18 will never know. I wish I had one more chance to talk to her.
    18 (coming out of hiding): Okay, What the hell was that?!
    Krillin: Thank you, Shenron!
    18: You could have wished for a billion Zeni! Or a nose! But instead, you used a magical, wish-granting dragon... for us.
    Tien: Asking the real questions here.
    Krillin: It just... made sense.
  • Krillin getting together with 18 and erasing his entire “Krillin Owned Count” in the process. After 60 episodes and ten years being the series resident Butt-Monkey, the universe finally gave him a break.
    • Even though they end up having huge amounts of sex, it's telling that that wasn't on Krillin's mind nor his first suggestion for spending time with 18, who was actually the one who brings it up. Krillin's actually taken aback that she wants go straight to home plate, proving that he doesn't see her as a woman simply to lust at, unlike with Maron.
  • During the credits sequence, there's one background image that shows Cell was wrong: Android 16 has a soul, and it's at peace (art made by Malik Torihane of Dragon Ball New Age). Contrast that with the original series, where 16 is well and truly gone. Confirmed by KaiserNeko in the Episode 60 Breakdown stream, as the team loves the character, holds him dear to their hearts, and he especially wanted to give 16 his happy ending and prove Cell wrong.
  • Goku's speech at the end of the Episode 60 trilogy that explains to King Kai why he's okay with staying dead, because he can trust everyone to keep fighting on his stead. Goku's final speech becomes even more poignant now that it has been confirmed that DBZA will not continue past this point.
    Goku: I'm just not afraid of change, I guess. I've never been. When it comes down to it, I know they're gonna be alright. Because if I learned anything since landing on Earth, it's that everyone is stronger than they think they are. I left behind the best people in the world, and I'm happy about that. Things changed and they're gonna keep changing. There ain't no stopping that. The most important part? Now they can live their own lives and make their own futures. And I can't wait to see the kind of future they make.
  • Even though it was anti-climactic as all hell, Trunks finally managed to free his future of the Androids and Cell. But there's just one more bit that makes this version of the epilogue all the sweeter: Since KaiserNeko has stated that they won't be abridging Super due to the fear of Toei cracking down on them if they use Toei's more recent material, that means this Future Trunks will be spared Goku Black, Zamasu and the utter annihilation of his universe.
    • While confronting the Androids, Trunks points out to them that they could have turned out differently, citing how much better the other timeline's versions of 17 and 18 turned out. It's nice to see that Trunks acknowledges that the other Androids are separate people and he doesn't seem to hold them any ill will.
  • A more minor one, where Wombat broadcasts the fight of a resistance he's leading against the Androids. For all that he and TJ cheerily commented over the destruction, his next line implies that he built the force he's leading because the Androids killed his partner:
  • A very, VERY subtle one where, while Bulma and Trunks are talking about Vegeta over tea, they're listening to Cats in the Cradle. Trunks brought country music cd's back to the future for his mom.


In General

  • Much like in the original series Piccolo makes a habit of saving Gohan in every movie they share together (barring the Dead Zone where he doesn't know who Gohan is) and he does sorta unintentionally help Krillin rescue Gohan by blasting Pepper.

Christmas Tree of Might

  • Piccolo wishes Gohan a merry Christmas before being blown away. Brief, but touching.
    • In spite of being shot at all the time, Santa always tried to visit planet Vegeta. Granted, he always failed, but props for the effort.

Bardock, The Father of Goku

  • At the end, there is a montage of scenes from the original Dragon Ball series, showing Goku's youth to the main theme song, the actual end credits to the special albeit with CHA LA HEAD-CHA LA overlaid on it. Despite the silliness of the episode, it is nice seeing Bardock's sacrifice pay off.
  • Nappa distracting the young Vegeta from the trauma over his planet's destruction by the announcement that they're going to Dairy Queen.

Lord Slug

Cooler's Revenge

  • In the Revenge of Cooler movie, there's something really nice about Cooler saying he knows he's still cooler than Freeza as he dies.
    • It's also a little nice in Goku's conversation with Cooler where the former feels sorry for the latter's past as The Un-Favorite. Goku even shares in Cooler's dislike of Freeza.
  • Goku takes the blast from Cooler for Gohan, which is normally Piccolo's job and puts him out of commission for most of the movie. Even if he did forget Gohan existed half a film later it's still nice to know he'll remember to save his kid when it counts.
  • The fact that Cooler actually explicitly says that: "I sign your paychecks", when Freeza's equivalent of paying his minions is allowing them to live, shows Cooler might not be a nice guy but he's a considerably better boss than his brother.
  • Goku's Platonic Erotic Dream about Chi Chi while unconscious was kind of sweet.
    Goku: Aw yeah that's right Chi Chi, pour that maple syrup... all over my breakfast. You beautiful lady who lives in my house.

Episode of Bardock

  • From the end; Piccolo watching over Gohan while Goku is in space. Even Played for Laughs, it's sweet.
  • Compared to his descendants, Chilled is an utterly Benevolent Boss. Sure, his way of showing affection (giving his men the names of fruit and commanding them to learn dance choreography) is weird but it was because he wanted to honor the dead and ensure that his soldiers can be even better opponents.

The Deadzone

  • Goku goes to rescue Gohan so that he won't miss lunch. Goku, if nothing else, makes sure his kid is well fed.
  • A brief one for Chichi. Her first reaction when confronted with a dangerous stranger is to tell Gohan to shelter in the house.

Cooler 2

The History of Trunks

  • Future Gohan being so much like Piccolo as a mentor and quietly whispering "I've got one, Mr. Piccolo" when he takes Trunks on as a pupil.
    Future!Gohan: I said from now on, you shall be my pupil, and you'll call me Mister Gohan!
  • Future Gohan mentioning that the greatest source of his strength was losing Piccolo and Krillin. Nice to know that Krillin was important to Gohan as well.
  • When Gohan finds out that his father is dead, he lets out a Big "NO!" in response.
  • When future Bulma comments on Gohan wearing his father's Gi, Gohan just says it's the only thing he left him in this kinda embarrassed sounding voice.
  • Though Gohan turned her down when she hit on him, he's still friends with Bulma which compared to Vegeta and Yamcha says a lot.
  • Chi-Chi laments how she'll never get to be a grandmother. Around this point in the main timeline, Gohan and Videl have a baby girl. So Trunks going back in time did more than just lower the body count, he also saved Goku's wife from depression.
  • Android 18 and 17 might be ruthless killers but considering they were orphans/runaway/delinquents abducted and experimented on by Gero to be mindless killers seeing them enjoy a theme park like kids is heartwarming.
  • The special begins with a dedication in memory of Monty Oum, who at the time had recently passed away.
  • Trunks and Bulma's entire relationship is pretty heartwarming. Despite the typical TFS snark, it's clearly shown from their interactions that they love each other dearly.

The World's Strongest

  • Rather than killing the Anti-Villain Dr. Wheelo, they simply give him a human body. Granted, one with an enormous braincase but he's not dead!
    • There's also the fact that, as soon as Gohan explains his idea, Goku immediately accepts it without any question.
  • Upon meeting him, Bulma is ecstatic over talking to Dr. Wheelo, who'd apparently advanced cancer research by decades while he was alive and whole.
  • For a second, Goku becomes legit angry when a mind controlled Piccolo backhands Gohan.
  • Dr. Wheelo is genuinely horrified at most of Kochin's evil plans, particularly his re-purposing of Zap-Zap, Blub-Blub, and Brr as evil minions. He then mourns them as they get killed by Goku.
  • When Oolong tells Goku that Master Roshi and Bulma have been kidnapped, Goku says not to worry, adamantly Roshi can handle it no sweat. He only goes because he's mildly offended that they assumed Roshi was the strongest man on the planet, which in fairness, he wasn't.
  • In the beginning of the movie, it's nice to see Chi-Chi being worried for Gohan like a normal parent, without being in full Jerkass and My Beloved Smother mode. It shows that, deep down inside, she still cares about him.
    • Well, maybe not exact "deep down inside" as it's clear from the beginning that she cares and loves her son to an almost scary degree. What's nice about this is that she shows she knows how to show love to him in a more respectful manner.
  • When Goku does see Kochin and Wheelo, he's initially willing to just rescue Bulma and let bygones be bygones. He doesn't hold what Kochin and Wheelo have done against them. A fight only breaks out because Kochin decides to be evil for no reason.

Super Android 13

  • Right before Goten gets taken out of history temporarily, Gohan in the future mentions that he's getting ready for the tournament against Goku. It's implying that, by the Buu saga, Goku and Gohan's relationship has been repaired to the point that Gohan is genuinely glad to see his father again.

Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan

  • What does the "Broly" movie open with? The wedding reception of Korin and Yajirobe! They're even chatting about their honeymoon!
  • Broly is portrayed here as a not very smart but shy fellow (at least in his base form). Unlike the original, he doesn't attack Goku at first sight. What's more, he seems to be as intelligent as our protagonist, so when Goku compliments him we see Broly smiling, something nobody would have imagined.
    • Furthermore, while it's a complete Jerkass move on Vegeta's part to misgender Trunks and tell Broly that he can repopulate the Saiyan race with "her," it's kind of sweet that Broly's response is to awkwardly compliment Trunks on how his hair is "lavender, but smells like strawberries."
  • Paragus' relationship with Broly is depicted in a less abusive light than in the original, as well. Rather than simply using his son as a weapon to take control of the universe, he appears more singularly focused on wreaking vengeance on Vegeta for his father's attempt at killing Broly and himself. (And he makes clear that his revenge is for what happened to him and Broly. "Because that bastard Vegeta left us both to die".) In general, he also always praises his son's strength. It's no doubt helped by Vegeta's Adaptational Villainy making Paragus look relatively grounded in contrast. He even admits that the destruction of South Galaxy was an accident caused by him uttering a word (Kakarot) in front of Broly. When Goku continuously tries to guess what the word was, Paragus takes some offense.
    Paragus: This is ridiculous. Stop trying to trigger my son!
    • There seems to be an effort to reclaim the term "triggered" in regards to the above. During the time this special came out, it was used as an insult whenever somebody took offense to something. Here it's shown to be the symptom of mental instability.
  • Despite him being a horrible father, Trunks' reaction to Bulma talking about Vegeta abandoning her again is to tell her that he's going to force Vegeta to come back.
  • Cell's cameo has him stating he enjoys his talks with Goku. Considering Goku's usual relationships with his enemies, it's rather touching.
  • Yajirobe designated Goku as his best man... which becomes even more heartwarming when you realize why: because Goku's the one who introduced Yajirobe to Korin.
  • Even if it was under the pretense of a feast, Vegeta showing up to Korin and Yajirobe's reception and sticking around is nice.
  • Vegeta insisting that he calls Goku Kakarot out of respect for their Saiyan heritage was a nice moment, even if it led to him hitting Broly's Berserk Button.
  • Vegeta's backhanded complement to Trunks after he's been picking on him the whole time - even though it's still pretty jerkish, considering it's coming from Abridged Vegeta it's probably the closest he can get to actual praise.
    Vegeta: First of all Paragus; your seed couldn't compare to my own, and he's a filthy half-ling.
    Trunks: *exasperated* Love you too, dad.
  • Fairly subtle compared to the other examples. During the wedding, Krillin sings just as poorly as his canon counterparts do in the various dubs of the original movie. Unlike the original movie, none of the characters insult him for his terrible singing. Considering how his life seems worse overall in Abridged compared to the original, it's a nice case of Throw the Dog a Bone.
  • Goku getting excited of Gohan meeting King Kai for the first time. Granted, this is because he thinks they are all going to die and the Dragon Balls being active, the fact he is this thrilled for his son to meet him shows how highly he thinks of King Kai.
  • Piccolo goes full-on Papa Wolf and once again saves Gohan when he cries out "Piccolo help!" He immediately gives him a senzu bean, and asks him if he needs some juice and if he got into the college he wanted, letting out a Big "NO!" when Gohan says he isn't sure.
    • Until recently, the English (Canada) subtitles referred to Piccolo as Gohan's Dad. Now he's referred to as Papa Piccolo. Despite the change, it makes fans cozy inside to see just how much Piccolo cares for Gohan.
    • Piccolo also says he came as soon as he heard Gohan call for him, even though they are on another planet and that only happened, one second ago.
  • Paragus tries to talk down Broly when Broly catches him trying to escape. He tells his son to show him the love he's constantly shown to him and it seems he actually got through to him, subverted however as Broly's "hug" ends up crushing Paragus.
  • Goku apologetically tells Gohan he might have blown up his college admission and cheer him up saying next movie is probably gonna be his. While Goku being stupid and having most of his loved ones brought back from dead makes him careless toward his son's safety he tries to be a good father, he is just bad at it.
    • Speaking of the admission, Chi-Chi managed to pay the tuition herself (albeit having to pay out of Ox King's treasures). Even though this is still Chi-Chi we're talking about, she's still doing whatever it takes to make sure Gohan gets that education. Gohan also really wanted to go to that college so it wasn't just Chi-Chi pushing him.
  • When the Z-Fighters reminisce about the other movie villains, we get a few good ones, especially considering the villains beforehand were overall better company than Broly despite, you know, being villains. Special mention goes to Vegeta even vaguely remembering Turles, Piccolo getting mildly offended that Lord Slug wasn't brought up during that scene, and Goku saying that Dr. Wheelo "was nice" with Gohan agreeing and mourning his brain cancer induced death.
  • When Goku asks that his friends and family give him their energy, not even Vegeta argues.

Plan to Eradicate Christmas

  • Vegeta talks to Turles like they're old friends, asking how the tree's doing.
  • Chi-chi's "he brings you what you want" line about Santa bringing him books in the last Christmas special becomes this retroactively. Originally a jab at her Education Mama tendencies, seeing Gohan legitimately happy at receiving a copy of Moby-Dick in French shows that Santa really does "bring him what he likes".
  • Trunks admitting that the special was the best Christmas he's ever had, and Vegeta agrees, calling the whole thing a traditional Saiyan Christmas. But think more about it: this is probably the first true Christmas for Trunks, he can finally enjoy some quality time with his friends, something he never had the chance in his crappy future.
  • Trunks and Vegeta actually getting along during this special. Keep in mind this is the same Vegeta who said "I don't listen to bastards". It's actually quite touching.
  • And of course, the entire episode is dedicated to Hiromi Tsuru, Bulma's original Japanese VA who died a month prior.
    • All while the TFS' instrumental cover of "The Night Santa Went Crazy" plays in the credits, yet they made the song heartwarming and soothing thanks to a piano and acoustic guitar.


  • Nappa's "Bald This Way" video can be this for anyone worried about hair loss.
    Nappa: I'm beautiful in my way, Kami makes no mistakes, I'm on the right path baby, Yeah I'm bald this way.
  • During the "Make a Man Out of You" music video, there's a moment where we see Mr. Popo watching Earth's martial artists training diligently and smiling. Not in his usual sadistic way, but out of genuine appreciation for their efforts.
  • In response to the United States legalizing gay marriage, TFS released this, in which Korin proposes to Yajirobe. Yajirobe doesn't see the point since they were basically married already, but when Korin compared their relationship to him eating a five pound burger, he accepts.
    • And it's apparently abridged canon, at least to the movies; the next movie to be abridged opens with the rest of the cast shopping for wedding presents for them.

Cell vs.

  • After so many people dropping in and trying to fight him before the tournament, Cell is actually happy that Saitama plans to do so on the actual scheduled day of the event. His disappointment at Saitama's sudden decision to decline said match (due to a sale happening that day) is palpable.
    • From the same special, Cell admits that he actually rather enjoyed playing a children's card game.
    • He also thought it was "pretty metal" that Ash Ketchum had a Charizard. Anyone who likes Charizard despite all the "it's not a dragon lol" mockery it gets will get a kick out of this moment.
    • Not to mention Cell actually spared Ash, Misty and Brock and let them go unscathed with a mild "Shoo!". Consider this is the guy who shot a man for not calling him "Mister Perfect Cell."
    • On the opposite side, after Kenshiro gives Cell a taste of the Hokuto Hyakuretsu-Ken, he's rather polite in asking if Cell would let him eat Cell's recently-severed arm (even though, by all accounts, he earned it, and really should be able to take it no questions asked).

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