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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.

"A Moonflower Is Born"

  • Hanazuki's first reaction when the Hemkas run away from her when she tries squeezing the crap out of the irresistibly squishy gumdrop bunnies:
    Hanazuki: Oh, okay! No, it's fine. Reject me. No, I-I can handle the bitter sting of loneliness! Not a problem.
    • Later, when the Hemkas agree to help her after they get into a fight, Hanazuki's response is to once again try squeezing them.
      Hanazuki: Oh, hurray! You all came! You're not self-absorbed, selfish jerks after all! Oh, here, let me pet you...
      (The Hemkas run away in fear while Hanazuki chases them.)
      Hanazuki: Oh, just a scratch behind the ears! Let yourselves be indulged, you deserve it!
  • When Hanazuki leaps out of the mouth-shaped portal:
    Hanazuki: Gotta admit, that exit could've been a lot worse.

"Little Blue Hemka"

  • Hanazuki cheerfully admitting to Sleepy how desperate she is to ask a total stranger for help as if she was asked if she's excited to see a movie.
  • After successfully saving Blue, Sleepy Unicorn tries convincing Hanazuki that she did it all by herself, but falls asleep right in the middle of complimenting her.

"What's a Chicken Plant?"

  • In order to persuade the Hemkas to save Yellow without running away in fear of Chicken Plant, Hanazuki walks up to them with the sassiest tone of voice you can imagine, complete with a head slide. Simply writing it down cannot do Jessica DiCicco's performance justice, but one can attempt...
    Hanazuki: Hey-hey-hey, fellas! Who's up for a super-neat advencha?
  • The best rationale Hanazuki can come up with for the Hemkas to risk their lives to save Yellow is to "think about how good it will feel".

"Slow Sand Rises"

"Strange Gravity"

  • Hanazuki's inspirational speech as they try to blow the dead moon away from theirs:
    Hanazuki: Don't give up! We can do this! Give it everything you got, and whatever other inspirational stuff you wanna add!
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  • While Sleepy Unicorn is about to be pulled up by the passing moon's gravity, he pulls a seatbelt out of nowhere and straps himself to his mushroom bed.

"Seeing Red"

"Baby Chicken Plant"

  • Chicken Plant scoffing at the joys of childbirth is Getting Crap Past the Radar at its finest.
    Hanazuki: Is that any way to talk about your new baby? Whatever that is?
    Chicken Plant: If you were a mama as many times as me, you wouldn't feel that way. Believe me.
  • Hanazuki literally running around everywhere, excitedly screaming "Chicken Plant's having a baby!" in celebration, despite having no idea what a baby is.
  • Sleepy's O.O.C. reaction to the birth of Chicken Plant's new baby.
    Hanazuki: Sleepy Unicorn! Big news!
    Sleepy Unicorn: Well, you know me. I love big news. How big is it?
    Hanazuki: Chicken Plant's having a baby!
    Sleepy Unicorn: (gasp) IT'S HAPPENING! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
    (Sleepy runs away like the wind)
  • The utter sincerity in Hanazuki's voice as she cries out for the newborn "demon child" about to destroy the moon:
  • This exchange:
    Dazzlessence: Hey, Sleepy. Think the coast is clear?
    Sleepy: Not yet.
    (Nothing changes.)
    Dazzlessence: How about now?
    Sleepy: Definitely.
  • Hanazuki's reaction to Baby Chicken Plant's horrific tree-devouring spree borders on Black Comedy, thanks in large part to acknowledging some pretty serious Fridge Horror about a series where Everything Talks.
    Hanazuki: Wh-what are you doing?! Can't you see those trees have faces on them? THEY HAVE FACES! STOP THE MADNESS!
  • While seeing a child getting rejected by their parent is a Tear Jerker, one of Chicken Plant's insults backfires appropriately:
    Chicken Plant: Go back where you came from! (beat) Oh, wait, no no no, scratch that...
  • In her desperation to stop Baby Chicken Plant's spree of destruction, Hanazuki tries to remind him of the good old days they cherished together when he was still just a tiny little newborn...which was five minutes ago for her at most, and consists of nothing but the baby hatching before going on his rampage. Again, it's the total sincerity in Jessica DiCicco's performance that sells it.

"Friend or Foe"

  • There's something darkly hilarious about the scene where Kiazuki shatters Hanazuki's innocence by telling her about the black, ominous clouds in the sky that threaten to end the world as she knows it. What really sells it is a.) Hanazuki's huge Squee! beforehand, thinking Kiazuki was going to tell her she wanted to be "best Moonflower friends forever"; b.) Kiazuki's flippant "you're welcome" after telling her this vital piece of information; and c.) Kiazuki going about her business while Hanazuki just stands there in the background, completely shell-shocked for a good 20 seconds.

"Meteor the Family"

  • Hanazuki repeatedly using Air Quotes when telling Dazzlessence to "make up" with his "family".
    Dazzlessence: (mimicking Hanazuki's air quotes) Why do you keep doing this with your fingers?
    (Hanazuki stares at her air-quoting fingers for a moment.)
    Hanazuki: I'unno.

"The Volcano of Fears"

  • When Sleepy and Dazzlessence first see Hanazuki's fear vision of the Hemkas playing without her anywhere in sight:
    Sleepy Unicorn: That's your greatest fear? Your friends leaving you out and having a totally awesome time without you? Hanazuki, that would never happen!
    Dazzlessence Jones: Well...
    (Cut to the Hemkas having a totally awesome time without her.)

"Double Trouble"


  • Chicken Plant's reaction after Zikoro accidentally launches himself into the yellow tree next to her, after he and the others have left the uprooted blue tree lying in front of her.
    Chicken Plant: (obnoxiously nice) Oh, how nice of you to drop by! Now, when you're done having fun up there, could you MOVE THIS DANG TREEEEE?!


"The Resistance"

  • Two words: PINK TWISTED (pictured above). After Hanazuki and Kiyoshi discover that Twisted Unicorn can absorb treasure juices and take on their color-based properties, they decide to pelt him with pink treasures, which represent a "loving" mood. What results is what many viewers regard to be the single funniest scene in the entire series, as the terrifying and formidable Twisted is not only reduced to a ball of lovey-dovey mush, but continually alternates between his normal and new "hugsy"-obsessed side, arguing with himself in complete and utter mortification.
    Normal Twisted: That's it! I—
    Pink Twisted: Love you little guys!
    Normal Twisted: Wait, WHAT?!
    Pink Twisted: (giggles) Oh, I just wanna hug you all up, you scrumptious little sprites!
    Normal Twisted: STOP! Wait, what's happening?!
    Pink Twisted: All I ever really wanted was your approval, Kiyoshi! And when you favored Noble over me, I became, well, determined to show you I was the bestest ever!
    Normal Twisted: Ohh, this is so humiliating!
    Pink Twisted: Sometimes all I really need is a hug!
    Normal Twisted: That's not true!
    Pink Twisted: Who wants a hugsy?
    Normal Twisted: Not me!
    Pink Twisted: Bring it in, everybody! Free hugsies!
    Normal Twisted: NO! No hugsies at any price!
    Pink Twisted: Uh-oh, it sounds like somebody's got a case of the grouchies 'cause he hasn't had his hugsies!
    Normal Twisted: Stop it, me! Stop saying "hugsies!"
    (Twisted flies away)
    Normal Twisted: I hate pink!
    Pink Twisted: No, I love it!
    Normal Twisted: I DO NOT!!!

"Damage Control"

  • In order to regain control of the warring unicorns, Kiyoshi gives them till the count of ten to stop fighting. The next scene he's in, he's already counting to forty.
    Kiyoshi: Okay, I-I'm gonna try counting to fifty, but this is your last chance!

"The Transplant"

  • Kiazuki tries explaining to Maroshi the basic concept of planting trees in holes. Maroshi just smiles blankly while a gust of air goes in through one ear and out the other.
  • Thirteen episodes ago, Basil got carried out of his cave and left outside, where he was promptly ditched and forgotten. When we meet him again in this episode, he's still sitting exactly where he was.


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