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Tear Jerker / Happy Tree Friends

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Yes, even a show like Happy Tree Friends can enter some sad territory.
Giggles is crying after witnessing all of her friends dying.

  • The primary tearjerker throughout the series of the relationship between Pop and Cub. Despite not being the greatest dad and on more than occasion murdering his own son, Pop seems to care a lot for his son.
    • In part two of "And the Kitchen Sink", after the two fall down a waterfall, we see Cub's head at shore. Believing that his son has died, Pop begins to cry at his loss, but Cub turns out to be alive, making Pop extremely happy and turning this scene into a big CMOH. Shame Cub drowns about a few seconds before the episode ends...
    • In "Read em' and Weep", after Pop is forced to murder his possessed son, we see him and Lumpy mourning at his grave. Cub's tombstone being adorned by his trademark beanie doesn't help at all.
    • "Water Way to Go" is almost the worst of all, where we see Pop desperately and frantically calling out for his son in a fit of terror, while not realizing he is actually murdering his son underwater. It's equally sad and scary as well.
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    • The end of Snip Snip Hooray has Cub dying yet again due to his father's obliviousness, which is sad enough on its own (especially since Pop never realizes Cub had died). And then come the ending credits, which are accompanied by an illustration of Cub's empty high chair and a framed picture of him on the wall behind it.
    • In "Chore Loser", Cub can be heard calling out "DADDY!" as he's attacked by a vicious dog.
  • Sniffles' battles with the ants end gruesomely and horrifically on Sniffles' behalf. In just one episode of this stuff, his tongue gets nailed down, sliced with a cheese grater, poured on with lemon juice, and sliced with a band saw, plus he eventually gets his head blown up, all because Sniffles wanted to eat something
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  • The ending of "Class Act", where everyone dies when the school explodes after having being set on fire. Made worse by the fact that what had been happening moments before the explosion was a huge Heartwarming Moment.
  • The most notable is in "Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya", where Flaky cries about having to put her foot on the nail. A lot of viewers didn't take that well.
    • Pretty much whenever a character cries is just heartbreaking.
  • A brief example in "I Nub You". The part where Petunia walks out of the hospital and looks sadly at her bandaged nubs, combined with the music in the background.
  • In "Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow", when Fliqpy attempts to slice Lumpy with helicopter blades. The moment he imagines Lumpy as his good self, he starts crying and snaps out of his Ax-Crazy state.
    • Similarly, Flippy's reaction to seeing that he had murdered some of his friends in Double Whammy. After, he seeks therapy to try to get his evil side under control but to no avail. Seeing him break down further and further as the body count goes up is just depressing.
  • In Blast From The Past, Toothy is first found to be sitting on the ground crying with Giggles and Cuddles comforting him, because he broke his arm from a rather nasty fall caused by coming too fast off of a slide.
  • The episode "Aw Shucks!" is an interesting example. Lumpy treats his prize-winning giant corn cob like his own child; feeding it breakfast, accompanied by pictures of it growing up. Given this, it's kinda sad seeing him break down in tears when his cob becomes barren and burnt. At least until he tastes one of the kernels and decides to eat it.
  • The nonstop, unforgiving, and unsympathetic abuse in which Handy and the Mole suffer through in Don't Yank My Chain. And then there's the agonizing way Handy dies, which involves being dragged by a train, violently ripping the flesh from his back. And, just before he meets his end, he lets out a helpless whimper.
  • Lumpy being forced to cut off his leg with a spoon in "Out On A Limb". His sobbing is pretty painful (and in more ways than one) to sit through. And then he finds out that he cut off the wrong leg by accident, and things go even worse from there.
  • A blink-and-you-miss it moment, but in "Sea What I Found", before he gets angry, Lifty looks downright betrayed that his brother would leave him to die. He also has a similar, more visible reaction before he's thrown out of the hot air balloon in "Milkin' It".
  • On the page image, there's Giggles sobbing over the death of everyone else in "See You Later Elevator".
  • Lethally Stupid or not, whenever Lumpy dies trying to save someone or something can be seen as extremely tragic, as most characters never do the same.
    • The biggest example being in "Blood Donor", where Lumpy sacrifices himself to save Giggles from blood loss at the hospital.
    • Another example is in "All Flocked Up", where he dies trying to bring a little bird back to it's nest.

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