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Heartwarming / Hazbin Hotel

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  • Even though she was born in Hell, Charlie believes that everyone has some goodness in them, thus have a chance at redemption.
  • Angel Dust and Cherri seem to have a genuine friendship with each other; though Angel can't quite comprehend good just yet, he considers his friendship with Cherri to be his redeeming quality.
  • Despite having a ton of doubt on Charlie's idea of a hotel to rehabilitate sinners, Vaggie is still supportive of her girlfriend, even going as far as to be violent to those who shame Charlie, or can possibly bring harm to anyone at the hotel.
    • She's even willing to stand up to Alastor, despite knowing exactly how dangerous he is.
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  • The sheer loyalty and admiration the Egg Bois have for their master could be seen as this... even if it's not returned.

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