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Awesome / Hanazuki: Full of Treasures

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.

"Strange Gravity"

"Friend or Foe"

  • Hanazuki shows considerable courage in entering the Dark Side, a forbidden area of the moon she has never been to before, to save Purple Hemka from being stomped on by a Mazzadril.
    • Though she doesn't quite deserve it due to deliberately luring Hanazuki and Purple into danger just so she could rescue them and grow her treasure, Kiazuki proves herself to be quite the badass when she fights off the Mazzadril with acidic black treasures.
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  • Shortly after the Mazzadril fight, Hanazuki manages to get the last word in on Kiazuki without even saying a word. When Kiazuki once again fails at growing a tree from her engineered rescue stunt, Hanazuki simply tosses her own treasure into the ground and grows a purple tree for her aforementioned bravery in rescuing Purple.

"Brain in a Cave"

  • After spending the whole episode wallowing in grief when it seems she can't stop the Big Bad at her doorstep, she finds out that Kiazuki has made off with all of her Treasure Trees. Despite this huge setback, Hanazuki snaps out of her funk with a Heroic Second Wind and closes the episode with a badass speech to match:
    Hanazuki: We're down, but we're not out! Okay, folks, no time to sit around! Gather your helmets; this is not a drill.


  • When the Big Bad once again rears its ugly head, Hanazuki is scared out of her mind, turning lime green...and unflinchingly steps forward to her Hemkas' side to deliver another Badass Boast while staring up at their enemy in its non-existent face, defying Maroshi's suggestion they run away:
    Hanazuki: No! I love this moon, and it's mine to care for, and we'll figure this out! I don't know how, but somehow!


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