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Season 1

  • Sasha bonding with the gargoyles that live on La Triomphe, and earning their trust, so that she's the only they'll let through when they're called to protect the hotel.

Season 3

  • Hamid has a heart-to-heart with Saira, gets a hug, and manages to finally tell someone about everything he's been going through. Even better, she tells him how proud she is of him for trying to save Aziza.
  • Sasha runs away, terrified of Barrett and upset about her undeath, and makes friend with a sphinx gargoyle, who comforts her. Though they don't share any languages, they bond by throwing rocks at tourists.
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  • The lengths to which Grizzop and Azu go to find Sasha after she runs away from the wake and their subsequent joy at finding are beautiful, especially considering that Sasha has rarely had anyone who cares about her on a personal level.
  • After Eren Fairhands cures Sasha's undeath, Sasha — who usually pulls daggers on anyone who touches her — runs back in the room and gives him a quick hug.
  • Grizzop's furious concern for Sasha as she fails to save herself over her adamantine dagger in a water under the factory.
    Grizzop, angry crying: You are more important than a thing!


Season 4

  • Azu and Hamid's friendship. Helen and Bryn, particularly in season 4, frequently note that their characters are holding hands during moments of intense emotional turmoil, and are quick to check in on each other whenever things are going rough.
  • Zolf's happiness that Hamid is not infected; as soon as he can let Hamid out of the cage, he gives him a huge hug.
    • He then proceeds to dote on Hamid and Azu, making them meals, washing their clothes, and insisting to Wilde that he needs to be friendlier to them.
  • The kobolds in Shoin's laboratory are adorable, but a heartwarming moment comes when the party ties one up and Hamid's Detect Thoughts reveals that the kobold is "quite comfortable." The party puts a pillow under the kobold's head, and the kobold gives a wiggle of contentment before drifting off to sleep.

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