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Heartwarming / Hanazuki: Full of Treasures

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.

"A Moonflower Is Born"
  • From the very moment she's born, Hanazuki is already brimming with cheer, curiosity, and a complete love of everything she sees.
  • The episode is quick to establish Hanazuki's willingness to help those in need. At first, Hanazuki is annoyed at Red Hemka for taking her treasure and tries getting it back, simply because it belongs to her. But then she finds him using it to try and fix his house, which was broken by a rock. From then on, helping Red becomes her primary concern, no questions asked. Even when she gets fed up with the way he and the other Hemkas continue to fight over her treasure, she no longer cares about it so much as how no one is helping her. It's her determination that gives Red and the Hemkas a change of heart and finally let go of the treasure. In fact, Hanazuki's whole character in this episode can be summed up in one sentence:
    Hanazuki: You don't have to take my stuff if you have my help, right?

"Little Blue Hemka"

  • Hanazuki doesn't let her sadness and guilt over what she's done to Blue Hemka get her down, instead letting it fuel her resolve to set things right. This, in turn, inspires Sleepy Unicorn to use magic again after he'd been wallowing in regret for who knows how long.
    Sleepy: I guess we all do things we regret. It's just a matter of how you deal with them.
  • Once Blue is safe and sound thanks to Sleepy's magic, Sleepy selflessly tries making Hanazuki think she did it all on her own. However, Hanazuki already knows he was the one who helped Blue, and says that Sleepy must be pure of heart after all.

"What's a Chicken Plant?"

  • After getting Yellow out of Chicken Plant's belly, Hanazuki notices he's barely moving and fears the worst. Desperately thinking of a solution, she decides to do what Yellow does and wills herself to feel happy, successfully waking him up.

"Slow Sand Rises"

  • Even after Hanazuki calls the Hemkas annoying without realizing they're standing right behind her, Pink is the only one who doesn't turn against her, rather feeling sad for her.
  • When Hanazuki is devastated after Pink gets stuck under the slow sand, the Hemkas show their love for her with a big hug, which activates the treasure she uses to rescue Pink, literally saving him with The Power of Love.
  • Hanazuki gives Mirror Plant a hug after she copies Pink asking for one. Hanazuki realizes she's hugging the wrong person, but lets Mirror Plant join in anyway.

"Strange Gravity"

  • Despite usually flying away as soon as he gives Hanazuki her treasure, Little Dreamer actually spends a bit of time playing with her in the gravity flux.

"Baby Chicken Plant"

  • Hanazuki, despite just learning what a baby is not even 10 minutes beforehand, proves herself to be excellent mother to Baby Chicken Plant in less than half the time, deciding to be its mother when Chicken Plant has no intention to be. Although she realizes her friends were right to fear the baby when it goes on a Treasure Tree-eating rampage, it's her unwavering love and devotion to it that puts an end to it. Her speech as she turns pink even moves the baby to tears.
  • When Kiazuki first hears about Chicken Plant's baby from Hanazuki, she simply comments that it "sounds nice", without the tiniest hint of sarcasm in her voice. Of course, this happens before she finds out how dangerous the baby is and tries to dispose of the egg herself, but it's an early indicator that she's not quite as mean as she seems. And even then, she can't bring herself to harm the egg, try as she might to justify it by saying it should be Hanazuki's responsibility.
  • Zikoro bonding with the Hemkas by making Chicken Plant eat him and shoot him back out in an egg.

"Only in Unicorn Dreams"

  • Hanazuki's loyalty to Sleepy deserves special mention. After Kiazuki threatens to expose Sleepy's Dark and Troubled Past, which could potentially ruin his and Hanazuki's friendship, Hanazuki sticks up for him and acknowledges that, after trying to pry into his past, neither of them has any right to do it when he doesn't want to. What makes the scene especially poignant is when she agrees to stay with Sleepy for the night, and then grows a lime green tree, hinting that she may be terrified of what she might find out about him—but to her, letting her friend sleep comfortably is still more important.

"Forgive and Forget"

  • Hanazuki befriends a social outcast named Doughy Bunington after he gets her and Purple unstuck from a nigh-inescapable blob of goo. As such, she's quick to take his side even when she finds out he was exiled for eating Chicken Plant's wings (which naturally grew back), and trusts him enough to help save the wilting Treasure Trees. Doughy continues to insist he's no hero, but Hanazuki simply retorts by pointing out that he said the exact same thing the first time he saved her and Purple's life.

"Brain in a Cave"

  • Towards the end of the episode, Hanazuki wakes up to find that all of her Treasure Trees are gone, stolen by Kiazuki after she used the Hemkas to help build a new spaceshift with an empty promise to take the Hemkas with her, instead abandoning them and Zikoro. Hanazuki is absolutely furious, so you'd think the sole treasure she has left would turn red with her fury. Instead, she grows a yellow tree, because she's overjoyed that the Hemkas will be staying after all. It's also her unbridled joy that snaps her out of her funk and strengthens her resolve to save her moon from the Big Bad.

"The Volcano of Fears"

  • It's short, but we see Doughy delivering goodies to the picnic Hanazuki's friends are preparing, and nobody even bats an eye. While he's still living on the Dark Side, it shows that the others are willing to accept him now.

"Big Bad Sickness"

  • Thanks to Doughy, Red is able to be healed.
  • Hanazuki is finally able to get through to Kiazuki and get the wayward Moonflower to admit she is sad about the loss of her moon and its people. As Kiazuki sobs in Hanazuki's arms she turns blue, just in time for Little Dreamer to bring her a treasure because for the first time Kiazuki is able to grow a treasure tree. She then admits she is scared she can't do it again but that's all she needs to turn lime green and grow another tree. Now Kiazuki is so happy she glows yellow as does Hanazuki, the two run around giggling as Little Dreamer brings them treasure after treasure and they make an entire happy forest. Finally Dreamer brings Kiazuki one more treasure and as Hanazuki asks about it Kiazuki gives her a sudden hug while turning pink with love, then grows the final tree to send the Big Bad away for good.

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