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Maroshi isn't as carefree as he seems.

  • He's actually a Stepford Smiler who is very scared and traumatized by his moon getting frozen and blown up by the Big Bad and is just repressing his fear, like Kiazuki did with her sadness. In the second season, he'll open up to Hanazuki when they're alone, admitting how afraid of the Big Bad he truly is and bloom lime green. Then Little Dreamer will give him a treasure and he'll grow his own scared, lime green treasure tree.

The whereabouts of Zikoro's "little buddies":

  • They're on another moon being cared for by a new Moonflower we don't know about yet.

  • They're inside of the Big Bad and can still be saved.

  • They're on Earth.

  • They're dead.

  • They were taken by whoever took Miyumi's Slooths.

Purple will give a Rousing Speech to the rest of the Hemkas at some point in the series.

  • Though we won't be able to understand what he's saying for obvious reasons.


Sleepy Unicorn will perform a Heroic Sacrifice at one point.

One of the characters will die later on in the series. Or at the very least pull a Disney Death.

Twisted will return.

The series finale will have Hanazuki Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.

The Big Bad is like Galactus.

Yes, it clears moons of life and leaves them withered husks; but what if it needs that energy to jump-start a new Universe?

There is really no problem in having black trees.

When Kiyoshi said that they do not help protect his moon, he meant that it was because they were all the same color, and you have to have trees of different colors so they can protect it.

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