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Trivia / Hanazuki: Full of Treasures

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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • Acting for Two:
    • Jessica DiCicco stars as Hanazuki, while also voicing Blue and Lime Green Hemka.
    • Colleen O'Shaughnessey voices Little Dreamer, as well as Red and Yellow Hemka.
    • Michael Sinterniklaas voices about half the Hemkas, plus various creature voices and pieces of scenery, notably the Pyramid with a Face.
    • Avery Kidd Waddell plays Sleepy and Twisted Unicorn, Dazzlessence Jones, and Zikoro.
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    • Alison Martin, who plays Chicken Plant, also plays the first Baby Chicken Plant.
    • Debi Derryberry and Nika Futterman handle the voices for all the Little Unicorns and Flochis, respectively.
  • Casting Gag: Just like The Buzz on Maggie, this is another Dave Polsky produced show with Jessica DiCicco as the protagonist.
  • Crossdressing Voices: Colleen O'Shaughnessey voices Little Dreamer, who's confirmed to be a boy. The Hemkas that she and Jessica DiCicco voice are all male.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Michael Sinterniklaas, who voices various Hemkas and other characters, is the voice director for the series.
  • He Also Did:
  • I Knew It!: Many fans had theorized that if Kiazuki managed to finally grow Treasure Trees, her first would be sadness, and the season 1 finale proved this theory correct. Many had also correctly guessed that her Tsundere personality was what blocked her ability.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Once the series began airing on Discovery Family, the entire series was removed from YouTube, and all but the last six episodes of Season 1 were moved to Hasbro's official websitenote . As of July 2019, Discovery Family is no longer airing the show and its online availability has not been restored.
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  • The Other Darrin: Starting with the shorts, Cassandra Lee takes over as the voice of Teal/Light Blue Hemka for Michael Sinterniklaas (who has plenty of other roles in the series).
  • Playing Against Type: Jessica DiCicco voices both Lime Green and Blue Hemkas, both of whom are little creatures. The characters she usually voices are either snarky and self-absorbed, or Genki Girls/just plain nice. Her role as Hanazuki is a bonafide Genki Girl, however.
  • Schedule Slip: The second season was originally slated to be released in 2018. It wasn't until the sales guide released towards the end of the year, with little to no word on it apart from airing in foreign countries beforehand, that the release was pushed to between 2019 and 2020.
  • Screwed by the Network:
    • Not only did the second season air way later than it was intended to and in other countries to boot, all of the episodes were either privated or deleted off of YouTube due to the show premiering on Discovery Family.
    • Season 2 was suspiciously shorter than was announced, with only 8 episodes being released instead of 16. At first it was speculated that it would be split into two more seasons, but later, a crew member at Titmouse clarified that while Hasbro may have other plans, Titmouse's crew had wrapped up the show already. The fate of the series and pretty much the franchise is up in the air right now.
  • Short Run in Peru: The second season was released early around August 2018 in Russia, the UK and Ireland, and Latin America. It wasn't until late March 2019 that the US would eventually get to see it... on Discovery Family, instead of YouTube, like the first season was.
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise: Several toy sets gave away the existence of a Rainbow Hemka, representing "balance" (most often in place of Lavender Hemka), but not the context of its existence. The season 1 finale reveals Rainbow Hemka to be the combined form of all ten Hemkas at once.
  • Talking to Himself: Tons of voice actors tend to work off themselves in this series, particularly Avery Kidd Waddell as Sleepy Unicorn and Dazzlessence Jones, and later Twisted Unicorn.
  • What Could Have Been: Animator Brian Ellis revealed a handful of characters who went through a few name changes: Zikoro was to be called Akuma (demon) and Katana, the latter of which actually made it to the recording phase; Kiazuki's original name was Kurozuki (meaning "Black Moon"); and Doughy Bunington was Fatty Bun Bun.


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