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Tear Jerker / Hanazuki: Full of Treasures

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.

This is a series about emotions, and sadness is no exception. It really isn't.

"Little Blue Hemka"
  • This episode is about the first time Hanazuki experiences sadness, so it was bound to make it on this list. After she accidentally squishes Blue like a pancake, she's confident she can get him back to his original shape right away. With each failure, however, she grows less cheerful and more concerned as the weight of her actions begins to sink in. Towards the end, once the only creature capable of helping Blue brushes them off, Hanazuki finally breaks down in tears, believing the harm she has done to Blue can never be fixed.
  • Despite Sleepy Unicorn's totally zen demeanor when we first meet him, it's made quite clear that he thinks very little about himself as a result of past regrets. Even when he makes an effort to help fix Blue with his magic, his lack of self-esteem puts a serious damper on his abilities.
    Sleepy Unicorn: Magic should only be used by the pure of heart... and that's not me.

"What's a Chicken Plant?"

  • Hanazuki crying over Yellow when he's barely moving after she gets him out of Chicken Plant's stomach.
    Hanazuki: Speak to me, Yellow! Or I'll never feel good again!

"Slow Sand Rises"

  • Hanazuki looks completely crushed the instant Pink completely sinks into the slow sand, while the other Hemkas nearly give up on Pink, believing that rescue is impossible. When it seems they're right after Hanazuki and the Hemkas fail to get Pink out, she whispers for him to come back.

"Moonflower Sister"

  • The ending of the episode, where Kiazuki yells at Hanazuki for simply grabbing a new treasure from Little Dreamer instead of telling her, and storming off instead of explaining why.note  Hanazuki, who has spent the whole episode trying to impress and help her "Moonflower sister" in any way she can, is so confused and crestfallen by Kiazuki's anger that she discovers an undesirable new mood: despair.
    Mirror Plant: Oh... What is this feeling?
    Hanazuki: I don't know, Mirror Plant... I don't know. But whatever it is, I'd never wish it on anybody.

"Forgive and Forget"

  • Doughy Bunington, a perfectly friendly and polite moon creature, is treated as a pariah and forced to live in exile on the Dark Side simply because he couldn't control his appetite and ate Chicken Plant's wings, which eventually grew back anyway. Chicken Plant justifies it by insisting she was traumatized by the event, but it's not certain whether or not she's being sincere. And remember, this is the same Chicken Plant who is guilty of repeatedly attempting to eat the Hemkas, who similarly suffer no long-term injuries and yet remain terrified of her, yet she is allowed to stay on the Light Side.

"The Volcano of Fears"

  • Poor Hanazuki gets put through the wringer in this episode. It opens with her on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to her non-stop adventures, not the least of which was the moon's recent close call with the Big Bad. Just as she's ready to spend a nice, relaxing day with her friends to recuperate, she finds Orange at the top of the Dreaded Volcano of Fears and tumbles inside, where she is forced to bear witness to visions of her worst fear over and over. While she's stuck on a ledge, she doesn't simply call out for help or try cutting the tension with a witty remark; she just screams and screams in unending horror.
    • On that note, we find out that Hanazuki's fear is not being there to save the Hemkas from whatever danger may strike at any moment. Her rationale for this fear ultimately ends up showing the negative side of her Chronic Hero Syndrome, especially since this scenario is more or less what was normal for her moon before she was born.
      Hanazuki: Whenever they get into trouble, I'm there to save them! But now I'm here, and they're there, and all gathered together in one vulnerable place, and-and why? Because of me! If something happens to them, it'll be all my fault!

"Double Trouble"

  • The episode effectively turns Chicken Plant into a Jerkass Woobie. For the first time, she has to love and nurture the latest of her countless children, dubbed "Junior", so it can defend her and the rest of the moon from another monster. Just when she actually starts to form an attachment to her baby, it matures and flies away just like all her other children, leaving Chicken Plant equal parts heartbroken at losing a loved one, and angry that she was forced to experience that kind of heartache in the first place. She even tearfully rants about the entire thing well into the night until she finally falls asleep.
    • Following this scene, we get this exchange explaining why she doesn't do this with all her children:
      Hanazuki: It must be tough to love someone and have to let them go.
      Chicken Plant: Hmph. Easier just to ignore 'em.
      Hanazuki: I'll bet it hurts less, too.
  • At first, Hanazuki doesn't understand why Chicken Plant is so sad about Junior flying away after a successful bonding experience. Then Little Dreamer comes by to deliver her a treasure and abruptly flies away, and it all falls into place:
    Hanazuki: Hey! I didn't even get to say... goodbye.
  • The ending, where Chicken Plant decides she has no reason to feel sad about Junior flying away anymore, so Hanazuki decides to feel sad for her. Chicken Plant then looks up into space, no doubt still thinking of him—and all the other children she neglected.


  • In general, we see just how much Hanazuki was stung by Kiazuki's betrayal in full force. Hanazuki, however naively, once thought the world of her "Moonflower sister" because she was so elated to meet someone else of her kind, and couldn't even comprehend the concept of "not liking" someone. But now that Kiazuki has not only made off with all of Hanazuki's trees and put the whole moon in danger, but also left Zikoro behind, that love and admiration has been replaced with anger and resentment. While she still comes out wiser because of it, that doesn't make the idea of getting betrayed by someone you thought was your friend hurt any less.
    • On that note, it's tough to see her take her anger at Kiazuki out on Sleepy when he insists they get Zikoro back home. Rightfully furious as she may be, she feels as though Sleepy expects her to clean up the mess Kiazuki left. Fortunately, she quickly realizes she was being too hard on him and eases up.
  • As much as Hanazuki would love to help Zikoro, the only person who can make things better is also the last person in the galaxy Hanazuki wants to see. As a result, her refusal to have anything to do with Kiazuki winds up causing Zikoro unintended emotional harm.

"The Transplant"

  • This episode features one of the bleakest scenarios in the season. When the Big Bad strikes again, the Hemkas are blown away in the wind and Hanazuki must search for them. She manages to find all of them except for Red, whom she realizes must have been blown to the Dark Side, and desperately looks there. She runs off thinking she may have a lead—not noticing as she passes Red by, feebly laying on the ground and trying to call out to her, but too weak to even raise his voice. Not only that, but he is visibly fading from existence after contracting "the sickness" from the Big Bad. What's worse is that when Hanazuki does eventually find him, there's nothing she or any of her friends can do but cry out for someone to help.
  • If it wasn't clear enough before that Kiazuki regrets betraying and abandoning Hanazuki and the Hemkas, it's shown here by how worried she is for the Hemkas' safety after she sends them to help Hanazuki deliver rainbow goop in the Big Bad's windstorm. At first she tries justifying it as a necessary precaution, not considering the potential consequences of her actions...until she sees their empty buckets flying by their feet. She's suddenly struck by how foolish she was and begins to fret over the worst until Hanazuki comes back with the Hemkas safe and sound. That is, until another, stronger gust scatters them away in front of everyone's eyes. The horrified expression on Kiazuki's face is a far cry from the callous and uncaring front she put up before.
  • The poor Pyramid with a Face has visible tears in his eyes when he gets covered by the Big Bad.

"Big Bad Sickness"

  • Red is still in a bad way and getting worse but there is nothing Hanazuki can do except call the others, possibly to say goodbye.
  • Kiazuki reveals that Zikoro is not the only one of his kind and that the others were blown away in the Big Bad attack that destroyed her moon.
  • Kiazuki falling prey to her jealousy again and using a Mazzadril to once again try to steal Hanazuki's trees, despite having just returned them and helping save the moon. This time though Hanazuki won't let Kiazuki just run away and tries to get her to admit she's sad which ultimately leads to Kiazuki breaking down and crying when Hanazuki gives her a Cooldown Hug. From there though it becomes the biggest heartwarming moment of the season.

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