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  • Vampire - Spoony's Jyhad, at least in-universe. Mainly Moment of Awesome, but the greater implications push it into Heartwarming territory when Spoony's Brainwashed and Crazy Woobie completely destroys a tyrannical vampire hierarchy in one fell blow, which is possibly the most heroic thing one can do in Vampire: The Requiem, subverting the Always Chaotic Evil mentality that permeates the setting. Sadly, the GM didn't clear it, but Spoony was well in-character when he did that.
    • Plus his rant about his dislike for the current version of the game because it's impossible to play anything but a villain, and role playing games should be about heroes.
    • Also how he advises the newbie to go home, implying that he wanted no innocents to be hurt. Granted, he did use said newbie as a distraction to keep the Prince and the Auspex guy busy while he smuggled the semtex into the bathroom, but hey, he did give him the recommendation.
  • His account of the sendoff to his longest running RPG character, Tandem the Spoony. After making it through a horrendously difficult campaign against all odds, Tandem and the only other survivor find themselves with a ship that can cross dimensions, so they first go home to resurrect their friends, and then everyone was last seen sailing away to whatever adventures await them next. It's great that after Spoony came to regret asking for his character to be demoted from godhood so he could use him some more, he was still able to give him such a fitting ending, while still leaving the door open for his return someday.
    • And at ConBravo 2012, for one night only, he did.
    • The ending is especially heartwarming because at the beginning Spoony was talking about how Tandem was unsatisfied being the god of travelers because his responsibilities ironically prevented him from traveling anywhere. At the end he's lost his godhood, but has gained the means to to travel to places he never could before.
  • Spoony using a lot of his D&D game with the other Channel Awesome people as reference for his Counter Monkeys video on how to be a good Dungeon Master. You can really tell he looks back on that game with great fondness and how much fun he and his friends all had.
  • In the second part of the second Pathfinder session, Iron Liz is lamenting the fact that she could have used colour spray to help the party, half of whom died. The others console her by pointing out it would barely have done anything and insist she shouldn't feel responsible for party members dying.
  • In the episode "Never Get On the Boat", Oreo climbs on his lap halfway through the video, and he has her sit there for the remainder of it. It's just adorable.
    • From the late-summer/early-autumn 2012 vlogs, one gets the impression that Oreo has learned that if Noah sits in his armchair and starts talking to his camera, he won't be going anywhere for the next half hour, so she can climb on his lap for free scratchies. She's a smart one.
  • In Beware Women, For They Come From Hell Spoony discusses a scenario in which the players unwittingly rescue a Succubus that had become emotionally broken by her human captor. The plan was that the Succubus would fall in love with the bard and later save them if they were caught in the middle of a particularly difficult fight showing that even a Demon can truly love someone.
  • His nostalgic reminiscing over Cyberpunk 2020 and (to use his words) squeeing over the new Cyberpunk 2077 Spiritual Successor project in "Counter Monkey Punk".
  • Similarly, him talking about his love of The Thrawn Trilogy in "The Jedi Hunter" and expressing his wish (though he says he knows it could never happen) of those books being adapted to the big screen as true sequels to the Star Wars films.
    • This is even more Heartwarming in Hindsight, considering that Thrawn has been made an official part of the Star Wars Canon, with him appearing as a prominent role in the third season of Star Wars Rebels.
  • At the start of the first Pathfinder session Spoony at first, teases Rose for donating hair to charity. But just in case you thought he was being a dick, he soon reveals that he was planning a charity drive of his own which the rest of the group start talking about, discussing the best ways to go about it.
  • In Spoony's review of Nightstake, he was DMing a The World of Darkness campaign with an order of Catholic bad guys trying to use a holy relic to brainwash vampires into joining their faith. In a sweet and unnecessary moment (from this Catholic troper's perspective), he made it clear from the word 'go' that the bad guys were not rational Catholics, and that the bad guys were actually losing their own faith because of they were abusing an artifact meant to confirm a believer's faith rather than force it on someone.
    • Another moment has a player taking down a Justicar on his own. About to die, Spoony has the Justicar make a last-ditch effort to stake the player through the heart, and crits it. The player doesn't get mad; he just graciously quips "fuck, that was lucky" and drops.
  • Where Have All the Lawful Goods Gone? is one big video advocating the restoration of the Lawful Good alignment and the squelching of the "All Lawful Goods are Lawful Stupid hardass assholes" mindset. He mentions all the benefits that more chaotic players don't get - stuff like working with the guard instead of evading them, being invited to the lord's castle, to be liked and respected instead of sneered at, to have the DM actually like your actions. In the end, he tells people to not let peer pressure drive them off from playing the character they want to play and even expresses regret for turning down one player's well-made Chaotic Neutral character (his pet peeve alignment).
  • In a somewhat meta example, in "They Duel. That's What They Do", Spoony says he's probably going to get a bunch of comments about how badly he played Legend of the Five Rings regarding his character being forced into a duel with another player and completely slaughtered for not knowing anything about how Japanese honor works. In the comments for the video (before they were taken down), many multi-paragraph comments were written about how Spoony's PARTY was in the wrong. Not only were the reasons for the Crane duelist to have felt dishonored completely unjustified, but Spoony's shugenja character actually had multiple outs he could have taken to prevent himself from getting slaughtered that would have worked, had he known about them. These include:
    • 1. Spoony is a shugenja, a sort of monk or holy man. It would have been incredibly dishonorable to strike down a member of the clergy, even for such a petty offense.
    • 2. Spoony could have called in someone from his character's clan to duel in his stead, and since his clan is the same as the Emperor's, Spoony would have had access to some of the best samurai available.
    • 3. The challenge didn't have to be a sword duel. As the one being challenged, Spoony could have chosen a different test of mettle, as long as the others agreed, and there was a referee of sorts to supervise.
    • 4. (And this troper's personal favorite) As mentioned above, SPOONY'S CHARACTER IS KIN WITH THE EMPEROR. All he had to do is point out the holy retribution the Emperor would dish out on the Cranes if he found out one who shared his blood had been murdered in such a fashion, as it would now be dishonor upon the Emperor's name. The Cranes would, at best, become outcasts and, at worst, start a civil war with the rest of the world and be destroyed.
Spoony was completely in the right, and was basically dropped into a demented version of Legend of the Five Rings with a bunch of PC-killing nutjobs and their lazy GM.

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