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Fridge Brilliance

  • The song that plays in his new intro? It's The Bard's Song by Blind Guardian (the cover being by Van Canto), which is an awesome song yes, but... think about how appropriate it is. What was Spoony's first D&D character? A Bard! So, to honor Tandem the Spoony, he might have picked that song. Either that, or it's because he's our "humble storyteller", and what do they do? Tell tales like a Bard does!
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  • This is most certainly unintentional, but while on the subject of Tandem the Spoony... In "Tandem's Last Ride," said bard uses Countersong. Noah, stressed out due to a massive Oh Crap Moment, stands up, slams his fists into the table and sings Fear of the Dark... which has been covered by... *drum roll* Van Canto!

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